Forty seconds pass, but much to Mikami and Light’s shock, no one dies. After getting Lester and Giovanni to restrain Mikami, Near shows everyone how Mikami had written down all the names of the people in the room except for Light. Coupled with how Mikami had referred to Light as “God,” Near now has his evidence that Light is Kira. When Light starts ranting about how this is a trap and how he doesn’t even know Mikami, Aizawa points out that Light had done the equivalent of confessing just moments earlier when he claimed that he won. Mogi then tries to put him in handcuffs, but Light runs toward the wall away from everyone else. Declaring that Light has lost, Near reveals that he modified even the real Notebook: Giovanni had copied the entire thing from scratch. Near has the real Death Note with him, and it allows him to see and converse with Ryuk who confirms that pages of the Death Note can be taken out and still be used.

After Near declares that Light is Kira, Light wonders if Mikami betrayed him. As if reading Light’s mind, Near replies that this is all actually thanks to Mello and shows that Mikami had written Takada’s name down in the Death Note since he didn’t know that Light would try to kill her too. Near and Giovanni then explain that after learning about Takada’s kidnapping on the 26th, Mikami had paid a visit to the bank. This was strange because he usually visits the bank on the 25th of the month, and it was in a security deposit box that the real Death Note sat. Mello was the one who helped create this situation, and Near suggests that the two of them separately could not surpass L, but they could if they worked together.

After hearing all this, Light starts laughing crazily and finally admits that he’s Kira: the god of the new world who protects order and represents justice and hope. Light had thought that the world was rotten and that only he could do something about it with the Death Note. He questions the others if anyone else could have done things to this extent, and when no one answers, Light affirms that only he can create a new world. Near, however, then speaks up to say that Light is only a crazy murderer who lost himself to the Shinigami and the power of the notebook. Light doesn’t reply to this and instead questions if the notebook that Near and Aizawa have are truly real.

He suggests that Near has to test the notebook to prove that it’s real, but while he’s speaking, he opens his watch and suddenly tries to write a name down. Fortunately, Matsuda acts quickly and shoots Light in the hand, and when Light starts screaming at him, Matsuda tearfully remembers Light’s father Souichirou. Light then tries to write Near’s name down with his own blood, but he never finishes because Matsuda shoots him four more times. Matsuda is really to finish Light off with a bullet to the head, but he’s stopped by the others. Alive but in a lot of pain, Light writhes around the floor yelling at Mikami and asking what happened to Misa and Takada. Across the room, after seeing his “God” shot and acting like this, a disillusioned Mikami suddenly stabs and kills himself.

Light uses this chance to escape the warehouse and runs through the industrial district, thinking about himself in the past. Up on top of a tower, Ryuk feels that Light has lost and recalls how he said that he would write Light’s name down in his own Death Note when it came time for Light to die. Ryuk doesn’t want to wait for Light to die in prison, so he wants Light to die here and writes Light’s name into the Death Note. In his final statement, Ryuk notes how they were able to get rid of each other’s boredom for a long time and how it was a lot of fun. Light gets a heart attack soon afterwards and passes away alone on a stairwell.

So in the end, Mikami killed himself, Light was killed by Ryuk, and Misa is last seen standing on the edge of a rooftop. Mikami wasn’t developed enough as a character for me to care about, but I did feel a little bad watching Light die like that, even if he had it coming after everything he did. It’s hard to watch a character prevail over so much only to fall like that in the end. The credits rolling while Light died was a nice scene, and I particularly liked how L was shown briefly shown looking at him, giving the ending a bit of a full circle feel. Misa’s future meanwhile is a little ambiguous, and it’s possible that they’re implying she jumped off the building.
For the most part, I was pleased with the ending (despite not having read the manga up to this point, I had expected/known that Light would die), though I still wish Ryuk had played a larger role in it. As I look through the manga now, I see that they changed the ending a bit and reduced Ryuk’s involvement in the final moments of Light’s life, but I guess the end result is still the same. Ryuk more or less started it all. so it was only fitting that he was ended it too. Anyway, I think the anime gave a more conclusive feeling ending than the manga, which finished with a cloaked group of Kira followers with candles. Maybe it would have been nice to see the aftermath of what happened to the other characters, but I don’t feel that I’m missing anything.

Final Thoughts:
With some incredibly complicated plotting by characters to create a back and forth tension, Death Note is one of the most elaborate psychological and mystery series that I’ve ever watched. Of the two main arcs, I generally felt that the first one with the original L was stronger than the second one with Near and Mello, though it’s hard to compare because the first arc got many more episodes than the second arc. The plot just felt fresher in the first arc, and by the second arc, I didn’t think that anything particularly bad could happen to Light until the very end because he’d shown that he’d always find a way out. On that note, I also liked Light’s portrayal as an anti-hero character because although he managed to keep me on his side most of the time, there were enough times when I couldn’t help but hate him, such as when L died and when Souichirou died, that his ultimate demise made for a good ending.
Overall, I think DEATH NOTE was a great example of how to adapt a manga well into animated form by mostly keeping to the story yet still making it interesting to watch (again, the potato chip scene comes to mind). It’s sad to see it end, but there are plenty of new shows right around the corner to look forward to.


  1. They could have ended the anime much much better, but I suppose staying true (in some way) to the manga is a good thing. I would have preferred the story wrap up the characters of the Shinigami world since that whole side of that story seemed to have the potential to be great. At least I’m not left with the feeling of a “Princess Nine” ending, which is what I had feared for quite some time.

  2. nooooo. not you light , not you..
    man even thought i knew he was dying i still can’t accept his death :(.
    wait…why did Misa jumped ? O_o
    what about the epilogue ?
    they just skipped that ? that’s sad i kinda liked the epilogue.

  3. GOD NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dammit!! MadHouse rules! I can’t belive Death Note is over.First I read the manga and then I saw the series…death note is so special to me.Crap!!! I can’t wait to watch it!!!

  4. I always liked the manga ending, and this looks to be a solid adaption, so I’m happy. Despite those who complain about the ending, calling it anticlimatic or whatever, it just feels like such a fitting way for Light’s plans to unravel. Looks like they cut the epilogue of the manga though, where Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Honestly, did anyone expect Light to live happily ever after?

    The main point of this series post-L is to see Light get what’s coming to him. But man, they changed the way he died. In the manga, he doesn’t straggle out of the warehouse while Mikami dies, he writhes on the floor and cries like a b*tch begging for Ryuk to save him.

    I wanted to see that. 🙁

    nowhere man
  6. FYI, at the end of the episode, Hirano Aya announced (during that promo thing with Haruka Kudo) that a Death Note special would be made and broadcasted in the summer.

  7. I honestly prefer how the Live-Action and anime ended Death Note. But that’s just me. I thought Light looked pretty pathetic at the end of the manga… lol. But hey, that’s just me.

  8. Actually, since I was a big fan of L, I thought it was appropriate that it ended the way it did. Light always knew from the moment that he started using the Death Note that Ryuk would write his name down in the end. As much as he wanted to be a god of the new world, in the end he was still only human, and even he could not escape death. Shoe’s on the other foot now b#tch.

    I also can see how some of the other posters were disappointed. The manga really emphasized how pathetic Light was when it was his turn to die. He groveled and begged, and Ryuk just callously writes his name down. That was perfect because when Light first started using the Note, Ryuk told him that he would claim Light’s soul at the end, and the time had come to collect. Overall, this series was one of the better ones in that they covered most of the parts of the manga in a tight fashion, with relatively little filler. I hope that special comes out soon.

    Yuri Rocks
  9. Wow… I can’t even say what I felt about the ending. It was just… wow.
    I really was looking forward to swimming lessons, but this slightly altered ending was satisfying too. I liked it.

