Inside the cabin in the woods, Kanda finds Gozu bound and gagged with Sophia’s father standing over him. However, Sophia’s father was actually saving Gozu who found himself here in this state after dreaming that he was chasing a steak. Sophia’s father then suggests that they leave town through the forest and has become very scared of the village witch. Kanda refuses to leave and instead tries to question Sophia’s father about the witch and the cabin, but Sophia’s father just runs away screaming. Soon after, two hear a loud cry come from nearby and arrive on the scene to find Sophia’s father being attacked by an Akuma. Kanda quickly destroys the Akuma, but it’s too late for Sophia’s father. Before he turns to dust, he apologizes and asks to be forgiven. Upon returning to the village, Kanda and Gozu find Sophia waiting for them outside. Kanda gets right to the point and tells her that her father died to an Akuma while trying to escape from the village. He then directly asks her if she’s the witch.

Sophia denies it and explains that there has always been a legend of a witch. For a long time in the past, the role of the witch was given to an eccentric woman with no relatives. In exchange for the basic necessities of life, the witch was someone the villages could abhor and fear. The idea was that if there was a witch, then all the misfortunes of the village would go to her so that the village could have peace. The problem was that one month ago, the old woman playing the role of witch died. Since the villagers believed that they had to have a witch, they chose a new one, and the person they chose was Sophia’s younger twin sister Angela. However, Angela had a weak body and couldn’t handle life alone as the witch, so in less than 10 days, she died. In her explanation, Sophia actually says that she herself died on that day, but as Kanda figures out, Sophia had met the Millennium Earl and brought Angela back because she wanted to be together with her sister. Thus, the twin sisters mixed together to form an Akuma.

Kanda and Gozu suddenly find themselves surrounded by the rest of the villagers, all of whom are Akuma now. Sophia had decided to make the legend real by becoming the witch, and hearing that causes Gozu to pity her. In any case, Sophia now wants them dead and sends all the Akuma after them. Kanda is single-handedly able to handle the entire swarm of level 1 Akuma, but because Gozu is there too, Kanda takes some hits to protect the Finder. Fortunately, Kanda isn’t affected by the Akuma virus and is able to continue fighting despite his injuries. After finishing off all the level 1s, Kanda has to face against the Akuma that Sophia became. Although he has no problems with beating her physically, Kanda gets trapped in a dream-like state where he finds himself back in his Black Order headquarters room. He is shocked to see the entire lotus flower on his desk falling apart, but he soon realizes that this is impossible and regains control of his body.

After slashing her, Kanda explains that she only saw the surface of his desires when she used her power to create the dream. In other words, she didn’t understand the meaning of the flower withering and his true desire – something that cannot be granted by someone else. With Gozu now crying for her, the Akuma then turns to dust. In the aftermath, Gozu is still grieving for the twins, so Kanda tries cheer him up by recalling how Allen once told him that the souls of Akuma defeated by Innocence leave the body and go to Heaven. With the threat here gone, Kanda proceeds to his original destination to meet with Daisya Barry, and Gozu tells Lenalee about what Kanda did when she arrives at the village.


Like last week, this episode was okay, but nothing too special (particularly not since I now know what the manga has to offer). I really wish they talked more about what Kanda’s true desire is since that’s one of the things still not clear to me through both the anime and manga. At the very least, there were some cool shots of him fighting, and I liked the Daisya appearance at the end. Hearing more Kawasumi Ayako was nice too, and I hadn’t expected the twins to form an Akuma together in such a willing way…not that it really matters since they were killed by Kanda in the end anyway.
The thing that probably caught my eye the most was the preview which showed someone who appears to be Suman Dark. I’ll be very happy next week if they can throw in some foreshadowing for his character.


  1. Judging from the images, this episode looks to be just as interesting as the first — same goes for the preview for next episode.

    Now is the time where i should start again with the manga.

  2. Thanks for the pictures! With the appearance of Suman Dark, does it mean the fillers are coming to the end (hopefully)?

    The person under the hood is Daisya Barry.

  3. Yay for the pretty Lotus!! And DEESHA!!! Not too thrilled at the fillerish previews with Suman Dark. I really don’t wanna see another take like they did with Yeegar Gensui. Allen does not need to have to have met every character prior to what happened in the actual Manga line!

  4. O____O after a long while, those screencaps for the next episode just got me interested again in the show. I guess they are gonna show us

    Show Spoiler ▼

    thanx for blogging ^_^

  5. I agree that Allen doesn’t need to have met every character prior, but I didn’t mind what they showed for Yeegar, and hopefully they won’t do anything to alter Suman’s character.

  6. Heh, I can’t wait to see this. It stinks, this episode is the only episode of all the animes I watch that hasn’t been subbed yet. Naruto shippuden, bleach, and death note have all been subbed. Plus, I’ve already read the new chapters hat have come out for the mangas I’m readng too. *Sigh* But, I can’t wait for this. Yay DGM.

  7. None of this is fillers to inform everyone. I’m not so sure of episode 35, but so far the series is great. I’m enjoying it like crazy!!!! He HE! I love Kanda!!!!! I could watch his fight a hundred times over. I have the DVD up to episode 25, so all is well. I could watch all of it again, and again!! YeaH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I saw the raw version, this episode is pretty damn cool for an anime only arc. It has some nice action. With the few words I know, I was able to make out that the finder had a dream and somehow ended up somewhere, and that the girl was the “Witch”. She was really an akuma, her sister died of illness. Some things like that, I think.


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