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Romeo X Juliet – 24 (END)

Since Francisco, Curio, and Conrad aren’t sure what’s going on, Tybalt fills them in on how only Romeo and Juliet can save the world.

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Romeo X Juliet – 23

Unaware that Juliet still thinks that things aren’t over yet, Romeo bows down to her and gives her the throne in place of his father.

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Romeo X Juliet – 22

On the night after Cordelia’s wedding, Tybalt finds Juliet and declares that he’ll kill Montague before Juliet and her allies will.

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Romeo X Juliet – 21

Right before Ophelia disappears and Juliet faints, Ophelia mentions that it’s close to being time for the contract and that Escalus wants Juliet.

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Romeo X Juliet – 20

With the crops are withering because of the poor soil, Romeo tells the men to replant and goes to see the old man.

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Random Musings – Wednesdays Blues

  • As had been previously mentioned, there’s no episode of Bleach today. In addition, there’s also no episode of Romeo X Juliet this week, and there’s no new episode of it next week either. In it’s place, CBC will be airing a half-hour series overview episode next week on August 22nd before airing episode 20 on August 29th. Now, CBC usually airs the first episodes of Romeo X Juliet every week on Wednesday, but in the wake of this brief hiatus, it’s possible that SUN-TV will take over and get to air the first episodes every week on Tuesday instead. In short, there’s a chance SUN-TV will air episode 20 on Tuesday, August 28th before CBC does on Wednesday, August 29th. We won’t know for sure until SUN-TV updates it’s online schedule, and that won’t be for another week or so.
  • For those of you watching Claymore, web Newtype has some interesting spoilers up for future episodes that seem to confirm it’s going to end differently from the manga. Show Spoiler ▼
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    Romeo X Juliet – 19

    Surveying the village with Juliet, Romeo tells her about how they need to grow their fields larger if they are to bring their families here.

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    Romeo X Juliet – 18

    Still at the mansion in Mantua, Conrad and the others are discussing their plan to attack Neo Verona and the need for anti-Montague forces.

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    Romeo X Juliet – 17

    Upon learning that the men at the Gradisca mines won’t be able to go back to Neo Verona, Romeo decides that they will create their own place to live in.

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    Romeo X Juliet – 16

    When the news of what happened at the Gradisca mines reaches the capital, Hermione tracks down Mercutio to ask if Romeo is okay.

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    Romeo X Juliet – 15

    With Petruchio’s passing, Romeo goes through his stuff and finds some colored rocks that Petruchio had wanted to give his siblings.

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    Romeo X Juliet – 14

    Having recently rescued Juliet, the Capulet group is now preparing to leave for Mantua where William’s mother Ariel has a home.

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    Romeo X Juliet – 13

    Having been captured, Juliet is taken back to Neo Verona under heavy guard and is brought in front of Montague.

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    Romeo X Juliet – 12

    After having made their vows at the church, Romeo and Juliet continue their travels and come across a small abandoned village.

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    Romeo X Juliet – 11

    On top of Cielo, Romeo flies Juliet away from Neo Verona and towards a place where no one knows who they are.

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