    I’m REALLY looking forward to the special coming out soon. Hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait… ^^;

  10. i came in just fo the end “having ruined the anime by reading the entire manga”..i agree with ILLUSIONIST, the manga made light look so freaking pathetic at the end, theres no way he should have crumbled like that. or not for those reasons at least..and whats up with misa about to jump!!?? dat wasent in the manga,, BUT I LIKE!!! DO IT!! DO IT!!…MAN!! i really wish evil would have won! i hated all those goodie goodies trying to stop our lord akira

    BROOKLYN otaku
  11. What the hell is this ending? Moving? I don’t think so, its intended as a fan service. The ending where Light die on the spot while begging for his life counting his second vanish is A LOT more powerful. This anime one is chessy, a peaceful death? no doubt its for Kira’s fan.

    The SWIMMING LESSON has decreased dramaticly, it has been cut short! (even though some still exist they even have the water there lol). This is the worst part because I have been waiting for this counting every second when this air is shown. Turnning it into a marathon? hello~ give me a break, that guy was shot multiple times all over his body, nice job having Kira the zombie running around producer.

    Another thing, this is the last episode thats mean there is NO EPILOGUE like in manga. In Manga you spend an extra chapter exploring the world without Kira again and also discuss the possibility of Near’s true act and intention. I really love that part.

    Although I like the fact that they still preserve the original story line, I am disappointed at the execution. I explained myself above, and I certainly agree with several of 4chan-er that “There is no Death Note Anime”

  12. I still find it hard to see Light died just like that. Yeah he’s evil and all but I still find him very attractive. As compared to all the other anime characters, he’s most probably the most charismatic one. When I first read the manga, I was hoping the manga will end with Light successfully creating a world devoid of any crims but as the whole story goes on, Light got corrupted by the death note. Really sad to see it end this way. Misa is the most….pitiful character I’ve ever seen. Willingly got used by Light but still loved him nonetheless. I felt that she should have survived and determine for herself whether Light did the correct things or not. Instead, she just chose the most convenient way to escape from reality….suicide.

  13. the kira in both of the manga and anime sux. the manga one is pathetic, the anime one is illogical, come now, if he has that much strength, wudnt he do something better than becoming a zombie? imo, L side has 3 smart – ass peoples, while Kira’s side, they have only 1 smart – ass, so I have no wonder that he looses sooner or later>.

  14. I thought it was a pretty decent ending to the show. Being a huge Near fan, I was disappointed that the epilogue in which Near is L and Roger is Watari, with Matsuda’s theory on Mikami’s slip up and the candlelight vigil wasn’t here, I did enjoy Light’s visions. He was clearly made out to be slightly more sympathetic in this ending than he was in the manga. The manga, live action movies, and now the anime series all have different endings.

    So instead of swimming lessons, Light was going for the triathalon! Events: Swimming, running, steps.

    Loved this show, though. And AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ the Kira worshippers.

    Penguin Truth
  15. Pretty interesting ending. I was expecting something different from the manga because of the time constraint. Death note would have been better if it was given 40 eps instead of 37. The story after L’s death felt really rushed. Oh well. Great job overall Madhouse, i’ll definitely get the DVD when it’s released.

  16. I’m actually happier with this ending than the manga ending. Never liked the way the manga ended. This one is more fitting to me. Much more melancholy than the manga.

  17. damn, all of it had the same ending, i was hoping for them to let Light create his new world. But the one of the only animes to have a good pessimistic end like that was EVA.
    oh, well this series was still awesome, and they carried the ending out much better than the movie.

  18. Wow. This one seems like a record for twisted facial expressions.

    It looks a lot better than the manga version, at least. Things look better tied up, whereas the manga ending was kind of rushed (the authors have said that it was because they were under a chapter-count limit).

    I think I’ll still actually prefer the way the live-action movies had it happen, but this doesn’t look bad.

  19. I get the feeling that they tried to make seem Light a lot more human at the end, so that we could feel a little bit more of sympathy towards him. He had it coming, nevertheless.
    Gah, I hate it when, on series finales, they skip the Ending sequences and just put the credits inside the actual episode >__

  20. >>so that we could feel a little bit more of sympathy towards him.
    I laughed at the f***er as he was running. He needed to die a pathetic death in front of all the SPK members writhing in Ryuk’s non-existant mercy.

  21. Damn it all! As i said, they hadn’t changed the ending. F^(#{ing b@st@rds!!!

    It’s sad, but also it’s clear, that the author of manga/anime made Light lose the final battle (otherwise, it would be a problem with publication), because:
    1) Both Light and Tanaka had the secret piece of DN. Why didn’t Mikami gain it? It’s absolutely illogical. And what is more, it were 24 days for Light to make an “extra shot” to his plan, just in case. Even little boy’ll do it.
    2) Both Light and Mikami knew, that they had been watched by Near. How could Mikami be so dumb and naive to leave real DN at the bank, even without taking any piece of it, after his “emergency sally”?
    3) Why didn’t Mikami check DN on his way to the warehouse? It’s the first rule of every important deed! I’m sure, Light must tell Tanaka about this in his instructions.

    Short summary of 3 points: Mikami and Light are brainless FAKES in the last 3-2 episodes.

    So, the real ending must be next:
    Mikami writes down the names both in “false” DN and secret piece of real DN without any conditions, except for Near – he must die after 5-10 minutes. Mass heart attacks, Light’s fiendish laugh, nice “chat” with stunned Nate River (about plans), N’s pathetic death and total victory of Kira!!! Happy end.

  22. 2 all ending-lovers:

    Stop whining (“How i’m glad,that Light is dead” and la-la-la),you, bunch of faceless puppets! You’ll never bring peace, order and happiness to this world – through your blindness, passiveness and ignorance corrupted officials, bullies and criminals always gain their power. You live in America, Canada, France, England and even don’t know, how people survive in other countries with no justice and hope for better future, where only money and blunt force rule under cover of laws. Kira isn’t just for you, but for them too. It’s okay, how he calls himself (godhead or smth else) or what he does/becomes, while he kills monsters and creates a better place to live, while the ones, who are terrorizing, killing, raping the others just for pleasure/fun, money and power,continue to die! He’s like snake’s deadly poison, that can be used to cure this damned by God world.

  23. I would like to know what the hell Ryuk was doing during the past dozen of epsiodes. I wanted to know if he went to the bahamas, or hawaii or something at least give us a reason why Ryuk left the series and appeared back for the final espiode?

  24. Fuck, this ending sucked ass. Just like the Manga, it ruined everything, and I mean everything. The whole series has turned to shit by this pathetic-retarded-shity-fucking-stupid-mothafuckin ending. i wish i hadn’t seen this episode/manga chapter. what a load of shit. who the hell kills the leading character of the series? Boooooooooo…

    Two thumbs way down the toilet. F for Fuckballs.

  25. 2 Oropher:
    Mikami’s death doesn’t matter. The death of Light and his failure are the main facts.
    2 Syouke:
    I don’t care about Light, but i like his way of thinking and his justice.

  26. This was really different from the manga. Mikami was only arrested, as I recalled in the manga. Though, it’s interesting they had Mikami die in the anime.

    What really stood out to me was Light’s face when he died. Guess that’s the only time he really looked peaceful.

  27. I just saw it, and it ended… much, much better than the manga did. I really admire how Light died. (Don’t get me wrong; I hate Light, but at the same time, think he deserves a dignified, well-done death.) It was a lot less pathetic than what happened in the manga, and it makes you almost wonder if he realized at the end… he did look a lot more human than he looked when he was actually alive…

    It is a full circle the way they did it. I like how they put L in, it’s a nice touch and it wasn’t in the manga. And the way Ryuk did it changed a little… I like this version better…

    It’s amazing how the same things can happen as in the manga, but the two different interpretations make them feel so different…

  28. I don’t think the ending was supposed to make us sympathize with Light. In the manga they made him the ‘last boss’ who does ‘MWHAHAHA’ and then you know, gets defeated and do the whole “NOOOOOOOOO” kind of thing. Really gave you the feeling of ‘winning and losing’. At least that’s what I felt.
    But the anime protrayed him as a human in the end. It’s like when you strip away all that power (the death note), he is just a helpless human. Was he showing regrets? Fear? Regrets that he could have been more ruthless? We’ll never find out, and I think it’s important that this remains a mystery (that way we wont’ know if he was ‘truely evil’ or not.) The ending of the anime didn’t give me a ‘win or lose’ feeling, it just made me go “wow…nobody wins.” Especially seeing how the police crew reacted, and how Light reacted, and you will know that nobody really ‘won’ the game.
    I didn’t feel sorry for Light, but I did go: If only he never found that book… (like the flashback scene when he was still ‘innocent’)

  29. noooo….oh well….
    I’ll miss ye Raito!
    I do gotta say that I like this version better than the manga’s…made Light look better in this one…I think (even though he still 🙁 died).
    I did want to see the whole Matsuda/Near thing in the end, but…oh well.

