After having made their vows at the church, Romeo and Juliet continue their travels and come across a small abandoned village. The two decide to stay at one of the houses even though they have to clean it up first, and Juliet finds a skirt inside that she puts on. Later that night, as the two sit on the bed together, Romeo is trying to tell Juliet that he’ll protect her from all sadness, but she falls asleep on him. When Juliet wakes up the next morning, she finds Romeo beside her in bed and comments on how it’s been a long time since she slept soundly like that. The two then try to look for some food, but find only small potatoes in the garden outside. When they’re out getting some water from a stream, Juliet suddenly thinks she hears someone calling. Romeo suggests that it’s her imagination, but on their way back home, Juliet heads into some ruins and finds a huge plant inside. An old man standing on a nearby ledge reveals that it’s a spring and explains that this world is supported by the roots of two trees – one tree has already withered, and the remaining one doesn’t have much longer. Hearing this and seeing the roots in front of her, Juliet reacts with fear and promptly leaves.

Back in Neo Verona, the city guards are going from house to house searching for Juliet and her allies. Since the battle, everyone is scattered around the city: Antonio is still living at home with Cordelia and Benvolio, but Curio is in hiding and Conrad is under the care of William’s mother. Montague meanwhile is getting angry that Romeo hasn’t been found and orders his right hand man Tubal to get his son back. Their break comes when they get a report of a white winged-horse being ridden by a young man and woman in the direction of the east forest, so Tubal goes to investigate. Montague actually latches onto the fact that Romeo was with a girl and remembers the speech Romeo had given about Juliet to parliament. Since Romeo was headed to his mother’s place the last time Montague saw him, the Duke decides to pay her a visit. At that time, Mercutio is disparaging Romeo to Hermione for making her feel sad. Hermione, however, doesn’t blame Romeo but rather the person who is making Romeo sad. Getting angry from thinking about this, Hermione claims that if it were her, she would never make him feel sad.

Montague shows up that evening at the convent to see Portia and comments on her plain living arrangements. Portia, however, has only one thing that she wishes for, and it’s not something that Montague can give her. As Portia is explaining that Romeo learned the truth, Montague notices the iris flower that she has on her desk and remarks that such a lowly flower doesn’t suit the Montague heir. At that moment, Romeo and Juliet are having dinner of just a few potatoes, but before they start eating, someone knocks on their door. Romeo answers it to find food and drink left by the same old man they met at the spring earlier. He finds it strange, but the two eat up anyway. The next day, Tubal and a contingent of soldiers arrive at a nearby town and start forcing their way into people’s homes to look for Romeo. Upon discovering the jewelry that Romeo traded for food, Tubal has the town burned. When Romeo discovers what’s happening, he realizes that it’s all to look for him, so he decides to go help them. However, after their church vows, Juliet isn’t about to let him go alone and get captured, so she goes with him.

The two of them cloak themselves and attack the soldiers with wooden poles, and although they are able to take on a few of them, they have a hard time handling so many. Unable to break through a shield wall, Juliet gets knocked to the ground, and one of the soldiers gets ready to kill her. Feeling that he has no choice, Romeo finally reveals who he is, using his full Romeo Candorebanto Montague name. He wants Juliet to escape, but she instead grabs a sword and tries to go to him instead. When he tells her not to come and to run away, Juliet remembers their vows and decides to reveal her true identity too – Juliet Fiammatta Asto Capulet. Unfortunately, Juliet quickly gets surrounded and knocked out, and Romeo is powerless to do anything but yell out her name.


So when Romeo declared who he was to save Juliet, I was going “Noooo! Romeo you idiot! You gave up that name!” But then Juliet had to go and also declare who she was because of their vow to stay together, and I started banging my head against the wall. Of course both of them end up getting captured, and all this became a big (and very frustrating) step backwards for their relationship. They should have just stayed in hiding, living as happy newlyweds, but no, Romeo wanted to help people. It reminded me of how Hinagiku once told Hayate that he’d never find happiness if he’s not a little bit selfish.
Aside from the end, there were plenty of other interesting things shown, including the tree roots and how Juliet reacted to them, and the old man’s identity and why he brought Romeo and Juliet food. Is he perhaps related to Ophelia and is also a gardener? I also find it noteworthy that Hermione is finally showing signs that she could develop into that villainess role, which is what I originally thought (and still do think) that she’d eventually become.
Finally, on a different note, I’ve had Lena Park’s Inori~ You Raise Me Up on repeat since the single came out yesterday. It’s such a good song, and she sings it so beautifully.


