OP Sequence

OP: 「もってけ! セーラーふく」 (Motteke! Serafuku) by 平野綾 (Hirano Aya), 加藤英美里 (Katou Emiri), 福原香織 (Fukuhara Kaori), and 遠藤綾 (Endou Aya)
Watch the OP! Mirror 1, Mirror 2
Prepare for another Hare Hare Yukai armageddon. The OP really sets up the show to seem like it’s going to be completely bonkers, but that’s not how it is at all. Not like anybody cares…this OP is EPIC!


Timeless Questions with Meaningless or Otherwise No Actual Answer

Question 1: If you can run so fast, why don’t you join an athletic club?
Answer: Because there weren’t any aliens, espers, or time travelers
Answer: Because I’ll miss the anime that’s on right after school, duh

Question 2: From where on a choco-crown do you start eating?
Answer: From the head

Question 3: Which side is the head? The narrow end or the fat end?
Answer 1: The narrow end. It’s like a shell
Answer 2: The fat end. It’s like a caterpillar …but that’s not too appetizing… *takes bite from narrow end*

Question 4: On a strawberry cake, when do you eat the strawberry on top?
Answer: Depending on the configuration of the cake, the timing can be different

Question 5: How do you eat the last bite of a popsicle? If you bite one side, the other will fall off!
Answer: What if you spin it?

Question 6: You’re only a second year! Why are you playing eroge’s and galge’s?
Answer: Heh

Question 7: I’m always running into things and getting my bag caught in the subway door, I wonder how I can correct that?
Answer: That’s not bad, that’s moe!
Question 7a: Moe?
Answer 7a: Dojiko-mode

Question 8: There’s an influenza outbreak, I wonder if I’ll get sick?
Answer: I’m stupid, so I can’t catch a cold =) (Japanese saying)
Question 8a: Ah, so you’re safe from colds, but how about influenza?
Answer 8a: …they’re not the same?

Question 9: By the way, how did you two become friends?
Answer: I saw her getting harassed by a big burly foreigner, so I went Ryu on his ass

Question 10: As a mega popular super-idol, how much money do you make?
Answer: …stfu

This and more in Random Curiosity’s ongoing coverage of Lucky Star. Stay tuned for episode two!!

After the insanity of the instant classic OP sequence, it’s easy to see why some people have been less than enthusiastic about this episode. But that’s just the thing about 4-koma animes – it takes a few episodes to warm up to them. Azumanga had cute character designs and all, but I didn’t really get what was going on until episode 3 or so, when I was finally like “oh…LOL.” Same thing with Ichigo Mashimaro. Same thing with Hidamari Sketch. But I love them all to death. The way I see it, 4-koma animes aren’t about the off-the-wall slapstick humor you find in shows like Fumoffu or Haruhi – they’re more about an acute amusement of the subtle nature. Most scenarios are completely self-contained in that they just sit there and talk – but if you really listen, really make yourself a part of the conversation, you just can’t help but smile. The great thing about this first episode was that many of the things the girls were talking about were easy to relate to – I’m sure we’ve all dropped some sticky popsicle on our jeans because of a poorly executed last bite, or had trouble deciding which end of the taiyaki to bite into first. It’s very simple humor, and the sheer subtlety of it is what makes it so enjoyable.

True, 4-koma isn’t for everybody, especially those who expect “something to happen,” but I implore everybody to give it a chance. Throw away logic, thought, and rationale, and just enjoy it for what it is, and not what you thought it was going to be.



Omni’s initial thoughts: Ok, personally, I’m a bit disappointed. I’m not nearly as gung-ho about this show as Jaalin is because I didn’t find it all that funny. For me, most of the episode was as hit-or-miss as the original 4-koma (and it jumped around a lot). I had hoped that Kyoto Animation and the production staff would take the characters and run off in some crazy direction with the show, but it didn’t really turn out that way. Still, given that it is KyoAni, so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, and I’m curious to see what they’ll do for the rest of the 23 episodes of this show. In any case, Jaalin had a lot more to say about this show than I did, so I handed hand this write-up off to him.