  30. ok, since my download limit is f*cked up, and I had to watch this episode online with crappy quality, I didn’t saw what Mikami did >_>
    What the hell was he doing? Like… ripping out his own wrist or something?

    Oh and I didn’t hate the ending like most of you did. Mad house did a great job. Light deserved to die. The end.

  31. I infact think Near should have died. Matsuda got 2 direct shots to Lights
    Meh, Its just that L died, Light died, Mello died, so Near should die to put an end to all the smart guys. Near is probably my least favorite of the mains. They never took the time to characterize him that much (having only watched the anime). I just know he is smart, was an orphan, and tries to succeed L. In the end, Near is the winner…no. common…If Light dies…so should Near.

  32. The anime’s ending to me brings a whole new meaning.
    I appreciate both ending but i prefer the anime. For the anime, an epilogue would best suit.
    i have enjoyed this series. great work with the blog too

  33. I generally prefer the manga version of the ending over the anime version. The whole Mikami-stabbing-himself-with-a-pencil-and-bursting-out-in-blood was really unrealistic. And I didn’t like how they cut out the whole epilogue thing that shows how things are like one year later after Light dies. But it was interesting to see Light dying in peace, rather than grovelling on the ground, begging for his life. But it would have certainly been more dramatic if they had done it that way.

  34. oh yea, lol mikami’s face, looks like a monkey
    and yea unlike the manga, to me Light died peacefully and accepting the fact that his name will be written.
    manga, light was like ryuk and all… didn’t quite like that cause i believe light is a bit more manly HAHA

  35. @ demonized:
    So you think Light didn’t deserved to die? You think it’s okay to think your a God and to think you have right to judge over all the people in the world? That’s a sick tought. He even killed FBI agents. All there family’s didn’t want them to die. I don’t think he tought of something like that. All he wanted was his little happy utopia that would never be happy because everyone was afraid of him. I don’t think that anybody who uses the death note, even if it’s one single time, deserves to live happily ever afther. It’s still murder. please tell me what you think about it.

  36. Death note would have taken my top 5 spot had Light won, or lost in a dignified way. Being such a cold calculating devil for most of the series i just couldn’t comprehend him freaking out like a pathetic jerk at the end. Suckz

  37. @Typer:

    Well, it’s typical of this kind of mastermind to freak out this way when they know they lost control over the situation.


    Fine, you can argue your point with facts as well. Sorry to say you were not convincing at all.

    By the way, Kira has become the one thing you blamed in your previous posts, that is to say people using their power to bend society and rules. That makes your reasoning illogical.

  38. @Yushi:

    I just read your post and found it to be quite intriguing. However, thinking back to the beginning of the series, I don’t really recall Light as being particularly innocent. He was an incredibly gifted young man, so gifted that normal experiences that most teenagers would find fulfilling were completely boring to him. Thus in a state of ennui he finds the note. Even with his initial foray into using the note, he was remorseless, falling in love with the intoxicating power to kill without repercussion. For him to adapt to that power so quickly, doesn’t seem to suggest that he was innocent. In actuality, it might be what you were suggesting. Potential regret that he started, and now had to pay the price.

    Also, as a general thought, I thought it was really sad that as the realization that he was dying set in, the first people he called out to were Misa and Takada. It is so ironic that in his last moments, he could only think of the people he had manipulated the most. It’s even worse that one followed him until death, and the other one apparently did too.

    Yuri Rocks
  39. nuts, read the manga back when this was at 17 or so and stopped watching because the 2nd arc was only alright, but I loved the ending because of its delicious irony.

    Annnnd they cut it out…Light/Kira fanservice FTL.

  40. although I did not like the ending I think it was still a good one . Light is a tragic hero tried to change the world but eventually got mad in trying and so his downfall was evident from the start but I liked the way he died … alone like the way he lived his life . My biggest disappointment was Near not being killed … he was inferior to L yet he won that was shit . In the special I hope they show us where Light went in the end , did he became a shinigami or what ? If he did I would really like to see him dropping a death note in the human world and then laughing …
    but NO SEQUEL

  41. Death Note is OVER!!! and what a ride it was! all I want to say from the start of Episode 1 till the end of Episode 37 Death Note was awesome in every aspect. Although the end was pretty much following the manga, but not to the T this time!. It made me feel sad that DN is over because I know a long time will pass till we see an anime of this magnitude!
    Again HAIL to Death Note!

    and damn, I’m also sad, it ended this way, I wish Light killed them all and prevail in the end. Although it didnt went the way I wanted to, still a fitting end to this outstanding anime called DEATH NOTE.

  42. Wow, what an awesome ending.
    I don`t think I could watch any more animes after that and not think
    ‘Oh, Light was more evil than that’ or ‘L was smarter than that’.
    Yes I am sad to see Light die after all those episodes of cheering him on
    in the beginning of the series. I myself wonder why we can`t have an ‘evil
    wins over good ending’ for once. Would`ve been cool to see what Light
    would`ve done in the future as a ruler of the world.
    It`s been fun, everyone.
    Thanks for the amazing ride.

  43. This was a beautiful ending. They changed the manga because it’s pretty obvious that the anime writers like Light a lot more than the manga writer did.

    I hope it isn’t saying something about me when I much prefer the anime ending…

  44. I was personally not satisfied with that ending; left too much of an empty feeling, like it wasn’t an ending at all.

    Though, I agree with many that, in the end, Light was distorted by his godly power. He even took such illogical steps as putting all his faith into a person he didn’t really even know and not having any contingency plans. His blinding arrogance ultimately cost him his life.

    I would have liked a bit of a combination of the anime & manga endings: Light gets gunned down and Mikami draws attention to himself like he did, allowing Light to get away. Light proceeds to write down Near’s name and causes his death, and while basking in his absolute victory, that’s when a pain occurs that makes him realise that Ryuk fulfilled his promise of killing Light at the end. Then maybe they can show him living his own torment, or flashing his life before his eyes, inspiring guilt and regret.

    I didn’t like Near at all, and seeing him prevail was probably one of the thorns that didn’t come out. His death would have had the effect that everyone was truly helpless against the Death Note.
    Besides, who knows what could potentially happen afterward. Near touched the notebook, so had the otherworldly experience of witnessing a Shinigami. Naturally this would inspire doubt in ones own existence, so it wouldn’t be too far out of the question to have him savor a page or two from the Notebook before incinerating it.
    Light, when he lost his memories, became a very valuable source in capturing the ‘then’ Kira. The only difference between the two Light’s was the otherworldly experience of Shinigami’s and Death Note’s. It would be safe to assume that this ‘experience’ is enough to turn one into a being capable of using the Death Note.

  45. To be honest, i liked the anime adaptation of the ending MUCH better. It wasn’t as ironic, but it showed Light reflecting on himself, and he dies calmly, because, well…..anyways it makes Light look less pitiful and more mature. It still made me feel bed for Light, since he was only trying to make a better world. Overall an awesome ending for an awesome series…..I wanna see the speacil now >.>…….

  46. 2 Leyl & gammaoh:

    1) My facts are pain, sadness, hatred of millions people, who were decieved, ruined by
    officials and criminals and couldn’t do anything to achieve real justice. Do you need more ?? (you can look for them at the end of discussion of previous episode) Light doesn’t need lots of money, palace or comfortable place in the government/corporation (do you remember the fatman on TV or Rem’s businessman ? – that’s the true meaning of the words “money and power”), unlike other “beasts”. He can kill all of them, even destroy the System, chains of old traditions, if we admit his superiority. That’s how he can be used. Why do you talk about fear?? Kira doesn’t kill “casuals” (i’m tired of repeating this phrase), but only the ones, who constantly prey on human tragedies, die (and i’m not sure, that he, alone, can wipe out all of these b@st@rds…) What’s wrong with it? You’re just afraid of losing stability in your life,and don’t want radical changes.
    Forget about tyranny’s crap, he’ll just help humans to start all over again in the world, where ordinary power and money have lost their damned high level of strength.

