Upon learning that the men at the Gradisca mines won’t be able to go back to Neo Verona, Romeo decides that they will create their own place to live in. Meanwhile, William, Emilia, and a fully recovered Conrad arrive at Ariel’s house, and Emilia has to get used to the fact that Odin is really Juliet. Conrad then hands Juliet back her sword, and she vows not to run away any more. Antonio is at that moment with Balthazar and Regan picking up some groceries in town when he spots a familiar face in the crowd: Camillo. Since they suspect that it was him who betrayed them before, Francisco, Curio, and Juliet follow Camillo around town until he returns to a mansion. They confront him there, but to their surprise, Tybalt is also present, and he holds a knife to Camillo’s neck. In desperation, Camillo asks if Tybalt’s going to kill his own father, and Tybalt answers that he will if Camillo does any more unnecessary things. After Camillo runs out of the mansion, Juliet questions who Tybalt is and follows him upstairs to a room with a Capulet family portrait. As she puts the pieces together, Juliet thinks that she and he met when they were young and that he saved her because he’s a Capulet too.

In response, Tybalt points out that his mother is in the portrait, but he reveals that his father is none other than Laertes Montague. He then goes on to explain that Montague got close to his mother before abandoning her to marry Romeo’s mother. His mother had already been pregnant with him at the time, and she died soon after giving birth, so Tybalt had been entrusted to Camillo and grew up in this mansion. Although he doesn’t know why Montague got close to the Capulet family, Tybalt hates Montague because he is positive that his mother was used and that led to Juliet’s parents getting killed and Montague becoming Duke. Back in Neo Verona, Montague is showing off a golden goddess statue to a party of nobles when he runs into Ariel. After chatting with her, Montague gets really pissed off when Mercutio’s father Titus suggests that Mercutio worships Montague and is walking the same path as him. It then starts raining, and Montague doesn’t move from his spot and instead remembers his childhood. Later, Titus brings Mercutio to Montague so that Mercutio can become Montague’s son. Montague seems to accept, but instead of drinking in celebration, he wants to sword fight with Titus.

At the exact same time, Tybalt is revealing to Juliet that Montague’s mother had been a prostitute. As he now attacks Titus, Montague recalls how poorly he and his mother were treated in the past, and he accuses Titus of insulting him. Montague then remembers his mother on her deathbed telling him that his father is a noble of the Capulet family. She had hoped that they could live an easy life if this were true, but she dies soon after. When candle had gone out as Montague was grieving the loss, he had noticed the Capulet coat of arms emblazoned on the candle holder, and it caused him to go into a rage that made him hate the Capulet family. Continuing the story, Tybalt recounts how Montague got adopted into the Montague family and took power. What Tybalt doesn’t know is that Montague got close to his mother and learned something that led him to the room where Escalus is, and he had seen Lord Capulet with Ophelia. Regardless, Tybalt wants to make Montague regret what he’s done. Hearing the hate in Tybalt’s voice, Juliet comments on how he resembles Montague, causing an angry Tybalt to question if she hates Montague. To his shock, Juliet says that she doesn’t hate Montague anymore because she loves his son Romeo.

Montague has meanwhile killed Titus, and afterwards he questions if Mercutio still worships him. With a look of fear in his eyes, Mercutio claims that he does, so Montague orders him to kneel down and tells him to remember that fear and hatred stir up the world. A bloodstained Montague then heads down to Escalus’ room to see Ophelia.


I had been slowly losing faith in this show, but the revelations about Montague and Tybalt’s pasts got me very interested again. Let’s see, Montague’s father had been a Capulet and his mother was a prostitute, while Tybalt’s father was Laertes Montague and his mother was a Capulet. That makes Tybalt into Romeo’s half brother, and while Romeo doesn’t resemble his father in attitude and behavior, Tybalt does. They made quite clear in the way they combined parts of those two scenes between him and Juliet and between Montague and Titus, the latter of which was a rather intense action sequence. In any case, the Montague and Capulet family trees are a lot more intertwined than I originally thought, and it would seem that Lord Capulet met with Ophelia about Escalus too. With more and more things being revealed about the past, I hope that they can carry this momentum into next week’s episode and through the rest of the series, but nothing in the preview got me particularly excited, so I still have my doubts.


