The news of Takada’s death causes many television stations to immediately start to compete with each other to replace her as Kira’s spokesperson. More importantly than that, Near contacts L again to confirm their meeting for the 28th at 1PM. Matsuda is excited about it, but Aizawa privately fears that they might all die on that day. When the day finally comes, Near releases Misa, and the investigation team gives Aizawa custody over their Death Note as per the agreement. On the way to the warehouse, Light thinks to himself that today is the beginning of the perfect world of Kira because everyone who knows about the Death Note will die. Near, however, has taken the added precaution of disguising his face behind an L mask because he thinks that Kira might have already written down in the Death Note the name of someone at this meeting. That’s why he wants to wait 30 minutes just to see if any of them are being manipulated and dies. Light lets that amount of time pass, and when nothing happens, Near finally takes off the mask. However, he wants to wait a little longer for someone else to show up: X-Kira.

Near is positive that Mikami will show up to try to kill everyone who knows about the Death Note, and just as expected, Mikami peers in through the side door. With his Shinigami Eyes, Mikami sees everyone’s name and recognizes Light to be God because he has no number underneath his name. He furiously starts writing in his Death Note to kill everyone in the room except Light, but Near isn’t worried about dying because he had Mikami’s notebook modified. Knowing that Mikami writes on exactly one page every day, Near had today’s page replaced, so no one will actually die. Light, however, knew that Near would do this and had planned ahead for it by having Mikami prepare a fake notebook – what Mikami is using right now is the real Death Note which had been hidden until now. In the past, Takada had been doing the real judging with the pages that were given to her, meaning that Mikami had intentionally been using the fake Death Note out in the open so that Giovanni would think that it was real. Light had figured that Near would notice that Mikami used exactly one page a day and try to replace the page for the day of the meeting.

Light now feels that Near is far inferior to L and thinks that L would have figured out the possibility of a fake, so he probably would have tested it. Thinking to himself, Light blames everyone’s impending deaths on Near, but he doesn’t mind because it’s his complete victory. He then calls out to Mikami to see if he’s done and can barely hold back from laughing because he knows that everyone will die in 40 seconds. Near, however, isn’t through just yet. He finds it strange that Mikami answered Light’s question so honestly and decides to invite Mikami into the warehouse. With Light’s consent, Mikami bursts through the door, and the first thing Light asks him is how much time it’s been since he wrote the names down. With only one second left before the forty second mark, Light gleefully declares to Near that this is his victory.


That was such an evil place to end the episode (right as they count down to everyone’s death) – talk about a cliffhanger and keeping tensions high. Overall, I was pretty impressed with how they handled this episode, though it did feel a bit odd that the episode devoted some time to Aizawa remembering the basic rules of the Death Note. Aside from that, I liked how they really went all out for that hectic, crazy feeling during the Mikami scene where he’s writing everyone’s names down. It wasn’t quite as amusing as that potato chip from the early part of the series, but it was fun to watch nonetheless.
We’re now at doorstep of the final episode, and it seems to me that if Light indeed wins and everyone dies, then it doesn’t matter if he gloats at the end, but if he loses, then that gloating will have given away who he really is. The preview kind of gives away that no one dies when Light thinks they should, so it’s probably going to be the latter. In any case, I’m looking forward to it.


  1. Oh boy! I gotta see how this ep manages to compress 2 chapters worth of dialogues/summaries
    into 30 mins. Can’t wait for the finale next week.
    Do u guys think there’ll be a special ep/OVA for book 13? Maybe an explanation of L’s name.
    That’ll be real sweet.

  2. wahhh….noooo!

    Can’t believe there’s only one more episode left. I knew I shouldn’t have read the manga. I could just imagine Light now. Noooo, I hear the screaming…..

    Anyways, the way they ended this episode, I think there will be some time left for them to add some extra information in the anime. Either that, or they’re going to extend this scene quite a bit.

  3. this sucks, i love this series so much, yet, they’re probably gonna make Light lose, just like in the movie, that pissed me off. why can’t he just have his perfect world.