  1. “T_T This anime only hurts my soul more and more knowing where it could possibly be leading up to.”
    I know the original piece and exactly therefore I haven’t watched Romeo x Juliet yet.
    Have already enough sadness in Sola.

  2. This looks like such a heart-breaking episode TT-TT. I’m still holding on to the .08% chance that they will live happily ever after, and ignoring the 99.2% of them dying.
    Looks like Hermione finally cracked judging by her ‘evil eye’.

  3. I really hope Hermione doesn’t snap; she just doesn’t seem like the type of person who would lash out after being rejected. ;_; *sigh* I’m keeping up the hope that she’s just upset about something else.

  4. I don’t quite get it….did Juliet get angry because Romeo used his name? If that’s so, then its really stupid ’cause it pretty obvious Romeo was doing it to save her…..and I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to stick through the whole series though….gotta see whether my heart “broke” first or the series ends first.

  5. The way they made such flashy announcements of their names at the end…with their cloaks swirling all around them….wow.way to end an episode with all that bad stuff….waaaaah!

  6. Yeah, I didn’t expect Hermoine getting angry either but ah well. This was such a turn around amazing episode. The beginning was all “starting new life together happily ever after” and ends with “fire, surrender, and JULIEEEEET!!!” ^__^

    I swear, Montague’s face will break lots of mirrors for having that kind of cold cold expression. Yeesh. He could give anyone nightmares!

    Episode 13 summary
    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. what, no tybalt? and i was partly hoping for a love triangle there, what a soft-touch i am turning out to be T_T lol

    And those who are Shakespeare’s fans, will realise where ‘Ophelia’ comes from and thus who that man is.

    but i was surprised by Hermione, after she didn’t go crazy when Romeo told her he was in love with someone else, that was the moment i was expecting her to swing as a character, and after she didn’t i thought i was mistaken. It seems i was right all along and she just needed another trigger, hmmm, well done mercutio perhaps? ^

    Elegant Destruction
  8. Yeah, it kind of sucks that Romeo’s a selfless type, but if he wasn’t, I doubt Juliet (a heroic type as well) would have fallen for him. I think it’s their love for the people that truly unites them.

  9. Doh! It’s a good thing that Romeo and Juliet are fictitious characters. They have earned themselves a nomination in the Darwin awards with this. Outnumbered? Skittish of blood? By all means, proudly declare your true identity to a group of soldiers that serve your most hated enemy,Duke Montague, a man who would be delighted to see you dead!

    Oh and Romeo, your father has never liked you, so using your name wasn’t terribly smart either. Enjoy getting the $@!* beat out of you once you get home.

    Yuri Rocks
  10. Really people, there’s no way they’d sit around and let others suffer when they know it’s because of them. You can say Romeo is an idiot or whatever, but I see it as taking responsibility for himself. If he’ll just grow a bigger sack and stand up to his father.

    Also, for those who keep thinking this will somehow end like the original play does, I don’t think so, this show has enough changes to it to bring about a different ending. The tree that supports the world, that’s not in the original, and is a key part to the story in this version. There are also a few other minor changes here and there.

  11. I agree with you Onmi, Lena Park’s single is just beautiful both songs…

    Damn it, he said it all loud and then she followed his example. We all know you love each other, but that was one step backwards instead of one forward. Romeo has now only two options, go against his father and find the way to save Juliet (that’s for their vows) or stay with his father at the moment, meanwhile Juliet escapes in some way (maybe with a little help from her comrades). One way or another, their relationship has encountered a braking point until… well, the last day of their lives. They’ll die fighting, like always did since the beginning…

    I got to go, Mexico vrs. Guadalupe is about to start.

    Syaoran Li
  12. Actually, the conscience of the human mind would’ve forced them to take action depending on how strong their conscience is. Since Romeo and Juliet have Strong sense of Justice and are very kind, of course they would act the way they would.

  13. “Getting angry from thinking about this, Hermione claims that if it were her, she would never make him feel sad”
    ha well she couldnt make romeo happy the way juliet can XD
    omgosh i cant wait the the subed ep of this is out….

  14. … Why do you always do something stupid Romeo?! WHY?! DX Well, I suppose it was to save Juliet. But of course he didn’t expect her stubbornness. YES THEY ARE BOTH CAUGHT, CONGRATULATIONS. DX

    Meanwhile, I seriously thought Tybalt would fly in and save Juliet or something. Poo.

  15. Wow! Such great screencaps… *__________*
    Thank you for the summary! =D
    It seems to me Romeo x Juliet is getting more and more interesting.
    Considering who they are based on, I guess its not too suprising they would do something like that. X[
    Anyway, thank you again!


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