Her spirit transcends time and space, but yet is unable to control the very fate that binds her to the force of inevitability. She laments the tragedy of those who have suffered time and time again, and yearns with a hardened despair for those days of happiness that continue to elude them. No, the promise land is nothing but a distant dream, and yet, Rika will continue fighting for those she loves. After all, Rena was able to defeat the curse. Keiichi was able to remember something from an alternate Hinamizawa.

But hope must not be placed on the mystical and the impossible. She can only do what she is capable of doing. Rika lives through her own powerlessness, and can only supervise the predestined progression of events leading to the barrier that is June 1983.

But enough depressing talk – when speaking of progression, we remember that the starting point is always filled with the happiness that Rika seeks. So let’s enjoy it while it lasts – keeping in mind that the slightest mention of Oyashiro-sama can disturb the delicate tranquility.

After their morning routine of breakfast and injection, Rika and Satoko scamper off to school where they bump into Ciel-sensei. Off to school so early? You’re such diligent kids! Indeed, diligent at messing with Keiichi and setting traps (not that kind of trap). Needless to say, Keiichi walks right into a metal pan of water flat on his head, and immediately accuses Satoko. After exercising some priestly restraint and demonstrating his full arsenal of defensive and evasive maneuvers, he finally reaches Satoko – only to get attacked from behind by Shion.

Yes, Shion! She’s in the class together with Mion and everybody else, which immediately raises questions about her status with the Sonozaki house. Apparently she transferred into the class to look after Satoko… at least according to Mion.

After a verbal abusing by Shion and a subsequent Ciel-sensei getting caught in the crossfire, Keiichi is attacked from all sides, leaving him a worthless pile of shattered ego. Never fear – Rena offers the poor guy some of her dainty love-filled bento, which immediately perks him back up.

Rika tries to baby-feed Satoko some pumpkins with her loli chopsticks, inciting the proverbial “omochi kaeri~” from Rena soon after. Rika tries to maintain a cheerful face, but it’s obvious that something weighs heavily on her mind.

After school, club activities resume – today, they’re playing “zombie tag,” a painlessly simple yet amazingly appropriate game to play considering so much of the first season was about finding who the “zombie” was and assigning blame accordingly. Satoko gets the luck of the draw and is the first to be zombie – everybody she tags subsequently becomes a zombie – those still untagged when the bell rings is proclaimed the winner.

A quick mental distraction courtesy of Keiichi, and the game is afoot! Satoko enlists the help of several other students and eventually tracks down Keiichi – luckily he’s a guy and lolis aren’t typically known for their athletic abilities, so he’s able to get away, with enough time to recruit some help of his own. He sets a trap that should eventually lure Satoko and Mion to the school gate, and takes shelter himself in the equipment storage shed.

Considering the fundamentals of tag and the freeform nature of their club activities, the shed is an awful place to hide as there is very little room to move around and only one exit. Imminent failure to result.

As Keiichi is sitting in the shed thinking about how tight he is for devising that little plan, some of the other students start gathering around just outside the shed and start calling for Keiichi. His mother is ill! His house is on fire! A plane flew into his house! I heard he likes to peek at girls in the bath! The abuse continues and once again he is left a wreck – but at least his position is still concealed. Or is it?

Rena runs up to the shed as she bumps into Rika. Are you tagged? You’re not a zombie, right? Right? So much for that, as Rika exposes her undead self and reaches out for Rena. Caught in a frenetic daze, Rena looks around for places to escape to – and sees Keiichi’s dumb ass in the shed. Keiichi!! SAVE MEEEE!!!

Her cries of help are more effective than any alarm or homing beacon as the rest of the girls converge on his location faster than Peter Griffin can recite the 50 states backwards (bonus points for understanding that one). Keiichi tries to restrain the door but is unable to keep it closed, as the terrifying hands of four girls reach through door grasping at him. Hey, didn’t he slam the door on Rena’s hand last time? That would probably work in this case, but he’s probably going to be the one to say “gomenasai” ten thousand times after they catch him.

Capture complete. Now, it’s time to hunt down the brains… or intestines (Japanese zombies?) of the last remaining human… Rena seems to have gotten away during all the commotion, but she is soon spotted and cornered.

One of the most important things regarding animal handling is to never corner them, as instincts tend to take over, exposing their vicious, undomesticated side. This is no different with Rena, as she comes full form with her moe attack, which (for the millionth time) renders Keiichi helpless – it’s hard to move your legs when all the blood has been channeled to your magic stick. The bell rings – Rena is the winner! And apparently, so are Mion and Shion, who were never tagged but pretended to be. There go the Sonozakis, dodging yet another sticky situation.