  4. My watching experience got ruined due to streaming (yes, I was streaming this) and it was choppy. I shall rewatch it later.

    Anyways, this episode was still epic. It instills suspense that there is a 50/50 for either side (though we all know Light is going for the gold at the Olympics… yep). And Mikami’s scene was awesome.

    Swimming lessons next week!

  5. This episode was absolutely amazing. Full of tension and suspense. Mikami really went insane, didn’t he? XD Can’t wait till next week’s episode! Oooh, so exciting!!!

  6. Woop, I can’t wait for the end Show Spoiler ▼

    Yeah, I like the ending, it didn’t bother me one bit.

    Near doesn’t even strike me as an L wannabe, a wannabe is someone who copies the person they admire in everything, and matches it perfectally (and although Near says he admires L, he also called him a loser) all the things Near does, stacking dice, stitting in a weird position, playing with his hair, although they’re similar to L’s weird behaviour, they’re are all different, plus N’s way of solving the case is much different than how L was trying to solve it.

  7. I think death note is a great anime.
    to start off with light, a boy who finds a notebook which has the ability to kill off criminals and the like, we instantly root for him because all in all, wouldn`t the world be better without so many murderers, rapists, and thieves? but then as the season goes on, we find the age old saying ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ is in truth.
    and i think the ending is wonderful because it shows the results of power corrupting absolutely aka…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    to start off with a main character that will make people question whether light is truly good in his judgements or is even worse then those he judges is true genius. is it truly evil to judge those who have raped, killed, stolen, and gotten away with it?

    *stands and applaudes for a truly great anime*

  8. First of all let me say this, You don’t know the end yet, the anime may had followed the manga to the T so far, but I think that the director of the anime has one big surprise for all of us. After all Death Note is full of surprises, dont you say?
    By the way this episode was not epic, it was LEGENDARY !

  9. So true, although I like both Near and Mello (and hate Light) no genius is better than L even though Near is smarter than him (only by 1 point though)

    I say this because in Death Note How to Read 13 it says in L’s character bio his intelligence is 8/10, while in Near’s one it says his intelligence is 9/10.

  10. nono, the manga end is not that great. Light must suffer a lot more.

    He should have he X#%# chopped, hes body raped and his head hang over the city gate. His execution should be LIVE across the nation.

  11. Show Spoiler ▼

  12. Personally , i think this anime is really great. u can see a lot of… suprises, suspense, dissatifaction, happy situation, sad situation etc… i like how u guys honestly expressed your feelings. like some of u here. i also dislike the ending not hating..for me…there is no favorite characters.most of them are bad people. if u want to say light is a good person..then how come he killed such a lovely FBI lady and good man at the begining of the episodes. (forgot which episode it was)and if u say L was good.. how come he did such embarrassing tochure against a lady..are they really civilized people? Near and other guy are just too creepy..a kid who only enjoy to test their intelligent level . what a smartasx..!any way it doesnot mean i hate or dislike this anime..i like it very much as much as many of u do..great job. i really enjoy the show and once again .”Great job”! loking forward to the last episode.

  13. They just did alot of the parts to prolong the episode, that’s probably why they did the Aizawa remembering the rules. it’s kind of retarded, though because I’ve read the manga, and that was just torchure. Yes I can’t spell. Haha. I just wanted the whole thing to be over with, or to see people go crazy, but they decided to slow it down and make it so they could fit it into an episode. They are still so evil with the end, and it makes me angry. I want to see the end more than anything. I was like this before L died too, but I think that I’m more excited for the end, because it’s just so awesome. I look forward to next week, even if I despise the ending of the manga. (And since the manga is alot alike to the anime….)

  14. What’s wrong with you guys? Light is a ruthless killer who rarely feels any compassion for anyone. And he believes he is god, which is completely and utterly blasphemous. He is full of himself. He is very clever, but he is a misguided genius. I really can’t see why anyone would root for Light.

