Having just come from the battle in town, Allen and Lenalee find Barba crying in front of the hospital because Lenny died. When they go up to Lenny’s room, the doctor Robert tells the still-grieving Barba to tidy up and vacate the room. A nurse then comes by and mistakes Lenalee for a new nurse, and Lenalee decides to go along with it in case she can uncover some clues. While she’s gone, Allen goes and finds Lisa crying by Lenny’s casket with the head doctor talking to her about her recovery and counseling. The head doctor wants Allen to leave Lisa alone, but Lisa allows Allen to stay by her side. Meanwhile, Lenalee takes on her new nurse role and learns that Robert is in a bad mood because he owes money to a loan shark. She also finds out from another nurse that the number of patients started growing about half a year ago, which is the same time frame Mother gave for when the Akuma started showing up. Lenalee realizes that something must be up with either the head doctor or Robert, but either way, she thinks that there must be a Broker in this hospital.

Lenalee then finds Allen consoling Lisa for her loss and connecting with her through his own loss of Mana. He tells her that he’s able to live because he has happy memories of Mana, and that as long as he remembers, Mana will continue living inside him. Lisa takes these words to heart and makes it through Lenny’s funeral the next day. Around the same time, the real nurse whose identity Lenalee took shows up. Figuring out that something is wrong, Robert finds Lenalee paging through hospital records just as she reads that the money for the patients and the hospital is coming from the head doctor. When Robert grabs her, Lenalee runs off to find Lisa, so he chases her upstairs. She finally stops after Robert pushes aside a patient who got in his way, but that patient turns out to be an Akuma. Fortunately, Allen had seen what was going on from outside and leaps in to save them. Many more people emerge from their rooms, and since all of them are Akuma, Allen concludes that this hospital must be an Akuma-making facility.

Once the two Exorcists finish off the Akuma with their powers, Lenalee explains that the head doctor is a Broker, and they rush to his office. Lisa had earlier been given a letter that was found with Lenny’s stuff, and she had been reading it when the head doctor approached her and offered his counseling again. While the fighting had been going on, the head doctor had been trying to convince Lisa that she wanted to see Lenny again. As Allen and Lenalee now arrive at his office, they hear Lisa telling the head doctor that she does indeed want to see Lenny again. However, she feels that it’s okay if he’s not brought back because he exists inside of her. Because Allen starts banging on the door, the head doctor decides to knock Lisa out with a chloroformed handkerchief. After she loses consciousness, he admits that he had fed Lenny poison, but he then gets interrupted when Allen pushes an Akuma through the wall and then destroys it. When Allen demands to know why he did all this, the head doctor claims that it was for the sake of the city – he wanted a large hospital with a lot of patients.

To everyone’s surprise, Mother appears and proceeds to knock out the doctor. She vows to make this man make up for his crimes and reminds Allen and Lenalee that the Millennium Earl doesn’t just create Akuma, he also takes advantage of people’s weaknesses. Lisa soon wakes up and visits Lenny’s grave again, remembering how he didn’t want her to be sad and instead wanted her to live her own life to the fullest. Barba suddenly remembers that there’s a letter for Lenalee too, but it turns out to be from Komui telling her to come back home. Mother also hands Allen a stack of bills for General Cross and suggests that he trace them back to where they came from.


As expected, the head doctor was the bad guy, not Robert. They had tried to make Robert look suspicious, but it had been pretty clear who the real culprit was. I had actually thought that the head doctor to turn into something nasty, but Mother just kicked him and that was it. At least we got to see more of Lenalee and Allen fighting, and I found it interesting that they specifically showed Lenalee’s reaction to overhearing Allen tell Lisa about Mana. In any case, I hope next week’s Miranda episode will prove to be more interesting, especially since we haven’t seen much of her for a while.


  1. Actually, I’m interested more in the next episode.

    I’m VERY curious as to why Lenalee was called back… At first I thought it was because he found out the she had ‘work’ as a nurse ^^;;

    Not bad, I haven’t felt ‘curious’ since I read the manga, this is more fun 🙂


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