The punishment for the losers? Cosplay – Satoko and Rika don’t look much different except for a slight clothing embellishment, but Keiichi has gone full blown swan lake, complete with tutu and swan head poking out prominently from his midriff. Walking home, they run into Irie-sensei, who does his ridiculous maid fetish routine.

Then, like clockwork, Tomitake and Takano show up. Immediately the mood shifts and the air becomes heavy and awkward. Tomitake brings up how he likes to take pictures, followed immediately by a Takano mention of the murders in Hinamizawa.

You know, if there’s one way to ruin a good day, it’s to remind people that they’re living next door to a convicted felon. Or that their parents fell off a cliff last year. She’s supposed to be a nurse? Bedside manner isn’t supposed to be exclusively bedside!

Afterwards, Mion, Shion, and Rena explain to Keiichi the previous events surrounding the Watanagashi festival – one person dies and another goes missing, such that it’s sometimes been referred to by observers as a Hinamizawa murder mystery. They claim to have kept this from Keiichi because they didn’t want him to think ill of their village – believable, but seemingly all too convenient.

Keiichi’s response? “Welp, it’s just a bunch of accidents! Nothing to get all riled up about…” Delightful, delicious, and indeed all too convenient.

At home, Rika seems to space out as Satoko tries to comfort her by telling her to let her friends know and not keep it to herself. If this sounds familiar – it’s because it was indeed that same line we heard oh so long ago from a different arc. Rika flips her trauma switch and demands Satoko tell her where she heard that from – it’s obvious Satoko doesn’t know anything, leaving Rika with nothing but to brood on her memories.


In typical Higu fashion, this first “real” episode is all fun and games. Satoko nails Keichi with generic prank, Keichi gets mad, Satoko pulls “I’m a lil girl so you can’t hit me” card, Keichi gets pissed at his helplessness.

Well, we all know what’s coming, but not necessarily how it’s going to happen. I guess at this point it’s not so much of an “omg! killer lolis!” reaction as it is a “rofl, I never thought of that possibility” type deal, which is the best anybody could hope for at this point. Perhaps it’s my lack of experience with playing these galges (sorry, “visual novels”), but I was never one for replaying a game more than twice to get every single possible ending (Chrono Trigger being the one exception, played that game through like 10 times). I’d rather go play another game, honestly.

But no, I’m not going to critique it from that standpoint. For all that it’s worth, Higurashi has stayed the course and kept consistent with its approach, and by doing so has won over many devout fans. It’s a winning formula, so as long as people are interested, there’s little impetus for change.

On a side note, I’ve just never been able to take a Tamura Yukari role seriously after her character of Ranpha in Galaxy Angel. That nasaly voice is just too unique and still sounds the same even with all the variations in pitch… Ayako and Horie don’t change up their standard voices much between different shows, but their voices are much less unique so it’s never much of a concern. Oh well, I’ll look past this in favor of what is otherwise a pretty good show in Higurashi.

A key aspect of this formula is their ability to capture a specific atmosphere, one of the most underrated traits to a good story. As Fuyuki-kun puts it, telling a scary story isn’t so much about the story itself as it is about drawing your audience in. In that respect, Higurashi is masterful at being able to capturing a happy and carefree atmosphere as it did with this episode, and then rips it all to shreds with those psycho eyes and its proverbial USODA! This first episode does a good job with capturing Rika’s increasing despair and fatigue – it’s almost a guilt trip just to sit here and watch her suffer time and time through it all. Ni paa~


  1. You better blog this, because atleast it has material for discussion rather than have you talking about the other fanservice shows that I recently saw blogged here. That’s it, if you care about visitors having discussions here. If you just want visitors and don’t really care about discussions you can go with fanservice shows all the way.

  2. No, I don’t see why you’re conflicted. This post just sucks donkey penis, while having pretty much nothing to do with the episode and being a series summary instead. Your ‘replaying’ comment seems to be completely random and unrelated to the original visual novels as well.

  3. so you wanna hear my impressions on their game of tag? cuz that’s all that happened in this episode. alright, here goes…

    personally, i thought keichi should have hid in a location that didn’t have a single exit – it’s fundamentals in tag to always give yourself an exit strategy and by effectively barricading himself in a hut with no windows and a single door, he was sealing his own fate. ideally, he would have hid in a first story classroom, which not only has two doors but also a wall of windows in which he could have escaped from, thereby assuring his safety. but then we wouldn’t have seen rena caught in a compromising situation – the true highlight of this episode!