  1. Oh c’mon, you KNOW they’re trying to leech off the success of Hare Hare Yukai. But this one is just too adorable and I have to admit I’m really crazy about it at the moment. As for the anime, I agree it was a let down but I was probably expecting a bit more from it then other series.

  2. Well I have only seen the opening and it ooks cool despite it similer to haruhi suzumiya ending theme. The show is also similar to another I like called azumanga daioh so I hope I like this. I think that the animations could have been a bit better.

  3. Op is already on 2chan :

    I My Something そりゃぷにってことかい、ちょっ
    ら、ぐーんぐーんが制服 なぁふりってことない? うん
    頑張っちゃ、やっちゃっちゃ、そんときゃ じゃリリース料
    なんかたるー、なんかてるー、あいしてるー あれ一個が違ってる
    むんむん むやみに暴行鉄棒おいしん棒 いいかげんにしなさい
    ボンボン応援団 Let’s get cherry pie
    らんらーん 関係感 you have センセーション
    ハーイ 存在感 点々 小惑星 ぶつかって溶けました 呆然 大いに歌ってシリンダー
    接近賛否それまでって躊躇だ やーん
    頑張って 張り切って ま、ダーリンダーリンプリーズ

  4. Remember, all foreigners are evil servicemen that have nothing better to do with their time than to pick fights with the genetically superior schoolgirl populace of mighty Japan.

    Do The Emperor Your Service! Kill A Yank! BANZAI. BANZAI.

    Jesus, that was almost as worse than the “NEW YORK NEGROES GONNA RAPE DUMB JAP SCHOOLGIRL” opening to Hana Yori Dango 2.

  5. I like this series quite much since the characters are a bit like in Manabi Straight, moreover since I haven’t read the 4-koma I’m fine with the story and comedy either this first episode.
    After Claymore the second show which I’m definetely going to watch.

  6. looks like a show for kyoani to save some budget with to pump into the other shows. The OP was still godly though.

    production error spotted at 3:45 hair layer on top of cake layer =p

  7. The Opening must be a ripoff of Suzumiya Haruhi “Hare Hare Yukai”. Just look on the dance and the logo for “Lucky Star”.
    Also loved the parody of Street Fighter.

  8. I thought the opening was really cute and well animated. As for the episode, the animation was done well and fully animated, but as for the actual content of the episode, it wasn’t really funny at all. The Lucky Channel and karaoke segment at the end was sort of funny, but it wasn’t enough to hold up the entire episode. It was quite disappointing, actually, so don’t get your hopes up after seeing the awesome op. -_-;;

  9. That “Omni’s thoughts” specification makes it seem like Jaalin was imitating Omni 😀 so I’m not actually sure which one of u wrote it… Oh whatever good luch to Jay with the write-up ^__^

  10. Oh my gods it is the best opening evar screw the rest of the show it’s not necessary as Aya Hirano is singing the opening and that’s all that matters. KyoAni has another win on their hands because the opening reminds me of Hare Hare Yukai.

    That aside man did Guile take it up the ass.

  11. Love the OP!!

    Though it looks like a typical slice-of-life anime involving strange questions and anime, I like that sort of stuff since not a lot of people(if any) ask these sort of questions in the real world.

  12. You really need to tag your posts a bit more specifically jaalin. ^^;;

    At any rate, the OP is uber, and here’s hoping that people understand that Lucky Star is not supposed to have a coherent plot nor true slapstick.

    random passerby
  13. The ed is from 宇宙鉄人キョーダイン (uchuu tetsujin kyoudain, it s a kind of power ranger from 1976)

    ダッダッダダダダ ダダ星の
    宇宙強奪 ロボット軍
    とべとべ 兄貴 スカイゼル
    走れ 弟 グランゼル
    ゴーゴー ジェット
    ゴーゴー カー

  14. There’s a huge difference between the word “ripoff” and “homage” or “parody” … I suggest some of you consult a dictionary.

