OP Sequence

OP: 「奈落の花」 (Naraku no Hana) by 島みやえい子 (Shimamiya Eiko)

Great new Eiko song – it’s not as freaky as her song for the first season, though. The OP itself doesn’t seem to be as well done as the first, but that’s not saying much – the OP sequence of the first season was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Apologies in advance if I butcher any translations.

Enter Mamoru Asakasa, the forgettable police detective who had the run-in with ni-paa Rika way back when. It’s about 30 years after the events of the first season, and he’s back in Hinamizawa to check up on the status of the now-deserted town. The first 15 minutes of the episode involve Asakasa, old ass Ooishi, and Asakasa’s useless assistant as they walk around the various sites in Hinamizawa recounting the events of the first series. The lake area has been completely filled up with concrete to curb the flow of poisonous gas, the hospital is in shambles, and the shrine is a wreck. There’s some talk about aliens and a psycho girl with a big ass cleaver somewhere in there too.

Of course, this is all to explain the so-called “Curse of Oyashiro-sama.” For those who never got around to watching the first season, this curse involves people in the village dying every year on the night of their annual festival. The first season takes us through several different plotlines and the mainly BAD END endings that come as a result of the curse.

The three men pull up to the boro boro school and walk in, where they are meeting up with… adult Rena! She has the ultimate look of the damaged goods moe mode, and plays it off quite convincingly. After a few minutes of lethargic verbal abuse from Ooishi, we get our first glimpse of the psychorena facial contortion that made the first season so famous.

I should point out that Rena is probably in her early 40s. Dayamn.

They continue talking, focusing on Rena’s past encounters with the ni-paa chick and how both of them went psychosaiyan on each other. Poor Rena, seemingly the only survivor of the alien invasion in the first season is still unable to let go of her past and those good ol’ days before everyone went Oyashiro on each other.

And that’s it. No cliffhanger, no preview, no idea what’s happening next episode besides what must be an inevitable return to killer lolis.

ED Sequence

ED: 「対象 a」 (Taishou a) by anNina


As others have already mentioned, this first episode is an anime-exclusive story meant to fill in the holes between the first and second seasons – I doubt a 15 minute romp through the ol’ sandbox with 3 old men would make for some good gameplay. As slow as it was, it was admittedly a necessary episode, especially for those who have not watched the first series, now considered to be a cult classic with its infamous “USO DA” line. Seeing grown-up Rena was definitely a surprise for me, and she didn’t fail to deliver the goods as we are treated to a few seconds of adult psychorena. I wonder if she’s on medication or just that messed up? Either way, she’s an absolute mess, much to my delight.

So what’s the verdict? Much like the other first episodes, it’s too early to tell. The presence of regular-aged Rena and the other girls in the OP suggests that the time frame of this first ep is actually the future, rather than the present. The anime will probably continue by first flashing back to finish up a few of the arcs that weren’t covered in the first season, and then move on to some other material. In other words, more of the same. If you couldn’t get enough of the first season, well – you’re getting another full load of psychotic killer lolis and baseball bat swinging practice. And maybe more Mion in her waitress outfit.

That said, I got tired of the first season about two thirds through, and left the last third sitting on my hard drive until this morning when I decided to marathon the rest of it. The whole shock factor that was killer lolis just wore off for me, and it felt like the various arcs were a bit too similar in nature. Granted that the way each arc played out was unique enough to be distinguished, and understanding that I was completely blown away by the first two or three arcs, it just seemed all too repetitive for me after a while.

Plus, I like happy animes. Happy animes inspire me to write blog entries. Animes like Higurashi make me want to stab myself. Since Lucky Star and Nagasarete (the two I’m currently blogging) will both run until the fall season rolls around, I’ll probably just stick with those two, and possibly pick up Umisho or Sky Girls, with Umisho the clear favorite right now (and not just because of the clear difference in cup sizes). Still, I’ll give Higurashi another few episodes to prove itself to me, but outside of some epic omgwtf moment, the most it’s getting is a place on the monthly power rankings.

No plans to post the OP/ED – sorry!



  1. Actually, I’ve noticed that jaalin doesn’t put up links for the OPs and EDs if he posts a first-episode summary… it’s one of the ways you can tell jaalin’s posts apart from Omni’s. ^_^

    I’m kind of curious about that too, although if the series looks interesting enough I usually get a raw from the usual places.

