One bright day in the middle of the night,
Ikuto and Chikage sit amidst a dim light.
Back to back they faced each other,
Reading a tale scary enough to make Chikage cry for mother.
Out of nowhere the thunder sparked,
Lightning clapped with resounding remark.
“Suzu-chan will be lonely,” said Chikage’s mom,
To which Ikuto replied, “naw, screw that hag, you two chicks are da’bomb.”

Whoops, I think I got things slightly in reverse.
Not like plot matters, we just wanna get our fill of the perverse.

Back at home, Suzu gets an unexpected letter in the shape of a harisen,
Inviting her to the Airantou Moonlight Outdoor Onsen.
It seems like everyone else got the same letter,
So all showed up for worse or for better.

At the entrance they were greeted by a girl,
“Hmm, that sounds like Kugimiya Rie,” I think, as my brown makes a furl.
As she bows, her head catastrophically rolls off,
“Oh, I’m just a mannequin, but there’s no need to scoff.”

BTW, her name is Sakuya,
All the amputee fetishists in the house stand up and shout “hellya!”

Meanwhile at the bath, four girls already are,
Having a scrubbing contest to see who can get Ikuto to say “Oh, Wunderbar!”
They scrub so hard they give themselves a rash,
After listening to Chikage’s ruse to nab Ikuto they jump back in with a splash.

After their bath it’s time for a wholesome dinner,
But everyone’s still lightheaded as if sniffing too much paint thinner.
Ikuto tells the story of the one named Beniyasha,
The Crimson Ghost of Airantou – no relation to Inu Yasha

Chikage heads out for a stroll to cool herself down,
Then out of nowhere lets out a cry louder than a Terrell Owens touchdown.
“WTF happened!” everyone gasps,
Is it Beniyasha? Is it? As the girls latch onto Ikuto with their vice-like grasp.

Wait, it’s just Shinobu, taking a break from her training.
She got an invitation too, but got lost again which was all too draining.

After the commotion settled, Ikuto decides that it’s time for his bath,
Which gets Ayane all hot and bothered, taking her on a sexual warpath.
She jumps him while he’s rinsing,
OH SHI- that’s not him, that’s freakin’ Beniyasha grimacing!

Ikuto and Sakuya rush down thinking, “that better not be Beniyasha, Oh Crud!”
And are treated with a gruesome sight – it’s Ayane covered in blood!
USODA! She cannot be dead!
“Sorry, that’s just my nose,” Ikuto says, “it’s not killer loli bloodshed.”

OTL. What the hell!

Is the episode over? Are we finally free?
No way – Beniyasha shadows them through the moonlight, standing atop a pine tree.

Wow, a multi-episode arc?
I don’t think I’m alone when I say – what the fark!


Yea, that was pretty terrible, but so was this episode, so I had to figure out how to keep myself entertained. Humor me.

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but that picture of Ayane covered in blood… well, it’s not her blood. Guess whose it is! At least they keep coming up with creative ways for nosebleeds… gotta give em that much.

Still, having the episode end on a cliffhanger – I can’t remember the last time that happened. Who is Beniyasha? Why does he have a man’s voice? Is he here to provide competitive seeding?

Speaking of seeding, this kinda reminds me of that show Maburaho, where the girls were after the main dude for his genes, wanting to have a kid with him because the gene for ubermagicianism is somehow autosomal recessive and skips generations. Likewise, all the Airantou chicks are after Ikuto for his… uh… well, they’re after him, for one reason or another. Hey, this show is ending soon, right?



  1. Wow that was quite a poem there 😀

    Just how did an ANDROID of all things get to that island? (and interestingly she is she missing the trademark ear-antennae, though she is as heavily armed as Chachamaru of Negima)

    Sailor Enlil
  2. Now I’m starting to think that these screenshots are being chosen merely for dramatic effect. Because, according to jaalin, seeing them in context isn’t all that great.

    Not that I mind, since I kinda like the laid-back pace of Nagasarete. Other shows manage to tire me out because they’re so … tense and exciting.

    Or something like that.

  3. quite the epic jaalin, I wouldn’t have the patience for that regardless of how I liked or disliked the ep. could you try writing a ballad next time with music to go along with it? the blog’s hits would probably skyrocket 😛

    also, I really have to give this anime props for the most creative usage of nosebleeds I’ve ever seen 😀


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