    From what I see — they’re delivering exactly what someone familiar with 4-koma source material might want to see. The innate content of Lucky Star lends itself to “gaming/industry/inside” jokes without derailing the source material existentialist humor.

    People who watch anime should know to give any series at least 3 episodes before pigeon-holing them. 🙂 This is subtle humor about the little things in life – it isn’t slapstick or bawdy humor. Have some hot tea and bath before watching, eh? 🙂

  15. I’m with Jaalin. Settle down, people, wait for the subs, and prepare to feel good. But expect to be overcome with gentle smiles rather than with uproarious laughter. I was impressed by the no-name voice actresses, and thought Hirano Aya was outstanding. Despite my admiration for some of her roles, I wasn’t sure how she would handle this one. But she nailed the voice and her eating sounds early on were amazing. The animation and backgrounds weren’t as detailed as KyoAni standard, but they were good, especially the animation. I loved some of the hand movements. No masterpiece, but a very good show. So far.

  16. correct me if i’m wrong, but i’m pretty sure A.F.K will sub it – the same guy that did those jaw-dropping haruhi subs (with all the psycho techno yuki talk translated perfectly, omg). AFK prolly stands for “A Fansub for KyoAni” or like “Ai Fancy KyoAni”… anyways, given that AFK released the muuuuuu commercial, i think we’re in good hands!

  17. *shakes head*

    Sorry folks. Except for the catchy (but definitely not awe-inspiring) op, we have a slightly-below-average comedy at our hands. Particularly weak throughout most of the show (with only very few exceptions): The artwork. Yes. Sorry. The animation was its weakest point, with simplistic backgrounds bordering sometimes schoolchildren level, countless facial-only shots where only mouth triangles move, and lots of 4-koma style humor which I’ll reserve judgment on till the sub, but which didn’t impress any of the 3 translators who I asked about it.

    Brutally put, if this show wouldn’t have had the big name “KyoAni” on its label and hadn’t been hotly expected, I’m convinced that 90% of the people cheering here wouldn’t even have a second look at it.

    I’m fully prepared to be tarred and feathered for this comment, but I wanted to be honest here. My first impression of this show was “huge disappointment”. And I strongly doubt that this is going to change.

  18. @Mentar
    I agree with you about the humor because 4Koma humor is ALWAYS hit and miss. Some humor appeals to some and some of it appeals to others. It’s never a safe concept to do sometimes, just because you don’t know what people will enjoy. The ones chosen here were just misplaced more so than anything else. I think the order of things in this episode left a lot to be desired and was too disorganized to really break down and laugh at.

    Now about the artwork, I’ve had a bit of questions to the people ranting about this. The fact is since I read this 4Koma, I didn’t know why KyoAni was doing it. Frankly it didn’t need KyoAni to really animated it (except maybe for the opening now that I see it). The style doesn’t really leave a lot to do with it and it all seems pretty cut and dry. I think KyoAni just chose to go with the style that this 4Koma tends to run.

    The fact is, the simple style is the reason that it feels like 4Koma. If it were done up with amazing backgrounds and less plain animation, then it wouldn’t have that same kicked back style that it gives off right now. And that’s kind of the reason 4Koma series are animated most of the time, it’s more relaxed than anything else. But I’m curious as to what you want to see in the artwork because maybe I’m not getting what you’re asking for.

  19. I usually don’t have much consideration for you, jaalin, mostly because your posts are made of stupid jokes and topics I generally don’t agree with you about. But I must say I’m really impressed with what you wrote there and I give you my full agreement on this topic.

    It was a great read and it really explains what a 4koma is about.

  20. Oh, and I somewhat forgot to add, but somehow people were waiting that this would turn something as “Suzumiuya Haruhi 2”. And now that it aired, and people saw that they have pretty little in common they’re all disappointed.