    Let’s say: i don’t care about his “god complex” (this is the author’s big mistake), but i praise his deeds. Murder is nothing in compare with pain and sadness. And modern laws and
    society can’t protect the weak (or passive) ones, like Kira did.

    2)As i said, maybe he is a monster, but it’s okay, while he kills milliones of them all over the world and save a lot of people, their prosperity.
    FBI agents fought for lives of criminals and sorrow of their victims in the battle with Light. Why must these fools live? They could refuse to go to Japan and even support Kira
    in his way of true Justice.

    Oh, damn it, i knew, that someone would point at this word – “power”.

    1) Under these “people”, i mean the ones, who don’t help the others, don’t kill the devilish criminals and liars, and just only accumulate their wealth, using every available
    method (even slavery and torture).
    And deeds of Light, abilities, his goal are different.
    2) Kira’s phenomenalism can be used only if the bearer of DN is unknown,if people don’t understand the nature of it. They must think, that Kira is supernatural, unseen, unknown force, only then, Light can become “godhead”. So, he will never be ordinary politician, president and e.t.c. If he reveal himself, he’ll lose important part of his “divine” power
    or maybe his head too.
    3) Without power he can’t change the world.

  47. Wow, well, the ending was great I thaught….

    And if you read the manga, of course no one expected Light to have a happily ever after xD

    Ryuk saved Light from a lingering, painful death…Though I feel horrid for Misa….

    Im very happy with the last episode…it showed just what a psychotic coward Kira really was. It showed that regardless of how he felt he would be a god, he was only Human, fragile and short-living.

  48. Haven’t anybody noticed L at the end and asked why does it mean. Well I think that Light was imagining him because he wanted somebody besides him in his last moment OR that L still considers him as a friend even in his defeat. Just a thought, but L’s appearance diffently means something. Good ending.

  49. Isabelsan, he was dead by the time the L aparition happened. L was there, i think, because they were true friends, even when plotting to take eachother down. There is a connection between them you just can’t describe.

    This anime is soooo incredible that even at the ending ryuku knowing that his eternity is going to be boring after light´s death at jail( after been tortured of couse and got his sentence ) that he kills light knowing that he is going to die too( T_T writer YOU ARE THE BEST AND THIS IS THE BEST SUSPENCE ANIME EVEEEERRRRRRRRR)
    Thank you so much for this anime I NEVER BOUGHT AN ANIME ON DVD EVER BUT THIS IS GOING TO BE THE FIRST ONE ^_^!!!!
    PS: BYE BYE MISA, AND LIGHT YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!For choosing this life instead of a normal one( as he saw on his last moments)!!A FUCKING BORING LIFE!! LOL

  51. I loved how when Mikami killed him self, it reminded me of Mel Brooks’ Dracula movie where Harker and Van Helsing go to kill Lucy and this ridiculous amount of blood flies out of her chest. We should have laid down some newspapers!

  52. Oh light why why couldnt you change the world!? whyyyy!?

    Now it will be back to the awful world it is =/!

    I wanted to see the kiraist . It was very important that scene cause even if Kira Dies he already planted the seed of “Justice”! damn =(

  53. Well I guess it had to happen, I really enjoyed the dramatic feel of this ending.

    I agree with some people who’ve said Near outsmarting Light is what’s most painful (or him trusting his fate to Mikami), since N’s development was so poor, I couldn’t relate with him as a character or his ulterior motives behind the investigation whereas I could with Light, L, Mikami, Takada, Misa, the investigation crew and even Mello, it seemed to me he was like a deus ex machina for the purpose of defeating Kira.

    Great ending to a great series.

  54. I thought Light would take a few more people down with him (obviously he couldn’t WIN… that would send the wrong message to all the children ^_^;). A little sloppy- he was too confident. Awesome ending tho. I knew that Mello would be the real key- Light interacted with Near, he knew how Near would think just like he knew how L would think, but Mello… Mello was the Wild Card, so to speak. The one Light couldn’t account for. And it was his undoing. Although if Mikami hadn’t been so hasty… Or even, if he had given Misa pages of the note for emergencies… Of course, then she might have killed Takada even earlier. Hah!

    Ahh, well. I kinda wanted to see Ryuk returning to the Shinigami Realm. More of Ryuk in general over the past like… 12 episodes would have been nice. But definitely will hold a spot in my personal Top Ten Anime for long, long years to come.

    LIGHT! You have been defeated by a little white haired boy!! (and a guy who can apparently make perfect forgeries overnight- that came straight out of left field)

  55. im planning on reading the manga, but i just cant get over the fact that Kira was easily defeated like that! T.T i felt really sorry for him when he was about to die, he actually looked like a normal person, instead of haveing that evil smirky face XD

  56. We wanted the swimming lessons, dammit. I wanted to watch the episode solely for that. Damn you Madhouse!

    Personally, I think the drama ending was better than the original ending anyway. But the swimming lessons were golden.

  57. Light acted way to irrationally, they seemed to have dumbed him down for a quick ending.
    Ways He normally would have acted include.
    1)Get arrested and use his secret Death Note to killed them all.
    2)Go to a trial and wait for his Kira supporter to help.
    3)Instructed Mikimi to test the note before coming.
    4)Not be stupid and say “It my win, Near”
    5)In case have written all the known names on the death note to kill the around 3h or so after there meeting then also bring along a gun and just finish Near on the scene.
    6)Used the Death Note to control the actions of all the people in the meeting forcing them to shoot Near to death on arrival and instantly die thereafter.
    So many less complicated ways to achieve victory rather then a insanely long and complex plan that had millions of loop holes. Light even says while waiting “Near you could have won” COULD HAVE WON! The Light I know would not be satisfied with that especially a loop hole with a high % chance of discovery like a fake notebook.
    Also Light is not evil people… he only kills “!evil people!” and those who try and stop him from his job of keeping peace.

  58. I’ve already written about “Light is brainless fake”. And most of your points are illogical:
    1) How can he do it with handcuffs on him, guards, cameras (L arc)?
    2) Kira Supporters don’t know about him anything (he even hasn’t got DN to prove his “divine” power).
    3) It was already written.
    4) It doesn’t matter. The “false” DN is the best evidence.
    5) Gun? Maybe. But Light has never used it before (i think). Idea about Mikami “to remember the names, escape and write them down later” is a good one. Only one problem – in that case, he’ll use the “false” DN again.
    6) Did you read manga or watch anime carefully? It’s impossible because of rules of DN.

    LONG LIVE, KIRA!!!!!!!!!LONG LIVE, KIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!LONG LIVE, KIRA!!!!!!!!!!

  59. I think the anime ending was better since Light wasn’t as pathetic as in the manga ending. When I saw the preview of ep37 I thought (with Light having the eyes) that he would have done the deal since none of the other characters know about the deal.

  60. Wow, Mikami is the complete opposite of the manga. In the manga Mikami told Light: “You’re not GOD! You are trash!” And damn Light was so pathetic in the Manga. “Don’t kill me Ryuk, please! I don’t wanna pass away!”

  61. Although it pained me to see Light-o get blown away by Matsuda (ARGHH), as an after thought it seemed most to be the most befitting – having fooled many, the feeling betrayal shot its way through. haven’t seen the manga but I will surely miss DN. sigh…

  62. 2 Syouke:

    Who has said here, that Kira isn’t evil?? Of course, it is. But, you must know, the evil now rules all over the world and also has different graduation – part of it can fight with another one in very effective way. That’s what DN’s about. Great story with false end.

  63. when i think it should end like that that doesnt mean i live in the land of american action films and childish fairy-tales
    how do you want it to end
    your great Thoughts

  64. …can’t the bad guy ever win? Just once? JUST ONCE I wanted Light to win.

