With all the pieces in place, N decides to head to Japan, though he asks his commander Lester to go with him because he’s never ridden a plane alone before. Once he arrives, Near contacts Light and announces that he’s in Japan to capture Kira. Knowing that Light has contacted Takada, Near proposes that Light tell her about the SPK coming to Japan so that they can lure Kira out. Near thinks that Kira will try to kill them, and that’s when he plans to strike. Seeing this as a challenge, Light thinks to himself that he accepts and agrees with Near that they might meet and end this Kira matter. Light privately thinks that they will see who’s more prepared, and he is confident that he’ll come out on top. Near meanwhile has decided that Light is both L and Kira, and that there is an X-Kira who also has a notebook and the Shinigami Eyes. He thinks that one way of winning against Kira is to kill both Kira and X-Kira and then seize the notebook, but he refuses to do this because it’s not his and L’s way of doing things.

At a meeting with Takada, Light secretly writes her a note asking her to start judging people as Kira because he wants Mikami doing something else. Afterwards, Takada calls up Mikami and conveys Light’s latest orders: send Takada a fan letter and include five blank pages of the notebook. Mikami almost questions this order, but he decides that God is absolute and obediently proceeds to tear off a few pages of the Death Note. Sometime later, Light finds out from a TV program that Takada has four bodyguards, one of which is a female ex-CIA agent named Ooyama Tatsumi who Light suspects is from the SPK. Around the same time, Near makes the realization from mounds of archived video that Mikami is the X-Kira by connecting him to Takada. With this, everything suddenly makes sense to him. Armed with his new knowledge, Near contacts Aizawa and asks if Light’s meetings with Takada are both video and audio-recorded. After learning that there have only been listening devices installed, Near decides to go after Mikami while Light’s attention is on Takada and her SPK bodyguard. Even now, Near has his man Giovanni secretly watching Mikami’s movements.

Misa meanwhile is making her professional comeback and happens to run into Takada and her bodyguards. Jealous, Misa tries to start a fight by loudly saying that Takada is an idiot because she doesn’t know Light is using her for the investigation. Takada, however, just smiles and turns to leave, which gets Misa angry. After one of her bodyguards stops Misa from doing anything, Takada declares that Misa is an important friend, so they shouldn’t be rough with her. This, of course, just makes Misa even angrier. A little later, Misa gets an invitation to dinner with Takada and decides to accept. During their meal, Takada makes it a point to ask if Misa sees Light much since he’s so busy. Misa knows that Takada is only asking this because she gets to see Light while Misa does not, so Misa responds by saying that her engagement with Light will be announced at her music festival. When Takada implies that it might not happen, Misa questions if Takada is going to have Kira kill her. Taking the high road, Takada says that Kira decides on his own who to judge and that she thought Misa was her friend. Misa then explains that Light will capture Kira and when that time comes, Takada will face the death penalty. This surprises Takada so much that she knocks over her drink, but she’s actually laughing to herself because she remembers what Light told her about being the goddess of the new world. Ending with a few more jabs at how Misa doesn’t act like an adult, Takada leaves with a smile on her face.

On a train elsewhere in town, Giovanni notices a girl getting harassed by a pervert and watches as Mikami writes something in a notebook. Mikami gets off at the next stop, and the pervert dies soon after.


Well, this showed me that Misa is quite vindictive when she’s jealous, to the point where I felt like she had no redeeming qualities without her powers, other than her devotion to Light. I kept expecting her to say something that would screw up Light’s plan, but since she doesn’t really know any information that could do that, this turned into more of a verbal catfight. I don’t see what the point of the whole exchange was, unless it was just to establish a bad relationship between the two girls.
Mikami’s now been exposed as being what Near calls the X-Kira, and I expect Near to exploit that to its full potential in trying to catch both Mikami and Light. It’s hard to believe there’s only four more episodes left.


  1. ookaay….comment didnt show up xD oh well just find the conversation between takada and misa funny xD dk if it is in the anime since i only read and not watch x.x;

    Go Lidner!

  2. Ugh, the meeting between Kiyomi and Misa is the exact point where I thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be amazing if Misa would just fucking die already?”.

    And Near’s magic got really annoying at this point. Like “Oh, Teru is in support of Kira, was on his show twice, and would do anything for the person he revers as God. Clearly he must have a Death Note and be doing the killings for Kira while I’m closing in on Light despite not having any proof whatsoever that he is Kira aside from a hunch L had several years ago.” God damn, if there was at least a little realistic logic to his connections. The dramatic irony of knowing that Light is Kira is totally killed when the characters seem to be in on the events that are happening when they aren’t around.

    Yet despite this, I still like the anime/manga for Death Note.

