Episode 3 takes us on a tour of many of the island’s rather…unique wildlife.

We start off with Ikuto by the stream doing some morning washin’ up while thinking about how moe the chick he’s living with is. As he digs into his backpack to see what kind of survival gear or contraceptives he brought with him, Suzu snuggles up right beside asking him what the stuff was, as Ikuto comes within half an inch of cleavage of having his 538th nosebleed.

After breakfast, Suzu heads out to do her daily chores – being the manliest man in a 200 mile radius, Ikuto decides to go help her. Here’s a look into their day:

Task 1: Drawing water from the well
Emasculating moment: Large volumes of water are really heavy!
Emasculating moment #2: Rin walks by holding some huge canopic jar the size of a Prius full of water

Character profile note! Some random starry-eyed girl that looks like Shinobu from Love Hina gets hot over seeing Rin’s bulging breas…muscles. You know how frogs can do a sex change if their population is lacking in one or the other? While the girls of Airantou lack such advanced physiological adaptation capabilities, their psychological adaptations can be quite profound – in this case, even causing one to ignore the only Y chromosome in far proximity and going straight for Rin (with the proverbial “ahhh~ onee-sama~”)

Task 2: Doing the laundry
Emasculating moment: Slips, falls, cracks his head on the rocks. BIGOT ALERT: since doing the laundry is traditionally a woman’s task, such transgressions are forgiven.

Task 3: Chopping wood
Emasculating moment: The wood of Airantou defy physics and are able to ricochet several meters to strike out hero squarely in the head.

Task 4: Harvesting yams (or whatever those things are)
Emasculating moment: Falls on his ass even after going berserker mode.
I fully expected his arms to fall off while pulling, but maybe that’s better left for something like…I dunno…Heroic Age.

Island profile note! The vegetables are really freakin’ big! Like, Oliver Miller big

Task 5: Sheering the uh…sheep?
Emasculating moment: Accidentally snips a bit too much and gets mobbed by hundreds of cute, round, aww-inspiring furbies.

Island profile note #2! The animals are really freakin’… round. Like the tiger in Hayate when he stands up and talks.

Task 6: Fishing
Emasculating moment: Reels in a huge catch reminiscent of the lions and dragons I see during Chinese New Years – which promptly attaches itself to Ikuto’s ass.

Task 7: Milking the cow
Emasculating moment: It’s as if Suzu was Dorothy, Ikuto was the evil witch, and a really round yet heavy-looking cow was the house.

At this point I’m starting to worry due to the lack of nosebleeds and blatant one-way sexual tension. Can this show hold up without Suzu’s double D’s? My fears turned to eager anticipation as Ikuto and the gang head out to pick mushrooms…

Cultural profile note! Matsutake mushrooms have been sometimes used in hentai circles in a more perverse context, given its “unique” shape. The giant matsutake of Airantou exploit this to the fullest extent.

Task 8: Picking mushrooms
Endowing moment: Suzu grabbing onto the giant shaft and popping it from the ground more enthusiastically than a Bottle Fairy doujin.
Emasculating moment: Ikuto trying to do the same

Turns out that amongst the field of mushrooms exists a certain man-eating plant that disguises itself to look just like a matsutake. Suzu is able to distinguish the real ones from the traps due to their “slightly sour smell” – acquired by no other means but a close sniff at where the head meets the shaft. Oh Suzu…

Anyways, Ikuto’s total failure at distinguishing the real mushrooms from the fake ones is indeed a relief to male viewers who have continuously questioned Ikuto’s lack of “gusto” on this island of virgins, but he seems to be rather disappointed about it. Around now, Rin shows up and tries to comfort him – let’s try to ignore the fact that she’s holding a hard, monstrous log. Some forced fondling happens before the rest of the mushroom-picking gang shows up, which somehow results in a scene involving Rin (holding the huge wood) running from a bunch of gigantic, writhing earthworms (complete with reproductive ring). Oh, the irony…

So, Ikuto does some worm deflection and scores some more points. Let’s call it a day.

The last scene involves him and Suzu on a beach (with a dried-out Ayane still floating on her eggplant kawarimi) – Suzu’s talking to him about how she was really lonely before, since everybody else on the island has a “partner” except for her, and now she has her own to go home to, take baths with, sleep with, cook for…like family! Oh Suzu…

You know, if the show kept up with this sort of theme and pacing for the remainder of the series, I wouldn’t have one bit of a problem with it. It’s apparent that each of the main girls will get their own stories, and I’m looking forward to how each of them will try to appeal to Ikuto, all while fending off the voracious competition. I’m really diggin the “references” as well – it’s perfectly easy to enjoy the show without paying attention to any of these uhh, “undertones,” but it just makes it so much more juicy to be aware of them. At least it gives us more “demanding” viewers something to mull on while we wait for some real action to happen (if ever)!



  1. Grrr, forgot about this episode. But /now/ next week’s episode should be the Machi episode. Not that this was a bad episode, mind you.

    Roll out the napkins and kleenex, kids. You’re gonna need ’em. For both Ikuto /and/ yourself. 😀

  2. the mushroom is sh*t on the show cus suzu can even smell it like it almost as if she’s familiar with the mushroom(if u know wat i mean).

    why don’t ikuto just do wat she likes on the women cus he’s like the god of the island

  3. not sure what it reminds you of shh227, but that’d be the first place i’d go if i was rolling a katamari

    i’ll finish up the summary tomorrow, the nonstop lucky star action got me tired out

  4. Yeah….I sure don’t want to be reminded about the mushroom. Its so…*ahem*….looks like another decent ep. So I suppose this ep is about Ikuto getting used to life there.

  5. Suzu’s talking to him about how she was really lonely before, since everybody else on the island has a “partner” except for her, and now she has her own to go home to, take baths with, sleep with, cook for…like family! Oh Suzu…

    Haha jaalin, was that your wild and wishful imagination or did I miss that part? XD

  6. lmao poor guy i dont think he can b manly wit all those things around him u kno girls wayyyy stronger man eatin plants an of course girls willin 2 do almost anythin 2 get his attention even though 2 me they look scary tryin 2 get him 2 like them…..guess we can wish the main char a good luck 2 his nu life

  7. Now I know why there is no doujins! It’s so obvious!:
    It’s so doujin material that it would be boring for it to make doujins of it. Hahahaha. So obvious. Only non-doujin materials are fun to make doujins.


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