  15. In response to TKG,

    Light is only doing what is best for the world. All impure/unworthy souls that will end up being a problem for humanity should just be destroyed. Anything that is a threat to the survival of the species should be ended, be that a murderer or a thief. Light is sacrificing his own soul to bring peace to the planet, instead of criticizing him, you should be hailing him as your savior and thanking him for fixing humanity.

  16. @ Rex: Way to be a sociopath. Murder is wrong, and a society in which crime stops simply out of fear of some power-hungry snob is wrong, no matter how peaceful it is. Light isn’t justice. He’s a serial murderer with a God Complex who will go out of his way to GLEEFULLY kill anyone who might be a threat to his power, even if it is somebody who has dedicated themself to him. He’s CLEARLY evil from just the way he acts. He takes great joy in the deaths of others. I don’t see how anyone could sympathize with Light. He’s probably one of the most evil characters in anime ever, with no redeeming qualities at all.

    Go Near!

    Penguin Truth
  17. @stephanie: from animenewsnetwork the next episode gonna be the last one :S
    And sry dont know if i can tell this but indeed there already people subbing…
    you know what 🙂

  18. shit, I’m the only one in this blog that likes Light(Kira) so freakin much? I mean in all of the other anime’s I’m always with the good guy, but with Death Note, I’m 100% with Light. Light FTW!!!!!! best villain in anime history. I just love to see his face after every win he manage to pull out. So I hope the anime ending is different from the manga. It must be different!

  19. 2 Penguin Truth, Trenk, TKG and all Light haters:

    Say these words (about murder is wrong, ruthless killer and blah-blah-blah) to the victims of murderers, thieves, corrupted bureaucrats, bullies, back-stabbers and other b@st@rds, who lives only to bring pain and sorrow to innocent people, to prey on their peaceful lives. Light maybe is too selfish and evil, but he has killed a lot of two-legs monsters (not casual killers!!!), save many people from embrace of tragedy, caused by ineffective modern laws, “civilized” justice and cruel human nature itself.
    He killed only his ex – girlfriend from “dedicated ones” because she could reveal a
    part of his plan; the others (FBI agents and so on), who had resisted, deserved to die, cause they never change the world in the right way,like Kira does.
    P.S. I bet, the ending will be the same as manga’s (look at the screenshots of preview – piece of DN, Mello and metal door).

    2 quina
    Maybe you describe your own death? Well, for these words you really deserve it.)))

  20. Man, I hope that the end is different too, but it propbably won’t, seeing as you see Near ALIVE in the preivew. I really saw the people following L as the villan in this anime, and Light as the good guy, that’s why I kind of hope it’s different from the manga. Mikami Teru is crazy in this episode, as with Light’s voice. It’s so evil it’s really like Oh em gee. =D

  21. Why oh why… The best climax for the whole death note series is the Kira vs. L showdown… then i was forced to not watch the following episodes and the crappy ending(ive read the manga)…

  22. Yah, I hate Viz as much as anyone for sending that letter to Kuro-Hana. To think of all the stuff I bought from Viz in the past… grrrr. NEVER gonna buy anything from them again.
    Don’t know if any of you noticed but this week’s epi was subbed faster than any of the previous ones by C&D (cease & desist). Hooray for them.
    Friggin’ *awesome* episode.

  23. 2 Penguin Truth:

    And you sound like ordinary inhabitant, who don’t cares about anything, excepting his own comfortable life and stability. Because of people like you, serious crimes and violations will never stop, and suffering of innocent will be caged in the shadows of stupid laws. Maybe i sound like Mikami, but he did a lot of good things to make this damned world better, and never stand aside, watching the strong ones beat up/jeer/kill the weak, while ignorence of you and your pathetic “humanity” bring only pain and injustice.

