Thinking about what he saw on that night, Romeo angsts over why Juliet gave him the handkerchief and who that was embracing her. Cordelia meanwhile finds Juliet about to use her sword to cut off her hair, feeling that she should sever her weakness and be strong. However, because Francisco informs her that it’s time to go, Juliet doesn’t go through with it. At a secret meeting place, a noble named Camillo arrives to see Conrad. The two are old friends, and Conrad introduces him to their force. Juliet, Curio, and Francisco soon arrive at the meeting spot, and everyone is impressed at the sight of the pony-tailed Juliet carrying her father’s sword. The men then bring out the Capulet flag, and everyone in the room chants “Under the flag of the Iris” as their pledge of allegiance. Juliet does so as well, and she also swears by her sword to fight to the end in attacking Montague and bringing peace to Neo Verona. Spurred on by Conrad’s subsequent speech, the men vow to fight until the day that the Iris flag once again flies over the city.

At the royal palace, Hermione is wondering to herself who it is that Romeo likes while he is meanwhile thinking about how he’s a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet. As he walks past, two young girls knee deep in a pool of water ask him about a strange object that they think is the feather of an aquatic bird. Upon further inspection, Romeo thinks that it looks like withering vegetation and finds more of it floating in the pool. When Romeo tells his father about it, Montague quickly realizes what it is and heads underground to the room with the tree he calls Escalus. It is there that the gardener Ophelia tells him that the throbbing of the wing becomes weak and that Escalus does not live with just light, water, and soil alone. Just like humans, it will wither without a loving heart. Ophelia feels that Montague who lusts for a golden blessing might not understand this, and she announces that she has a place that she wants to show him.

As she’s being escorted by Francisco and Curio, Juliet asks why they’re taking her home since she had wanted to stay with everyone back at the secret place. In response, Francisco points out that he could see hesitation in her eyes, but Juliet denies it and declares that she will to defeat Montague for the sake of her parents and everyone who died tragically. Curio then explains that a sword projects the state of person’s heart – if her heart is not determined, they cannot move forward by even one step. Back at the theater, Juliet runs into William and tries to hide the fact that she’s a girl, but William already knows that she’s Juliet. He tells her about he had thought of writing a tragedy smeared with blood, but Juliet fell in love, and in seeing her love, William can now write the love story he hasn’t been able to write until now. Juliet, however, does not feel that she can be the heroine of a love story. Later that night, Conrad discusses with the others the information he got from Camillo about Montague leaving town on an excursion with only a small number of guards. Conrad feels that this is the best time to strike, and despite Curio and Francisco’s opposition, Juliet agrees.

While the others are getting ready, Francisco heads off to see Tybalt, and although he eventually returns to base, he doesn’t tell Conrad where he went. As the men are chanting their allegiance, Francisco notices movement outside and warns the group just before the first arrows start flying into the building. The place is soon covered in smoke, and outside, Camillo is standing with Abram, the same man who tried to assassinate Vittorio and got thwarted by Juliet’s group. Troops soon start rushing in from all the entrances, and when Conrad gets injured, Juliet rushes to his side. Everyone is concerned about her escape, but she wants to stay and fight. She manages to protect Conrad from an enemy arrow and then instinctively stabs a soldier charging at her. As she pulls her sword out of him, Juliet sees the blood flowing down the blade and drops her sword in shock. Francisco ends up leading her and Antonio to a secret passage out where Tybalt is waiting. Montague meanwhile arrives at the place Ophelia wanted to show him and finds large roots sticking out of stone walls. Ophelia explains that the throbbing has already ended for Escalus’ twin trees and then warns Montague that there is no eternal harvest.


The whole William conversation about the love story with Juliet as the heroine got me thinking about if he is going to eventually write a tragedy (aka. Romeo and Juliet) based on what happens in the story here. That would suggest that we’re going to have the classic Romeo and Juliet both die scenario, as opposed to any sort of alternate ending ideas that I and others had been entertaining. Of course, this was probably already a forgone conclusion since their tragic deaths are such an integral part of the story, but it was worth thinking about since so much about this is different.
The whole Escalus thing was rather cryptic to me, so hopefully that will make more sense as the series progresses. It seems that part of what Ophelia was trying to tell Montague was that he was being too greedy. On a different note, I hope that Juliet never cuts her hair like she was about to. She looks so much better with it long than short, and even a ponytail is better than her Odin-style cut. As for next week, it looks like from the preview that Romeo and Juliet will get to meet each other again and maybe get the whole Tybalt thing sorted out.


  1. Lol the dog has a sensor for destruction, like almost every other dog in movies and series’s im pretty sure.

    PS. Aquarion 2 is out yea! Seems like a multipart series, will yah be blogging it?

  2. It’s oficial: Romeo is a WIMP! or at least that’s what it seems from the screenshots!
    and people it that blood what I see? did Juliet kill someone finally?!

    ahem Juliet of the Rebelion Hangyaku (sp?) no Juliett ROTFL
    now now, … what’s going on with that winged woman? is she the ‘spirit of Neo Verona’?
    @Mayuna it’s hermione and I believe she’s through that road that’ll turn her into a crazed phsycopath ^^


    Lol that guy looks like he could be Conrad’s evil twin. Hah. Amusing indeed. And for a second there, I thought Juliet DID cut her hair. I like her hair up in a ponytail. And is it me? Or do Juliet and those two little girls have like the same bangs-style in the front? XD

    @Mayuna: Ophelia? Where’s Ophelia/who’s Ophelia? Are you referring to Hermione or Cordelia?

