So after being recruited scouted stalked down, our three girls report to the facility in which they’ll be parading around in transparent spandex. In a totally unexpected turn of events, Otoha and Karen bump into each other on the train and become friends immediately.

Well, maybe not as quick as those two scrubs in idolmaster. This time, they had to KO a mugger, who thought it was a good idea to stop running from the middle age lady he stole from and pull a knife on two teenage girls because they were… I don’t know, standing in his way on a huge street? Other retarded things I’ve seen lately:

  • RxJ: What exactly did Juliet accomplish by getting herself arrested? What, once you’re in love you’re expected to throw away all rational thought?
  • Dennou Coil: When will that ugly ass imouto learn that she gets into traumatizing situations every time she leaves the house? Less “unchi” please.
  • Transformers: Of all the cars you choose to turn yourself into, why would you choose to be a Pontiac? I know GM is paying out their buttox to get their cars in the movie, but good god.
  • Orlando Magic: Just signed Rashard Lewis to $126 million. Which is a good 40-50 mil more than anybody else was even considering offering for him. There goes their future…
  • Moving on, Otoha and Karen are picked up by the kind of scruffy looking commander seen way too often in these shows. You know, he’s that guy that’s so pro that he doesn’t need to wear a uniform and chooses to fish out the back of his battleship. I don’t like him already.

    They meet Eika, your classic “if I smile I will lose focus in the fight for earth’s survival” type of chick that’s also a staple of these shows. I’d probably hate her too if she wasn’t so flaming hot. There’s something about that sculpted body and that ridiculously long ponytail that really gets me going.

    Time to suit up – and oh man is it time to suit up! Otoha and Karen look great in their suits (my rant on how epic the plug suits are in the summary for the previous episode), but Eika is on an entirely different level. I’ve yet to figure out why – possibly because she’s about two cup sizes larger, or maybe it’s the color bringing out her skin tone better, or maybe it’s that ponytail – but geeeeez I probably haven’t stared so hard since that Nagi ankle pic.

    They don their nanoskins for the first time (some silly sparkly contraption that prevents their nipples from busting out of those suits when they’re in the air). The process comes complete with an electric shock near the end which sends Otoha into a wave of euphoria as she thinks of… her little brother (-_-). Well, all in a day’s work.


    Ok, I have another complaint. Supposedly the reason the military has to start scouting teen girls (yes, I realize they are loli, but after the debauchery that was Manabi Straight I refuse to recognize them as any younger) to fly their little flying robots because all the men between 20-30 years old got nuked. So I guess they decide to use 16 and 17 year old girls instead of guys because they have to repopulate the male species? You know, it’s not like there’s only 10 guys left on the planet… I saw at least a couple at Karen’s school, another one on the train. Really, they only needed 3 people for this Sonic Diver business.

    See, I have a problem with shows that decide to do something for no particular reason except to attract more audiences. No, there’s a 99% chance I wouldn’t watch this show if it were 3 guys in plug suits, but they really need to come up with a better reason than the one they gave. Certain things are within the allowance of general logic – such as the plug suits – they are lightweight, provide plenty of flexibility in movement, and the cable in which they plug into the Sonic Diver with is out of the way.

    It’s things like this that make me lose interest in a show. To continue watching (and enjoying) then, I need to suspend a certain degree of rationale and “take it less seriously.” Unfortunately for some shows, I need to suspend so much and so far that it just becomes a total joke. Luckily, Sky Girls isn’t anywhere near that bad, so for now, it’s still quite watchable.

    Its current problem is more along the lines of unoriginality, as everything we’ve seen up to episode 2 has pretty much been a rehash of shows like Idolmaster, which was a rehash of shows previous to that. And well, it’s understandable, but it also tells us to not expect too much in later episodes. It’s true that the action sequences are likely to be what make or break this show, but these early introduction episodes do give us a good clue of the level of these writers and producers. I’ll bring up Twin Spica as a counter example – a similar setup, but vastly superior storytelling, deeper characters, and ultimately a much more wholesome experience.

    It was my initial hope that Sky Girls would be a pretty good show that just happened to have teens in spandex, but I guess that was a silly expectation given the dearth of quality shows this summer season. Still, it’s nowhere near as bad as some of the other shows, and like the other shows I’m covering so far, I’ll give it another episode to see if things look up.



    1. watching this episode, there are so many parallels and character dynamics that reminds me so much of a certain sunrise series…mai hime and mai otome!

      otoha = mai
      karen = erstin
      eika = nina/natsuki

      and because of the ova, the love-hate relationship bet. otoha and Show Spoiler ▼

      is so physically similar to mai and tate, lol.

      and as expected, it appears as though we have yet another ayanami rei/silent girl clone! (girl in blue jumpsuit in the op)

    2. The tails connect to their spinal cord… and are for conjoining with the mecha… somewhat like Neo’s interface in the Matrix.

      hmmm, I’m not normally a mecha fan but may give this one a shot…

    3. SO… FREAKIN’… LOLI. Oh wait, they’re all “of age” (to the rest of the world), so it’s okay. While I don’t think this is a particularly bad show, it’s one that I get distracted while watching it.

    4. The mecha designs are cool , but i don’t particularly like the character designs(they look um.. Loli? X_x). Lets hope the storyline will be interesting as i was intrigued by opening.

    5. Jaalin says:
      “Pithy remarks about dumb plot contrivices transitioning into sarcastic off-hand zingers describing unrelated entertainment domains while at the same time making epic commentary about the state of the human condition.”

      More or less.

      Oh, Jaalin, what did I ever do without you?

    6. @ShiNN: can you stop complaining please? we can’t please everyone. that’s nothing short of a miracle. make your own anime blog if you want things to go completely your way :-/

    7. Mewmew, and who the heck are you to tell me to not express an opinion? If you don’t like reading a negative opinion just skip it, duh. I am not going to limit my freedom of speech just because you don’t like what I said.

    8. @ Shinn:

      then its just my “freedom of speech” as well to point out that i don’t like your attitude either. of course, something must not be going right when most of your points are negative in nature. hmm?

    9. I hope jaalin keeps blogging this one. I’m liking Sky Girls so far. Sure the plot is formulaic, the mecha physics are awful, and there is high amounts of fan service. However, the show seems to have some life. The characters are likable (if a bit typecast so far) and the fan service is at least being treated in a realistic manner (the girls get properly embarrassed at their motion suits, for example). There _might_ even be a decent plot waiting for us – though since it’s a 26 ep series, you can bet the first 6 eps will be light and simple. I almost skipped out on Mai-Hime because the first 6 eps were so dull, but I’m glad I stuck with it because it’s a great series once it got through the intros. I’m hoping this will at least be fun to watch. So far I haven’t been disappointed.

    10. why do they look like flying in a rectangle with a seat and arms and whats up with magical suits that last only so long??? The anime writers are really scraping the bottom of the idea Barrel on this one. i ma not watch because it looks like a feminism support show.


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