  21. Likkun: Fair enough! However, I want to point out one thing: 4-koma formats don’t have to be bland and dry animation-wise. Remember Mahoraba? The general setup has been very comparable, but there we got alot more: Good character designs, fluent animation and not extravagant, but nice backgrounds.

    All this is missing here. The character designs are close to the original, but of trivial simplicity. With extremely few exceptions (runners’ start) there was no animation worth mentioning. The sequence of the jokes was incoherent and didn’t seem to follow any logical order or development.

    In other words: All those points which are usually KyoAni’s strongest assets were turned into the opposite. I agree with what you said that this wouldn’t have to be done by KyoAni, and would even go one step further: KyoAni should have never agreed to do this source. Because by doing so, it created expectations it cannot fulfil. And I maintain that if the studio had been “Whatever Animation”, Lucky Star would get only a fraction of the attention it’s getting now.

    Will it be a worthwhile thing to download and watch? Good question – ask me again after I’ve watched the sub. But I feel confident to say already that the probability of seeing Lucky Star become the next great masterpiece of KyoAni has dwindled to something hard to measure.

  22. @Mentar
    Alright, I can see better what you’re trying to get at now. Once again, I won’t argue against KyoAni screwing up organaztion wise. Like I mentioned in my post, the sequence of events was a little awkward and you really had to break things down to be able to laugh. But when they’re stuck together sometimes and not too relevant with one another, you’re still trying to sit down and enjoy the other when another hits you. I believe KyoAni is better then this, and this is where I’d have them focus their mindsets on right now.

    As for what you said about animation again, let me just say this. Sure the animation bumps up the quality of things a bit, but would it really change that much at this point? The simple drawings work well with the stories and nothing is “horrid” that really brings the series down. In the same sense, would adding all those things you said really make this series any better for you? I wouldn’t think so as the focus of this show is really about how they piece together the humor. It seems hard for me to believe that you would enjoy this show more even if they fixed the artwork. If given the choice of sitting down with the staff right now, I’m sure most people would raise the question of touching up artwork after discussing about everything else flawed with what we’ve seen.

    It’s just a thought, but when a series isn’t doing good concept wise then there’s a simple thing to remember about artwork. Bad art, will continue to kill you series and that’s pretty obvious. It’s basically like picking trash off the ground and handing it to someone. But if you were to just make your artwork amazing then it’s not much different. All you’re doing is picking up trash, fixing it up so it looks like real food and serving it to someone just the same. Obviously even if the presentation of the trash is amazing, nobody will want to eat it because it still tastes horrible.

    And this would have to be a pretty impressive series for it to ever be considered KyoAni’s greatest masterpiece. Truly, I’d have to laugh at anyone who were to say that it will or ever could be.

  23. I MEAN HOLY SHIT! are there racist undertones?? im with agent tofu ,not since that ridiculous dango episode… but whatever pass… not funny enough, and THE ANIMATION IS ASS CREAM!!!!

    brooklyn otaku
  24. Quote from Mentar: “KyoAni should have never agreed to do this source. Because by doing so, it created expectations it cannot fulfil.”

    That’s an easy thing to say, but sometimes there’s more to the truth that we realize. Kyoani is a business, and like any business it needs to take projects to help continue operating during the dry season. I know a lot of people were wondering why there wasn’t a Suzumiya 2 or Clannad this season, I don’t think that’s fair to expect that Kyoani can wait for business to come to them when there’s always someone else ready to take it from them.

  25. I find them to be very funny since I also face with some of the same problems, like the dripping chocolate pudding, dripping ice cream, random Guile bully… Ohkay, there wasn’t really a Guile bully, but I still find it a great anime and I my expectation didn’t drop a bit…

    Hoi, who is this Tsu-chan person anyways???

  26. The opening is trying to do a Suzumiya Haruhi clone except more childish character, but can’t ignore the cuteness, I think this will be an ok anime, not great no bad but is worth watching to pass the time.