  4. Considering that this blog is rather popular I’d still prefer it to see it blogged even if jalin’s post wasn’t really that great. It would atleast attract people to talk and discuss about theories on the plot, and on the show. Since Memento’s blog will not probably cover each episode, there aren’t a lot of other places with a good a number of visitors where people can actually comment and discuss, besides forums of course.

  5. uhh ur stil blogging this?… -.- seriously, there is many other shows, worth watching…really…well…not that many…but still…while first season was watchable, after seeing two episodes of second season, i have no wishes to even see the screencaps for thirs…maybe there ARE people who will like this season, but for me- the first one was enought, second is phail :E

  6. see, shinn gets it. i’m here to provide a service, it’s up to you guys if you want to partake in it or not. this is the extent of my knowledge in higurashi, so if fans would like to see some improved posts here, i suggest that they speak up and contribute. you know, with actual information.

  7. I’m with qin here. Not only did that post manage to miss all important information in that episode, it also really sounds like you’re writing this as a chore, which is the opposite of what blogging is about. Seriously, are people still talking about the killer lolis? I thought it had long been clear that there are no killer lolis, neither Rika nor Satoko killed anybody.

    My advice: go blog some show you like. There’s a nice selection of shows out there, one has got to fit your tastes.

  8. well shinn makes a good point, but jaalin, sometimes in your posts you neglect important information like a plot synopsis whereas Omni goes into really good detail. your posts are kinda well biased and too much like impressions. I suggest you keep the bias for the impressions and since a lot of people at this blog really want you to blog higurashi perhaps you could write up the synopsis more thoroughly?

  9. I never like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni even the first season, I like horror flick but I like horror when I watch a movies. Not horror in an anime, anime should be fun and happy to watch and to make ppl laugh.

  10. Look, jaalin, if you want to blog Higurashi, that’s great. A+++.

    However, if you want to half-ass blog Higurashi and fill entries with comments about ZOMG TEH KILLER LOLIZ (perhaps the only thing you know about Higurashi from meme’s?) and stuff about OHNOES TEH SPLIT PATH IN TEH GAMES hay guyz Chrono Trigger w00tz, then there is a problem.

    You want people to come have discussions about it? You want Higurashi fans crowding around RandomC because Higurashi is a popular show and you want to draw a new crowd? Okay, that’s fine. But if you want that, then write coherent content that people could actually discuss about and maybe even leave a few prompting questions or points of interest people could go off of.

    Perhaps you are better are no-thinking required fanservice-esque shows (and even then, I get more out of mewmew’s Lucky Star comments as far as show content goes) where you can assume based on visual context and newbie Japanese. If you actually know a proficient amount of Japanese, it doesn’t show very much, and especially not in this entry.

    Also… “see, shinn gets it. i’m here to provide a service, it’s up to you guys if you want to partake in it or not. this is the extent of my knowledge in higurashi, so if fans would like to see some improved posts here, i suggest that they speak up and contribute. you know, with actual information.”

    How more arrogant can you be? Service? Lol. What kind of pathetic service is this entry? And why would people want to partake in anything when the “blogger” wants you to do it all form them? Actual information? Aren’t you supposed to be providing SOME of that? And contributions? What is there to contribute except criticism for your inability demonstrated in this entry?

  11. You guys have to realize that the way Higurashi is structured, the first episode of every arc is always meant for comic relief. The characters play some sort of game, the girls tease Keichi, make him carry their stuff, wear women’s clothes or some other crazy stuff like that, since he is the most inexperienced in the games that play and is an easy target. It’s all good and fun. However, the second episode(okay, in this case it will be the third, since the 1st was a “reunion”) the story really makes a turn for the sinister and you realize things are not what they seem. Later on, one realizes that even some of the seemingly random events that occurred in those comic episodes are important for the story.

    So, I do agree that there is nothing much to talk about this episode apart from the game of tag, and I can see why this post is being sarcastic, but trust me, things will change very soon(at least I know from my experience from the first season).

    And yes, this show is not about killer lolis. This is a common misconception, and it really bugs me when people talk about it like that. It has a very deep story and a unique premise. At least I have not seen a show like that so far(if you guys can tell me another show with a similar premise, I will be grateful).

    Having said all that, jaalin, if you still do not feel like blogging the show, you really shouldn’t. It is your choice what to blog and you should only talk about shows that really interest you, instead of doing a half-assed job on shows that do not. I already know other blogs that will follow the show, so things will work out fine.