  24. Heh, in the town in which I live, which resides in the western united states. Our city due to lack of money has cut the police force, cut the amount of jail cells we have, and has said that they will no longer be inforcing many crimes unless the criminals go “hey look at us, we did something bad” even then we don’t have rooms to keep them in. If your car gets stolen, tough luck, better hope that somebody finds them and turns them in, because the police are not able to help you. I would sell my soul for someone like Light to come along and fix everything. When he was thinking to himself that one time he mentioned something like “If you ask a class who thinks its wrong to kill convicts, everyone would stand up and say they think its wrong. But really, they are just trying to preserve their image, and they really would not mind seeing criminals done away with.” I’m sure I did not get it exactly correct, but I do not have the episodes to reference right now.

    As it stands right now in America, they have to let people like CHILD MOLESTERS go free because we do not have room for them in our jails. How is this morally correct? Light is doing the right thing, he is doing the best thing that anyone who finds a death note could do. If someone gets in the way of justice, they must be destroyed for the greater good. If something is not done, nothing will ever be done. People will only concern themselves with their own lives and not hesitate to think “we should change the world, fix things now.” As much as you may like to believe that this is all morally wrong, the crime rate is not going down all that much and people do not literally fear death if they do something wrong.

    Besides, Light using the death note to destory criminals and all those who stand in the way of justice to protect evil is a lot better than a real evil person getting their hands on the death note. They would just sit there writing every name they can find from anywhere into the death note. In comparison, Light is not evil in that respect either.

  25. 2 Penguin Truth:

    What do you mean by these “wise” words, self-proclaimed representative of “humanity”?
    Anyway, your pills (moral’s cr@p) will never cure the diseases of modern society. Instead of this, different b@st@rds will use them as a shield for their deeds, to create more pain and suffering.

  26. @ Demonized:

    I think you’re probably beyond pills’ help. Consult a mental care specialist immediatly.

    The rest of us are talking about a cartoon. Spare us the civics lesson.

    Penguin Truth
  27. aaaa x__x
    *w* waa i was really freezed when mikami was..”36…37…..38…blaa xD”
    xD buttt i think light was tooo careless >.> (in the manga and anime)..and should not have said ‘i win’ or ‘victory’s mine’ (etc) at the end ……xD..

  28. 2 Penguin Truth:

    Oh, really?? Do you forget about your second post in this thread (“Murder is wrong, and a society in which crime stops simply out of fear of some power-hungry snob is wrong, no matter how peaceful it is.”)? You talk about ideology, not just cartoon. And all words about my mental state is total trash – you just can’t say anything else to defend your “law-abiding” point of view.
    Instead of judging Light, you must get out from your zoo and see the real world, situation in different countries and learn their history (for example, Chile 1970-1980). But now you’re just another hypocrite – eat your happy pills and pray that your pink world won’t end under the butcher’s knife…

    2 All manga’s ending-lovers:

    You can write anything you want, praising your cheap morality, but if the human ,like Kira, comes, you’ll just shut up and bow to a new godhead, trembling in fear for salvation of your pathetic lives.

  29. Penguin-Truth, you’re like a little boy living in la-la land with flowers and ponies and happy leprechauns dancing at the end of a rainbow.
    I don’t quite understand how people can be against killing an individual that would otherwise kill two individuals. There isn’t any subjectivity there, nor is there a measure of morality. There are simply numbers. Arguing with numbers is like shoving a fist down your throat.

  30. the manga ending really sucked…to see Light like this…they just want to end this,and the “good” guy(that’s Near) must always win in the end that’s why they end it this way,and it really sucks to see this b@st@rd Near laugh at KIRA’s face and say that he and Mello can surpass L…thats bullshit to me…DOMINE KIRA we are with you!!!!

