With Misa watching the television broadcast intently with her Shinigami eyes, Light urges Near to escape from the building that is under attack by an angry mob. Near doesn’t waver from his suspicion that the second L is Kira and tells the other members of Light’s team to think about this. It is especially troubling for Aizawa since he remembers how the original L had suspected Light too. Near also has a plan for getting rid of the mob: money. Tons of bills come pouring out of the building, and the mob – including supposed spokesman Demegawa – quickly forgets about aiding Kira and instead rushes to gather up as much money as they can. When the police force soon comes out, Light realizes that Near is escaping by disguising himself and his team as officers, and there’s nothing he can do about it without revealing himself to be Kira. In the aftermath of the incident, Near returns to his post, and after another call from him, Light urges anyone who wants to help Near to go ahead and do so. Aizawa spends much time thinking about this, and he eventually decides to contact Near. He tells Near all about how Light had been locked up and how Light was confronted by his father threatening to kill him. Based on Aizawa’s information, Near concludes that the second L – and thus Kira – is Light.

Aizawa then returns to Light and the rest of the investigation team and admits that he talked to Near. He even tells Light that he’s going to search Misa’s room for a Death Note, and Light lets him go ahead. Aizawa and Mogi then head for Light and Misa’s apartment, and they find her there as happy as ever with no sign of the Death Note anywhere. Unbeknownst to them, Light is quite confident that the Death Note isn’t there. Back at the investigation team’s apartment, Matsuda turns on the Kingdom of Kira television program and is surprised to find that Demegawa has constructed a mansion out of donations for Kira. However, when Demegawa starts introducing the leaders of the Kingdom of Kira that he chose, they all start mysteriously dying. Demegawa soon meets with the same fate – dead by Kira’s hand. It seems that Light had gotten Misa to give up ownership of her Death Note – and therefore her memories – so that she could send it to someone else. That someone was a man named Mikami Teru who had filled out a questionnaire for Kingdom of Kira viewers. For the question “What do you think of Kira?” Mikami had simply put kami (God).


I got to admit, Near’s way of diverting the attention of the angry mob was pretty ingenious. It’s a very costly method, but it worked and thwarted Light. Unfortunately for Near, Light’s still got some tricks up his sleeve in the form of the new Kira he chooses in Mikami Teru (voiced by Matsukaze Masaya who some of you may remember as Kyoya from Ouran). I was amused by how they once again made writing in the Death Note feel so dramatic and chock full of action – Mikami looked liked he was fighting someone in this scene. And I’m glad Mikami killed Demegawa because I really didn’t like his grubby character.
As for Misa, she’s given up the Death Note yet again, making me wonder what kind of role she’ll play if she isn’t supporting Light’s killings. In the past few episodes, it feels like all her appearances were either of Light using her somehow, or her in skimpy clothing. And it seems that another girl will be showing up next week, so I’m interested in seeing what happens.


  1. OMG another flashy write-in-Death-Note scene! Oh how I love those. I’m going to compile them one day and then watch them whenever I have a sucky day.

    They are so hilarious, I swear.

  2. Mikami’s “action scene” reminds me a bit of how champloo especially Mugen fighting scenes were animated with the fish eye effect and his moves all over the place. It seems to me also that Misa having the (gosu)loli style has a deeper meaning than Obata Takeshi’s interest in fashion and the emo effect we get from to the show. In her last scene in this ep her glazing eyes make her appear like she was a doll (which she has been to Light). The lolita chothing make her appear even more like a wooden puppet.

    ps. Have you seen this?
    The English Light sounds really boyish and cocky and really destroys Light’s intelligent, cunning and relatively mature character we’re used to. Not really justified for a manga with the level of DN… -_-

  3. I agree with Tails. Light sounds like some typical foolish 14-year-old boy.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. WTF is up with that english trailer? Light sounds like homer simpson and L’s voice is too low. This is going to be the worst dub ever made in anime history, mark my words.

  5. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but if Misa gave her Note away and lost her memories, how is it possible for Light to still remember all?
    He doesn’t have any DeathNote right now, does he?

  6. Hmm…either its just me or Mikami looks like a cross between L and Light. I mean, he’s kinda got L’s hair and Light’s face. Oh the irony for L/Light fans…

    ANYWAY, I like this “Mikami” character so far. I love characters who possess blind faith for some reason…

  7. I agree you with people, once again english dub ruins everything. I rarely see shows that are dub well, in my case i think Full Metal Panic and Full Metal Alchemist were the only ones dubbed well. Man! I was hoping the dubb in Death Note to be good, what a dissapointment!

    Anyways, ya awesome episode once again, just to confirm is DN really only 36 episodes?

  8. @Noob

    Light still remembers or has all memories about the Death Note becuase he practically has back up pages everywhere lol! Serious he even knitted a paper to his own wallet.

  9. Why the guys bought first manga series and then watch the anime series thats relates every important points inside the manga and its obvious will spoiled everything you know and complete wasted.

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