OP Sequence

OP: 「endscape」 by UVERworld
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In a dream sequence, a white-haired boy named Soldier Blue and a girl talk of the future of the Mu, and she shows him an image of Earth. Because his life is short, Soldier Blue needs someone to entrust his memory and future to. Jomy Marcus Shin wakes up from his dream at this point. Today is the day before his 14th birthday, the day of his Awakening, so his family will be celebrating tonight. This is also Jomy’s last day at school because his Awakening signals the beginning of his journey into adult society. After parting with his friends, Jomy goes home and asks his mother if she won’t be lonely without him around. She starts nearly crying because of this, but says that he has to grow up. Later that evening, a group of men from Universal Control arrive at their home wanting to administer a psychological examination to Jomy. They knock him out with gas while he’s in the bathroom and take him out to their truck outside where they subject him to a testing machine. In the end, they don’t find anything particularly abnormal with him in connection to the Mu, so he’s allowed to go back home and proceed with his Maturity Check tomorrow.

The next morning, the day of his Awakening, Jomy leaves home alone and heads out to the amusement park that he has fond memories of. It is there that he sees a small creature being kept in captivity, but he is shocked when the creature cries out to him. It wants to be let out and wants to return home, but Jomy gets shocked when he tries to touch the glass. One of the men in the crowd realizes that the creature telepathically talked to Jomy and thinks that Jomy must be a Mu. Afterwards, Jomy gets on a roller coaster ride, but it is in the middle of this ride that his Maturity Check begins. Faced with a computer that calls itself Teraz No.5, Jomy is shocked to learn that the first phase is the purging of his memory. Fortunately, before the computer gets very far, a boy arrives to help Jomy and tells him not to relinquish his memory. This boy, who is the same person from Jomy’s dream, introduces himself as Soldier Blue. He attacks the computer and allows Jomy to escape, returning Jomy to the amusement park ride he was on. However the ride leaves the building and crashes outside. Jomy pulls himself out of the wreckage and limps back towards where the creature was. This time, when he reaches his hand towards the glass, the creature breaks free and jumps into his arms. However, Jomy then finds himself face to face with security forces who declare him unfit and are ready to get rid of him.

ED Sequence

ED: 「Love is…」 by 加藤ミリヤ (Kato Miliyah)
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
I thought I would like the OP a lot more after having liked what I heard on the promos for this show, but for some reason the TV size version just doesn’t appeal to me quite as much. It is an UVERworld song though, so there’s a certain element of catchiness there. As for the ending song, I liked how it started, but the rest of the song was merely okay.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this show so far. The animation was, as all the promotional material suggested, quite retro looking and took a little getting used to. This first episode introduces us to Jomy and the society he lives in where human life is managed by a computer. I’m more interested in the Mu and Soldier Blue side of the story, and that will probably be covered more next episode. Overall, this episode didn’t show me anything particularly great, but I can see some potential in the story and the preview for next week has plenty of action. I’ll probably check out at least one more episode before I decide whether I’ll be following it or not.


  1. I think this series has potential and the retro style didn’t bother me at all; overall the animation quality was good and it’s nice to see something a bit different! ^^

  2. The chara designs may be a bit retro, but this is the series I’m most excited for this season nonetheless. It gives me Juuousei vibes (Juuousei being another fantastic scifi shoujo that most people wrote off), and I look forward to seeing what directions Terra e will go ^_^

  3. I agree with you about the OP, Omni.

    Somehow it sounds like the actual full ver of the song is better.
    I got a feeling that the one who cut the song into TV size didn’t make it well…

    I’ll see if I actually like this show or not, too.

  4. By the way, Omni – compared to Heroic Age (which sort of pleasantly surprised me, animation and landscapes-wise), which one do you think is better? HA or Terra E? I’m trying to get a feel of what feels sleekier and more promising, since I’m searching for a sci-fi series to dwell on for this season.

  5. >> ED: 「Love is…」 by 加藤ミリヤ (Kato Miliyah)…
    This ending melody was indeed Pachebel Canon in D, with lyrics of course.
    I’ll give it a chance to this series…

    You know… hearing the ED and knowing Tomokazu Sugita is there, brings to me a nostalgic scene…

    Syaoran Li
  6. Don’t drop this one too soon. I liked it. Good old-fashioned science fiction, with a story and some possibly interesting characters. We’ll see where it goes from here. Yukana as Mom was outstanding. Too bad that’s probably all we’ll hear from her. The animation was rather static, but the character design looked good to me. Between this and Heroic Age, HA made more immediate impression on me, but they could both turn quite different as they progress, for better or for worse.

  7. Looks interesting, I’m actually curious about the angsty dark haired guy you see in the intro who’s facing off against Jomy. Maybe the perpetually closed-eyed girl snapped something in perspective for him (but it’s probably a love/hate relationship if anything).

  8. hashihime: I’m very cautious about the Sat-6PM timeslot nowadays after Ayakashi Ayashi. I think this show has potential, but it’s got to make a better impression soon because I don’t have the time to continue blogging so much for one day. In fact, if I had to choose between this and Lovely Complex based just on first episodes, I’d choose LoveCom.

  9. I want to see this so badly… I simply love the manga version, it is so intense… I hope someone will sub the anime because I’m in love with this story.

    About Soldier Blue… you will find his connection with Jomy soon… have faith 😀

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