Stuck with Mai and the others on an island, Mashiro is worried about Akira even though she acts like she’s not. She also wants to attend the Strategic Otome Reduction negotiations which have already started with Natsuki presiding. It is at these negotiations that Yukino points out that the more important matter they have to deal with is the mysterious being that attacked Windbloom and Aries. Natsuki knows that Nao is investigating the case, and Nao’s brought Nina with her to some ruins hidden in the mountainous regions. Arika meanwhile is in the bath with several of the other Otome, but her thoughts dwell on going to look for Mashiro. Mahya points out that Arika was arguing with Mashiro before and questions what Arika will do if she finds Mashiro. Since Arika is unsure, Chie and Laula tell her that everyone is worried, but it’s unclear what they can do and what they should do, so for now they should rest. The girls then proceed to have some fun in the form of Mahya breaking apart Akane and Kazuya, Shiho arguing with Rosalie, Mahya running away with Arika’s bikini top, and finally Anh Lu – who is drunk – proposing that they all strip and then taking off everyone’s tops.

Inside the ruins, Nao says that Nina wouldn’t have had to come here if she had handed over the book she’s clutching to now, but Nina had refused to do so. This book which belongs to Sergay can guide them through the ruins, but Nina realizes too late that she stepped on the trap that she just read about out loud, and the two girls fall down a long shaft after the floor under them crumbles. Nao manages to save them by using her red string to grab onto a pole, but Nina’s already unconscious. During this time, Nina has a dream where she remembers how she took the book – a diary – from one of Sergay’s chests and how she had stared at the picture of herself, Erstin, and Arika before reading the diary. When Nina wakes up, she finds that the diary is now in Nao’s hands, and Nao gives it back only after teasing Nina a little. As they proceed through the other traps in the ruins, Nao asks if Nina is still an Otome/virgin, and since Nina still is, Nao asks if it’s Nina or Sergay that’s holding back. Without directly answering the question, Nina says that Sergay right now is kind, and she likes him, but the father she knows is in the diary. Nina treasures her days at Garderobe, and she talks about Arika and the other Otomes protecting everyone and atoning for what she did.

Arika meanwhile has accidentally discovered the crayon picture that Mashiro drew a long time ago of herself in a sunflower castle. Aoi tells Arika that Mashiro had been keeping this with her and treasures it, causing Arika to remember how she had, all that time ago, proposed a race between herself and Mashiro to see whether Arika could become a Meister first or Mashiro could become a queen who made everyone happy first. Back at the ruins, Nao and Nina have finally reached the final door and open it to find a large round object hanging in the middle of the room. As they begin investigating the nearby stack of books, and Nina finds one about the god of the sea with a serpent on the cover. She suddenly notices something come alive behind them and has to dive out of the way to avoid being hit by a projectile. To make matters worse, the shadowy figure that resembles Fumi also shows up and almost slices through Nao. Not ready to give up, Nao materializes her Robe and starts fighting both enemies at once. The shadowy figure then activates the object in the middle of the room, and all around the world, metallic stalks start emerging from the ground.

Although she can’t seem to hurt the shadowy figure, Nao is able to destroy the other monster by using her “Bloody Stripe Curcus” attack. The shadowy figure then turns the first monster’s sword into a different sword, and Nina tries to get in the way even though she doesn’t have any more Otome powers. The shadow figure’s next move after clashing with Nao a bit more is to use its red eye-beam on the Meister Otome. This hits Nao squarely in the stomach, though Nao still tries to attack with her red string even as she’s turning to stone. Nina’s shocked cries for Nao attract the enemy’s attention, but the shadowy figure finds that it cannot attack Nina because Nao’s red string has tied its weapon to the nearby wall. In ripping its weapon free, the shadowy figure tears off a chunk of the wall, and the ruins start falling apart. To Nina’s surprise, the sea god book she’s carrying begins to glow and sends her flying into a red portal that collapses soon after she passes through. Around this time, Mashiro is fishing on the island when she catches something. She tries to pull it up, but her line breaks and a large stone structure emerges from the water in front of her. Inside this structure, Mashiro finds Nina’s unconscious body, with the sea god book beside her.