  3. Naw the anime made more sense than then manga blind_assassin he knew Light was Kira cause he slipped up real bad and got ahead of himself.

    Mello gave him enough information when he had the Death Note to deduce that anyone who has a Death God could be in league with Kira, Im surpised that the Team didnt even suspect one of their own as Kira after like 10 years or so, and he threw snakes in the grass by mentioning since the shingami was in there team that one of them could be in league with Kira made doubts betweeen the team members which prompted betrayls since they going after Kira for so long.

  4. Ugh, the meeting between Kiyomi and Misa is the exact point where I thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be amazing if Misa would just fucking die already?”.
    You know, I felt the same way. I really would have liked that conversation/verbal catfight to have had some real impact on the story, which it doesn’t seem to have done (at least not yet).

  5. I totally agree with you, blind_assasin…
    I really like Misa, but only if she has her knowledge of Light being Kira. Now that she doesn’t have her memories I don’t like her… I don’t like Kiyomi… I don’t really think she’s pretty at all…

  6. All women in this series are a bunch of idiots waiting to be used by Kira. Because of the art style and animation quality, they all looks pretty. I don’t really care if they get rid of all of them as long as Kira end up in body bag. Well.. we all know he w..

  7. geee, I agree. I hate the end of this anime.
    Kira should have ended up with his xxxx chopped off and his freaking corpse sliced into 100 pieces. His head better be pierced and poled it outside the city gate with sign “lmao” around his tongue.

  8. I think the conflict between Misa and Takada could be a nice little foreshadowing and works well with the doll theme that’s been around now, especially with Near and his toys. Are the pieces falling apart (as we’ve been shown so many times now) or could they coming together (this has also been happening)? There was also a bit of irony with the “Raito wa moteru” scene. Very delightful drama.

  9. geee, I agree. I hate the end of this anime.
    Kira should have ended up with his xxxx chopped off and his freaking corpse sliced into 100 pieces. His head better be pierced and poled it outside the city gate with sign “lmao” around his tongue.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. yeah.. i definitely like the L arc more. Much more intriguing. Somehow I find it too far fetched for Near to actually point out and be very sure that Light is actually Kira. The suspense is on a much lower level now.The cat and mouse game at the beginning was priceless.

  11. From those screenshots, Near looks a little weirder than usual in this episode.

    But anyway, I love Near! Even if his conclusions are a little too convenient. It felt like the author was hurrying too much to get to the ending.

    Penguin Truth
  12. This is the ONLY anime I´d ever could buy on DVD….something like this happens only from 10 to 10 years in the animation scene history!!!
    The face and attitude from the animator and writer reflect this sickness too( sorry but this is a compliment) 😀
    I love this ” genius sense ” you have all the time playing with the story!!
    GOTY no this is anime sooo ——–> AOTY(anime of the year )

  13. FYI for you all that didn’t like the ending….it could easily be changed if anyone desired it to be so. IMO they should have ended it that way, where there are two separate endings to satisfy everyone.

  14. N2 can you ps explain “He knew Light was Kira cause he slipped up real bad and got ahead of himself”.

    I am a bit confused on how Near became so confident of Light being Kira. Were there any specific incident or clue that pointed clearly to Light being Kira? Can someone please fill me up on things that I might have missed? Thanx!!

  15. I actually sort of like this episode. I refrained from reading the manga and decided to follow the anime, so I don’t know how it all ends (though I do know certain things, becuase I was stupid and read a spoiler…) but I thought that perhaps they were forshawdowing that Takada-san would decide to kill Misa-san, with the way she smiled after Misa suggested that she was going to try and get Kira to kill her. I do agree though, with the people who say Near’s conclusions are too convenient- that is as far as suspecting Mikami Teru, Light being Kira wasn’t such a far-fetched conclusion in all reality. But the odds of deciding Mikami-san is his so-called X-Kira are impossible, if you think of the setting and how many potential canidates there would be (assuming the criteria to be someone who is a whole-hearted supporter of Kira, and has a strong sense of justice).

  16. “He knew Light was Kira cause he slipped up real bad and got ahead of himself”.

    Remember when Demegawa was flying around Near’s building with the crazies, and Light started taunting Near?

    Near realized then that Light is Kira. L’s hunch was correct.

    Mr. Clarify
  17. Misa is a poor thing…lost half her life twice and now she doesn’t even know what’s going on…either way light is jerk…although i do admit his elusiveness is of the highest caliber…

  18. hi im fanatic of kira

    i want to tell about kira,kira is the best for me
    he eliminate the people who stand on his way
    nobody can obstruct from the

    kira continue your program about deathnote
    to fulfill your path in the ryt way

    thats all

    more power rando curiousity

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