  12. psg: thanks. yes, it is a chore – as are all the other shows i’m doing. hence my conflict. as for the killer lolis bit – the context in which i use the term in should suggest my true meaning of “girl whos obviously not as carefree as she seems,” but that’s much too long and nowhere near as catchy.

    person: its a difference in blogging style. i try to provide something that’s colorful to read and yet doesn’t give away every single detail, so there’s still something to look forward to when you watch the thing for yourself. maybe it’s because of my background in sports – you could tell me exactly what happened play-by-play in the game, but i’d still rather watch the game and get some good commentary during it.

    mia: you’re right, my japanese is weak, but i don’t let that stop me. trying my best here, don’t hate me for that, that’s why i always appreciate mew’s help. it’s better than no entry at all. keep in mind the only reason i would even consider tackling shows like lucky star and higurashi is because omni chose not to do them. i’m sure you keep up with other anime blogs but the fact is, most people don’t. it’s not arrogance, it’s understanding our audience – to not include these shows in our lineup is something i don’t want to accept, so i take the plunge and do them myself. that’s the service i provide. i don’t see how i could possibly come off as arrogant when i specifically look to you guys for help (!)

    darklord: thank god somebody understands. how am i supposed to get serious when i explicitly state “In typical Higu fashion, this first “real” episode is all fun and games.” they played tag! that’s all that happened! do you guys really want the play-by-play of their game? anyways, i realize other blogs are covering this, but that’s like saying CNN shouldn’t cover some major international incident because ABC and FOX already are. that’s not how we roll.

    for everyone: please step outside the box for a second and evaluate things in light of the mood of the episode, public opinion, the best interest for randomc, and my own writing style. all of that, because that is the burden of responsibility and reputation all of us at randomc are charged with every time we publish anything on this site. if you don’t like reading what i write, then look through the screenshots and move on. but if you are so inclined to and actually read my words with all the context taken into account, you just might chuckle, look forward to watching just a bit more, or given yourself a legitimate excuse for putting off that essay you’re supposed to be writing.

    and after all that, you can bet i’m sticking with this show now. look forward to my writeup of episode 3!

  13. *keep in mind the only reason i would even consider tackling shows like lucky star and higurashi is because omni chose not to do them. i’m sure you keep up with other anime blogs but the fact is, most people don’t. it’s not arrogance, it’s understanding our audience – to not include these shows in our lineup is something i don’t want to accept, so i take the plunge and do them myself.*

    You are SO FULL OF SHIT, seriously. IMHO, what you blog brings the audience, not the other way around. Basically, what you’re saying is you are here to make sure that there are all kinds of people coming and click the ads.

  14. Higurashi’s not based off of a Galge, LOL.

    And it’s not even a game really, it’s just a sound novel. Every arc is based off of a different novel, except for the current arc since that one’s an anime original.

  15. Wow, it seems quite ridiculous how some people are taking this post. Sure, it’s not that well written, but Jaalin’s got a point. How much synopsis do you expect from the first episode of a Higurashi arc, which everyone knows is just fluff before the omnipresent Tomitake and Takano scene? Some people demand that Jaalin blog this series just so they can have a place to discuss it. In that case…why isn’t anyone discussing the episode itself? I mean, sure, it included some TIPS that were left out of the first season, but most viewers probably wouldn’t have known that without having played the game or at least read kj1980’s work on AnimeSuki. How’s about discussing Rika’s conversation at the beginning or Shion’s sudden devotion to Satoko instead of bagging on Jaalin for the stuff no one else seems to be doing here anyway? If you really want him to change his ways somehow, provide an example, not just insults or accusations.

  16. *Some people demand that Jaalin blog this series just so they can have a place to discuss it. In that case…why isn’t anyone discussing the episode itself?*

    jaalin hasn’t said anything regarding the episode to start the discussion. Instead, he said several stupid things while admitting he doesn’t know shit and doesn’t even care about the game/show.

    and then all the *demand that jaalin blogs it* might just be a hoax. *keep in mind the only reason i would even consider tackling shows like lucky star and higurashi is because omni chose not to do them.*

  17. *Some people demand that Jaalin blog this series just so they can have a place to discuss it. In that case…why isn’t anyone discussing the episode itself?*

    jaalin hasn’t said anything regarding the episode to start the discussion. Instead, he said several stupid things while admitting he doesn’t know shit and doesn’t even care about the game/show.

    and then all the *demand that jaalin blogs it* might just be a hoax. *keep in mind the only reason i would even consider tackling shows like lucky star and higurashi is because omni chose not to do them.*

    PS. spam filter sucks.

  18. @darklord: Wouldn’t it be nice if when the third episode of the arc comes around, people had something better to look back upon in reference to the first episode of the arc rather than, “killer lolis and grape juice hooray ^o^!”

