Somewhere in a dark shed, a trove of treasure lays undisturbed. Shelves upon shelves of grape jam, all neatly sealed and labeled. What’s this! A large, round, featureless paw reaches out from the darkness and swipes one of the jars.

“Kuma Kuma! Where are you?” Yotsuba Yukino calls out. She walks into the shed – oh crap. That plushie excuse for a bear ate all of the jam! “You’re no different from Suzu and her daifuku!” Yukino scolds. DAI SHOCKU!

We start out with Ikuto and Suzu fishing at the river for some nasty-looking barracuda fish that are probably rather tasty grilled with some kimchi and natto. Yukino falls out of the sky for no apparent reason and lands on our plucky protagonist. A bunch of roundish animals come of the bushes to check up on Yukino, as Suzu tries to work her CPR magic again. As they warm up around the fire, Tonkatsu sits securely in Suzu’s lap, unaware of her preference for fresh bacon. Ikuto, as sharp as ever, notices that the animals are talking to each other…and to Yukino and Suzu. His eyes go white when he realizes that he’s the only one that can’t understand! The gremlin thing and the roundish wild boar write some Japanese on paper with their calligraphy brushes to translate. Talented bunch, these fingerless creatures…

Turns out Kuma Kuma is missing. Ikuto says he’ll help look, much to Yukino’s delight. Much to my delight, she hops on his shoulders as I secretly hope that Ikuto will comment on a slithery sensation on the back of his neck. Anyways, the Yukikuto gattai trudges off in one direction as the animals usher Suzu off in another.

Since Kuma Kuma is some big hulking bear, he shouldn’t be too hard to find, right? Oh wait, KK’s a girl…the same age as Yukino? Shouldn’t she be as big as Tonkatsu then? I’m reminded by that clip of the baby panda letting out that huge sneeze…god knows what kind of sneeze these round beasts of lackadasia could put out. Anyways, it turns out the bear population of the island is quite abundant, and we all know from his previous peniitake hunt how well Ikuto can single out the one he’s after…so yea, he spends the rest of the episode walking around aimlessly and getting whacked by brutish bear paws left and right. On the way we get to see some flashback where Yukino looks even more loli than she already does. This show holds no punches.

Meanwhile, Suzu is off on her own search, and gets intercepted by Ayane in a completely meaningless scene. I’m guessing the producers got too much hate mail from Ayane fanboys that felt shorted by her lack of screentime in previous episodes. Meh, where’s Machi…

Back to Ikuto and Yukino, they find themselves on one of those rickety bridges you see on every deserted island. Except this one actually breaks, and leaves our hero and his sidekick hanging upside down against the side of a cliff. Some dude saves them right as they’re about to fall…yep, it’s Kuma Kuma.

“Sorry to make you worry,” KK says. Oh, guess we can understand Japanimalese now.

The episode closes with Suzu getting a look of grieved jealously over her lack of face time. She’s gonna need to beef up those CPR techniques, pronto.




  1. great anime ^^
    here i wanted to conduct a survey : who do u think Ikuto suit with ?( this might contain spoiler, if u dont want to be spoil pls dont read, here also provide information about the charac)
    Show Spoiler ▼

    pls cast in ur vote thank q.

  2. I’m still thinking that CPR and kissing are still supposed to be different things by the end… *sigh*

    I guess it would be kinda surprising to see animals your size, and then find out that they talk. Oh well, it’s possible to get “used” to anything nowadays…

  3. that scene were the animals write in kanji on a paper and shows the main character….
    His ignorant face was priceless 😛 LIKE:

    ” wait a sec they speak my languange but I don´t speak theirs??? SHIT!!! ”


  4. @furinyue
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. @rinkun

    thanks for ur comment

    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Delayed response, but this episode looks like it’s filled with too much green and brown. T_T I think I’ve been spoiled by all of the vibrant colors that Nagasarete Airantou used in the last 4 episodes.

    Neo Horizon
  7. Nice episode. Lots of snickers and weirdness on the island. I must prepare myself for some uneventful episodes the coming weeks as we close in on all the haremettes.


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