Jaalin here, reporting live from Hong Kong! Man, the weather is hotter than Yoko up in here. Today I’m gonna see if I can score one of them vastly superior Asian cell phones…but man, it’s good to be back here.

You know what else is good? Lucky Star!

Episode 8 kicks off with another shot of Kona-dad; this time he’s on tv since he’s trying to play it off as a phamous photographer at his daughter’s sports meet. Oh, sports meet? It’s the sports meet episode…woohoo!

Some musings before include Konata jocking around Kagamin some, then some more. Then a scene where Konata says Miyuki isn’t suited for athletics because of her…endowed figure. Well, it’s true – have you ever seen women’s basketball? Whew…

Event 1: Hot Cross Buns
This rather peculiar event involves running up to a bun suspended in mid air and jumping up to chomp it out of the air. The other girls try their best to get a good bite in, but cannot stand up to the force of Kagami’s chompers. She’s so powerful she chews down the entire rack holding the buns.

Sidenote 1: Konata’s dad is around snapping pictures of all the nubile young girls with his camera and monster of a lens. That’s one way to support your daughter…!

Event 2: 100m dash
As we all know, Konata got some juice in those legs of hers, so it wasn’t a matter of winning, but how she was going to do it. What better way than to pretend she’s playing a video game…like one of those old school Olympics games where you just spam the A button to run as fast as possible. She even employs some hardcore tactics like using a metal ruler, lol

Event 3: Long Jump
Kagami is quite athletic, actually – her weakness is more around the lines of trying too hard and. In this case, she totally smashes the other girls’ distance, but falls flat on her face. Must be all that pent up anger from hanging out with Konata.

Event 4: 110m hurdles
Hurdling isn’t as easy as it looks – besides having to run, you have to jump with impeccable timing. Something I just can’t picture Tsukasa doing. Oh well, she looks cute doing it. That red headband she wears is super cute!

Event 5: Relay!
The final event of the day is the long-awaited relay race. The adrenaline is pumping and tensions are high as that Initial D parody song plays in the background. Miyuki the anchor seems to be in third place with quite a lot of ground to make up! Don’t let her calm demeanor fool you – this girl’s a killer! Miyuki takes first as she crosses the finish line by a margin of 3 cup sizes.

Well, that’s it for the sports meet. No dance around the bonfire in which we were supposed to be privy to some more Konata x Kagamin action. Oh well…

The second half kicks off with Tsukasa trying to play her recorder. She’s blowing too hard so it sounds like crap, so Kagami tells her to ease up. Turns out pretty good! But then Tsukasa starts hyperventilating from breathing too hard while exhaling too little. Oh yes.

A little scene involving the girls standing in the lunch line deciding what to get. Seems like they all get what they ordered at the beach, except this time Tsukasa wants ramen too. But there’s no more…dai shokku!

Another scene where Tsukasa is thinking that it’s a good thing she’s the younger sister, since Kagami is so much more mature and level-headed. What if I were the older sister, Tsukasa thinks. Hilarity ensues.

Other happenings:
– Konata gets her letter published in Newtype. That’s huge!
– Delve into the mind of Konata as she stands in the manga section of the bookstore deciding what to buy
– Lucky Channel – Just when Akira looked like she was easing up a bit…there she goes again. Getting old? Not a chance in hell!


Nagasarete may be delayed this week; as for next week and the week after, my status is still up in the air – all depends if I have internet nor not :/


  1. Yup… kona-chan’s staring a Eroge… XD… You can see the To heart Eroge on the shelves.. the one with the blurred red and pink.. I’m getting a “To he-” so i’m assuming that it’s To heart XD

  2. You know, it’s not really a reference to Heroic Age. It’s more of a reference to Newtype Japan magazine considering since Heroic Age is this month’s cover art.

  3. hehe Heroic Age… i hought it was that other series.. gin-ryo… something like that was by the same artist made last year. Haha.. yay i’m the first person to answer the poll too XDXD

  4. Love it!!! Now if Miyuki had her hair tied in a pony tail… that’d be even greater (ref to Sakaki!!!). But anyway, I LOVE the song that was playing when Miyuki was running. Anyone know what that song is? Is it out yet?

  5. I seriously think the Kyonani thing was just a slip up and they wanted to go with Kyoani. Kyoto Animation doesn’t seem to have much respect for other companies so I can’t see them wanting to do a play on Konami. They’d sooner just paste their name over Konami’s any day, like they tried to. It would be just as obvious what they were trying to do even if they just put KyoAni instead of Kyonani, maybe even moreso without the extra letter.

    Kaioshin Sama
  6. so…anyone else seeing the churuya reference in the track and field shots. I mean sure the idea may have come form azumanga but thats smoked cheese if i ever saw it.

  7. I could be sarcastic and shout “wow, it was sunny during the track meet just like in ….” A good many of these references are not references at all — they’re parts of every day life for many students in Japan. ((never mind much of this stuff is in the manga))
    I’m not saying they don’t do referencing, but it is usually pretty explicit (like buying a TH2 school uniform for Tsukasa or the Initial D sequence).

    Just enjoy the show…. its cute, its funny. They have medication for seeing things that aren’t there 🙂

  8. @Newprimus:

    I thought so too at first, but those are professional Canon telephoto zoom lens, as you can tell by their white and black design. This is probably the model that he’s using:

    Apparently it’s a very capable lightweight lens for taking sharp-looking photos.

  9. heh, I have the exact artbook that Konata is holding in her left hand in the bookstore. They had a lot of Haruhi stuff at AnimeUSA, that was one of my better purchases.


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