    As far as I am concerned… Death Note ended on episode 25.

    LIGHT! The ruler of the new world! KAMI!! You won’t die, not in our hearts. For once I wanted this show to end in the badassness that Light created. All that effort, all that way for nothing.

    …his over-confidence was his undoing. He should have included Misa, given her a page, and made her snipe-write for him at the warehouse somehow. He shouldn’t have brushed her off, if he had done that. If he had trusted her more, he might not have been in the pinch he was in. She was under utilized in the final moments and it was his undoing.

    Also, he should have carried more pages of the notes with him, somehow. He could have written something as he fled if he packed some. In fact, I would have hid many pages while he had the book… hell, why keep it a book? Rip all the pages if one must. The pages were all that mattered.

    This is how much I cared for Death Note, simply the most thrilling story ever. Light, I believed in your world, where the Osama Bin Ladens and the terrorists that rule this world have no power. Where people can live in true peace as innocents. Where war is unnecesary, for there is no corruption or crime to fight. No drug war, no terrorism or dirty bombs, no international crime.

    Peace. I won’t easily forget this series. No way in hell.

  65. I’m an American soldier, please learn the difference between reality and fantasy please. :/ My friend Jose Padiaz got a grenade tossed into his Humvee by a 10 year old, handed to him by an older man. They shouted at the kid not to do it, but he did. It killed the driver and my friend the TC. The gunner survived with severe leg injury. The child was killed by the blast itself. There is evil out there, and trust me…

    I don’t know what country you’re from, but it’s not us. Someone handing a grenade to a child is cowardly, it is true evil. The deaths of innocent civilians out here is unjust, and is run by masked men who care not for their own lives. In fact, if Light’s justice was real, I wonder if even He would be able to counter their actions.

    They care not for their lives, so Light would not cause fear in them. They wear masks, and are willing to put their lives on the line. They care not for civilians, workers and their government. Chaos is all that matters. 100+ people died yesterday and they were not by American hands. So please become more aware at the reality of the situation.

    Light’s justice can blanket the world, but there is evil greater than even the death note can handle. People can call Light evil, but I disagree, I cannot see how one could truly believe Light is evil. Sacrifice must be done, in order for peace to exist in this world. Sure, Light has killed many, including sacrificing his own father. However imagine a world where your little sister or daughter can run in the park without fear of being kidnapped by a pedophile and sexually abused. Where people can walk the streets without fear of being mugged, stabbed, shot by some guy down on his luck with nothing to lose.

    Imagine a world without war, where international drug trade is torn apart from the inside and no longer existed. Where dealers were too afraid to peddle their wares to kids outside of schools.

    Imagine a world where your identity is safe from fraud and theft, for if those that did it knew they EVER got caught, if they EVER got even spotted, they would die. DIE, not jail, no years and years of bundled red tape. They would be felled by God himself.

    A world where evil never truly dissapears, but is subdued to such a degree it is barely a whisper. A world where the INNOCENT can be INNOCENT and the GUILTY too fearful to let any of that truly change. A world with Justice.

    A few lives, a handful of men… is that not worth it? Is that not worth being able to leave your door unlocked without fear of someone breaking in and killing your family? Is that not worth it to know your children can drive to the movies at night without fear of some drunk driver out there risking some jail time just to get his drunk ass home?

    Is that not worth a few lives? A few names? Is that truly evil…? No, I see it as obligation. Light was truly justice, he had no choice. He had NO choice but to do what he did, it just sucks I fear nobody in the world today would have the pelotas to do something like he did if put into that position.

  66. 2 qwertypoiuy:

    It does. That’s mean ,you’ve never watched someone’s violent death in reality and cruelty of human beings.
    i’ve already written about them -page 3. And they’re not great – i’m just tired of reign of fear, passiveness and injustice in many countries (include mine). So, i’m sad, that even in anime, it can’t be destroyed.

    I agree with StrikerK. Serious crimes, constant mockings and acts of violence against really innocent(!) people must be punished by immediate death. Only then, criminal b@st@rds will learn to respect peaceful life of the others.

    If Kira existed, there would be no war in Iraq – Sadam would be killed with all his “worshippers”, like every ruthless dictator, and a new government would be established sooner or later, which would really care about poor people, not just only about it’s own flourishing (without any american invasion).

  67. well if u say that the war against terrorism is to save the lives of your countrymen u may be right from your own perspective .but then Bin Landen’s attacks may be just for the same reason . The USA terrorize the world , they are the own who support jews and let them kill paleastinians who in return become terrorists . You created terrorism in the first place . And in the first place you Americans have invaded Iraq and you Americans are enslaving the nation . You intervene in politics of other countries , you establish dictatorships to serve your own purpose .
    The people of Middle -East become terrorists since they have not the means to counter you . And please don’t try to tell me you do it for justice cause

  68. u were the ones who supported him in the first place . And u live in a country where everybody can easily purchase a gun so don’t talk to me about justice . open your eyes and see that your friend was killed for nothing . did he got killed to free Iraq no , to destroy mass destruction weapons u have them too so u don’t have the right to talk

  69. 2Demonized
    only god has right to decide people fate not any person believe me no human can establish a way by which people should live their lives because it will fail in the end
    light was a human and he was wrong to think he was god the normal end for him is to die
    and i have watched people violent death in reality and cruelty of human beings
    every day i saw paleastinians children killed and beat by israelian

    i agree with every word apo said

  70. 2 qwertypoiuy:

    Then you’re a strange person (or maybe priest of morality)?
    I dislike Light’s aim to be “God” (it’s illogical crap), but his other ideals i can appreciate easily.

    Don’t mix up different things- Fate and God : it’s very convenient position – “God decides all”, “let’s just continue to live, like we did it before and believe, that someday everything’ll be all right”. Because of these views, there are milliards facts of injustice and poverty through the history of humanity. I think, God gives us power to change this damned world and even fate can’t take it away.
    Why do you lead the conversation to the phrase: “no human can establish a way by which people should live their lives”? So, everyday, innocent people must suffer, cause their luckier neighbours don’t want any radical changes or obstacles to their “freedom” (of gaining everything they want and speculating on misfortune of the others). The rule “if you commit a serious crime against innocent, you’ll be surely dead” doesn’t teach people, how they should live – it just prevents crimes; it means, that really ruthless killers (not casuals), violators, corrupted officials, druglords, slave-traders, bullies, thieves (not casuals) will immediately die. That’s all. I just wish, that people of my country (not a few rich corrupted b@st@rds, like now, with a bunch of their slaves) will live a safe, good life, without injustice or never-ending fights for “better future”. I don’t think, that they can do it without help of a miracle or divine powers. But human isn’t an animal – he must fight to change this world, not just follow it’s soulless will, even his way leads to hell.

    Apo is right – America cares only about it’s own prosperity, nothing else.
    That’s why, it supported anti-popular regime of Pinochet in Chile and in other countries; brought up a lot of terrorists in it’s struggle with Soviet Union.

  71. 2Demonized
    yes i agree with you we should work and do our best to change ourselves and our world
    but i mean light doesnt have the right to judge people
    if i had the power i will love to kill criminls but the way by which light do this will get innocent people and people who are not too bad involved
    because he doesnt know the background of this people and their lives
    some people may appear to be evil but with little help they can change into good ones who help the society
    mmm sorry for bad english but i hope i was able to make my point clear

  72. 2 qwertypoiuy:

    1) this is the words of Kami from another thread (based on manga’s information): “Light has a system. As expressed when he lost his memories and was working with L, Light refused to kill people whose crimes were accidental, repented for, or made under exceptional/mitigating circumstance. Light is very careful and meticulous in his judgements of criminals.”
    Also I’ve written, that Light (in manga) didn’t kill casual killers/thieves or “people, who are not too bad involved”; other “false” Kiras – yes, they kill.
    2) I think, there are millions really ruthless b@st@rds in this world, so Kira has a work to do.
    3) Does Light have the right to judge people or not? – it’s the question, that can be answered only after final battle between Light’s ideals supporters and his enemies. Human justice isn’t effective at all; often it is bought by rich monsters , but we need to live somehow, till the Doomsday, eh? So people, who’ve sold their souls to devil, judge the others, without even knowing or understanding them. For example -in the street, one man defended himself and hit bully’s bud badly – the policeman said: you’ll pay 50000 dollars (big money in our country) to us or go to a prison for 8 years. How can you call this?