  27. “KyoAni should have never agreed to do this source. Because by doing so, it created expectations it cannot fulfil.”

    It’s still money in the pocket for them (especially if they successfully entice hordes of otaku to buy the DVDs). Simple animation, 24-episode contract…..this is a rather good proposition for a low-cost breather between Kanon and Clannad.

    Lucky Star is clearly aimed at the extreme otaku crowd, so appeal won’t be as broad as previous works. In that sense, I can understand why KyoAni favored such a product. Given the intended fanbase, the jokes (which parody, and more importantly, acknowledge the games, anime, and eroge they love so much. What better way is there to give fans a warm, fuzzy feeling?) and moé appeal should be more than enough to push their buttons, despite a lack of exquisite animation or elaborate storytelling.

    If these people are pleased, then KyoAni has succeeded, regardless of whether we personally enjoy the show.

  28. the OP was insanely catchy, i thought. far more catchier than hare hare yukai-at least for me.

    i dont mind the anime “quality.” since the source is 4-koma, it would be more unnatural (for me) to see it have crisp video quality…im approaching the series with the same mellow humor expectations i had for atashinchi (which i loved~!!!), and this is definitely not laugh-on-the-floor like lovely complex. its more like lol in your mind (e.g., the four girls coming out of the hokenshitsu-konata about how she didnt grow, kagami about how her “bra” made her heavier, tsukasa on how she wore embarassing underwear, and miyuki just pleasant).

    i actually like it~ 😀 naturally being able to speak japanese helps i think, because translations are always going to leave out some of the nuances from the original language (even more so when comedy is concerned)

  29. Hehe, unlike “some” people, I’m willing to give this anime a chance – which “some” people didn’t give to Kanon after watching just one episode and even ranting about it *cough cough*

    Although I don’t have a particular fondness for 4koma (I did read a few funny ones before), let’s see what happens with this thing… of course, I won’t say the now-familiar “In the meantime, can somebody please explain the appeal of this show?” until I can watch maybe half of this show’s run 🙂

    I just hope it isn’t a “waste of resources” for KyoAni 😛

    – T

  30. agree fully with velocity and rg4619… Not everyone will enjoy lucky star.

    When i watched it I knew immediately that there were going to be complains. i went into this anime with 2 minds. One was “ok i read a couple of strips on them b4 and it was enjoyable” and two was “its done by kyoani”. Well, I thought to myself that if i were to watch this anime coz kyoani did it I would have gone “WTF is this S**t?”. But then i already had some knowledge about what lucky star was so my expectations were quite rightly set and i was able to appreciate and enjoy it.

    Some of the people above that kyoani should not pick obscure stuff to make into anime as not everyone would enjoy it. But if we think more about it, Kyoani is a business and businesses want to make profit. It is not their problem that we have high expectations on them and they falter. It is their problem if their dvds don’t sell well. But at the moment their dvds are still selling like hot cakes. So the bottom line is our expectations. Don’t place them too high or we will end up enjoying nothing at all. Anime is for enjoyment so i don’t expect so much from it. And don’t blame kyoani too much for if they do go out of business we can forget about clannad, FMP or SHnY 2.

  31. Catchy op? What is remotely catchy about that tacky ear cancer made of high-pitched school girls trying to freestyle and failing miserably at it? All it has is “energy” and nothing else.

  32. If it weren’t for the animation and dancing, I’d throw the song away as pop trash even if sung by our favourite Aya Hirano: that’s what made it win. Oh, and “I buy sausage” (officially “I, my, something(s)” now).

    Anyways, hopefully a.f.k. will have this out by tomorrow evening or something, or Tuesday morning latest.

  33. i find the first ep abit disappointing, besides the opening being epic, the whole show look like a low buget production or the producters are just being lazy. seeing the 4koma being animed is fun and enjoyable, but having seen the 4koma itself kills most of the fun…T-T
    Well, i did put high expectation on this anime… …i will give it some ep to improve itself or show its true greatness….

