In the aftermath of the battle, the team races to repair the heavily damaged Imber. Makoto returns with the Nebula, but she’s clearly unhappy with what happened. Back when she was in space, she had started attacking the Nubilum, but Azusa had forced her to save the Imber instead. With Haruka in the infirmary – still unconscious after having been treated – Iori gets furious over how Makoto doesn’t care at all. In her mind, Haruka is reliving the events of the battle and how the warning messages popped up on the Imber’s screen before everything went black. She finally wakes up thinking about the Imber and finds Azusa waiting at her bedside. Azusa explains that Haruka faced the Turiavita – the only other organization with an iDOL – and that it’s possible this was a trap. When Haruka sees the damage done to the Imber, she starts blaming herself and bawling. Even after the Imber gets fully repaired, Haruka can’t face the Imber without being reminded of her parents abandoning her.

The team has Haruka try to start the Imber again, but as soon as she touches the controls, the Imber powers back down. Azusa wants to try again, but Haruka feels that it’s useless and asks for some time off instead. She reveals to Iori that she thinks the Imber hates her – when she touched the Imber’s controls, they were cold. Haruka feels that once something hates her, it won’t turn back around again towards her. That night, Haruka pays one more visit to the Imber while everyone else is gone and tries to activate it. No response from the Imber confirms for Haruka that it really was her fault the Imber got hurt, so she decides to go home by train. Lying in a grassy field, she starts crying because she’s alone, but soon a shadow covers her body. Haruka turns around and is shocked to find the Imber floating behind her. Iori, who is hiding behind a nearby tree, had taken to the controls earlier after Haruka left and had tried to talk some sense into the Imber. The Imber now causes a gust of wind to blow upward, allowing a single flower to float down into Haruka’s hands. Holding it close to her heart, Haruka thanks the Imber.


I don’t know what to say. They took a perfectly good lead-in for the episode with the damaged Imber plummeting towards Earth and, well, took all the action out of it. I mean, they barely show the Nebula confronting the Nubilum before the Nebula had to head off, and we don’t even get to see any more of the blood that was shown last week inside the Imber’s cockpit. And then there’s Haruka’s angst. I’m not exactly sure what I was hoping to see, but this wasn’t it. I felt really unsatisfied watching the resolution at the end of the episode, and knowing that next week is the beach episode doesn’t help in terms of wanting more plot.


  1. yea the series is turning out to be a real disapointment, i barley watched episode five. PLus the more i watch the more pissed off i become by her ribbons, she’s just ugly.

  2. Well the thing about these kind of shows is that there’s usually one huge battle near the end. I get the fell that this show will have plenty of small battles that will eventually end up with a a grand battle.

  3. For me Mai hime and Mai otome were actually entertaining before the big plot twist. This show puts me to sleep. I enjoyed the first episode then the 2nd, then the 3rd I couldn’t finish.

  4. I think what this show lacks compared to mai hime and otome(tho they both has small battles before the big ones, hopefully:D) is that this show doesnt show cool stuffs and doesnt show more fan services/moe characters >.

  5. whoa!! sorry fo the double P, but i just woke up! by the way, just my opinion, but why not drop this show like a chick with a cold sore, i mean theres tons of other stuff that way more worthy of this blog spot…like that mermaid show ,seto no ,,something?? ITS FRIGGIN HILARIOUSE!! COME ON!! unless they throw in some hefty helpings of incest, loli,lesbianism, this show is finished

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. I can’t understand why so many people excessively demand fight/action in this anime.
    An unsettled mystery of the relation between Haruka and Imber was emphasized again, and it was very interesting in me. Especially, the last scene is very impressive as if Imber who was the robot presented her the flower. It is a peculiar tendency to the American that excessively demands the action scene. Even if this is a robot anime,
    Hanada’s scenario is as delicate as that of “sola” that he is making as a main scenario writer.

  7. i always knew this show was going to be dumb the second you said it originated from a game that raises idols that transformed into mechs, i mean seriously.

    beside, tbh, mai-hime and mai-otome are extremely overhyped (especially mai-hime, that show was a utter piece of crap), so thats even worse for me, good thing i never watched this >.

  8. I think people expect too much action from it. Maybe there are mechas, but don’t forget that this is based on something completely different (Idols?!).
    Therefore I don’t expect too much action in this show. True though that it’s a bit boring.

  9. LOL good grief … we demand action because quite frankly these character suck if you haven’t noticed ….

    mai-hime/otome had GOOD / ENTERTAINING characters .. this is a complete bore fest …

    we have a girl that falls asleeps and can’t get any lines in
    we have a main girl talking to a stupid stupid lookign perverted robot
    we have forehead girl who thinks she’s gods gift to man
    we have a leader who is obiviously a misato clone
    we have a commander … what’s with this guy … so boring

    the mystery between haruka and imber? /wrist

  10. How long will this show be? Maybe give it til ep 10, and if its still not great, we won’t blame u if u drop it Omni. But then, Mai Hime didn’t really pick off until about ep 17.

  11. Damn that Imber is such a whore! All lovey dovey but the minute the pilot doesn’t meet its expectations it just dumps her like garbage without explanation. What a complete whore! I bet that’s what it did to Chihaya too. And it doesn’t even talk to someone it does feel is ‘worthy’ whatever that means. Someone needs to beat some common sense into that shiny metal bitch. Maybe Chihaya’s pimpin’ new ride’s up for another round.


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