Surveying the village with Juliet, Romeo tells her about how they need to grow their fields larger if they are to bring their families here. As Juliet is thinking about how Romeo opened up these people’s hopes and futures, he takes her hand, causing her to comment on how his hands have gotten strong. Romeo then kisses her, tells her that her lips remain the same, and promises to work hard since he believes that the day will come when they can life together. When it’s time for Juliet to leave, Curio tells Romeo that he had originally wanted to hit him, but he didn’t because he knew Juliet would hit him for it. Once they arrive back in town, Juliet gets ready for William’s play, and the curtains soon rise. Watching as Regan and Antonio take the stage for their leading roles, Francisco notes that this play features a princess whose family was killed and the boy she loves who is the son of the king who is her enemy. It is essentially Juliet’s story, and they hope that it leads people to coming to help the Capulets. However, at the point where Juliet is supposed to enter, William finds that she’s disappeared.

Juliet is actually standing on top of the theater wearing her Red Whirlwind outfit instead of her normal costume, and she jumps down onto the stage as the audience wonders if this is the real Red Whirlwind or a ghost. Declaring that she’s not a ghost, Juliet delivers a stirring speech about how her sword isn’t for cutting people, but how it instead represents hope for cutting through to a new Neo Verona. With the entire crowd now cheering Juliet on, William realizes that she intends to defeat Montague not as the daughter of the Capulet family, but as the Red Whirlwind. As word of the Red Whirlwind soon spreads through the town, Curio, Francisco, Conrad, and Antonio pledge to help her defeat Montague and create a new Neo Verona. Later that night, Curio finds Juliet in the garden unable to sleep and asks her if she’s okay with Montague being Romeo’s father. Since Juliet feels that she won’t hesitate anymore, Curio promises that they’ll follow her as the Red Whirlwind. Juliet then notices Curio’s wounded right eye and recalls that it was him who motivated her to become the Red Whirlwind.

Years ago, she had been unable to just watch as people were treated cruelly and had tried to do something, but she had fallen down after running into one of the guards. Seeing her in danger, Curio had tried to protect her, and it was then that his face had gotten sliced by a sword. Curio still blames it on his own lack of ability, but regardless of that, Juliet remembers how the frustration from that time led to the creation of the Red Whirlwind. The next day, Juliet and the others depart for Neo Verona via their flying horses, and word soon reaches Montague that a man who’s calling himself the Red Whirlwind and the remnant Capulet forces are coming. This causes Mercutio to worry about who the Red Whirlwind is since he’s supposed to be dead already. The Capulet forces meanwhile split up, and Francisco, Curio, and Antonio take a group of men to assault the enemy fortress that houses their flying horse forces. Without these reinforcements, Tubal is left to defend Neo Verona with only his contingent of archers. With the people of the city starting to revolt at the same time, the Capulet forces soon sweep through the Montague defenders.

Dressed as the Red Whirlwind, Juliet lands in front of a crowd of people and announces that she’s going to take the city back from Montague. Rallying the people to her cause, Juliet says that Neo Verona isn’t governed by the Duke, but rather by the people. During this speech, Tubal approaches an archer and gets him to shoot the Red Whirlwind. Antonio notices what’s going on, but he’s only able to call out Juliet’s name before the arrow gets fired. That arrow, however, only manages to hit the hat off Juliet’s head, revealing to everyone that she is the Red Whirlwind, and they continue cheering her on.


After what seemed like a long absence, Juliet and the others are back to challenge Montague, so this is hopefully where things will start to get really interesting again. I look forward to seeing Juliet kick some butt, and this is definitely a step in that direction, though I’m also waiting for Romeo to join the fray. Actually, all this and the fact that we’re nearing the end of the series has gotten me thinking again about how Romeo and Juliet are going to die (which I still assume they will). The original play has Romeo killing himself first through poison, but since this series has shown that it’s not following anything more than basic premise, everything’s up in the air. In any case, the preview shows that Romeo will be returning to Neo Verona next episode and that Juliet will be meeting with Ophelia again, so maybe we’ll learn some more stuff about Escalus too.


  1. Come one, it is gonna be better while they started fighting and war.
    Next episode seems that Romeo is back in Neo Verona.(Next week ,no broadcasting though, so we need to wait another 2 weeks)

  2. Episode rocked. Loved it when Antonio used his usual smoke bombs on those guards. Now we also know how Curio lost his eye. William was really really looking forward to his play. I could imagine him standing there hugging those curtains forever! Hahahaha. I also loved Juliet’s jump from the rooftop to the stage.

    Um, and down with Montague! Booooooo!!! *participates with the crowd jeering at his castle*

    Spoiler for next episode… (Final sentence only made some sense for me.)
    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Did you know that during the subtitled showing they called the Red Whirlwind the Crimson Typhoon? Very interesting =D. BTW, looks like RxJ took a step in the right direction.

  4. Regan and Antonio’s in Willy’s play made me think of Sakura and Syoaron. So cute!
    The animation wasn’t that great throughout out the whole episode, though…
    And I love it when Francisco said ‘checkmate’.

  5. Maybe we will finally get a normal episodes like in the begining, instead of that romance sugar stuff, which was going on for like what? Seven? Eight ? 10? episodes already?

    Unknown Voice
  6. Geez romeo is so feminine when he says lines like that.. if it’s not in the elizabethan language then it sounds feminine for men to say things like that. Oh well, the story has yet to be as interesting as it was in the beggining but it’s getting back. Call me weird but I’m hoping the ending will just like the play.