    @jaalin: What’s arrogant is choosing to blog a show you aren’t familiar with seemingly for appeal, and then expecting people with “actual information” to help contribute because you’re clueless. If you are so upset (for better lack of words) about Omni not blogging something, then maybe you should just blog every series Omni isn’t doing so ~whoamg~ nothing will be left unblogged. -_-;

  19. Great job deleting my comments and leaving mention of me in jaalin’s first post. GREAT JOB. To summarize again:

    1. ————————

    jaalin, you should stop posting about higurashi, cause you seem to know NOTHING about it. Your summary sucks, not just for this episode, but for the previous one too. Call it “style” if you want, but if that’s your answer to the (lol) “popular demand” you’re mentioning, it’s quite retarded. The thoughts have nothing to do with the episode, but are things that every fucking body knows thanks to word of mouth.

    2. ————————

    *keep in mind the only reason i would even consider tackling shows like lucky star and higurashi is because omni chose not to do them. i’m sure you keep up with other anime blogs but the fact is, most people don’t. it’s not arrogance, it’s understanding our audience – to not include these shows in our lineup is something i don’t want to accept, so i take the plunge and do them myself.*

    You’re just living on randomc’s popularity, but also taking the blog down few levels with your arrogance and lack of knowledge “because Omni doesn’t want to do a show”. Basically, you’re also a sellout, you do shows because others “want it”, no matter how shittastic the posts are. Gots to keep them AD clicks coming, eh?

    3. ————————

    *Some people demand that Jaalin blog this series just so they can have a place to discuss it. In that case…why isn’t anyone discussing the episode itself*

    Because “popular demand” is all a hoax? Because jaalin didn’t say anything regarding the episode worth starting a real discussion? If people wanted an intelligent discussion they’d be on animesuki forums for example.

    Til the next time I need to repost this.

  20. Actually, jaalin doesn’t have the authority to delete comments. I do, but I never use them unless I find it outrageously offensive or is against the rules (like asking for download links). In this case, grunty, your posts and IP got flagged by Spam Karma 2, which automatically proceeded to delete them all. I’ve restored them.

  21. jaalin im not saying i don’t like your style, i just feel that sometimes you put too much of your personal opinion into your posts, and sometimes it’s colourful yes and it provides humour but other times it’s just silly, redundant and it takes away from the post and anime in general. For example, your sky girls post was funny, but it would be good if that wasn’t all it was, it can have humour but you should be informative as well. Sometimes you slander animes tastelessly and a lot of the times I feel like you’re making a mockery, and with a popular series such as Higurashi i would really appreciate if you took more care into writing a more thoughtful post/synopsis

  22. lol wut, tl;dr newfags

    jaalin – this is filler right now so it will probably be tedious, but really who cares about Higurashi II when we all know there’s no ‘definate’ outcome? As far as the cames are concerned anyway. The show could go on forever with alternate possibilities.

    I’d say, just blog what you like and fuck the naysayers.

  23. Man, it’s been a long time since this much outrage has come from a single post. At least since Omni blogged the first Episode of Lucky Star.

    Now that I look at it though, they’re polar opposite situations. People didn’t like Omni blogging Lucky Star since it didn’t seem intricate enough for his summaries. Now all of a sudden people find that jaalin’s not intricate enough for HiguKai.

  24. People have different writing styles, you really can’t expect that jaalin’s will just be the same as omni’s…that being said I actually like this post, since I prefer more thoughts than summaries.

  25. The best thing you can do when blogging higurashi is speculate. What makes Higurashi such a fun show to read about on blogs is that people all have their own theories for what’s going on. The problem is that it seems like you have no real interest (or seem to have lost it) in the mysteries surrounding Higurashi.

    Plus i mean come on. You didn’t even mention the most important part of the episode. The end of the episode didn’t come when Tomitake and Takano appeared. Satoko repeated a line word for word that Rena said in Tsumihoroboshi and Rika freaked out thinking that, like Keiichi, Satoko might have remembered something from a previous world. So she frantically asks Satoko “Who did you hear that from?!” to which Satoko acts dumbfounded and confused.

  26. well this episode has some things to talk about like how keiichi avoided the onikakushi ending and how Shion is all friendly with Mion and Satoko which means no Wataganashi ending and all these little details xD

    anyway, the first arc is supposed to be kinda boring since it’s just explaining things that were unaswered in the first season.
    but people who have seen the first season should know that this season is different, since they’re giving us answers and not questions.

    the episode doesn’t have much to talk about so I think jaalin’s summary is okay. If you continue to blog this, then I assure you there’ll be more things to talk about and discuss. Besides, I personally think you blog Higurashi quite well, because of your thoughts and not because of the summary. after all, higurashi is supposed to make us think a little bit no

  27. grunty: You may have noticed in the past that jaalin’s pretty much been entirely focused on comedy series and I’ve taken on mostly serious, serial shows. This is mostly by design because his style of writing is much more suitable for covering comedy, whereas me trying to summarize/explain a joke doesn’t work so well. Higurashi, however, is not a comedy series, and I mainly suggested that jaalin try it because he had watched the first season while I had not. I’m not forcing him to blog it, and by his own admission, “i really want to do it.”
    As such, I’ve asked him to rewrite this entry to make it more informative since this is a more serious show than he’s used to. Whether he wants to continue with it after that is still up to him. If you still don’t like the write-up after he’s redone it, then it’s your prerogative to stop reading his posts, but I stand behind the writers on this site because they all contribute in some way.