  34. I hear as follows:
    I’m My Something そりゃぷにってことかい、ちょっ
    ら、ぐーんぐーんが制服 なぁふりってことない? うん
    頑張っちゃ、やっちゃっちゃ、そんときゃ じゃリリース料
    なんかたるー、なんたべるー、あいしてるー あれ一個が違ってる
    むん むやみに暴行鉄棒おいしん棒 いいかげんにしなさい
    ボンボン応援団 Let’s get cherry pie
    らんらーん 関係感 you have sensation
    ハーイ 存在感 点々 小惑星 ぶつかって溶けました 呆然 大いに歌ってシリンダー
    接近賛否それまでって躊躇だ やーん
    頑張って 張り切って ま、ダーリンダーリンプリーズ

  35. Was another else reminded of those educational cartoons or shows that often air early in the morning and just feature a bunch of people talking about random bits of knowledge? Cos that’s what this feels like, more than anything else.

    It’s obvious that there’s going to be no plot to Lucky Star. I’ll go as far to say that there won’t be many moments that will truly have you laughing out loud in a slapstick humour kind of way that many western comedies favour. What it will provide is 22min of various characters talking about unimportant things that will usually have some resonance with the viewer and bring a pleasant smile to the face. I loved the whole food bit at the beginning precisely because of this factor – yakiniku, ice blocks and what I think is a chocolate crossiant are foods I’ve had, so all the random knowledge they talked about were riveting for me. Same for the cold vs influenza segment.

    I don’t get the talk about the moeness of this – unlike most other animes Lucky Star doesn’t throw it into your face. And there’s no fanservice. In fact, I don’t even find the characters to be particular moe, just normal friendly characters similar to people you might chat to in the classroom back in high school. The characters are even milder than Azumanga which had fairly wacky characters. People watching this for moe, action, plot or laugh out loud humour every minute would do well to switch off right now, because it’s unlikely you’ll find it here.

    On the other hand, this is one to watch if you like very light comedy or slice-of-life series that don’t rely on a unique setting like Aria or Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu no Koto. I’m one that will be eagerly anticipating each week’s episode of Lucky Star for sure.

  36. Nuu~! They’re milking the Haruhi Dance Craze! …

    hahaha I bet when a LUCKY STAR DVD comes out..there will be a FULL VERSION of the OP Dance lol …


    but I have to be honest with you guys .. even though I hated it for just mimic-ing haruhi ..

    THE SONG IS SO CATCHY THAT I KEEP REPEATING IT ! .. I even ripped it from my AVI for winamp repeat-ness haha!

  37. @kodachrome

    ok, im sorry, but your comment is utter NONSENSE and it got on my nerves.
    please explain to me what part of the quartet of seiyuu are “trying to freestyle and failing miserably at it?” in the OP? they are SO NOT RAPPING, nor do they want to (do you seriously think the 2ch community want rapping and hip hop to be part of otaku culture? you GOT to be kidding me~!!!” xO)

    ok, so maybe its high pitched, but to each their own. the seiyuu are doing this out of enjoyment and to stick to their “character’s voice” per se, because i think we can agree that hirano aya (and a lot of other VA’s like megumi hayashibara) is a capable singer if she wanted to. music is subjective, so SORRY, if its not catchy for you but it is for me and many other people. let’s not do this on the comments, i see enough of that on youtube. :/ *goes off in a sour mood*

  38. can this show be even worst?

    no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny no funny, no funny

  39. @alastor and others.

    i give up. to those who doesn’t find it funny-i’m sorry. if you are part japanese (like myself), lived in japan for a very long time, studied japanese, understand the quirks of japanese culture, or at least seen the translated dialogue you might be at least be able to chuckle. otherwise, go watch something else!!!!

    im in agreement with several other ppl over at animesuki that some anime “fans” are just pouring their disappointment at how this isnt another haruhi-like mountain from kyoani. get over it~

    continue blogging this jaalin. i hope you do~ >.>/

  40. LOL @ the comments… how does it feel having the shoe on the other foot in terms of people totally blasting what you otherwise like to watch? 😉

    The irony in all of this is funnier than that first episode…

    – T

  41. You guys just don’t get it. KyoAnime is just trying to trick you with the first episode, obviously this anime is going to have some sort of insane plot, like aliens attack the town and Kona and her friends are the only ones who can stand up to them.
    Wait and see.

