Shidoh pays Ryuk a visit because he wants his Death Note returned, but Ryuk doesn’t know where it is and suggests that Shidoh look for it himself. The investigation team meanwhile reports to Light that Watari’s orphanage was bringing up L’s successor – at the top had been a child named Near, and closest to him had been another named Mello. Since Misa has the Shinigami Eyes, Light has her look over the pictures of mafia men until she spots someone without a lifespan. Misa manages to find a man named Kal Snydar, so Light manipulates the man with the Death Note to get him to send Light the address of Mello’s hideout. Shidoh manages to see the address, so the Shinigami flies there and gets everyone to see him by having them all touch the Death Note. Though initially fearful, the mafia men feed Shidoh delicious chocolate, and the Shinigami tells them about the two fake rules written in that Death Note. At the same time, Light is coming up with a plan of his own that involves him giving up ownership of his notebook and keeping Misa’s Death Note on himself so that he doesn’t lose his memories. He then schedules Misa to pretend to be Kira and call up his father. With a disguised voice, Misa tells Souichirou about the plan to get back the Death Note that’s currently in Mello’s hands. Kira will be passing his Death Note to the investigation and reveals that his notebook can allow names to be seen just by looking at a person’s face. All the mafia people Kira could get information on will die on November 11th at exactly 23:59, so that is the best chance for them to strike and get back the notebook.

When the time comes and Ryuk shows himself to the investigation because they all touched Kira’s Death Note, Souichirou decides that he will be the one who makes the Shinigami Eyes deal. The switch doesn’t happen until the night of November 11th when the now-heavily-armed team approaches Mello’s hideout. Once he has the eyes, Souichirou can still see the lifespans of the mafia men through photographs, but as soon as the clock passes 11:59, those names disappear, signifying that the men died as Kira had promised. The team then starts their attack on the mostly empty facility, and Mello runs off to a monitor room after telling the two remaining men who weren’t killed to get the Death Note that’s lying underneath the dead. Before those two can do so, Souichirou and the others burst through and quickly settle the fight. They get the Death Note back, but Light feels that the mission isn’t over yet because they still have to get Mello. As they search through the facility, Mello blows something up and threatens to blow up the entire hideout. He forces Souichirou to put down his equipment before showing himself. Because he has the Shinigami eyes, Souichirou is able to see that Mello’s real name is Mihael Keehl, but instead of writing it down in the Death Note like Light wants him to, Souichirou gives Mello a chance to give up. However, Mello has set a trap and has a henchman waiting with a gun behind Souichirou. His heavy armor gives Souichirou some protection, but he’s still gravely wounded from all the bullets. The rest of the team soon arrives and finds their leader lying on the ground, so they shoots the henchman. Unfortunately, Mello then blows up the entire hideout and makes his escape. Everyone manages to make it out alive for now, and Souichirou actually held onto the Death Note through everything.

The team takes Souichirou back to the hospital, and he is still alive when Light reaches his bedside. In his final words, Souichirou expresses how glad he is that Light isn’t Kira. Because he still has the Shinigami Eyes, he is able to see that there is a lifespan under Light’s name. Light then tries to make one final push to get his father to write down Mello’s name in the Death Note, but Souichirou’s eyes soon dim permanently. After a brief period of grieving, Light and the rest of the team return Shidoh’s Death Note, and the Shinigami flies off. Thinking to himself, Ryuk comments on how the people who use the Death Note become unhappy, but at least Souichirou might be happy because he died believing that his son wasn’t Kira.


Wow, this caught me completely off guard. Not only was this a thrilling episode that had a great ending, they also managed to go through NINE chapters. Heck, I think they flew through five chapters worth in the first five minutes alone. Having read through those chapters after watching the episode, it doesn’t feel like they skipped through anything terribly important, though I won’t say anything else in case they do decide to include it in next week’s episode or something.
Light also continues to feel more and more evil to me. He’s in several ways responsible for his father’s death, and it doesn’t help that he was still plotting while by his father’s deathbed. Having said that, Light – perhaps inadvertently – allowed his father to die happily because he gave up ownership of his Death Note and thus got the lifespan number back before someone could realize otherwise.
Anyway, I think that we definitely don’t have anything to worry now about in terms of being able to finishing the story in the next eight episodes. They won’t even need to rush to cover the rest of the remaining 34 chapters.


  1. SAYONARA ………………………. My father …………………..

    this episode well be the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest

    but i want listen the music of the first episodes .. i mean . meeeheeeheeeeeeeehaaaaaaa

    heeeheeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeheeeeeeheheheeeeeee heehehehehe iiiisooooooooooo ^^:

  2. Blah .. where was my spoiler warning tag … huh???

    i usually don’t like to spoil myself when it comes to death note .. but you had to put up that sexy sexy picture .. and i can’t zoom in on the front page ….

  3. Nothing terriblely important??? Man we dont see Light do the ultimate thing in the good ol USA, I really really wanted to see that. If you read the chapters you know what he does XD.

  4. I am skipping this whole series until its final episode.
    It will certainly be the BEST episode ever!

    The manga ending is awesome, I can’t wait till its getting animated. I won’t spoil how it end ofcourse.
    “AGHHHHH” hoho scream.

  5. I kind of like the manga ending. Show Spoiler ▼

  6. @slyzer, sochiro never used the death note, so he will go to heaven xD

    Ok, it was bad before but now it has gone worse, my feeling for Light… I HATE HIM SO DAMN MUCH. Give me back my L… *cries*

  7. Show Spoiler ▼

  8. >>how many deathnote is there

    There are now two.
    1) Original was given back to the new Shinigami Justin whatever.
    2) Rem’s note is with the police
    3) Rem’s second note is with Light and Misa (this one’s owned by Ryuk).

    Hopefully I’m correct.

  9. Nope. 3 I think.

    Ryuk had 2 death notes: his own and the one he stole from Shidoh.
    Rem had 2 death notes: her own and the one from Jealous.

    Light has Rem’s note book.
    Misa has Jealous’ note book.
    Ruyk has his own note book.
    Shidoh has his own note book (the one from Mello).

    Leaves 3. Please correct me if I am wrong 🙂

  10. I personally felt it was a little rushed… i felt that shidoh’s character should have got some development… in the end i was left wondering how light knew of shidoh’s existence since ryuk did not mention it to him at all… if i didn’t read the manga i would have thought the last part didn’t really make sense…bad planning imo…

  11. When Soichiro spells out Mello’s real name, wasn’t the mouthpiece on? Light looked triumphant, and though ‘I did it!’ Doesn’t that mean that he heard the name, and the spelling, so he wouldn’t get it wrong when writing? Or did he not see his face still?

  12. when did ryuk take shidou’s notebook – is that the second one he has all along? i just don’t get how light, misa, and now mello all have notebooks – did i miss ryuk turning over his second or something?


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