Well, I didn’t expect them to put a topless scene in here, but I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Because of GEASS, I didn’t find any of this is too shocking, especially not since this was on a DVD and not part of a television broadcast. I actually feel rather indifferent about the inclusion of such a scene. It doesn’t really advance the plot any, but after the previous episode of Zwei, I started thinking that the Sunrise team wouldn’t be able to develop the story to perhaps its full potential (whatever that is), and this light-hearted scene didn’t do anything to change my mind. There are just so many unanswered questions, and I don’t think one more episode can wrap things up nicely.
Having said that, I still consider this a good episode overall, largely due to Nao and the return of Nina. Nao’s still the same as ever and I enjoyed watching her battle even though I wish she hadn’t been turned into stone. Nina on the other hand we learn still is capable of being an Otome even though she doesn’t have the powers right now, and aside from satisfying our curiosity, I suspect that that there is a reason that she and Nao had that conversation. It might mean that we’ll get to see Nina in action one more time, so maybe Mashiro or someone else on the island will activate Nina’s powers. Unfortunately, the fourth and final DVD won’t be out until August 24th, so it’ll be three more months.


  1. Are they freakin Serious, Kagutsuchi will appear in this OVA? ……….. omg if ever the orignal Childs will appear in this OVA…. that would be cool….. waaa cant wait for the 4th episode…. (umm where did Nina go…….. )

  2. *draws deep breath, then counts to ten*

    Let me get the ugly out of the way first. During the fanservice bathing scene I was seething with anger. To be blunt: This kind of crap is grating on my nerves, TERRIBLY so. If you feel the need to service the juveniles like that, then PLEASE do it as some separate extras. It’s totally ruining the pacing, it’s totally ruining the suspense, and I feel kind of insulted that I’m supposed to LIKE this crap. This has been the low point of the Mai franchise for me so far.

    On the plus side, the rest was good, and in fact, several parts have even been excellent. Lots of Nao (return of the MVP, wonderful!), lots of Nina (a pleasing alternative to the mass naked child event), and a pretty intense underground action scene.

    What I don’t get: The first OVA already did a terrific job at developing a credible and suspenseful threat. The second OVA was a letdown, because it didn’t keep up the pressure, but deflated it in some stupid comedy. And the third one would have been excellent if the first 10 minutes had been cut away, because afterwards things tagged along fine.

    I watch the Mai Universe for the suspense parts. No problem with Comedy AT THE RIGHT SPOTS. They’re simply not there here. Imagine the Mai Hime end run, with stupid pool fanservice tossed into the middle. If you do suspense/action, KEEP it that way. And outsource tits-comedy to extras instead of the main storyline. Otherwise you end up with a loaf of strawberry jam with fish on top. That’s what we have here.

  3. in case you guys never read abt the beginnings of Mai Hime or Otome, Sunrise(Inc) had wanted to do a M-O-E series, right from the beginning… so i have to say, at least it hasn’t ended up like Ba(be)Watch … heh heh. good thing they stopped acting like they are making a series for under 15 year-olds, for which OVAs are not meant for.

    I’m getting to like Sunrise

  4. Hot!

    I usually agree with Mentar on most things; but I personally couldn’t be happier at seeing all their cartoon goodies. It’s not like we watch Zwei with our moms or kids or anything.

    It’s a show aimed at males 15-25 and probably 95% of us will be overtly or secretly delighted at the flying breasts.
    Only the infinately more moral 5% will probably take Mentars firm position.

    But lets not deceive ourselves; anyone who thinks that Otome was not a fanservicey train wreck to begin with, does not remember the series at all.

    This episode was simply its spirit made visible. Sunrise knows its target audience and what we want to see.

  5. do you know when the last ova is coming out?? and i can’t believe they put nude scenes it just makes it weird watching but oh well i guess they need to attract audience somehow!

  6. philip72, you’re way off if you count me to the “moral” group, nothing farther than the truth than that. I mean, that’s seriously funny 😉

    Personally, I’ve got nothing against tasteful fanservice at all. The problem is that this wasn’t funny or erotic or anything, it was just annoying. It doesn’t help that I consider 90% of the currently remaining active Otomes as oblivious shallow annoying airbrains. If you love this kind of “kyaaa! Damee desu!! Hahaha!! Yelp yelp!” situational “humor”, you may find yourself serviced well. This annoying screeching kindergarten made me want to run.

    No, the problem is with the pacing. It just doesn’t fit. First this debile pool scene, and then serious drama afterwards? It’s as I said – strawberry tarte with fish as topping.