  42. After seeing the episode in sub I can sayy that the episode was not really funny enough. For the first couple of minutes the were talking about how they eat this and that and about one of the characters being so moe… Second half got interesting but the ending was all that but I did enjoyed the lucky star channel.

  43. 00:57-01:10 = Win. May I ask what’s the name of the Orange hair-ed chick(01:06~01:08)?, What’s with people trying to expect KyoAni to deliver Haruhi-level animes in every project they do, wouldn’t it be better to expand on their own right and try other Genres? And as many people pointed out, Lucky Star is NOT for everyone, specially those who initially watched it because ‘KyoAni made it=must watch it,’ kind of people. Still the OP was great and undeniably cute. I hope you (Either Omni or Jaalin) continue to blog this! and lol @ Waffo’s comment XD

  44. After watching this, I got mixed feelings.

    There weren’t any apparent smartass/ludicrously thick-headed punchlines, wild slapstick humor, or anything in particular to lighten the mood. I wasn’t expecting much to begin with since I do have limited experience with 4koma. However, these elements were pretty much non-existant. Perhaps my perceptions and expectations have betrayed me.

    On the other hand, the episode was a little more demanding than that. You had to immerse and engage in the conversations to get the most out of it. Thankfully I found at least a third of the discussions amusing and easy to relate to, so I wasn’t at a total loss. Maybe others were less fortunate.

    Kyoto Animation should not be at fault for this episode if you did not like it. After all, the voices are well done, animation is vivid and consistent, and managed to stick to the source pretty well. I’m quite impressed. I believe it would be beyond our authority to demand any more.

    Honestly though, I don’t see how this series can wade through 24 episodes if things don’t pick up in 3 or 4 episodes. Just a thought but maybe they could do a simulation or role playing game. Something a little more involving would be nice.

  45. The 4koma adaptation Lucky Star will surely be one of the top talk about KyoAni 🙂 Because people (foreigners to be exact) will surely think… Why did KyoAni decide to do a 4koma adaptation? Look people… KyoAni staffs aren’t stupid, they chose that material because they know how good the material is, and always… I mean always remember that KyoAni’s target audience aren’t the foreigners but their own people (Japanese)… If you can’t get the hype, it just mean that you don’t understand the hype of 4koma stories =P I especially advice those who want to watch this because it’s KyoAni to think twice and set their radar on very low scale before watching this… if you’re expecting a high level thought provoking show, you’re out of your mind because this one is just your typical everyday comedy. And also, I advice people not to activate auto-pwn me mode with stupid comments…

    Oh, sorry if most of people already said what I said… I didn’t read all of the comments 80 post is quite scary 🙂

  46. “KyoAni staffs aren’t stupid, they chose that material because they know how good the material is, and always… I mean always remember that KyoAni’s target audience aren’t the foreigners but their own people (Japanese)…”

    Not exactly. The Japanese response (on 2ch) has been quite similar to what we’ve seen on English-language blogs and discussion forums.

    The fact of the matter is that Lucky Star appeals to a fairly narrow audience even among Japanese viewers. The 4koma itself is mainly popular with hardcore otaku (it isn’t even regarded as anything particularly good, but it found a strong enough fanbase who appreciates such a tribute to their subculture. In that sense, it wins on a tribute/fan service basis as opposed to quality or broad appeal), so naturally, the anime will be the same.

  47. @glacier. 2ch is a horrible way to judge the “japanese response.” more than half of the posts up there, especially concerning pop culture, are anonymous and are made in ascii art. not a very good way to see their opinion, i think.


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