Ever seen this pic? It sums up this episode real well – a maiden’s brave and blush-filled journey into the dark, taboo regions of the netherworld.

Since agreeing to enter the dark world of doujinshi, Najimi has since garnered up enough courage to get herself familiar with the material. In other words, read some porno. Oh, the look on an innocent girl’s face when she’s taking in the sights for the very first time – priceless. Once again, the male-dominated train gets an earful when Najimi starts acting up.

Today, Najimi is visiting a galge shop to purchase some “research material.” Please, she begs the whole time, please don’t let anybody I know see me here. Understanding that this is based on a 4-koma manga and is a 10 minute anime, of course she bumps into every conceivable person she knows. Including the shady silver-haired guy with the cosplay loli. Except cosplay loli is outside, dressed up as a policewoman.

Let me pause right here to point out that this shady guy has just left a young girl, at the peak of what is considered jailbait, outside of a store that sells products in which girls just like her are forced (or force you) to do lewd acts, then make you replay the game another 20 times just to see her every position. And she’s dressed up in some policegirl cosplay, which seems to suit her ever better than the maid fuku last week. Talk about irresponsible parenting.

Anyways, Najimi’s artist friend picks out a particular game for her to try out. Najimi sprints off, not wanting to be reminded of the sensitive goods she’s walking with – and osnap, she bumps into a friend of hers on the street. Like a good friend, they go out for coffee, and Najimi has to risk life and limb to prevent the goods from being exposed.

That night, in the darkness of her room, she plays the game. Iiiiyaa~!!! Yamenaide, goshujin-sama!!! Oh Najimi, you minx.

You know when you’re trying really hard to hide something, everyone seems to want to find out what it is? Poor Najimi. Not wanting to be discovered, she heads over to Tsuyuri’s place at Ludicrous Speed and gets stopped by the police. Then, her coffee friend shows up. Then, a guy from the galge shop shows up. With all her life, soul, conscience, and nerve drained out of her, Najimi has no choice but to sit there as a black and white tracing and just take the abuse. The sacrifices we must make to realize our dreams.

Suffice to say, I enjoyed this episode a lot more than I did Umisho. Probably because I appreciate good humor a lot more than I do other stuff, like fanservice. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m guessing it’s because humor is hard to do well, whereas fanservice can be done by anybody that can draw two large circles and two small circles inside. And while nowhere near as sophisticated as the likes of some other comedies, Doujin Work’s humor is well executed enough that it just works. It doesn’t try to overstep its limits, and just stays in a comfortable groove the whole way.

And there’s just something fascinating, or straight kinky, about a girl blushing her way through her first ero book.

So does anyone even watch this show? If I were to choose now I’d probably pick Doujin Work over Umisho, and yet, it seems like Umisho is much more popular and will probably get better later on. Still, if everything pans out the way it should, I’ll most likely end up blogging both shows. Or neither. Next week is gonna get blogged, regardless.



  1. Looks like an interesting episode… I can’t wait to start this series ^^;;

    It seems like our main character has picked up an eroge (at least that’s what it looks like). Sounds like it’s gonna be some good “clean” fun going on. =D

  2. I liked this episode more than the first one (yeah, they JUST started…) because its kinda more realistic to me… challenging the Doujin world!

    I still don’t get that blonde cosplay girl.. is she the daughter of the silver guy?? or are they a couple???? Ah I’m getting confuzed X|

  3. @ jaalin
    I think you should blog this rather than Umisho.
    I like this show because its fun and does not get repetitive. When I was younger I want to make my own doujins too. Its a solid anime despite being only 15 minutes long.

  4. From what I could get from the raws this series seems pretty good. Can’t wait to check out some subs on it. If you like it I’d be more than happy for you to continue blogging this one.

  5. Wow, Doujin Work is really funny! I loled so hard when I watched the subs for the first episode. “This isn’t Yuri!!!” Great joke! It would be great if you’d continue to blog this show instead of Umishou.

  6. @ Supei_02
    No, Justice(silver haired guy)and the blond aren’t together. But I do know that she has a crush on him. I mean that would be freaky to see a grown man with a gf thats looks old enough to be his daughter. Plus the cops would be at his house faster then you can blink. XD Oh, and I

  7. Out of the world list for month of july
    1.seto no hanayome
    2.lucky star
    3.zero no tsukaima 2nd season

    4.now Doujin Work claims ………. expecting the next episode would be in the same or different caliber than this. ^_^

    5.hayate no gotoku

  8. Oh my god, this was hilarious. The first episode was great solely because of Najimi’s facial expressions. Still this episode was even funnier because it demonstrates how far she has to go. Fighto Najimi! Soon you will be able to play even the freakiest H-games without blushing! LOL!

    Yuri Rocks

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