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With the new season now underway and having watched a lot of anime and dramas in the past week, I’ve decided to make some changes to the schedule. For Fridays, which used to be when sola aired, I’m going to start blogging the new drama Yamada Tarou Monogatari. I’ll talk more about this soon when I write up the first episode, but it reminded me of everything I loved about Hana Yori Dango, without all of the frustrating back-and-forth love crap from the second season. On Mondays, I’m going to be dropping Idolmaster and won’t be replacing it with anything. For those of you curious, today’s episode was about stopping a raging Imber, and the tactics used included dressing all the girls up in revealing outfits (though the final scene did have Haruka getting jealous of Chihaya for being in the Imber’s logs). My main problem with the show is that the level of storytelling just isn’t very good, and to be frank, I’ve grown rather bored watching it.

As for what new shows I’ll be picking up, it’s looking like School Days and Zero no Tsukaima will work out very well with all the other series that I’m carrying over from last season. Jaalin also still hasn’t completely made up his mind about what he’s going to blog either, and that’ll depend on how good second episodes of certain series are. There are still a few more anime that have yet to premiere, and I’m curious about Baccano! in particular, so we’ll see how it all turns out.


  1. Yamada Tarou Monogatari is a good choice, i watch it too, and it’s a much better blog entry than Idol… well it’s all Idol’s fault… it’s too predictable..
    keep it going Omni!

  2. glad you decided to pick up zero no tsukaima… the first season was great hope 2nd is better. school days also seems like it will be a pretty good show… anyways keep up the good work

  3. good choices (for me, at least)

    i wonder what jaalin will pick (if any)…i dunno, i just cant seem to find too many series from the summer season that makes sense blogging about…

    e.g. #1-potemayo. i find it even less bloggable than crayon shin chan. its so out there. (mind you, it is bizarre, and funny, and fun)

    e.g. #2-sky girls. its relation to strike witches (*shudders*) is well-established, and the OVA turned out to be 1/10th as interesting as mai otome zwei for me. heh. it *has* the potential to be good…but…hmm…

    mushi uta maybe? D:


    I love it when you blog a drama, cause then i can watch the raws cause your summaries+my limited japanese allow me to understand it.

    I feel like Yamada Tarou Story is one I’ve been waiting for looks really good, I love seeing nino be unfortunate xD

    thank you ^.^

  5. I think the second season of Higurashi is a sensible choice to blog(for jaalin I guess), since the story is complex and it will inspire good discussion. The first season was very good but it left many unanswered questions, which hopefully will get answered in the second season.

    Of course, those who have played the game probably already know what’s going to happen, but I don’t think there are many such people.

  6. Im not really a fan of j drama stuff…
    “Baccano!” should really be interesting, the concept of several storylines happening at the same time is very interesting decision. I haven’t read the light novels, bu this caught my attention after i saw the trailer…
    School Days is “meh” for me. I couldn’t find anything interesting in first episode…maybe will watch it after it ends…maybe
    Zero no tsukaima…uh, the first episode was okay, but i’m stuck with feeling that they are trying to milk as much as they can from this title…with these “second series”…i can only hope that plot will remain good and comedic aspects will be really cool…
    Higurashi – well, was not really a fan of first season, but it was interesting enough for me to check out the second season…

    As about other shows… I can say, that the only show i am waiting for in this season(apart the Vexille Japan Isolation moovie) is Mononoke. I just could not find anything interesting enough in this summer season…maybe i am asking for too much?…

  7. Wow~! That’s wonderful~! I just watched the first ep. and it was quite funny~! Except…I didn’t like the main girl in any way….acting or looks…no offense…to those who do like her, sorry.

  8. Hmm… You kinda picked a rather bad time to drop Idolmaster. The recent episodes (ie 17 and 18) has turned it into something like the 2nd part of Mai-HiME. It’s getting pretty exciting.

  9. I skipped three episodes because they didn’t involve any of my favourite and instead focused on Haruka BAWING over her oh so terrible life.

    Things got interesting on Makoto’s episodes.
    Then I skipped three because she wasn’t in them and the others were boring, but episodes 17+ were interesting.


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