  28. whoops my bad. It was Keiichi’s line that Satoko repeated. Not Renas.

    Anyway more questions that should be asked and perhaps speculated upon in this episode:
    1. Why is Shion now at the school along with Keiichi and the others? Similarly, why is Shion so close to Satoko now when she ended up killing her only 2 arcs before?
    2. What’s with the serious look that Mion/Shion gave all of a sudden when Takano and Tomitake appeared?
    3. What are your theories about Rika? It should be pretty clear by now what her deal is and what her objective is.

  29. OOOOHHHHH THE RAGE!!!! THE INNER SEETHING!!!! A BLOG BATTLE ROYAL!!!!.. u know why i love a blog face off….no matter what people say ,or however harsh they say it..it always still sounds so P.C… ohh well i like the show. now u guys kiss, make up sit down together and watch some AH!! MY GODESS… that’ll calm ya

    BROOKLYN otaku
  30. @jaalin: “and after all that, you can bet i’m sticking with this show now. look forward to my writeup of episode 3!”

    I really respect that decision of yours. After all the crap you had to read about 1 single post…I probably would’ve given up.

    Also, don’t take my comment about other blogs the wrong way. What I meant was that you should not feel obliged to blog a popular show simply because Omni is not blogging it. If you are genuinely interested in the show, I will look forward to reading your reviews in the future.

  31. Sigh. Another internet arguement. Its like blogging about jello, you can only say so much. However, what happens when you eat the jello and the chemical processes that happens to jello when it goes through your body, that’s another sory. This is basically blogging about the jello alone, you can’t expect much. People, seriously, just wait. Jaalin can’t do everything right the first time. Jeez. Besides if you’re not satisfied, you can always switch to another blog. Answer given, problem solved.

  32. Maybe jaalin should just consider picking up Potemayo since it is one of the comedy series in this season and Higurashi has more mystery type of situation since only the first one or two ep in Higurashi will have those stupid comedy. In my opinion this season of Higurashi is just the same old thing as the 1st season minus the preview which makes it even more frustrated to watch since you won’t know what will happen next week and Sky Girls is kinna slow given is pace of this episode is only the introduction to partially the importance of the ‘nanoskin’.

  33. lol, this blog has become a “everyone wants a piece if Jaalin” vs “defending Jaalin” and “keeping this blog” vs “dropping this blog”.

    First, of all I agree that Jaalin didn’t do a good job blogging this chapter. However, if no one else is going to blog it, i would rather have him to blog it. Don’t like the summary then ignore it and comment your own opinion or theories about the chapter. There are so many blogs in this randomc section that doesn’t even say a word! And Jallin, please give a serious comment on this series next time – except i also agree there was not much to talk about in the first two episodes.

    @Tess. You are wrong, the original story was from a visual novel game and it was hentai too. It was not a audio drama cd.

    Now discussing this episode; there was not much in this except focusing on a new possible parallel world. In this world, Keichi just moved into town not very long ago. Here it shows that he was mentally affected by the supernatural forces and being able to control it at the same time compared to the first season that he only realized it towards the end. As from the first season, we know that one of the previous Keichi realized there were other Keichis in other worlds, who killed Rena and Shion. This season is focused in answering the mysteries behind but they aren’t making it suspensive at all nor throwing any mysteries, which makes it really borring compared to the first season. Hopefully they make it better before it really disappoints me too.

    Note about the first episode: It focussed of saying that some of the police started believing what Rena said about aliens – although it sounded strange since it felt more like it should have been about supernatural forces. However, the first episode it not connected it this episode at all.

  34. @Banzemanga. You’re also wrong. It was from a visual novel game, but there’s no hentai in it at all. And if you want to prove me wrong, check for a source to prove me wrong.

  35. @Koll. I guess, i am wrong about the hentai part. I guess i was completelly confused because the Higurashi series was aired about the same time as Fate/Stay night which is also a visual novel but an eroge one. I thought the original stories was from the same company but it was not.

