OP Sequence

OP: 「キミ+ボク=LOVE?」 (Kimi+Boku=LOVE?) by テゴマス (Tegomass)
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Koizumi Risa has always been a tall girl whereas Ootani Atsushi has always been a short boy – together, they are known as a comedy duo because of their large height difference. One day before summer break, Risa is caught sleeping during an assembly and she’s gets punished by having to attend summer classes. When she finds Ootani there too, the two start arguing like they always do. Risa’s mood changes quickly, however, when she meets a tall student named Suzuki Ryouji and immediately falls in love with him. Noticing how Risa feels towards Suzuki, Ootani suggests that he can help their relationship along, but in return, he wants to be set up with Risa’s friend Chiharu. As a result, Risa convinces Chiharu and Ootani convinces Suzuki to come to a water park together as a group. At first, Risa and Ootani have more fun with each other than the people they have crushes on, but they soon pair off correctly. When an awkward silence develops between Risa and Suzuki, it’s Ootani who comes to the rescue and tells her to be herself. A little later, Ootani and Risa both want to go on a water slide, but neither Suzuki nor Chiharu are up for it. The two end up leaving Suzuki and Chiharu alone while they go off and have their fun on the slide, and when they get back, Risa notices that Suzuki isn’t around anymore. She panics, but it turns out that he had actually just gone to get some drinks for everyone. The rest of the day goes well with Risa getting to spend time with Suzuki while Ootani chats with Chiharu.

The next day, however, Risa finds out that Suzuki walked Chiharu all the way home. Chiharu is normally afraid of guys, but she doesn’t feel that way about Suzuki. As for Ootani, Chiharu finds him easy to talk to, but she feels that he’s so small that she doesn’t really see him as a guy. Unfortunately, Ootani overhears her says this and runs away. Risa chases after him and punches some sense into him because he had really taken to heart the comment about him not being a man. This entire incident gets Risa so pissed off that she doesn’t look where she’s going and accidentally bumps into Suzuki in the hallway. He thanks her for yesterday and then mentions how Chiharu seemed scared of him. After Risa reassures him that it’s not his fault, Suzuki admits that he has a hard time talking with girls, but it’s easy for him to talk with Risa. Her hopes jump up with that statement, but they come crashing back down again when Suzuki follows it up by saying that it’s probably because he doesn’t see her as a girl. She’s even more shocked to find out that Suzuki has feelings for Chiharu, even though he tries to deny it. Risa gets depressed over all this, but a reinvigorated Ootani comes and returns her punch. He tells her that he’s not giving up on Chiharu and inspires her to do her best.

A little later, Risa invites Ootani, Chiharu, and Suzuki to the nearby summer festival, but Ootani and Risa see that Suzuki and Chiharu came together. Since those two look like such a couple, Risa and Ootani decide to leave them alone and go have fun by themselves. In the end, Suzuki confesses to Chiharu and she accepts. Risa and Ootani meanwhile start a bet to see which of them can get a boyfriend/girlfriend first, and both of them vow not to lose.

ED Sequence

ED: 「キッス~帰り道のラブソング~」 (Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song~) by テゴマス (Tegomass)
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I really disliked the opening song the first time I heard it, but now that I listen to it a bit more, I actually am beginning to like it (the same goes for the ending song). It also prompted me to look up more information on the Tegomass pair.

This ended up being a lot better than I thought it would. It was quite funny (like the sinking ship scene), and even though I’ve read the manga, I was pretty entertained. Toei and the staff did a great job animating out and exaggerating all of Risa’s expressions. I also liked Okamura Akemi and Nagata Akira as Risa and Ootani, and the rest of the cast did very well too with their respective characters and their Kansai-ben.
Based on first episode impressions alone, I liked this a lot more than Terra e…, but we’ll see how second episodes are before I make any type of decision about what to follow.


  1. are they sponsered by abercrombie? it actually said abercrombie on his shirt, not aberconbie or adercrombie or obercrombie…
    anyways, it’s definitely a show i’m gonna follow this season – i’m glad the first ep turned out as good (maybe even better) as i had hoped it would be

  2. Finally a show worth watching. Acturally theres only like 2 shows that I’m looking for to this,and Darker than Black but if more come I’ll be intrested. So I’ll keep up with this.

  3. when i first saw this i thought the title was about brother x sister love but i was misled again by another title. good story of stereotyping ppl but looks like a comedy/romance

  4. I saw the live version and hopefully this will follow along the same way. It’s so awesome and really funny. If the ending is the same then this will be one really amazing series! I can’t wait to watch the anime version.

  5. definitely looking forward to this anime… I just hope that it’ll be subbed by some group (since according to AndrewLB’s Wiki, there are no groups that plan on doing this =(( )

  6. I have been waiting to death for this anime..i’m a big fan of the manga..but I’m shocked at their accent coz I imagined it to be a normal one like other shoujo animes..but that what makes it different anyway..I have to accustom with it ^ ^; but I’m still uncomfortable with otani’s voice..he’s a new actor, so he still have to work harder I think..but overall it’s awesome anime..i’m looking forward to the coming episodes..hopfully it’ll be around 50 episodes or more coz they have 16 volumes of the manga to cover I think ^__^

  7. loved it~! theres alot of love comedy/harem series that did not make me laugh at all (i seriously thought seto no hanayome was OVERDONE in terms of deforma expressions/voice acting), but this one was definitely funny xD

    i loved the all-hanshin/kyojin references (comedy duo), and how koizumi wishes to be called OOizumi (and ootani thinking KOizumi will be more appropriate because of the kanji and their meaning). im definitely following this~ 😀

  8. LOVELY COMPLEX !! .. waaaah they finally decided to make an anime !!!
    Manga 10/10
    Live Action 8/10
    Anime (can’t judge .. but I would advise all to watch it .. similar to Ouran host club .. its fun !)

  9. I was wondering if you’d be interested in helping with a fansub of this anime. There is no commitment and if you want to back out at any time you are more than welcome to. If you wish to be a part of it please email me at silver_wings_2000 at hotmail dot com.


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