Since they’ve joined the school, Azusa gives Yukiho and Haruka an official tour of the place. She ends by taking them down the elevator to the iDOL hanger where Joseph and the rest of the team are waiting. After Joseph introduces them to the various members, Azusa continues the tour of the facilities and explains that once a week, the girls have to be on standby here for asteroid drops. When they get to the shower room, the girls run into Iori who takes this chance to reiterate that it’s impossible for Haruka to pilot the Imber. Back in the hanger, Makoto is attempting to start up the Imber, but it doesn’t want to move. Haruka and Yukiho get to meet her briefly, and Azusa then takes them back up to the classroom for some studying about Drops. Yukiho is able to answer Azusa’s questions, but the advanced reading quickly overheats Haruka’s brain. Conversely, when they get into the simulator, Haruka performs very well while Yukiho struggles. Right as Haruka is getting out of the training simulator, the power flickers off and then back on. Azusa finds out when she gets to the control room that Ritsuko was trying to power up the Imber to allow Iori to move it. Since Iori failed, Azusa decides to allow Haruka to try getting on the Imber the next day.

When the time comes, Haruka gets dressed up in the Idolmaster uniform and boards the Imber. Unfortunately, she’s not able to move the Imber either, but the mecha does proceed to show her some images of the waterfront on the cockpit screen. This is followed by a heavy rumbling from the Imber that forces the team to stop the test and disconnect power. As a result, Haruka gets stuck inside the cockpit while the maintenance team tries to open it back up. Several hours later, as she’s getting hungry, Haruka starts talking to the Imber and it responds by showing her video of herself. This is interrupted by a phone call from Yayoi who wanted to have dinner with her. Since Yayoi doesn’t know about Haruka’s real situation and instead thinks that Haruka is having trouble with a guy, she reminds Haruka of how she was when she was little and how they became friends. During the call, an alarm goes off to signal a Drop occurring, so the Nebula with Iori as its pilot gets ready to launch. Still inside the Imber, Haruka starts talking to the machine and explains to everyone in the control room that the Imber is simply scared. She feels that the Imber must go out on its own and discover for itself, so Azusa clears the Imber for launch too. It takes off soon after the Nebula does, but drops straight down towards the ocean once it’s airborne. Not panicking, Haruka calms the Imber by telling it that the ocean and the asteroid belt aren’t scary. She explains that if you have a scowling face, then everyone will have one too, but if you smile, everyone else will also show a smile. Haruka then urges the Imber to fly with her, and a split second before it would crash into the water, it rights itself and takes off. This occurs just in time too because the Nebula has started sending out emergency signals.


Well, I’m back to being disappointed with this show. It didn’t seem like all that much happened this episode, and the ending felt rather corny with Haruka’s speech and the whole connection to her past. I guess I was waiting for something exciting to happen, and nothing ever really did. For me, the closest they came was during this shot. I hope next week’s episode can pick up the pace a little, and at least the beginning of the episode should have some good Imber vs. asteroid action.


  1. hmm. too bad :/ its pretty clear that this show has a decent animation budget and the subject matter got me interested but oh well. i ll *pray* that things will turn out better.

    lol@ next week’s episode’s title: “gyouza to americandog” (trans: pot stickers and hot dog xD)

  2. Lol 95% of the anime this season are very “otaku”. If they don’t blog such titles they’ll prolly be left with just 1-2… *thinks*… 1…

    Anyway, I’m also losing interest in this title. Probably because everything seems so generic. Mecha in particular, there’s gotta be things to them other than jumping and kicking to at least distinguish them from other dozens of mecha anime.

  3. I swear the ending of the episode brought back way too many memories of GS/GSD, especially since they used the standard “Gundam Eyes Lighting” SFX. I am with Omni on this though, it was a rather dull episode but I guess kind of mandatory so we get the feel for the “good guys” and the supporting characters.

    … plus the shower scene was semi-hilarious in its own right XD

  4. Claymore airs on Tuesday. That was the main problem during premiere week (along with the fact that the first episode didn’t impress me all too much). Even if I did pick up Claymore, I’d have to drop either D.Gray-man or DEATH NOTE to compensate because I personally can’t handle three shows in one day for any period longer than a couple of weeks – and I’m not ready to do that.
    I give and will continue to give Idolmaster a lot of leeway because it’s the only Monday show worth watching for me. Touka Gettan would be if only the plot made sense (on that note, I still may end up watching Touka Gettan all in one go once it completes its broadcast).

  5. Death CUM note:

    I must say you people better watch TOUKA GETTAN 03 for some real XXX cum action!! (LOL)
    Yeah that´s right the only stuff you can see on hentai you can get on this one!!
    AND ALSO the fantasy of A MOTHER(not a real one of course) WITH A SON!!!
    Thanks god no more yuri to yuri REZA action……. T_T that´s the way of the nature!!!

  6. Omni, School work are more important. It’s a basis for your future life.

    with work there is money,with money there is home, with home there is hobby, with hobby there is a blog.

    sorry, if i sound like a old man… heck i’m old… 🙂

  7. BORING! BORING! BORING! BORING!BORING! BORING! BORING! BORING! BORING! BORING! BORING!BORING! BORING!… OHH and did i mention it’s boring. are the mechs for show or what!!! “OH ARENT THE MECHS CUTE” WHAT??????

    brooklyn otaku
  8. So far this show gives me a feeling of:
    Eva(apocalypse + secret underground base) + MaiOtome(girls) + gundam(main character thaz “destined” to pilot the main mecha since ep1)…
    but itz still boring atm…
    i’m like forcing myself to watch it…
    hopes it will getting better in the following episodes…


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