In all honesty, summaries for this show are pointless. With the exception of about two to three minutes of plot work, the rest of the summary would read like this: boob boob boob boob boob boob pantsu boob boob boob pantsu pantsu boob boob boob.

And no, that’s not the reason I watch this show. Sure, the boobage adds some eye candy to it, but without a nice figure, nice face, nice legs, nice ankles, the boobs would just be round pile of flesh. No, I’m kidding. But not really.

Anyways, my point is, the show itself is entertaining, and the boobs add an additional level of enjoyment. Would I be watching it if there was no round mound of unprofound every two seconds? Probably. Would I be watching if the show itself were bad and there was just boobage? No way – that’s what Ikkitousen is for, and I can only handle one of those shows per year. Maybe every two years.

I say this at the expense of risking my manlihood being questioned, but hopefully my chauvinist pig comments in my Nagasarete posts will dispel any such doubts.

Summary, with as little reference to boob as possible?

Awesome green haired chick joins swim team. Captain Speedo wants to shave her, and gives the other guys of the team their own bics to hunt down any bush. First half over. Second half begin – we’re more closely acquainted with the number two swimmer on the team, Shizuoka Mirei, voiced by the same chick who does Nia in Gurren Lagann and Sara (Yakumo’s blonde friend) in School Rumble. She’s a “bigger” girl, so I don’t think it’s the best casting decision, but it’s nice hearing Nia’s voice nonetheless. She’s that kind of quiet girl with the knockout body but uber shy and easily embarrassed, but Shizuoka is a bit special in that she gets some nasty thoughts and tends to let them slip out, much to the delight of our nose-less protagonist. Or maybe all the blood is going down there, so there’s not enough to leak out his nose. Second half concludes with awesome green haired chick (wtf is her name? does it matter?) flashing her pantsu (no wait, that’s just her bikini… who cares) and falling off a bridge, and hanging out with an otter. I should mention that the beginning of the episode had a scene of some sea monster looking thing peeking its head out of the water, but that sidestory was completely ignored in favor of… boobs. It was the otter, apparently. Whatever.

There, only one mention of boobs. Boring? Yea, basically. Let’s take a snippet of that and put the boob back in:

Second half begin – we’re more closely acquainted with the number two swimmer, and the number one set of cans on the team, Shizuoka Mirei. She’s voiced by a seiyuu whose roles aren’t typically associated with huge cans, but I don’t think anybody’s complaining. Ero manager can’t take his eyes off her cans, onigiri-head can’t take his eyes off her cans, and the rest of the male student body can’t take their eyes off her cans. Then, loli ahoge feels up her cans to see if hers or awesome green haired chick’s is bigger. Then, Shizuokans admits that she likes being groped in the cans. Afterwards, she mysteriously gains a set of stockings when her skirt flips up, exposing her near-invisible thong.

See, that’s much better.



I don’t know – I’m not as confident about this show anymore. The charm of the first episode has worn off and all that’s left is a whole lotta boob. That can get old really really fast. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with mindless fanservice shows, but if that’s the path this show is going to take, then I’m just going to focus on Doujin Work, a show that has all the chances to turn into a boobfest, but chooses to keep it satirically clean and funny instead. Still, I’m not giving up on blogging Umisho yet – I’ll let it go another week.

Bring back the charm!



  1. *Stares at screenshots*
    *After 10 minutes…*

    Whoa~That’s some pretty intense stuff. I’m not the one that usually go for fanservice but I suppose I can make an exception for this. *Continues to stare at screenshots*

  2. Man, haven’t seen this something this blatant since Dragon Destiny. Whoops pardon me, Ikkitousen was more pantsu, pantsu, hooters, pantsu, ridiculous martial arts, hooters, pantsu. This on the other hand is decidely more top heavy, with the exception of the green haired chick swimming naked.

    Geez, if it is gonna be this bad, why not just go all the way and make it a full blown hentai? The staff is so blatantly targeting horny guys, might as well give them a real show.

    Yuri Rocks
  3. “I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with mindless fanservice shows” … ?

    Mindless fanservice shows should donate their budget to better shows and make every happy. If you were into boobs and pantsus that much you could just watch some hentai :S

  4. Hentai anime tend to only be a couple episodes long though, lol.

    Shows with buttloads of fanservice sometimes work. The venerable UFO Princess Valkyrie second season for instance, or Vandread.

    But enough of that. Jaalin’s opening paragraph totally makes sense for this show.

  5. I loved the first epsidoe, dling ep 2 now. Fanservice is okay, but if it gets overboard (Girls Bravo S2) it can ruin the show completely. It needs to be balanced with a good story.

    While i loved the first ep, it did lose points on the animation style, it looked weird at times, also the fanserveice was way overboard. If they could show pants or boobs they did.

  6. Nothing wrong with ecchi shows, if it turn out to be like Girls Bravo, Ichigo 100%, SHUFFLE!, etc.; Funny, decent storyline, and really cute and loveable characters to fall in love with. Only been 2 ep so far start so can’t judge a show by that IMHO. At least give it till episode 5 then decide.

  7. Agreed with zetsumei.

    Umisho is about swimming and that could cause a lot of fanservice so I’m not really surprise on this show. However, decent storyline, funny and just a lot of fun to watch gets my attention on this show.


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