    Black Jack
  31. although what light is doing is wrong.. dont u think that.. if the evil and murderous ways of one person help thousands and thousands from saddnes.. tradgedy.. and rape.. dont u think its worth it? or would u prefer all these people to suffer?

    if there was a real life kira.. i would support him!

    i hate criminals and i dont mind if they all die

  32. oh yea and Demonized i completely agree with you

    penguin truth.. you dont have any argument so you are commenting with immature and irrelevant crap about someones mental state..

    death is so over rated.. everyone dies

    bilions have died beofre us and billions will die after.. get over it

    light may have killed a few innocent people

    but it was for everyone in the world to be happy..

    if the chance came along for someone to die for the rest of the world to be in peace forever.. only a selfish person wouldnt take it

  33. man… light was my hero!!! i wish there were more people like him out there… anyways any of u guys know about some new C & D subs thats subbing the last 2 eps? I’ve been looking forever but i cant find anything

  34. to those Near and L fans out there I tell you L and Near would become as Light in the end if they got their hands on the death note . Everybody will die in the end … but Light will become a death god … I knew it from the start that he would lose because if he won then he would have become god which is impossible..

    Light with his victories has taken revenge for the bad guys being defeated by shitty heroes which have not as many abilities as them but in the end they wi due to lack or due to being good and friendly..

    domine Kira

  35. WOW.
    ok. why are you all bashing on PenguinTruth now? Just because this person felt that this pointless debate should end, you call him/her immature? sure. offensive words had been used. so? so did you! puh-lease. names were used at near AND right back at PenguinTruth. if i do recall…it was joseph who used…yeah, what was it? oh yeah…”you’re like a little boy living in la-la land with flowers and ponies and happy leprechauns dancing at the end of a rainbow.” T_T i don’t think that was any more mature.

    another thing. i do believe the word “hypocrite” has been mentioned. well now, who exactly is the “hypocrite”…in the anime. yes…this is a review for an anime. let’s not get wayyy off of topic. moving on. anyway, i believe that Light is a hypocrite. c’mon, who else thinks this? i mean sure…he killed off those people because he truly believed that he was doing the world a favor…a justice. well now. if he’s murdering murderers….then he should have to kill himself too. T_T after all, at the end of the day, he, too, is a murderer.

    but whatever. this is my take on the whole….debate. so if anyone feels that it is his or her duty to prove me wrong, i couldn’t care less. honestly. go ahead. try. but you can’t. because what you’re trying to prove wrong can only be simplified down to “Aino Haruka does not believe what she believes”…i mean, GET REAL! i know what i think. i know what i said. and i certainly KNOW what i’m saying! so don’t go all complex and try to prove that someone else(who has different feelings, experiences, thoughts, emotions, etc…) isn’t really thinking what they are thinking. because only that one person knows what he or she is thinking. not you, not me, nor his or her very own mother. mhmm. that’s right.

    like what i’ve been TRYING to say throughout this entire post…this is where fellow anime fans post up there each and own ideas without feeling threatened or pressured into saying something totally different from what they are really feeling. ya catch me drift?

    so relax. take a chill pill(*laughs* sorry…didn’t mean an actual pill) and sit back. you can express your…yes, YOUR own ideas without having to agree with the majority or the minority. say whatever you want to. as long as it doesn’t require DIRECTLY insulting someone. not something, though. cuz if you hate the anime(which is being discussed), the manga version of this anime, the live-action of this anime, or your aunt estella who reminds you of a character in this anime…feel free to. no really, i encourage you. just don’t flame eachother because that DIScourages other people to post what they really feel.

    Hontou ni Arigatou Gozaimashita! *bows* i know this was quite a long post. i hope more people will be more understanding and be open with different ideas, opposed to his or her own. *smiles* thank you again for reading all of this!

    bye for now!

  36. It’s amazing how many sociopaths this blog attracts. Anyone who would legitimately support Light Yagami is a dangerously stupid individual.

    I can destroy the “kill people to prevent deaths” position easily:

    – You can never kill all killers – the best criminals are the ones you never know about.
    – Many people kill accidentally through no intention. Kira would kill them anyway. He doesn’t INVESTIGATE who he kills, he just kills whomever he sees on the news that’s even SUSPECTED of commiting a crime. It’s the same deal with the death penalty – how many people are falsely accused and executed? It happens more often than you think.
    – If you were to ever do something that Kira percieves as a threat to him, no matter how benign, he will kill you. Or if somebody near you – a friend, a family member, ANYONE, does ANYTHING that Kira percieves as threatening his position, he’ll kill them, too. And you too, to cover it up. Let’s see how much you love Kira when he kills your brother for looking at him funny because he thinks he’s being watched.
    – Who’s to say that Kira wouldn’t just go completely haywire one day and start killing people indiscriminately? Nobody was meant to weild that great a power.
    – This is the most important point: A world with a false peace is a world of terror in which there can be no humanity or progress. Without conflict, nothing progresses. If everyone is too afraid that they’re angering Kira, they won’t adventure or cross any lines. It will stunt the growth of human history and it’s just wrong.