  4. For all of those making fun of Romeo shut it. His personality might be somewhat generic as well as some of his reactions, but he also has a side that is not so very stereotypical. I would actually make fun of Juliet for freaking out that she killed somebody. She has been doing all this dangerous shit where she has been hurting people and now it just suddenly shocks her, because she actually sees the person suffer? GTFO with your crappy feelings of shock and woman up.

    Romeo isn’t panzy about stabbing somebody in the face i am sure about that. We will see him involved much bigger appearances soon and i bet he will even kick his dads old and evil ass from one side of the flying city to the other.

  5. @ Core

    Romeo and Juliet (the original) doesn’t have a whole lot of female roles; there’s Juliet, Juliet’s nurse, Romeo’s mother (Lady Montague), and Juliet’s mother (Lady Capulet). A bunch of the female characters in RomeoxJuliet happen to have names of characters from Shakespeare’s other plays:

    Cordelia (King Lear)
    Ophelia (Hamlet)
    Hermione (A Winter’s Tale)
    Portia, Romeo’s mother (The Merchant of Venice and Julius Caesar)
    Ariel, William’s mother (The Tempest)
    Emilia (Othello)

  6. @RickaZ & Sakura: Ya, I meant the mysterious woman with the signs on her face 😉 Her name is Ophelia.
    So, we have Escalus’ twintree? XD I still don’t get it…what is Escalus’ power? Is it keeping Neo Verona together? XD I watched the episode, but I didn’t get some points.

  7. I noticed on the doors to the great tree that the Montague and Capulet crests were both on it. I’m suspecting there might be some kind of influence in the rulers with the tree or some kind of prophecy. But that’s just my thoughts at 5am. *shrug*

  8. thanks for the explaination… though i don’t really see the purpose of adding the other names to the list. i’m still wondering what romeo x juliet’s up to… because it seems like it’d be deviating even further from the original story soon and i can expect an untragic ending. > tokyotosho. if u have bittorent.

  9. He(William) tells her(Juliet) about he had thought of writing a tragedy smeared with blood, but Juliet fell in love, and in seeing her love, William can now write the love story he hasn’t been able to write until now. Juliet, however, does not feel that she can be the heroine of a love story.

    So, does that mean that William might write a play entitled, Romeo and Juliet in the anime?

    Just a crazy idea of mine. 🙂

  10. Maybe? The tree is all-knowing, eh? Or it senses the rise of the Capulet supporters? Or it could be dying in reaction to the battle between Montagues and Capulets? Maybe, it’ll be like those intentional nature spirits who only wishes for peace. And I’m also thinking that William will also be writing a “Romeo and Juliet” play. Mwahhah. I bet, the end of the final episode will show the cover of his play entitled just that.

    Anyways, reading episode 10 summary is making me go, “Eh!?” and “Awwww…”
    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. Romeo has no reason to be a fighter, all his life he was pampered and treated as royalty. Things will change soon enough so give it time but, if he turned into some kick ass fighter for no good reason at this point in the story it would be stupid. He is still oblivious as to whats going on.

  12. Thank you for the summary!!! I like how they handled Juliet’s first hm… stab. ;__;
    As for what Ophelia says, I theorize that the two embryos are the seed of the Tree. There are two for the two houses of Capulet and Montague. “They have stopped throbbing”, meaning they are dying and “there is no eternal harvest” meaning without the new seeds, the Tree will eventually die and the Neo Verona come crashing down to Earth. I also theorize that she’s blaming the Duke because the two Houses must be in harmony for the Tree to live… and he pretty much killed all the Capulets. ^^;

    @tg, yea maybe William will take the role of Prince in the end of the play. Sum up the story and place the blame.

    Ty again for the summary!! =D

  13. NinjiKiran: I never said kick ass fighter, I said kick ass SIDE. What i mean is that i wanto to see a more secure an not push-over romeo where he can stand up for what he belives and wants without being afraid of what daddy might say or do….. then again you are right about him being pampered all his life so its gonna take a wile(if ever) to have a transformation like that

  14. first time here, and i’d say good job on your summaries ^_^
    according to the official site, it seems like we’ll be seeing the classic balcony scene in the next ep…

  15. This episode really built on the last scene from episode 8. I think it is perfectly logical that she would be scared of actually killing. She balked at the thought of killing the priest, even though he had betrayed the doctor and (justifiably) deserved to be killed.

    Still, Tybalt confused me. Was it designed that he was in position for an escape. If his hatred for the Montagues is as deep as he claims, with his skills, it would not seem outside the realm of possibility for him to get a drop on the troops and slaughter them all,

    Yuri Rocks
  16. Damn it! There is no ally you could trust 100 % over here…

    So, Juliet stabs her first victim, I mean, person. Well, she always have fought as the Akai Kaze, yet never hurt anyone of gravity or killed someone, that’s why she can’t handle the mere idea of taking someone’s life. Sorry dear, you’ll have to do it sooner or later.

    They have to die Onmi, there’s no place for other ending for this tragic love story…

    Keep catching up, next episode please.

    Syaoran Li

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