  1. Yep, and to add more; Montague is actually also a blood related to the Capileto family. Revenge is was drove him mad. Same as Tybalt, revenge is driving him mad like Juliet said.

  2. Holy S#%&!

    Oh my God, they’re related?! So that means…oh God I don’t know what that means anymore! XD;; I’m starting to wonder if my “Hamlet” theory really might be true here. ^^;;

  3. Hmm .. so Romeo gets it all from his mother, I mean compared to Tybalt he has a cute factor .. Tybalt has a cool, mysterious, “good lookin” aura. Lol. I suppose that means Tybalt could become the next ruler of Neo Verona . .maybe.

  4. wow… I expected to learn something new about Tybalt in this episode, but being related to Montague was totally unexpected. xD Looks like its starting to get more actiony….

  5. WTF? Montague was a peasant whose father was a Capulet. o_O Err…doesn’t this now make Romeo and Juliet related? Though I suppose it depends on which Capulet was Montague’s father….maybe it was a more distant relationship. And Tybalt….his mother was a Capulet (she’s in the Capulet family portrait)? So er….I guess he is related to Juliet too, like Tybalt in the play. Boy this is getting weird. Interesting, but weird. At least we now know the reason for Montague’s insane hatred of the Capulet family.

  6. “Err…doesn’t this now make Romeo and Juliet related? Though I suppose it depends on which Capulet was Montague’s father….maybe it was a more distant relationship.”

    Every royal family in the world are related by blood to some degree. Since royalty usually marry other royalty, blood relations are inevitable especially there are only so many royal families in the world. Therefore, it is not that unheard of.

  7. @ Elegant Destruction
    Yeah they are related somewhere in the family tree, maybe not close but related nevertheless.
    Laertes = half Capulet half whore, Tibult = 3/4 Capulet 1/4 whore, Romeo = 1/4 Capulet 1/4 whore and half of whatever his mom is.

  8. Aye aye to Wowdown’s post. Yes, William Shakespeare will definitely be rolling on his grave at 900 revolutions per second. Hahah. 😀 And I found RxJ’s own William to be rather funny in this episode. The way he moved his body like that made me underestimate the animators.

    Spoiler for the next episode…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. OMFG. Related? I mean, I already know Tybalt, but Romeo and Juliet? Lulz. That’s funny. And that would be considered tragic if they’re less than first cousins. I pity them if that’s true. Hey, but then there’s the tragedy in this supposedly-ending-tragic story.


  10. Don’t loss your hopes yet Onmi; there’s till one week to learn that.

    Holy crap; for a moment I get lost in those flashbacks, but after what you said, everything is clear now. Man. Those two families are more intertwined that I imagined. So, what the hell is that tree?

    Keep waiting

    Syaoran Li
  11. “tybalt is juliet’s cousin and romeo’s half brother. romeo and juliet are still unrelated ^^”

    Romeo’s father is half Capulet, so Juliet and Romeo are related. Like I said before, it is not a big deal since it is practiced with every royal family in the world. As long as the couple are not directly related, eg. parents, siblings, then there will be no birth defects if they choose to breed.

    “Romeo and Juliet are at best, 3rd cousins, which doesn’t cout at all. Move along people.”

    GP is right. Actually I would say they are at best 5th(+) cousins, since it is Romeo’s father who is half Capulet. And if the Capulet blood in Romeo’s father was not directly related to Juliet’s grand parents, then Romeo and Juliet are practically strangers. There is no argument here. Romeo and Juliet are related, but the connection is so thin and weak it is of no important consequence.

  12. I bet if we think though the family tree enough we’ll find out that Romeo and Juliet are realated like 5 different ways. lol
    But this would make them 2nd cousins then, right?

  13. So… confusing… so that makes Tybalt mostly Capulet, right? Just a random question: If Juliet were to die after bringing the Capulets back to power, would Tybalt be next in line for rule since he is 3/4 Capulet?


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