Stranded in town waiting for the next ship to come in, Allen learns that some of the ships have sunk in the area. When a group of boys interrupts his conversation with a sailor to declare that pirates are responsible, the sailor chases them off and attributes the sinkings to a rocky reef instead. Since he has to spend the night, Allen finds an inn, but this inn turns out to be run by the father of Archie, the leader of the boys from before. These boys, who aspire to be pirates themselves, decide to recruit Allen by kidnapping Timcanpy and forcing Allen to take their tests to join the group. Allen beats every single one of them at their own games, and when Archie challenges him to a swimming competition, Allen actually saves Archie from drowning. What’s more, to protect Archie’s pride, Allen even says that Archie drowned on purpose to test if Allen would come back to save him. Thus, the group accepts Allen into their pirate group, despite Allen not really wanting to join.

That night, Allen finds out that Archie and his father have bad relationship because Archie thinks his father should sail since he’s a sailor. Archie’s father Jido explains that he was a sailor who enjoyed his work but wanted another life. Looking at a picture of Jido and his now deceased wife carrying their son, Allen wonders if that’s the reason Jido gave up sailing. Later that evening, Allen sneaks out and meets up with Archie who takes him to a cave where the boys are building a raft that they call their ship. They also tell Allen about how they saw a pirate ship sink another ship one night, but no one believed their story. Thus, they’ve taken it upon themselves to defeat the pirates and want Allen to fight with them. Thinking of Jido, Allen suggests that Archie shouldn’t worry his father, but this only gets Archie angry and he kicks Allen out. The next morning, it’s time for Allen to leave, and he calls up Komui first. Komui informs him that recently there have indeed been some sinkings, and it is at this moment that Allen notices Jido yelling at the boys who have set out on their raft.

Allen also suddenly sees an Akuma appear in the water in the distance, and since Archie is in danger, Allen gets Jido to provide a boat so that they can go save the boys. With the Akuma attacking the passenger ship, the boys fire a fireworks bomb at it and draw the Akuma’s attention. Fortunately, when the Akuma returns fire, the boys are saved by Allen and his arm. Allen proceeds to fight the Akuma, but the Akuma decides to target the ship instead, forcing Allen to protect the passengers. One of the shells that gets through Allen’s defense breaks one of the ship’s masts, and it falls down towards the water that the boys and there raft are sitting in. With Allen unable to get there in time, it is Jido who comes to the rescue and sacrifices his boat to save his son. Jido manages to survive and tells his son that he had decided to protect him because he couldn’t do the same for his Archie’s mother. Not wanting to lose his son too, Jido had given up sailing. Realizing that his father did it for him, Archie starts crying. Father and son then help Allen by firing another bomb straight at the head of the Akuma, giving Allen the opening he needs to destroy it. In the aftermath, Jido returned to sailing and the boys become his students. Allen leaves town once the ship has been repaired, back on his journey to find Cross.


I thought that this was as generic a filler as it could be, to the point that if the ship Akuma were just some monster and Allen were just the hero, this could have been an episode of just about any action show with a moral of father/son relations at the end. We didn’t even find out how the Akuma came to be, and there wasn’t any of the loss-of-a-loved-one-leading-to-resurrection-as-an-Akuma that could have tied the episode more together.
Next week’s episode features Kanda, and I’m hoping that it’ll be at least a little better than this week since it’ll be the beginning of a two-parter.


  1. >i kinda hate d.gray-man now because it’s not on the original story line for so long now…

    I agree, but the Manga isn’t better… I hate it, when a Charakter goes superhuman… –°

  2. ENOUGH WITH THE FILLERS!!!!!!! IS THIS SERIES GENERATING SOO MUCH MONEY THAT THEY NEED TO MILK IT TO HELL!!?? good lord idont even watch this show any more because of the ass quality! it doesent hold a candle to the manga, and theres enough manga chapters to keep them well in the paint. theres no need fo all these fillers… GREEDY NARUTO STYLE MOTHERFU@%ERS!!!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  3. If the fillers bother some of you that much, there’s a simple solution: stop watching it. God knows it can’t be good for your blood pressure. I enjoyed this episode well enough, I like some of the new material that the anime brings (well, provided that the episode has a decent amount of Allen, haha).

  4. yes like naruto and bleach, this show is going through fillers. However for the same reason naruto and bleach had fillers, this is going through fillers because it would catch up with the manga, then we would run into a Rurouni Kenshin scenario (which the episodes surpassed where the manga was at the moment). Anyways as much as I really dont like these fillers, and would like to watch the actual manga storyline, it is reasonable since they are on the 5th or 6th vol in the manga, and the latest volume out is the 11th chapter, almost halfway. But ya, if you hate these fillers so much, dont watch them. easy! im still watching them since its new, and plus seems we’ll get a backstory on Kanada’s part when looking for the generals, since he barely appeared in the manga at this point in the anime.

  5. @yuuchan – i’d say the manga was much MUCH better, i, on the other hand happen to like it when characters go super human, i’d say the characters have had enough with being underpowered in the series for so long and all that shiz..

  6. Well, unlike Naruto’s n Bleach’s fillers, this one’s based on the novel, so I hv to say, D.Gray-Man’s anime is unique in the sense that it’s nt entirely manga-only storyline or some made-up arc like Bount arc in Bleach, bt it also animates the novel’s storyline.

  7. i really think that the fillers butchered the D.Gray-man anime. I liked the first 2 episodes and I was drawn by its concept so I decided to read the manga and after that I became a big fan of DGM. I really liked the manga because it is fast paced. But with all this fillers… I lost interest in watching DGM anime

    The Crappinometer
  8. It’s kind of weird if it’s true these fillers are so the anime doesn’t surpass the manga, because it looks to me, with less than 25 episodes to go, that the anime couldn’t catch up to where the manga is right now if it tried. And I really wish it would try.

  9. To those who keep whining about the fillers, stop watching and don’t even bother reading the blogged episodes. For goodness sakes its not as if you paid for this. Sheesh.

  10. >>> To those who keep whining about the fillers, stop watching and don’t even bother reading the blogged episodes. For goodness sakes its not as if you paid for this. Sheesh.

    QFT! can’t say it any better than that.

    as for d.gray-man, i’m sticking to the manga version :3

  11. Hummm, What I am wondering is how did you all watch this episode? Was it like already dubbed, cause I can’t find it anywhere. Or maybe you all just understand the raw version. If there is a Link or something of that sort please inform me.


    Mikes the greatest
  12. @Mikes the greatest:

    Omni understand Japanese, so he just watched the RAW version. This episode was most definitely not dubbed, it hasn’t even been licensed yet. Where you asking if the episode was already subbed? And if that is your question than no, neither Black-Order nor Shinsen-Subs (the two main groups subbing D.Gray-man) have released this episode just yet.


  13. If anyone watched the Shinsen Subs version, did you notice that they changed the last line? Instead of “Save this pitiful akuma’s soul” It said “Pitiful demon, let this show be saved from the goddamn fillers.”


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