• The August issue of Newtype that will soon be hitting newsstands is reporting that Suzumiya Haruhi’s second season has finally been confirmed. The official announcement is set to be made on July 7th, 2007, which also happens to be the day of the Japanese Tanabata festival. That might be significant because certain events in the Suzumiya Haruhi novel storyline occur on that day. As of yet, there are no confirmed airdates, but MOON PHASE’s diary entry says that, according to an industry announcement from back in March, Kyoto Animation’s schedule will be Suzumiya Haruhi in Fall/Winter 2007 and a light novel adaptation in Spring 2008, so CLANNAD seems to have been pushed back until Fall 2008. We probably won’t know anything more definitive until the official announcement is made. But, regardless of what airs when, this Fall season is going to be chock-full of sequels and potential blockbusters (Konata certainly seems happy about this announcement).
  • I mentioned yesterday that there will be a one-hour special for CODE GEASS airing on the night of July 28th. That same August issue Newtype has also confirmed that that date will indeed be when the final two episodes of CODE GEASS are airing. For those of you marking your calendars, that’s a Saturday, and I can’t wait to have Gurren Lagann and CODE GEASS together on the same blogging day (even if it’s only once).
  • Speaking of Gurren Lagann, some scans have also popped up of the future versions of the main characters. They’re a little spoilerish, so click at your own peril.

    1. Yay. Volume 2 US edition is already ordered and now i hear about the second season (which will be licensed as quick as the first for sure).
      Thumbs up. Curious which stories from the novel they’ll include.

    2. hell yeah!

      hmm, the magazine page had the words: “watashi wa koko ni iru.” so im guessing their animating the tanibata festival one. pretty sure its the fourth book.

    3. I wonder what Kyoani is going to do. They’ve already done the only action-oriented stories. However, I would rather like to see Snow Mountain Syndrome and the time travelling saga animated.

    4. my god…shes back. So happy! Its probably going to air for the winter schedule. I dont think it will come on in the fall..i mean, that would be too soon right? because they just confirmed the 2nd season. Well, i wonder how much eps there will be….really, cant wait. ^^

    5. Woot!! More haruhi goodness! 😀

      Glad to know KyoAni answered our prayers ne. And as what others say, let’s hope that the 2nd season will create a bigger BANG than the first. 😀

      BTW…. Let’s hope that there will be another Mikuru’s unfortunate moments, like Haruhi biting her ear in the 1st season for instance, kekeke 😀

    6. the 2nd season better not be a rip off like shuffle memories that disappointed millions of fans of the first season. i’ll be on a look out for this be i really enjoy the first one

    7. There is a God!

      Thank you, KyoAni. Haruhi was one of the most entertaining and well done series I have ever seen, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

      And I was going to start reading the novels.. Hah. Probably still will.

    8. I just learned this from Jason’s blog as well (which also had a scan of Haruhi sitting with her back turned away from the reader… sporting an ahoge longer than Shana-tan’s, I might add) With the message “I am here.” (watashi wa, koko ni iru) posted on the side. Suffice to say, the events of Tanabata are PROBABLY going to play a part in the upcoming series.

      Oh, and LOL at the “Tsukasa does not know who Haruhi is.” bit at the bottom.

      Myssa Rei
    9. Spring 2007: Lucky Star
      Fall 2007: Haruhi S2
      Spring 2008: FMP:TTR
      Fall 2008: CLANNAD

      cmon anime gods, make it happen!!! while i’m here wishing, keep pushing clannad back in favor of lucky star s2 plz!

    10. This is awesome news! Along with the 2nd season of Higurashi, I have been waiting for this to happen. Also, Gurren Lagann + Code Geass on the same day = total ownage!

      Show Spoiler ▼

    11. AND YEA CAPPS OWN!!!OMG…ALL THIS AWESOME CRAP!!!!I have new meaning in my life now…and Gurren lagann+ code geass…ON THE SAME DAY!!!Thats like giving 50 bucks and an all u can eat-buffet to a homeless wanderer in a third world country!!!!One side note…i don’t get the hype in SHnY…its not that i hate it, in fact i like it a lot, but like GStrike said, i think its a tad too much overrated. Anyways….OMG!!!!THANK YOU O GREAT NEWS BEARER!!

    12. Just great!!

      Code Geass 24 & 25 at the end of teh month (one day fater The Simpson’s movie world-wide premiere) and now maybe Haruhi for october or January of next year. This day couldn’t be more perfect…

      I’ll mark my calendar then…

      Syaoran Li
    13. So by “final” for Code Geass, is it implied that there won’t be a second season? I thought I read something on AnimeNewsNetwork that confirmed there was a second season coming…

      I really hope by “final two episodes”, they mean the final two episodes of the first season…not overall 🙁

    14. Hi all, I am new to this blog site. Well i know about this site for quite a while and coming back and forth everyday to read the thread. Just to say you people are doing a nice job blogging.