  36. I’ll admit that this is one of the better blogs out there. Most of your articles are enjoyable to read, but if you are not going to provide insightful summaries and thoughts about this series, then stop blogging it if it’s such a chore.

    Kudos to you for admitting that you do not know much about it, it makes you more credible, but just please drop the inflammatory remarks about the series.

  37. Wow… animation dosen’t look like crap this time, and remained pretty consistant all around. But we still haven’t gotten to the “suspense” parts yet with the infamous facial distortions.

  38. wow… the summary got massively extended since the last time i looked o_O
    but Jaalin, it’s really up to you whether or not you want to blog this but I’m actually really glad that you are, mainly because I like seeing the screens and reading the impressions/thoughts on the episodes (since they amuse me, and it’s kinda nice having an idea of what the ep is going to be like while i wait for subs)
    and like what other people said… the first ep of each arc really never has much going on…
    yay for punishment games?

  39. Man, everybody’s complaining that this post wasn’t informative enough, but I sure learned something. I learned there are Higurashi fans out there who are total dicks who take this show way too seriously. If I was a spam filter and I came across about 15 straight comments from the same IP that basically boil down to “I know more about Japanese and Higurashi than Jaalin does, so him not taking this as seriously as I do makes him a poopy-head,” I’d block them, too. I’m wishing the original post was still up just so I could see what the fuss was about. I’m betting it wasn’t worth said fuss, but I don’t know Japanese either, and thought a fair portion of the previous season was Studio Deen mailing it in, so maybe I’m a poopy-head, too.

    Oh, and that word “arrogance” that keeps getting tossed around? I do not think that word means what you think it means… I’d try to define it to those who apparently don’t get the meaning, but if they didn’t get an inkling of what arrogance is from reading what they themselves commented, they sure won’t pay enough attention to my comment to get it.

    (The above paragraph is not arrogance, but it is a good example of patronization.)

    Jaalin, you just keep on keepin’ on. Whether or not the original post was worth anything, I’ve been thoroughly entertained by the hullabaloo it created, which means you’ve successfully done your job. There’s only two people whose opinions you need to listen to regarding your posts, and that’s yourself and Omni. It’s you guys that run this blog, not the arrogant a$$holes whining that you aren’t doing a good enough job and bitching about the oh-so-intrusive ads. If what you’re doing runs those guys off, then good riddance.

    Oh, and the Chrono Trigger reference was gold, and a great allusion for those just picking up on Higurashi. New Game+ FTW!

  40. Almost never comment- just come here because I enjoy the site and Jaalin’s dedication to anime.
    Those who come here “expecting” something that reinforces their views need to start their own blog or shut the hell up with childish comments about the quality of a review.
    Don’t like it- go away- your not Jaalins employer.
    Keep up the great work Jaalin.

  41. Whoa, Jaalin, I dont know what the fuss is all about, but keep at it! cause it generates more discussions than all the posts in the last week combined, lol.
    anyway, you should only do whatever you feel like, if you only do this out of interest. I have seen this kind of things way too often, where people try to satisfy everybody, and ends up quiting, because they’re too burned out and loose all interest and energy, hope you dont become the latest casualty.

  42. lol @ previous comments…
    has the post already been re-written, because it seems fine to me =/

    wonder if satoko’s friends remark is meant to be coincidence or an unconcious remembrance of “the other world”

  43. @blerg: jaalin changed his summary so what you’re reading now is something he probably wrote after using some brain power.

    @quigonkenny: jaalin assuming people with “actual information” would come along and fill things in for him is arrogant. jaalin saying “hay guyz wait for mai ep 3 write up!” is arrogant because it assumes that the ep 2 write up was so good that we must want to wait for the ep 3 write up. It can’t refer to waiting for ep 3 itself because he references his write up specifically. It’s shouldn’t be considered a joke either since he has a paragraph of “THE BLOGGING MUST GO ON!” before it.

    @jjshaka: If a person puts something in the publics eye, then it is eligible for criticism. Especially when there’s a comments box sitting down below.

  44. Whoa! Internet blog drama. Anyway, there’s nothing much going on in episode 2 except the “zombie” tag which is full of comedy so jaalin’s style of blogging is still okay but it may not work so well in the upcoming episodes where things will surely get darker. Should include some serious discussions and your theory behind the mystery of Higurashi.

    It’s a shame that this site can’t seem to include comment tags on each picture like the ones in Garten’s Memento blog. His blogs on the first season of Higurashi is a good example of how one can blog seriously and still be funny at the same time. The comments on each picture is often extremely hilarious and ridiculous even though the blog itself isn’t so. Subtlety rather than outright comedic comments is better for a mystery anime like Higurashi. (Just a suggestion. Not COMMANDING you/Omni/randomc to do anything against your wish)

    To those that diss Jaalin without giving some constructive feedback, SHAME on you. Please at least appreciate Jaalin’s effort for writing this blog and giving us a summary in the first place instead of asking him to stop blogging like you own randomc itself.