    Supporting Kira is like saying we should wipe out 80-90 percent of the world’s population so that we can control things better and have less war. That’s a Ra’s Al Ghul plan from Batman. The remaining 20 or 10 percent would certainly thrive, now wouldn’t they? But it’s still wrong. Why doesn’t the United States just blow up every country it doesn’t like? It certainly has the power to. Why? Because it’s fucking WRONG. Everyone knows what’s right and wrong. Don’t try to justify your bloodthirst with an argument of justice. And the fact is, Light ENJOYS killing people. He smiles, laughs, and boasts about it. He’s evil.

    There are so many bloodthirsty lunatics here, it’s amazing.

    Penguin Truth
  37. @ Penguin Truth, to call everyone bloodthirsty lunatics for rooting for Light or being so judgemental as to say they’re dangerously stupid doesn’t make you look as alltruistic as you think it does.

    1. Light has a system. As expressed when he lost his memories and was working with L, Light refused to kill people whose crimes were accidental, repented for, or made under exceptional/mitigating circumstance. Light is very careful and meticulous in his judgements of criminals. Yes, the ends justify the means. People fear the law, what difference if they fear Kira? The only people it would be a “false peace” for would be the criminals. It would be a very true peace otherwise. The people who fear Kira are the ones with skeletons in their closet.

    2. Kira only killed those trying to stop him. (FBI & SPK). Even if he killed a few innocents accidentally, no justice system is perfect, but Kira’s is quite obviously the closest and most efficient way of creating a utopian society. Again the only people living in fear would be criminals themselves.

    With your last point are you implying that 80%-90% of the population are criminals? You have some skewed statistics there.

    And when did Light say he was going to kill ALL killers? I think he’d know it’s impossible. The law doesn’t catch all iillers and I don’t see you complaining about that. WHich method is more effective?

    For those calling him a hypocrite, Light put it best in episode 30, Kira is only evil if he gets caught, and is justice otherwise. Remember the first episode: people on their high horse will tell you all killing is wrong, but they know and belive deep down that the world needs to be cleansed of the endless criminals and sociopaths. Like Light said in ep 30, he is becoming one of them himself as a sacrifice for the greater good of humanity, evil or not.

  38. STFU Penguin Truth ! ΚΑΜΙ Ι agree 100% . and Penguin Truth USA cannot blow the whole world up … what’s up with you Americans and your superiority complex ? Russia can cause a nuclear holocaust in USA if they try to do anything that stupid …
    and of course USA cannot destroy the whole world asshole

  39. 2 Kami: Great speech. Really.

    2 Haruka:

    Executioners, soldiers, cops (sometimes) are also “killers of the killers”. Must they kill themselves too, because of this fact? Or why do all action films, i’ve ever seen, have a happy ending? Main hero kills a lot of “bad asses” without any law-court, but doesn’t commit suicide at the end. For you, Light is a murderer, but for Misa, he is saviour, because he has killed the thiefs – murderers of her parents. I wonder, what will you do , if your parents die the same way in front of your eyes?… Cry and call good cop to save you? Or try to kill’em all?

    2 Penguin Truth:

    Childish Penguin Truth likes to say: “Without conflict, nothing progresses.” But if he appears at the center of war, watching the death of his comrades, he will forget all this stupid words. Also, his ideas are too subjective.
    The only dangerously stupid individual here is you, Penguin Truth (or maybe just Penguin Bully?). As i said, you must learn modern history of other countries and read manga (DN) carefully.
    Then you’ll maybe understand, that the government ,sometimes, doesn’t preserve the interests of the nation and whole country (unlike in America), and creates an union with capitalists and criminals for one goal – to get money / resources and give nothing in return. And justice in this countries is sold and no one can help, except for Kira or real God.