  7. It’s so different at this point that the ending will be different also. That’s what I expect. And I have no problem with that at all really. Nothing wrong with something new/original on an old idea.

  8. Damn TG, I don’t get it that last sentence at all.

    Definitively the best is coming soon. Juliet and the Capulet are back in Neo-Verona ready to take down Montague; meanwhile Romeo will head back to try to convince his father (seems impossible to me) to stop his actions against Juliet. Now, why Juliet is so important for that Tree, that Earth power you just talk about. Damn, too many questions on my head right now…

    Is hard to visualize this series with 26 episodes, but that says in Wikipedia, so it has to be truth.

    Syaoran Li
  9. Actually Syaoran, this series won’t have 26 episodes. According to someone on Animesuki, it’ll only have 24. So this series is actually nearing its end so the climax has to start now. 😉 And yep, I’m curious too how Juliet and the earth/Tree is all related. We shall see! ^o^

  10. To TG
    The next episode wrote that Romeo who raised hand and plea at the meeting was ignored by his father. Montague brought romeo to the secret passage and show that it was he who knew the truth of the cruel world.

    Well, I read and translate sort of like that from official site.

  11. Your first sentence is pretty much the same as the translation I got. Your second one is much much better than mine and makes 100 percent. Thank you! ^__^ But seeing what you got makes me wonder exactly what Montague is planning….

  12. If it makes you feel any better, I suspect they won’t die (or that it won’t be a true death, just some mystical thing) for a number of reasons.

    The first being that this is Gonzo, who as we’ve seen is Japan’s version of Disney. They love them some happy endings, and while their stories have some tragic elements, they don’t seem to like the cliche Japanese endings that end like Hamlet. (Everyone dies! And all their efforts were futile!) They also love their goddesses, and Juliet seems to be fulfilling that role with her connection to Escalus. Her role in the series is even bigger than being the surviving Capulet heir: she seems to be the only one who has the potential to restore the dying Escalus. Chances are that she’ll have to sacrifice some goddess-like powers to be with Romeo, but she’ll do it willingly. (Think back to one of Gonzo’s other projects, the Lunar RPG series)

    Second, at this point in the story, their deaths would be meaningless and solve nothing. In the original play, it was their deaths that finally forced peace on the two houses, and while it was tragic, the Capulets and Montagues finally ceased their feuding. But this feud between them was more rivalry, and the deaths caused by one house were seen more as insults to the other. But in the anime, everyone’s hatred of each other’s house is *extremely* personal, and violence is revenge-driven as opposed to simply getting back at the rival house.

    Because of this, Laertes’s and Tybalt’s hearts are so poisoned with hatred that Romeo and Juliet’s deaths would respectively only serve to drive an even bigger wedge between the houses. They’ve demonstrated that the tragic pasts of the two fuels their respective hatred, where Laertes has already succumbed and Tybalt could succumb. (As demonstrated by Juliet, when the heart is filled with love, there is no room for hatred…and vice versa) Because of this, Lord Montague and the Capulet servants would probably destroy Neo-Verona trying to exact revenge on the other if Romeo and Juliet were to die. If this were in the hands of anyone other than Gonzo, that kind of ending would be a given. But as I stated earlier, this is Japan’s Disney we’re talking about. I doubt the two of them will die given Gonzo’s preferences and the progression of the story thus far. Of course, I’ve been wrong before, so take all this with a grain of virtual salt.

    I do, however, disagree with the opinions that the series was getting boring or dry. I like my fluff, but the way that they’ve been focusing on how Romeo and Juliet are aspiring to creating a world where they can be together, as well as the political intrigue and the displays of the couple’s love of their people (which makes them extremely likable characters) has made their scenes together all the sweeter. The story is very much what you’d expect of josei, and I couldn’t be happier.

  13. I agree with Basilisk. I don’t think this show has gotten dry or boring at all! Every episode is leading somewhere and is important because of that. Romeo had to go to the mines and become more of a leader then just the idealistic youth he was. He had to put it into practice.

    The capulets had to leave the city and go about their adventures in Mantua b/c without those moments they would not have the support system they currently do. Without the play, the Red Whirlwind would have been speaking to whatever crowd happened to be outside the keep on a given day instead of a town full of ready and willing(and “armed”) townspeople that could actually help her. And Juliet’s encounters with Hermione and Tybalt I am sure will come into play and importance in the end. The character development of Francisco and Curio is important too b/c it will make them more liked and therefore it will be a greater anxiety/thrill for the audience when we get to the point where there is fighting and we are all wondering who will live and die.

    There is a place for everything in this show and everything is falling into place. Where exactly were the boring parts???

  14. Man, I already know how this series is going to go, they kill Montague, with his last’s breaths he will tell Romeo he is really a Capulet, Juliet and Romeo can’t be together because they are cousins, they go emo and kill themselves, Neo Verona will change and be like never before because there is no “Ruler” and it is run by the people.

    That or Juliet becomes Empress/Dutchess.

  15. @Kiron: WOW… o.O That’s very… interesting. Actually, I think that the ending will have to do more with Escalus than killing Montague since the servival of Neo Verona seems to be depending on the survival of the tree or something. Plus, the story of Escalus and Ophelia seems to one of those parts of the story where at first, it’s kept in the background, but then it appears later in the series as a major part that affects the main story.

    Also, I’m think that Escalus might be the one to maybe, in the future, bring Romeo and Juliet back to life, and then they all live happily ever after. But maybe I’m being too optimistic. XP


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