  2. Yeh i grew tired of Higurashi’s psychotic style half way to 2/3rds through too.

    Even as a time killer the style of this anime doesn’t really allow that, kidna freaky and depressing to watch. I’ll pass too 😀

  3. “That said, I got tired of the first season about two thirds through, and left the last third sitting on my hard drive until this morning when I decided to marathon the rest of it. The whole shock factor that was killer lolis just wore off for me, and it felt like the various arcs were a bit too similar in nature. Granted that the way each arc played out was unique enough to be distinguished, and understanding that I was completely blown away by the first two or three arcs, it just seemed all too repetitive for me after a while.”

    I agree with you completely and am at the same point. I have about 1/4 of the series still to watch. I loved the first few arcs but after awhile it became a chore to watch it. I’m certainly not implying the anime was bad, but like you said it got very repetitive.

  4. A dead girl and crows eating her guts.
    I completely understand why you won’t blog this jaalin, I wouldn’t too.
    Want to have some happiness at least in the animes I watch, real live is shit enough.

  5. jaalin, mutio and the rest of those who thinks this series is just a bloody and depressing killer loli show:

    We’ve had enough of that in the arcs of the first series, as they were some of the focuses in it. But now that we’re in the second series, the focus is going to switch from tragic stories to more positve ones. We’ll get to see how Rika, Keiichi and the others tries to overcome the inevitable tragedy (as been proved in various endings of the first series).

    This theme change is notible in the new OP; it’s more upbeat now and not as creepy like the first one was.

  6. yea Garet i know what you’re talking about – the last arc (BAT VS CLEAVER) was supposedly “GOOD END” but by then i was so desensitized to it all that i just didn’t want to watch any more.

    that said, i’ll still be following this show on my own time, so there’s always a chance.

  7. i still like it but i just want CLOSURE, i honestly am confused if i try to remember wtf was going on. she’s on drugs/ he’s brainwashed/ loli killers/ I WANT AN ENDING

    BROOKLYN otaku
  8. At first when I saw OP I think it’s not good as I expected,but when I saw it about 15 times I know that I like it a lot xD.

    In OP,before end of it about 10 sec I saw Rika call someone behind her but there is noone there. Is this a clue for something??

  9. Hanyuu!!!!!!

    Although I’m not a fan of this series, I have to admit it actually scares the bejesus out of me after a few episodes of the first series and I stopped at episode 9 cause it was too disturbing and confusing. Elfen Lied I could handle, but this series is too much for me to stomach through. Guess I have to backtrack watching the first series if I want to get to the sencond one.

    Why I love Hanyuu? Here’s three reasons:
    1. She is adorable
    2. “Au au au…”
    3. she’s a kimchi hater…like me!

  10. I can understand wanting to go with more happy animes. Though just being happy isn’t a good enough thing for me. Just putting out my thoughts on that, but really I’ve always had a tough time with depressing shows.

    But I got into this and have to watch things til the end to get a conclusion. Didn’t really feel repitition since I was more focused on what’s happening to these characters and why so many roads lead to disaster.

    There are good characters there and that’s why I’ll keep with things. Gotta feel bad for Rena in this episode though. Being the one that survived because she gets taken away right after the school incident. Quite sad situation there.

  11. Well….so glad that the 2nd season started….cant get eunf of the psycho laugh!!!
    I also wished to see whether they could get out of the curse.
    the main thing i like about season 1…i guess that would be the song(it’s so perfect for the story plot,LOL).

  12. I hate Higurashi. Its so bloody and stupid. It doesnt make sense at all and the plot seeems soooo forced. :/
    Lucky Star is much better because Kona-chan rulezZ and i really love all those brilliant anime references. XD

    Kona-chan sugoi^^
  13. i just want to say not too sure myself though the title of the anime
    “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai” the “Kai” mean “free, release” so i really think that this season will be story of them overcome the curse and have good end.

  14. @Kona-chan sugoi^^

    Its funny how you contradict urself by saying that Higurashi has a forced plot when the Lucky Star we all love doesnt really have a plot at all. You shouldn’t call an anime that i bet you didn’t even finish stupid. Watch the whole thing first. Yes it’s bloody, but thats why there is a Horror genre slapped onto the anime, its meant to scare people not make them laugh.