    Bloodthirsty?? No. Just revenge (of course, our “civilized” Penguin’s bully’ll never understand this, cause zoo keepers’ ll always take care about him, his cage and pink visions; so, he’ll never pay the price of progress, unlike milliones of poor people in the past).

  40. i agree.the ending sucks because they make you love the main character even though he does questionable things and then they kill him and make him lose to a fake generic version( Near) of the his original opponent ( Ryuuzaki).Show Spoiler ▼

    though the last episode and the entire series was brilliantly acted by Mamoru Miyano who played Light Yagami.The english dub will never live up to the original.especially the main character.when he freaked out at the end and tried to bluff..that was awesome.i really wish he would of atleast killed i hate near.Kill Nate River!Fanclub..

  41. *sigh* mataku…..why am i dragged into this?

    ok, dear Demonized. First of all, I would just like to say that grammar is not needed here. we are all anime-fans. Therefore, please do not feel bad in any way. No need to be sorry.

    About the “parents” thing. Yeah, I wouldn’t know. Sorry. If I had parents, I’d gladly let you know.

    anyway….moving on. “Executioners, soldiers, cops (sometimes) are also ‘killers of the killers’.” Was what you said. But was i talking about “executioners, soldiers…” and “cops”…? No. I was not. As I have repetatively mentioned throughout my previous post, our comments should really stick to the anime, itself.

    with that being said…i must now move on to Kami’s post.

    Dear Kami…i like your name….really……i’m not kidding. it’s awesome. *smiles*

    ok….sorry about that…..
    so what are we discussing here….right! whether kira is a hypocrite of not. *smiles* that’s very nice of you to point that out from episode 3. Truthfully speaking, I didn’t watch the anime; I only read the manga. However, I do recall a monologue around those words. Needless to say, this does not change my opinion on Kira. Now read this carefully. I am not saying that I hate Kira. I am simply saying that morally, his method would be hypocritical. I do believe that this was also pointed out in DN, by our very own Light, no less.

    as for the “For you, Light is a murderer, but for Misa, he is saviour, because he has killed the thiefs – murderers of her parents”…very good! we’re actually talking about the anime! But there is a flaw to this, my dear Kami-san. Kira may be a “savior” to Misa, but that still doesn’t change the fact that they are killing lives. Most aren’t innocent lives…but they are…WERE lives. Both Misa and Kira are aware of this. They are murderers, but I never stated that Kira was a “bloodthirsty lunatic” (

  42. firstly great speech kami and Demonized

    i would like to say.. to all those light haters.. wuld you prefer that there is no light? because just roughly estimating.. there would be.. hmm say at least 50000 more crimes comitted every year without him.. including petty crimes.. lets say.. 50 murders in japan less at leats.. and probably thousands more rapes.. so you are willing to have all these people effected in terrible ways just because you dont like one person being a murderer?

    you are truly stupid.. you think that your angelic little people that hate murder.. and that we are all terrible physcos.. but we are also thinking about the weelbeing of everyone in the world.. and you cant argue that with kira.. the world is simply a way better place..

  43. wow. i feel just totally neglected. this is why misunderstanding happen. just read comments more carefully.

    dear mina. you used “stupid” to descibe all those against your opinions. and no, sweety, i do not think i am an “angelic little” person. far from it. but like you, i, too, am trying to become a better person.

    therefore. i’ll be the better person and leave. this debate does nothing to me. i give up. i have other things to do than waste my time trying to make peace with puerile simpletons, such as yourselves.

    but before i leave, i will repeat one last thing. these words that i’ll been CONSTANTLY trying to get through to you people.

    talk about the anime. stop dissing eachother. if you don’t, you’ll only lose more friends on this site. but w/e.

    pCe~ Aino Haruka will now be gone.


