Haruka arrives in the hanger one day to find Ritsuko and the maintenance team preparing the Imber to harmonize – tuning the core – in order to improve performance. They are doing this because the previous battle with the Nubilum showed them the need to take steps against the Turiavita. Azusa and Joseph explain to Haruka that the Turiavita used to be a research wing of Mondenkind, but during the Dawn of Purple Moon incident 16 years ago, they tried to steal the iDOLs. Turiavita only succeeded in getting the Nubilum, so currently, Mondenkind – which is trying to prevent fighting – has two iDOLs, the Turiavita has one, and the final two are missing. However, Ritsuko needs help with harmonizing, so Joseph and Azusa send Haruka to get a special someone: Futami Ami. It seems that Ami has become an actual performing idol since her time in Mondenkind, and Haruka, Yukiho, and Iori find themselves at the studio where Ami is practicing her piano playing. After interrupting her, Haruka explains that they want her to come back to Mondenkind, and Ami is surprised to learn that Haruka pilots the Imber. Before they can talk any further though, the girls notice that Iori has been approached by a director who wants her as part of his production. Unfortunately, he dresses her up as a cockroach costume that matches her dark tan, and when they happen to bump into Yayoi on the set, Iori and Yayoi get into a fight.

In her dressing room later, Ami hands Haruka a data card to give to Azusa. She also suggests that Haruka quit being an Idolmaster because iDOLs can only cause people to feel sorrow. When Haruka returns back to base with the data card, Azusa lets her listen to the song that’s on it – one that Ami created with an iDOL. As she practices the same song in her studio, Ami remembers a certain incident many years ago and starts crying. Ritsuko and company meanwhile continue to have trouble with the harmonizer, and after talking with Ritsuko and realizing that Ami doesn’t intend to come back, Haruka decides to go talk with Ami again. When Haruka asks Ami why she feels that iDOLs can only cause people to feel sorrow and then tries to explain that iDOLs have hearts, Ami replies that she doesn’t think they do. Ami hates iDOLs and eventually reveals that her younger sister is dead – killed by an iDOL. The song from before was one that she, her sister Mami, and their iDOL Tempestas created. Breaking down into tears now, Ami explains that an iDOL destroyed everything, including her feelings and Mami’s feelings.

Haruka returns to the iDOL hanger afterwards and finds Makoto there, so she asks Makoto about what happened with Mami. Makoto tells Haruka about how that the twins Mami and Ami used to believe that iDOLs had hearts and how they protected the world with the Tempestas. However, one day, the Tempestas – Prometheus 4 – went out of control with Mami as its pilot and disappeared in a bright ball of energy. Thinking about all this, Haruka is surprised when the Imber suddenly starts playing Ami’s song, and it makes her realize something. With the help of the rest of the team, she brings the Imber in front of Ami in a stadium. Haruka tells Ami that the Tempestas was going to say something to Ami at the end and suggests that they search for the Tempestas so Ami can ask why it took Mami. Haruka feels that the Tempestas will definitely answer Ami because iDOLs have hearts. The Imber then starts playing Ami’s song, and Ami joins it on the piano, thinking of how she used to play the song with Mami. The next day, Haruka arrives in the iDOL hanger to find Ami already there wearing a school uniform and helping Ritsuko. As Ami and Haruka make a promise to find the Tempestas, the Imber’s eyes glow in agreement.


I think I actually see some potential in the story! I always assumed the twins came together, so I didn’t expect that one of them to be dead in the anime thanks to the disappearance of an iDOL. Well, she might not be dead after all, and it looks like Haruka and company are going to help look for the Tempestas, but at least this finally gives this show a bit more direction (or so I hope). And as I said last week, the creepy Imber/Haruka relationship will bother me a whole lot less once things in the plot really get going. I believe all five iDOLs are accounted for now – the Tempestas is the only missing one, Mondenkind has the Nebula and the Imber, and the Turiavita have the Nubilum and the blue iDOL shown in last episode that R.I.F.F.A called Epi – so we just need the bad guys to get more involved, and this might not turn out so bad after all (wishful thinking).


  1. my my my were can i watch this episode and another last week, i cant find them where to download, somebody can help me where to downloads the episode 8 and 9 please

  2. Shuin, if you’re looking for fansubs, then the latest sub is episode 7, you’d need to watch the RAWs.

    But man, I’ve liked this series since I started watching it, I don’t even know why. The last 2 episodes have really sparked my interest in the story.

  3. @Dis

    yeah but you know why the serin subs are late? or bcoz this anime is licensed? i hope this anime never license so i can watch it with subs on it.
    i hope the epi 8 and 9 are out on this week with subs T_T

  4. >>I don’t get the hate this series had gotten.
    Shushed concept, shushed “pulled-from-a-box” characters, shushed Sunrise script, shushed Sunrise expectations, shushed Mai-Otome Zwei 1 hype/$$$, shushed mecha-hearts, shushed poor first episodes, shushed ambiguous villians, shushed etc etc.

    And yet I’m one of the people who enjoy this series. Weird.

  5. There is a slight change in the opening animation; Imber’s body had been change to pink. Eh, does it look good??? I find it a bit ehhh weird. I still prefer the original one, 2 colours is good enough.

    Now great, we got 2 ver of Imber to collect. Nice one SUNRISE.


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