  15. Rinkun: The “Kai” in “Higurashi no Naku koro ni Kai” actually means 解析, which stands for explanation/analysis. It’s originally there in the later four chapters to distinguish the “answer” chapters from the “question” chapters. But I guess it could be explained it your way too. ^^

  16. I have to say the OP is well… a bad choice. It looked like someone made it going along with the happy sounding song then read the script and realized the show is not a happy one and threw in some “scary” sudden scene change + sound. Really disappointed me the first OP was awesome.

    And also don’t even compare Higurashi to Lucky Star they’re in two completely different categories.

  17. Well it’s understandable that you don’t want to review it if you don’t really like the show. But I love it! And for people that compare this to Lucky Star I think it’s a bit pointless to do so because it’s a completely different kind of anime. And I like Lucky Star too 😛

    One think I don’t understand though is that so many people are saying are frightened by watching Higurashi. Personally I don’t find it really frightening, I don’t know why:S
    And no I’m not a thriller/gore freak I actually get scared quite easily.

  18. Personally i believe someone in RC should blog this. Like someone said for omni dropping D-gray man for claymore, by diversifying you lose 2 audience but gain 5. Even if this series is pretty scary the story is deep. really deep.

  19. W.Wolf : at least…pay attention of the evolution of the story is already obvious in season 1. if you pay attention enough with the sequence, it isn’t creepy and errie at all for damn good reasons. no offense, but if you think you will got the sheer amount of gore and creeps from season 1 (which were extremely toned down since Meakashi-hen), no wonder you will be disappointed.

    Well, as some already said, Higurashi isn’t just a dumb creepy and bloody anime (i fear that the 2 first arcs were too fancy and got the “fake elfen lied “labe). I think you should understand the Story is much more a drama and quest to break the fate, instead of “killer lolies”.

    thus, fear not, the season 2 of Higurashi is not melodrama, nor unhappy or bloody “bad end”. instead, the thriller and drama will merge with actions, and it appears that DEEN will finally include the great comic relief parts (which are is THE CORE of higurashi. the blood doesn’t stand the half of the original fun of the novel, so to speak)

    So, i suggest you to wait for at least 2-3 more episodes. but frankly, Minagoroshi (the second arc of the season 2) will be extremely intense (if DEEN deosn’t screw up)

  20. Of course my opinion can change as the series moves along, it’s just my initial impression was disappointing to me. I should probably mention that the 1st season OP is my favorite one, so it’s not really surprising that my expectations were high, probably too high to realistically be met. I simply thought it wasn’t very good, which is personal taste of course.

    I don’t appreciate you suggesting that I wasn’t paying attention during the first season and was just watching for the gore. Since there is no way for you to know why I watched this show at all.

  21. oh well, kinda rude from my part, my flat apologies (probably the sheer amount of massive people getting thrilled by “killer lolies” and get simply… well, they though the scripters have thrown a curveball to them *ahem)

    I’m just wondering how far most people would expect creeps after the complete change of mood after Meakashi-hen.

    Sounds like Higurashi should have been split a bit more equally *sigh*

  22. I thought the first season was pretty cool by ep 5, then by ep 8th I was hating it cause it seemed to me it was just about killer lolis on different stories with the same characters (the mentioned repetitiveness) and that’s why everybody loved it.

    Even though some events seem to conflict with one another which was what I most disliked about it (it kept feeling repetitive for a while), the Eye Opener arc was very much worth the confusion, and I don’t say that just because of the madness, on that arc it became clear to me that this was more than just a show about killer lolis, it’s also about mystery, good character development, and clever, well thought of, storytelling, very original at that, but I don’t think it’s a show that everyone can enjoy, you have to be able to put up with the somewhat plain character designs, the average animation, a really slow pace and apparent “only” main themes (violence, crazyness, horror, suspense), and if you can (I almost dropped it), you might realize that this show is something very different from anything you’ve seen, with some genious realization, and very well worth a watch.

    Anyway since this season seems to be about answer arcs I think it’ll be pretty satisfying for all the Higu fans, looking forward to this series.

  23. YES!! as the lifecarrier said “its something very different”. it cant all be freaking luckystar! and what the hells with that comparison??? what yall smoking?? gimme some!

    PS= loved! the op from the first season, made me long for Rena to hack that FU@#ING SICKLE RIGHT INTO MY GODD@MNED FACE!!!!! ooooooooooooooooooo time for my pills

    BROOKLYN otaku

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