  45. um wow. all the hostility. D: i don’t know about the comment that was deleted, but if it’s related to japanese knowledge and the lack thereof that ppl have (im presuming the person was trying to insult jaalin), i must say i have a slight problem with that (it’s not like the person has a complete grasp of japanese either -.-)

    in any case, don’t let these knuckleheads throw you down, jaalin! it’s always nice to see an anime blog that has considerable *humor* thrown into them ^^
    and i’ll continue *helping* (if you can call it helping >.>) with the more difficult dialogue parts of lucky star…i have to put my half-japanese background and *lived in tokyo for 12 years* knowledge into some use!

    i’m quite irritated at grunty’s choice of language… good grief…

  46. First off, I would like to apologize for being presumptuous. I assumed certain things based on the context without any access to the original article, and if I was wrong, I apologize.

    That said, there were a number of things in the context that I didn’t need the article to pick out.

    “jaalin assuming people with ‘actual information’ would come along and fill things in for him is arrogant.’
    Actually, no, that’s just being presumptuous, and humble (the exact opposite of arrogant, IIRC). He’s admitting how much he doesn’t know, and assuming (rightfully so, from my past experience on the site) that someone who knows more will come along and flesh it out. That’s why posts have comments, and why jaalin and Omni aren’t charging tuition. Expecting the blogger to bring every side of the argument and all pertinent informtion so that the reader can just sit back and veg isn’t just arrogant and presumptuous, it’s downright lazy.

    Ditto for the rest of your comment up to…

    “It’s shouldn’t be considered a joke either since he has a paragraph of ‘THE BLOGGING MUST GO ON!’ before it.”
    Actually, that should have been your second clue that this post was going to have a bit of a joke flavor to it, after the “jaalin” in the byline. I don’t even see how there’s an argument there…

    Words mean things, and certain words, like “arrogant,” have meaning behind them that should not be taken lightly, especially in our internet world of huge egos and thin skins. If you want to call somebody something, make sure you’re right, and make sure you’re ready for the consequences if you’re wrong.

  47. hey jaalin, i agree with ksmpal well if you want to keep in the humour you can put comments with the screenies, otherwise keep up the good work! the improvements are great, and i still really admire your humourous writing style

  48. Whoa whoa… people are sure heated…
    Guys, you must keep in mind that blog isn’t really a “review site” per se…
    I mean… it isn’t really a duty to do this, nor a mandatory to write “essay”…

    I won’t comment if everything was actually good or bad, since it appears the summary was rewritten. However, even if something is “half assed” to you, that doesn’t mean the author was actually making it on purpose or whatsoever. Plus, once again, a blog isn’t really under the authority of anyone, except the owner of the said blog and the editors. You don’t like it? fine then do it YOURSELF, or seek another blog for this series and the like. (Higurashi isn’t really DA expected serie, but is decently covered by numerous blogs so)

    But on the other hand, I must agree that blogging something when it is a chore for the writer doesn’t make sense.

    That said, “the childish” comment can be applied on both side heh : you might think it is crap and all, but replying with big horses isn’t really “kuru nare”, like keiichi would say, heh ^^”
    if blogs are really no sufficient for you, i would suggest you to wait patiently the subs, and discuss on forums… (let’s say… AnimeSuki? ho well, poor mods ^^”)

  49. I don’t really get the people that ask for this show not to be blogged… If you don’t like what you read just don’t fucking read it.

    I enjoy (and I bet quite a few people do too) seeing this show being commented by Jaalin (thoughts are very much appreciated), more so if he’s not Higu’s biggest fan (I myself chose not to read the TIPS as to enjoy the most this second series not spoiling anything) because it’s interesting and entertaining reading posts from someone who is likely getting similar impressions of the show and see what conclusions he draws and his opinion as the series moves forward, so why deny those of us who do like the posts the chance to read them?

    I’m sure there’s gotta be several people here that appreciate a space of Higu on randomc just for being a way (lighter than a forum) to discuss the series and enjoy being part of it’s hype without getting overly serious about it.

    It’s nice to see you try a different genre, keep up the good work Jaalin.

  50. If you’re not enjoying the series I would prefer that you don’t blog it.

    Reading your post it’s kind of easy to tell that you’re not fully enjoying it and that kind of kill the quality of your writing and the fun in reading your blog.

    Of course, I would like a reference to a blogger that really like the series before you drop it.


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