    There a lot of “victims of justice” now, even without Kira.
    4) Little help won’t change the “evil” ones. Only constant fear of losing f..ked lives can do it or control their behaviour.

    2 apo:

    Not existence of God itself, but crappy ideas about paradise/hell(“suffer now, enjoy later”) were used to oppress and control poor people.

  73. 2 Demonized
    1) light killed innocent and used many people like toys
    you may say that was for a greater goal but killing people is still killing
    2)i agree
    3)i will call that injustice every jop has bad people who are not honest even between police
    but still there are alot of good guys
    if i was in that poistion i will try to take my rights by normal ways
    4)some people become evil to help their familes or because of injustice
    but with some help they can return to their sense
    but the true solution to prevent people from turing bad if they were exposed to injustice
    to have a religion and hold to it even in the worest cases
    not by holding to another human

    man what are you saying there is god ofcourse

  74. You’re right – the ending could’ve been better, but I still think they pulled it off rather well. And while I was crying like a baby in the end, I really liked the credit scenes and all – especially when L appeared! Very sweet. Especially this episode made me think like ‘Oh my, gotta give some credit to Light’s seiyuu’ – I got goosebumps from the laughters he made…

  75. W T F!!!!

    Those F’en retards!!!

    If thay are were going to kill Light they just have to kill that bitch (near) and the dutch bages. The ending was good but whould have bin beter if the airplain in the background crashed into the building. I can just imagine it. When the Light exits the building and the others are abaut to fallow but stoped by near for just enugh time for Light to clear a safe distance from the blase rang. Right when the gang of dutch bages are about to live they find themselfes facing an incoming plain. the plain crashes and to add drama near survives just to have rubel fall and kill her. This would fit rigt in because Light checks the time as if to say he has one more (but in this case two) tricks up his sleeve, then it ends like it did.

    Maybe have Light wake up in the death god realm and have him lagh as the sckrin gose dark.
    The death note falling with a dark almost black background. when it hits the floor the seting is as normal as a park and a shadow falls over it.

  76. I was reading some blogs on another site and almost fell out of my chair reading them. They gave me different perspective on the ending of Desu Noto. I have not read the manga but I have seen the whole anime and live action movies. I feel that there was a hidden twist in how the anime ended. If you really think about how Mikami and how Light died does the fact that Near having the real death note in the end seem odd. From all the different blogs I read only one of them actually thought the same as me. Near killed Mikami and Light with the death note. Now I know the rules of the death note are vast cause there are so many. The main one is I know at the beginning Ryukk said he was the one who was going to write Light’s name in his death note but, just like what happened before Takada’s name was written in two notebooks. Takada still died but like Near said Mikami thought he killed her because he wrote Takada’s name in the notebook and thought Light would not kill her. When light did right her name and the cause of death was his way as well. Back to my main point about Near killing Light and Mikami. My theory is supported only by a hunch but it is a good one. Light was able to alter people before there death with the note and Near knew that. So with that I believe that Near wrote Mikami and Light’s names and manipulated them before they died. The way the rule of cause of death being written in one note and the name at the end could have been used. What if Near knew about the rule where the Shinigami is the one who kills the first human to touch the death note. What if he knew that and used that by just writing the cause of death and leave Ryukk to write Lights name. Light was shot like 20 times and was still able to get up and walk. He didn’t die because Near had not written his name down he just had everything set up for Ryuk. And according the rule it is possible for this to happen because within 6 mins and 40 seconds his name is written by Ryuk and he dies. Near had everything planned out to the T. Except one thing… ownership of the death note. Who had ownership over the death note? Takada was the one who was actually doing the killings but if Mikami knew that and Light knew there was a possibility that the death note could be a fake. There were two death notes in play at the time. The one the police had and the one that Mikami had well… thought he had haha.. But something that didn’t seem right was that Mikami had the shinigami eye. In order to trade for the “eyes” you must have possession of the death note. I might have just missed it or something but do you ever see Mikami making the deal with a shinigami?? But he has the eyes therefore he has possession of it. Only one person can have possession of a death note.. it can be borrowed but you must own it do the trade. Light had possession of the death note at the police headquarter because Mikami could not see his life span. And Mikami had possession of the fake/actual killing death note. Near knew about the “eye” and knew that Mikami had it. He basically lead Light and Mikami into a trap. I believe that Near was not as innocent as he looked. He was more daring than L and used the death note to bring down both Kira and Mikami.

    Correct me if I am wrong about anything….this was just a hunch

  77. To me, DN ended at episode 25… Just sad that they never explained much about L’s background… Would have loved to know more…

    Anyways, had always been wondering – had Light traded for “shinigami eyes” at the beginning, he could have always killed whoever who is in his ways? He won’t have to rely on Misa!!
    And he could have been able to save himself by killing L with his own eyes (and need not go through intricate plots of getting Misa to be near L, or getting REM to indirectly kill L. etc etc..)
    [Pls dun be mistaken, I actually LOVE BOTH L and Light… Haha..]
    But I guess, at the end of the day, Light is too full of himself and over confident that he could manage without the eyes, isn’t it? I always thought that Light might not want to trade the “eyes” as that would indicate an admission of “not clever enough” and been “defeated”? Just a thought….

    Anyways, I was holding a lingering hope that L would come back alive.. It’s anime, isn’t it? Anything’s possible, right? But of course, it’d spoil the whole plot… sigh…

    Bye, L. Bye, Light.

    Looking forward to the special episode now…

  78. 2 Shigetsu
    it seems a bit superflous that near would do something like that. there is absolutely no need, also in the warehouse scene is when he first see’s ryuk, which implies that is his first time touching that death note. It is further solidified when he asks ryuk about if a page is torn can it still kill people. which says he didn’t expierment with it and that he would have asked that question to ryuk beforehand…not at the end of it all.
    it is also implied that mikimi made the deal for the shinigami eyes as it was that takada made that same deal. the ending does leave unanswered questions however about whether the police death note was real. but i do believe all loose ends will be tied up in the death note special which should come out within the coming weeks. to clear up your death note misconception, the law states that only if the owner willingly gives up the death note or dies is the death note to be given a new owner. light never gave up possession of rem’s notebook, but had misa give up possession of ryuks to mikami. however takada also had the shinigami eyes which implies that mikami gave up possession to takada and when takada died mikami was holding the death note thus making him the owner once more. so although in the end near has mikamis death note he does note have possession which is apparent from mikamis ability to see nears name. but the ending still leaves unanswered question so perhaps you are right after all.

  79. So I liked the way they did this…but I liked the manga’s ending better. Manga spoilers:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I liked the anime ending but the *really* should’ve put that epilogue in there.

  80. Light dying was the prettiest thing Ive ever seen, and I mean that in the most artistically way possible. It was really heartbreaking, as he was running through the warehouse, wounded and broken, and I can’t help but feel for him.

    This sociopath, this murderer, was nothing but an innocent boy who wanted a little justice in this world.
    Power corrupts, I guess.
    Raito has taken us on an amazing journey.
    It’s been fun.

    Sayonara, Raito. 🙁

  81. Light… Farewell..
    the last episode truly closed the whole scene in a beautiful and artistic way… it was fascinating how anime has developed and achieved greatness through years… Ryuk wrote the name of Light to his Deathnote…and Light, a boy with a desire for a fair new world…who became a vicious monster in the end…died…
    I like it…when Light lied helplessly on the stairs…and Ryuuzaki/ “L” was shown in the scene…It was a one kind of an art… I’m proud to make a movie review about “Deathnote” in our school paper…

  82. wow what a dumb ending. was light really that dumb? no backup plan or anything. he deserves to die just for that and he lost to a 10 year old kid. but still im at complete dissappointment…. why the hell does misa have to die thats just retarded. they didnt even sex or anything and plus she lost most of her memory so wtf that doesnt make any since. and near shoulda died too. so at least everyone dies that would been way better. story suck after L either way.