      Anyways back on track, Suzumiya Haruhi’s second season is definitely great news. If this is really coming out in fall then god its going to be a blast. not only this but shakugan no shana 2 and zero no tsukaima 2. Now they have to announce the Tsubasa Chronicle 3 and Rozan Maiden 3 ^_^

    15. Not 100% sure by final of “Code Geass”, you can take it as final of season one because season two is under a different title iirc ( still code geass just not lelouche the rebellion).

    16. I guess I’m the only one who’s crying because CLANNAD got pushed off 5 seasons away.
      Kyoani is SO MEAN!!!!! Why didn’t they put the Haruhi 2 trailer after Kanon’s final episode instead of CLANNAD if they were gonna do this?!?
      Atleast they could’ve only pushed CLANNAD off to Spring2008 since it’s theme is Spring anyway.

      /me *cries*

      /me *starts sulking at Haruhi*

      /me *probably gets laughed at by Haruhi fans*

      /me *Goes off to rewatch Code GEASS eps 2,11,17 in hopes of it cheering me up*

    17. We’re less than three hours away from midnight Tokyo time. I wonder if they’ll put the notice up on the website at the stroke of twelve (unlikely if it’s anything else, but this is Haruhi we’re talking about).

      I think the fourth book is our best bet for the core story, with elements from book three and the other short-story compilations. (Judging from the picture, I’m pretty sure Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody will feature in there somewhere.) The second book is also a good candidate if they’re aiming for a bit of comedy, though I personally think it’s a weaker (but nonetheless highly enjoyable) story.

      I’m rooting for book four, though. Show Spoiler ▼

    18. OOOOHHH YEEEEAAAHHH! I’m so f***ing excited! Code Geass + Suzumiya Haruhi 2nd Season + Clannad? And those future scans of the main characters from Gurren Lagann? WOOOOOOW!!! Simon looks so cool and Nia…hm…. 😛 …BOOBIES. But whats with that long ssj3 hair? 😀 Nvm….Btw. Choose between CLANNAD and Suzumiya Haruhi 2nd Season? U R so cruel :'( Wheres the 4th option? “Both” 😀 I’m gonna watch both.

    19. SORRY TO POST YET AGAIN .. but after reading the many interesting posts something dawned on me. LUCKY STAR/SUZUMIYA HARUHI. . . . i am one in the maybe 20% demographic thats not going gaga hype-machine bonk myself onthe head with a banana over these two shows,granted i give lucky star its props for its uniqe seinfield-ish quality “thats pretty original” where as SHny really dosent impress me……….but heres my revelation …tell me if im way of or on the money . . .PEOPLE GO CRAZY OVER THESE TWO SHOWS BECAUSE THEY BOTH FEATURE SOME SORT OF CHEERLEADER-ESQ TYPE DANCE NUMBER..the anime community are suckers for a choreographed dance number …..NOW!…… time to profit off this

      BROOKLYN otaku
    20. well, i’m happy about haruhi, but at the same time i’m a little sad, this means that my favorite series: FMP will get pushed back even more :'(

      i’m soooo tempted to look at the gurren future images, but i’m not gonna, for now

      haven’t watched code-geass but it’s on my to-do list so that is good news

    21. @BROOKLYN:

      LOL. You might have something there. As crappy as the music for the Lucky Star OP is, it still seems to be popular largely because of the dance number. Maybe the next FMP! adaptation can have high-kicking arm slaves in the opening titles. And have Kalinin, Tess, Kurz, and Mao karaoke a different cheesy anime/sentai song each week for the ED. I’d watch it.

    22. Actually, I’m not too interested in FMP at the moment. I appreciated Lucky Star since it was new material, but it probably worked better as a 4-koma strip than being an anime. I’d be curious if they can conjure up some new material, but Haruhi/Key shows are pretty good announcements at the moment.

    23. @quigonkenny:

      Hey Now! Hold Up There! The only mecha series that is allowed to have a dance number in the opening is Overman King Gainer with everybody’s (People’s and Robot’s included) movements all choreagraphed to the music and then suddenly doing The Monkey as imagined in the funny farm known as the great Yoshiyuki Tomino’s brain.

    24. Oh great, that’s a subtle but massive Gurren Lagann spoiler. So somebody else is gone too…
      Oh, and I doubt Haruhi Season 2 will be as raved about after it’s shown. The author kinda ran out of brilliant parodies in the next few novels. It’s getting too benign in the last few novels too :/
      That coming from a Haruhi-ist.

    25. My ideal month of release
      Code Geass: Suzaku’s Counterattack or Nanaly Arc 1st qtr of 2008
      ********** of Haruhi Suzumiya Last week of Sept or Oct of 2007
      Shakugan no Shana season 2 Oct of 2007
      Clannad 1st qtr of 2008
      Full Metal Panic season 4 july of 2008


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