  7. haha people reacting over few minutes of flesh and nipples are bit something Otome fans and not suddenly split into three groups, those who dont like sudden service,those who like sudden juggling tits, and those who don’t even care a thing and just watch it like nothing happens……. sunrise and otome staff did make a surprising episode (though i’m already expecting this somehow~) but i do agree manga is better (wonder why they didn’t use that as a material….. too flashy and not moe i guess~

  8. Mmmm. I do have to say, this is totally awesome, and finally a materialization (ugh, no pun intended) of our desires since day one of watching this story series. Whoo hoo! Count me in the perv camp!


    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. Mentar said everything. Fanservice for DVD extras ok, but not for OVAs please. At least no full shot of my idol Arika topless (at least I hope so or I’ll kill the responsible person). Overall, well, I waited another 3 months for this episode and I’m a bit disappointed. If they would have replaced the fanservice by more story/ action I’d be much for satisfied.

  11. What are you whining about? The proportions are just about right which is rather extraordinary for anime. If I didn’t know that it’s from this Mai-whatever crap, I’d even dare to watch it. Then again fapping killed the cat, so I better stay away from it. Anyway, hold tight.

  12. hey, relax folks. its just an OVA. and this ‘is’ DVD-only material after all…

    luv Nao’tan in her Sp0dey-suit get-up. M-O-E

    why do i miss Alyssa so much all of a sudden~

  13. now that i have seen the episode, the nipple scene isnt that huge/long, so i dont see why there are so many complaints. after all, people pay like $50+ for these dvds, so they might as well get what they pay for.

    Maki Maki
  14. I don’t really like pointless fanservice, but oh…well, once in a while doesn’t hurt. But what I can’t understand is why they are totally oblivious to what is happening (that Shizuru, Haruka, Miss Maria were turned into stone, that Nao is kicking some butt and Natsuki is looking for a solution to all this). They are MEISTER OTOME for the goddesses’ sake! They should be helping instead of playing “take my top” in an Onsen. And why the hell is Kazuya there?
    Anyway, I’m going to watch it. :3

  15. im not too keen on the fanservice. i did like the action sequence near the end tho…nao spoke like her mai hime self with all the use of UZAI and all that xD

    small cultural reference of “faito ippatsu!” with mashiro fishing up fuuka gakuen (?) in the end (original source: energy drink…ripovitan D if im not mistaken)

  16. mentar, if THAT was all it took to make you seethe with rage… um, anger management?

    bah, nina’s back huh… watch this turn into “nina saves the world”. too bad that while among the characters that may be atonement for being such a self-involved moron during the series, it’s not enough to change that for us.

  17. Face it, more than 75% of the OVAs and extra materials are light and for fan services. They are meant to be light hearted, and not really to develop new plots (or mimimum new plots). See Negima/Shana/some of the GEASS picture episodes, etc)

    Moe is already a fact of life in Japanese anime, even finding its ways to serious works like Geass and Death Note, live with it. If you hate it so much, just don’t watch it.

    Overall, I think the OVA series is quite good, some good fighting and a bit of fanservices, satisfying both sides of parties.

  18. Maybe if the Mai-Universe was actual straight adult anime; then yes, it would be watchable.

    Other than that, it blows. Your standard $unrise cheesecake that will only rot your teeth.

    Slightly Bald Wizard
  19. yes, i’m gonna get the entire Zwei set when i get to Akiba in August. least i can do for Sunrise.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Nao’chan shares the same last(sur)name as my mom … Omg !! just a gag point

  20. Orz. I find this whole thing amusing. Mai-hime was original a series marketed on fanservice that lost a lot of it’s fanservice and made up for it with little dvd extras. The sequel followed the same formula, and now a DVD only contiuation has *gasp* shown some nipples. I’m sorry for all you people that are offended but the series was built as one of those +fanservice series from the start. Get over it >.>

  21. mai otome and gundam 00 my friends arika yumemiya and setsuna f. seiei nina wang and lockon stratos tieria erde and shizuru viola allelujah haptism and mai tokiha JOEL PEREZ and marina ismail sergei smirnov and sakomizu cardinal saji crossroad and takumi tokiha wang liu mei and mikoto sumeragi lee noriega and mashiro i love sunrise and bandai february 22 2008 mai otome sifr thanks you JOEL PEREZ AM HAPPY YOU GOOD TAKE CARE JOEL PEREZ


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