  83. “Instead, she just chose the most convenient way to escape from reality….suicide. ”

    In a way, she didn’t choose it – her life span determines the date of death.

    She would have died even if Light had become successful. Maybe some big truck would have hit her. Maybe she could have accidentally fallen out of her high-rise condo into a bed of spikes. Who knows?

    Vic Mann
  84. Well, you could always speculate the Shinigami Eyes deal part of it.

    Anyways, from what I see, the anime let Light die in a more glorious light then the manga did. Ryuk definitely had a big involvement with Light’s death. I guess Light deserved the more peaceful death, after all his original intentions were for the good of mankind. I salute the Light’s VA for a job well down, even if he was going to be killed of in the end.

    Sirvz, the reason why Light was so “dumb” in the end was because he let his power of being god get to him. He was so sure of being Kira that he never stopped to realize the possibillities of other peoplee blunders. The story just sucked for you presumebly, because Light started to make less sensible judgement after killing his first obstacle L beleiving that he could over come anything leading to his downfall. Second thing, the anime not about sex, so deal with the fact that they didn’t make love to have kids.

    Sora no Kaze
  85. Love love loved it. Although for me, the 1st arc (with L) was much more interesting to watch since L is obviously smarter than Near or/and Mello. It’s just that in the second arc, they already knew the existence of the DeathNote, made the investigation easier. I LOVE LIGHT AND L. haha

  86. This ending and such has gotten me thinking so I decided to search for some answers. First I’ll introduce myself and tell you my thoughts and questions. I am R. (I also wanted to do that!) or Rada.

    The ending in the anime was so different than the manga version. I liked the anime version better because I believe L should be watching Light as he dies. You can really feel for Light with this ending, more sad and touching. Mercy has hit Light hard… Still it would have been more interesting if L had lived, I wonder what would have happened if that was the case?

    L and Light are truly two interesting characters who both believe in justice very strongly. At first I liked Light but as he became more demonlike I started to fall away from him… L, on the other hand was strange at first but he grew on me, I felt connected because I’m like the same way as he is, well different ways but still the same.

    I still think that L knew this may have happened one way or another, it was so perfect to have him watching Light in his final moments of life. If they had met at different cercumstands they could have been really good friends. Ryuk, in other words must have knew something like this would happen otherwise what are the chances of him dropping the Death Note at the very moment Light was looking out the window? I say the chances are about 30%-70% on this matter.

    I felt guilty at this ending, the anime one, because after L died I wanted him to pay for what he had done. The manga one was pretty harsh and pathetic on Light’s part. The anime was more suitable for Light’s demise in a way. As he was walking I believe light was thinking, ‘Why? Did I do all this again? I should have never picked it up in the first place…’ The saying curiousity killed the cat fits this statement for me. In a way Light was the Cat and L, Near, and Mello were all the mice.

    For second when I saw L standing there I thought he was going to say something like this: ‘See, justice always wins in the end…’ or ‘Goodbye Light Yagami. There’s no way out of this one…’ or something like that. Since Light was L’s first friend, L was disappointed that his friendship was betrayed so easily. I believe L was crying that’s why they hid his eyes, I mean I would have loved to see L’s eyes once more… If I was in L’s shoes I would have done the very same…

    L in the whole series was my most favourite character, then Near and Light. I feel that L shouldn’t have died. Light, on the other hand, had it coming one way or another. I hope this may have answered so of your questions or such. I hope the special comes soon, maybe the answers I’m looking for on that special.

    Rada (R)
  87. muwahahaha, man, mello was the true hero & genius behind all of this. its no wonder he died so easly. it was part of his plan, from his prediction. 🙂 he knew all of this, soo awsome. mello rocks!! allong with near. too bad they didint show the part like they did in the manga of light begging like a dog to ryuk to save him:)

  88. Now that you bring it up, it was all Mello’s plan in the first place. I thought he was a bit rash in his chioces and plans… but it makes sense. I think L knew Light would lose at somepoint, it really begins to bring some questions and answers to light. It’s interesting how things worked out so well even after what Light went through to get this far. I read somewhere that the last chapter in the manga was suspose to be irony on Light’s part, he did become a God but not a real “Live” God.

    Rada (R)
  89. To Sirvz – Actually, think Near’s 18 years old – older than Light was at the beginning so its… concievable.

    I hate how it ended. Poor, poor Light. They sure handed him the villain ball.

  90. This was and extraordinary anime, and in my sense of justice the ending was in evils benefit. I am an solder, and I have seen combat and from those life experiences and my own sense of justice i draw those conclusions. I have seen many innocent women and children killed in combat. I myself have killed children to save my life, and in all probability killed noncombatants in the cross fire. That is the nature of war. Light was at war. He killed the FBI and others who were chasing him to save his life and prevent such an awesome power as the deathnote from falling into others hands. He killed people who did horrible things to others, if this was “right” will be argued depending on each persons sense of justice. What many overlook are his results, and the thousands if not millions of lives he saves. Were it be from all the criminals he takes off the streets to the fact that he ends WAR, thousands if not millions of lives are saved from death. If you dislike like Light as a person that is understandable not everyone likes everyone and no human is perfect we see that in Lights actions and god complex but no man or women is without flaw. But i myself find it hard to sentence millions to death and despair because i don’t like someone. How many children would be mutilated, raped, decapitated, bombed and beaten in those Wars? by the criminals? Can you really give those horrible deaths on the truly innocent children of the world when you Judge Light to death? There are people in this world now, single people, who have far more power then Light ever had and use it for nothing but there own ends. In my sense of Justice Light did the best he could with the power he had to make the world better, no ones perfect, he made plenty of mistakes, many things i would have done differently but hind sight is 20/20. Am i evil because i killed people in wars of “justice”? am i evil because people died so i could defend myself? am i evil because innocent people died? Light did the best he could to better the world, I did the best I could. I don’t know a single solder who has been to combat would would not freely give there lives to end war. Light did that. Thats more then Gandhi, Jesus, and Muhammad and the countless years of humanity ever did. I can’t see how anyone could wish that hell to return to earth. That in my sense of Justice is EVIL. Light saved millions at the cost of thousands, as bitter as that taste’s to some would you really want it the other way?

  91. I,to am a soldier, looking for justice, money, and everything my way. I am watching all of you who do not pay for each second. I am … a lawyer, my battles, I fight them in a court of law, presided over by another lawyer (a judge), that is why you will never beat me. I am watching you.

    Digital Millenium Copyright Act
  92. Some of you have taken this show way too seriously. It’s actually rather scary. I’m not going to make fun of you or cast aspersions on your sanity, but please guys, it’s just a show. Take it as that and only that.

    Anyway, I found the ending to be more than fitting. Light was made to suffer the consequences of his foolish and reprehensible actions, and I for one wasn’t saddened that it happened, as I’d come to hate the character long before he met his end. He was scum. Dirty, manipulative, murdering scum.

    Death Note was a great show, and I can only hope that more shows of its caliber pop up in the future.

  93. I can’t beleive they had to kill Light like that! I was just waiting for him to take one of them with him :/ I absolutely HATED near but in the end the only way near could have won was incredible luck and resorting to using the death note to get his evidence. Show Spoiler ▼

    Death note was probably one of my favorite animes but i dont think i could watch it again becuase it would make me think ” how could the little kid who plays with toys be responsible for this genius’ demise?”

  94. GEEZ, near is just one heck lucky bastard! it’s just the luck! the luck!
    if I’m the director for that episode, I would loved to see near die by Light’s controlled will death, I would like to hang him in a very high place! wah!

  95. i like mello a lot better, not only his fashion sense but he is the sole reason that near could know the fake rules, and mello put light under pressure, and light make a fatal mistake after that, but he pay his life for it. near just picked up whatever mello got, and give it a little push. if anybody is the true hero after L’s death, it would be mello, and i think he is one of the most underrated character in the series, because near took all the glory after his death.

