Machi episode?
Machi episode…!

There’s hope for this show yet. Today, Machi engages in…wife training! As the only girl on the island who’s pretty much useless around the house, it’s high time that she learn how to do some stuff to have a crack at scoring the only sperm factory on the island.

Shameless digression: then again, these girls aren’t really after reproductive capability are they? They just wanna score Ikuto for the sake of scoring a guy. It’s kinda like that old Cartoon Network show Johnny Bravo, where he spends his days chasing babes with his overgrown testosterone glands – ask any kid and they’ll tell you he’s after girls – but as those same kids what JB plans to do once he gets the girl? Blank stare. While it couldn’t be more clear with a salivating Coyote vs RoadRunner, even the youngest of children know that Bravo isn’t thinking of taking a steak knife to his prey. What do the girls of Airantou plan to do with Ikuto? They each have their own motivation – sure – but what happens after they fulfill that? Probably doesn’t matter anyways, since we’ll never get to that point.

Machi’s first stop is to Chikage’s cosplay palace – Chikage answers the door wearing nothing but a men’s dress shirt and her fuzzy slippers. Oh yes. Machi wants to learn how to cook from the island’s preeminent culinician – and not the clumsy pink elephant. The lesson, however, is rather short-lived as Chikage spends no time in making a huge mess in the kitchen, which pisses off the 5-ton pink mass of the only source of ivory on the island. So much for that – Machi slips out wearing a wok on her head.

After jacking Chikage’s wok, Machi stops by Rin’s shop to learn how to do some woodwork. While we’re not able to confirm, it’s possible that her interest in wood goes beyond the kind you can make lunchboxes out of. Oh yes. Machi assembles a rather artistic bento-box and heads home to show Ayane – only to receive a resounding “WHERE’S THE FOOD?” …whoops

Back to Rin’s. Teach me how to cook! As with most anime characters learning how to cook, the first step is to learn how to chop stuff – in this case, a fish, which Machi is delighted to provide sound effects while in the process of beheading and gutting. This is the first time in about 10 episodes I actually laughed.

Machi invites Ikuto, Suzu, and Ayane to dinner with a well-placed arrow shot from about two miles out. On the way, they encounter a dried-up Rin who has the look of Satou-kun after two straight weeks of gaming, or maybe Ikuto after living a month in that Gurren Lagann village of maidens. I say that village and not Airantou because those girls seem to be a bit more…knowledgeable about things. Anyways, Machi abducts them with her summoning no jutsu and serves up a plate of some rather suspect items, the kind of stuff you’d probably find on Fear Factor: Airantou, hosted by Machi Rogan.

The highly unpredictable ending? The food is actually really good! -Machi blush-

  • Thoughts:
  • I’m running out of things to say about this show. It’s clear that it’s not getting any better or any worse, so the only variable in how good each episode is has to do with which girl they are focusing on. From most boring to most interesting, the list looks something like this: Suzu, Yukino, Rin, Chikage, Ayane, Machi – with Suzu a distant last and Machi a distant first. So how much longer do we have to wait before another Machi episode?

    What makes Machi so much better, anyways?



    1. IMO Machi is awsome because you dont see many of the of the girl types she is in harems.

      I mean suzu is the main heroin and acts like it, rin is the standard tomboy, ayane is the rival, Chikage magneko, and Yukino the toddler (or loli if she even qualifies).

      And this episode being the long awaited background depth for Machi which they skipped (should have been episode 4) just makes her all the more better, not to mention she has been most aggressive.

    2. Good answer mutio lol, took the words out of my mouth. Ya i agree with jaalin with Machi being the most interesting and Suzu the most boring. I mean thats why even though I started to watch the anime, I had to read the manga since the show wasnt going anywhere, but the manga has lots of machi goodness lol and thats what makes it awesome. Im surprised they showed this since it is only a side story in the manga (and the fact that they skip the machi parts that shouldve been in ep. 4 as well), oh well Im glad they showed this side story seeing as it is one of the best in the manga.

    3. Personally I like Rin, and then Suzu. Why you ask? easy, they can both take care of themselves, cool, clean and do all the other stuff that’s needed from a wife. =) oh, and those boobs, zomg!!! The rest of you can go back to liking Machi, the psycho 18yo with a flat chest. teh fail!

    4. ano… Rin taught Machi how to make a lunchbox first was a misunderstanding since Machi only said “I want to be your student”. That’s why the second day Rin said, “So I lost my dignity because of a mistake?” Apparently Machi’s work totally beats Rin’s 😀

    5. “What makes Machi so much better, anyways?”

      Because she’s out of her fucking mind! duh! Crazy chicks are hot! =p (I also happen to identify with crazy people having been on about 5 different mood altering drugs and spending afternoons in a padded room at school after cursing out and threatening to kill other students during my mid teens… But I’m better now! Really, and I’m training to be a police officer! *manic laughter* )


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