  44. well thanx for that haruka but why should we just talk about the anime? because everything that we have been talking about unltimately leads back to the anime so its all fairly relavent i think.

    and i wasnt using stupid against all those with opinions aganst mine. i was using stupid against all those people that say ridiculus things that everyone have already proven to be wrong, and also say stupid things about other people’s mental states and appearance and such. i do not think you are stupid, actually you seem rather intelligent to me and i respect your opinion.. i just think its wrong.. i see the logic behind it but to me it really is a rather silly opinion but that is only my opinion about your opinion.

    anyway i dont know why i am writting this since you have already said that you are leacing >

  45. 2 Haruka:

    Of course, for you, people with counter visions’re just “puerile simpletons”. But what did you do with all your wise/clever/omnious personality in this world? And people like you through the whole history of humanity?
    Did they create a paradise? Or prevent poor/weak people from suffering and injustice?
    They just made a lot of sacrifices to the idols of “slavery” , “feudalism”, “capitalism”, “progress” and “civilized society” because of their fear of revolution, blood, murder and “law of Death”. They wait for stupid proofs and witnesses, even when they already know every gang member/corrupted official in the face.
    Since childhood, every book, every slave of cheap morality, that had been lived around me, told me, that “kindness, truth, justice always prevail over evil, lie and injustice”. Вut all these words are total liar’s crap now. And without “murderers” like Kira, nothing will be changed in the near future.
    Remember, if you live a happy/safe life, it doesn’t mean that people around you have the same good conditions.

    Friends? What kind of “friends” are you talking about? Only when real trouble comes and people still support you – only then, they can be called “friends”.

  46. i think of light as a sociopathic mass murderer who lost his good intention the moment he thought he had the right to start murdering people…in the words of mikami teru, light is not god, hes trash, i think mikami only realized what he was really doing after seeing light act the way he did, pathetic, not knowing what to do, and how he still tried to kill everyone in the end… @Demonized i ask what the hell are you talking about? people can feel regret and remorse, people can pay for their crimes, kira doesnt give them that chance, killing people to stop crimes is wrong and stupid…. i dont know about other people but i think Demonized is a sociopath who just wants criminals to die and justify it with his speech, if you kill a person for killing ten other people it still doesnt make that person pay and ending his life for ending the lives of many others doesnt work because a life doesnt equal another life, death is an inevitable part of life, Light couldnt accept his death in the end(manga), his last words were “NO, I don’t want to die! I dont want to pass away!”, after killing so many kira finally knew what it felt like to die and not being able to prevent it, in the end Light was pathetic trash, Demonized, humanity doesnt need Kira, sure crimes went down, but a perfect world is not possible, without crimes people will have a false sense of security, i think after toning down penguin’s drug induced theory of kira stopping the growth of humanity, in a way humans cant learn unless they look back at history, looking back at the crimes of the past could help to stop them in the future, the world isnt as rotten as everyone thinks, most cops are hard working people who put other people before themselves, the system works, but no system is perfect, but it can be made better and by looking at crimes we can make a system that’s more effective, Demonized if a family member was killed in a car accident and the person in the other car got out of the accident with minor injuries but the entiure accident accident, would you want him dead? of course if a family member or friend is murdered you would want to punish the person who did it, not if they did it on accident but if they did it on purpose, but kira’s method of punishment is too severe, i think throwing the murderer in prison would work for me…i’d be satisfied, too much room in prison’s? release those who have done their time and learned that what they did was stupid, anyways, i think anyone who thinks exactly like Light is trash, though many people believe in these ideas without fully understanding them, i think of those people as stupid, in the end i hope demonized never becomes a prosecuter, though i cant imagine him ever being a lawyer

    Near's right
  47. it did feel a bit odd that the episode devoted some time to Aizawa remembering the basic rules of the Death Note.

    Not to me. Aizawa, after his little experiment with the notepad, lays his hands on the source of everything that’s happened, and reflects. “What a world of solemn thought…” Brilliant, I say.


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