  96. I prefer Near over Mello, because Near bends the rules. In a way, he “cheats” while still pinning Light as Kira. Note also that Near did so without even meeting Light in the beginning. Mello did help out, and I personally believe the two are tied, but I still prefer Near over him.

  97. Light shouldnt have died, he shouldnt have made so many mistakes. If light was like himself when he was battling L, he would have sent Makami death note pages just in case.

  98. about time that pyschotic bastard died i couldn’t wait, i still can’t believe L is dead i bawled my eyes out (I MISS U “L” wouldn’t it had been cool if L had faked his on death now that would have been smart) but N did a nice job ,i thought he was smarter than L at first. and Misa that poor pon light used everyone around him his death was most obvious if he hadn’t died i would have been totally pissed

  99. What the hell? This was horrible. Why did they have to have Light look so crazy? And did they have to kill him? I mean, losing his memories and living with Near watching him constantly would of been better…and what happened to Light’s mother? Did she finally kill herself? What happened to the blank ‘staring at nothing’ Sayu Yagami? And what about Misa? Where was she when Light was on the floor bleeding and crying out for her? What a horrible ending. They should of added at least one more episode to show what happened to everybody. Ah well…


  100. i wish tht light didnt have to die cause i was realy loving tht show i wish they would make a movie or something or portray tht there will be another death note were light has passed it onto someone else tht would be freaking awesome

  101. the ending was perfect, but they should have an extra episode to show how all the people that touched the notebook react in pergitory, and plus who didn’t see light dieing he was like the fucking prince of evil even if is intentions were pure its just a matter of point of view from his he was righteous but to N and L he was the current face of evil but in all seriousness i almost fucking cried when he killed L and Wataree or however you spell it, it was though an amazing ending, and series as a whole

  102. Best series since Full Metal. Curious though of where the second notebook that Misa had went? Did it go with that Death-God? They one that came looking for it? I just wondered why she couldn’t help Light. Great ending.

  103. I think it was a pretty pathetic way to end the series. No matter what you may think about Light, it is still extremely irritating to see him brought down by a couple of brats who couldn’t even hold a candle to L’s ass. I mean the only reason I continued to watch after L’s death was to see Light squash these two punks. If Light was going to lose, it should have been to L, at least they were equals. There was no brilliant plan on M & N’s part, they just got lucky – not a good way to end a series that revolved around brilliant plans. And I am tired of hearing about how L had to die because Ryuuk said he would be the one to write his name in the notebook. Hello, this could have happened anytime, like 50 years in the future or something. But sadly this series ended like any other so called good vs evil series – very disappointing.

    Light Forever
  104. @ LIGHT — He goes to ‘mu,’ to nothingness. (Weirdly enough, the Death Note says that every human goes to mu, but then why would it specify that the users can’t go to heaven or hell? Can they go somewhere other than mu?)

    Didn’t like Near — he was a little-kid L clone. Genius college-age kids, okay. Genius little kids, I just find irritating to watch unless they’re really creepy/mysterious or something. Near didn’t have L’s appeal at all.

    Wished Light had permanently lost the Death Note back during the L arc or soon after. I’m a sap, and I really wish we had gotten to see Light’s redemption and agony at realizing that he was Kira all along, that he now has memory of what he did, and that after killing a zillion people (and going on about how horrible Kira is once he lost his memories), he just can’t live with himself and tries to hunt down the remaining Death Notes or something.

    …Instead, they launch into a repeat of his conversion-to-evil. Once was really interesting. Twice was disheartening. Light is one of those unredeemable characters — he’s pure evil, even though he says he’s fighting for justice. Killing major criminals, I can see. It’s a human instinct to want to get rid of inhuman monsters. Killing people trying to stop the murders — bad. Anyone comfortable with that is automatically out of the ‘good’ range in my book, no matter how deluded they are that they’re doing some good. Once he gets the Death Note, Light had no good side. (I think he really lost it when he called his dead father a fool. For a while, he actually seemed to care about at least him.)

    Episode 25. I’ve nothing wrong with major characters vanishing, but L deserved to know who Kira was and actually _confront_ him after so much time. Near hadn’t been there since the beginning — he just wasn’t fit to face Light’s final moments. L should have been there to hear Light say it to his face, because he knew the entire time, and just couldn’t quite make the concept bulletproof. He declared Light his only friend, ‘atoned for his sins’ in a very symbolic washing of feet, and finally saw the Shinigami and the Death Note. After all that, you’d think he would have seen it through to the end, and been a fitting final vision for Light before he stumbled out into the world to see it one last time, to be the one that calls him a murderer and feels their friendship break apart as it really had long before he saw it cracking.

    Also, what the heck reason was there for Rem to ‘fall in love’ with Misa? Misa is obnoxious, dependent, snobby, whiny, and sissy. Everyone but Rem and her former manager guy thinks she’s annoying. Had that little plot hole not been there, Episode 25 would not have happened and the Near Arc would be poof. (Improvement.)

    Loved the ending. If Light had to be unredeemable and had to die, then this was the way to go. Not pleading for Ryuk to save him — that’s just cowardice. He has to go out in outrage, as he did after he was shot, and alone. The vision of L is so fitting, and reminiscent of the way he stood over L.

    Beautiful series, beautiful ending. I miss L. And I admit I was sad to see Light finally go out in his evil incarnation. Come back, so we can take the Note away and you can be told what you did…

  105. Screw all you pansies who think it was “fitting” for Light to die because he was “evil.”

    EVIL IS SO MUCH DAMN COOLER THAN THE GOOD SIDE. He should have won, evil or not. Near was a little annoying bitch and I couldn’t stand him. Also the way he wins is just retarded, Light should have easily been able to win.

    All he would’ve had to do was write everyone’s name on his note to die a minute after the thought the other guy would write them. This way, even if the other guy failed, all that would be left is Light and the little gay kid. Then Light could simply pull out a gun, and shoot him. Game Over. So dumb how they made him not as smart as he was at the beginning just so the little kid could beat him.

  106. what happened to the manga ending i mean really i would have liked that much better…..although i have to feel sympathetic towards light….but he got what was destined to happen he is the tragic character. His tragic flaw is over confidence. but with that said he should have lost to L not Near. Near was a pathetic excuse of L. like Light said if he was anything like L he would have tested the notebook to see if it was a fake. Near just got lucky by any means. In the end Light died very pathetically in the manga the only good thing about the anime is that light died with a little more dignanty. of course in the end light finally showed his true colors and we really find out how much a psycho he really is.all in all the ending was good but it also had a few things that could have been better..

  107. you goes on saying these stuff without backing it up. although i this series because L died, it just showed a lot more powerfully of the ugly side of death, how power can influence people for the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ (though i’m not sure if i believe in either…), and no one can escape the clutches of death. the all basically refer back to the first with the darkness. the writer of this is showing/warning people with a loud voice of what could happen in life (not necessarily the death note) by giving us a series of scenes from causes, results and more.

    i still want L to come back to life! i don’t know why i’m so fond of him…it’s everything that makes him…him…*gggrrr* bastard shimi–shit. and technically nothing is REALLY wrong or right, it’s whether people will agree to someone’s opinion. Light just had his own way of thinking although i got confused because i was waiting for the other darker light to come out…i don’t know…i really don’t want to think this over…everyone has their own mind and you can’t change it. they may say they agree but they aren’t willing. maybe also free will and whatnot.

  108. Although as mad as he was light should have been able to complete his mission. Although the rise of certain Kira groups would ruin it. I personally would have been on lights side although i believe the anime went a little bit strange at the end. This series actually poses a good question if you found the Death note what would you do? If i ever found a Death note i would definently use it to punish criminals! Just think about it though if Kira`

  109. Although as mad as he was light should have been able to complete his mission. Although the rise of certain Kira groups would ruin it. I personally would have been on lights side although i believe the anime went a little bit strange at the end. This series actually poses a good question if you found the Death note what would you do? If i ever found a Death note i would definently use it to punish criminals! Just think about it though if Kira`s plan had succeeded there would be no wars, fights or anything you would just do what was meant by law!


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