Three years ago, the Wales and Henrietta had met at the edge of Lake Ragdorian wearing their respective Wind Ruby and Water Ruby rings. Wales had said that water and wind make the rainbow that forms between the royal families, and Henrietta had believed that the rainbow would bridge the span between them. Back then, Henrietta had told Wales that the lake’s water spirit was also know as the Spirit of Oaths, and that oaths made there would not be broken. After she had stepped into the lake and vowed to love him for eternity, she had wanted him to do the same, but Wales had instead vowed to one day walk with her along this lake shore again. Back in the present, Henrietta finds herself mourning the loss of Wales until her Water Ruby ring suddenly lights up. She hears a voice call out her name and is shocked to find Wales standing outside her window saying that he’s not dead – the person who died was his double. To prove who he is, Wales shows her his glowing Wind Ruby ring, and she goes running out to him in tears. Getting to the point, Wales asks Henrietta to go to Albion with him because he has to as his duty as the crown prince. Henrietta resists the idea, but Wales then kisses her and repeatedly says that he loves her.

Louise and Saito thus find out the next day from Agnès that Henrietta was kidnapped. Agnès has her forces following them, and it appears that they’re headed towards Lake Ragdorian. Louise and Saito soon set out in the Zero now equipped with some accelerators that run on gunpowder, but they nearly don’t make it over the school walls with how fast they’re moving on take-off. As he watches the Zero fly away, Colbert wonders if they’ll be okay and looks at all the plane parts still leftover at his feet. During the flight, Louise and Saito start talking about the Ring of Andvari and how it can give a fake life to the deceased, though Louise is more interested in hurrying up to get to Henrietta. At that moment, Henrietta is dreaming about how she had met Wales when he caught her naked in the lake after coming to see the water spirit. He had told her how pretty she had become and said that she was more beautiful than the water spirit. She wakes up now to find herself in Wales’ arms traveling towards the lake, and he once again says that he loves her and that he won’t let anyone get in the way. However, Agnès and her Musketeers have nearly caught up, so Wales fires a blast of wind at them. When Henrietta questions what he is doing to her knights, Wales reiterates that he won’t let anyone get in the way and asks her to trust him.

High above, the Zero has started spewing black smoke and the propeller soon stops spinning, sending the plane into a dive. Fortunately, Tabitha and Kirche followed Louise and Saito, and Tabitha now uses her wind power to save them. They arrive at the lake at roughly the same time Wales does with Henrietta, so Saito lands the Zero on the water in front of them. With Tabitha and Kirche blocking the way too, Wales reveals that Henrietta came with him on her own accord. Saito then accuses Wales of having been resurrected by the Ring of Andvari, and Wales knows that it is true because Cromwell had done exactly that. Although Louise tries to tell Henrietta that Wales is really just a specter of the prince, Henrietta believes that this Wales is the real person. Deciding that talk is futile, Tabitha shoots several shards of ice through Wales’ body, but Wales heals immediately. Even Kirche and Tabitha’s combined wind and fire attack can’t get past the magical barrier that he erects, and he responds with a wind spell that knocks them both out. When Louise once again tries to make Henrietta understand that this Wales is a fake, Henrietta replies by questioning if Louise has ever seriously been in love with someone because she feels that true love makes you want to throw everything away.

Since Louise still doesn’t see her point of view, Henrietta orders Louise to get out of the way, but that still leaves Saito who draws Derfflinger and charges forward. He’s able to cut through Wales’ wind spell, but the wall of ice created by Henrietta herself stops him. Wales and Henrietta then combine their powers to launch a twister of water and wind, and because Saito is barely able to hold it back, Derfflinger gets Louise to pull out the prayer book where writing has suddenly appeared, revealing some dispel magic. The sword also reminds Saito that his job is to protect his master until she finishes her spell, and Saito manages to hold his own long enough for the spell to call down a bolt of lightning that dispels the life out of Wales. In the aftermath, Henrietta cries over Wales’ fallen body, and he has enough life left in him to ask Henrietta to make one more oath: to forget him and love another man. She refuses at first, but since Wales is running out of time, she asks him to vow first that he’ll love her for eternity. Wales, however, feels that a dead person can’t make an eternal oath, and he asks for forgiveness for not being able to say those words three years ago. Wales’ final words say that he always loved her, and Henrietta cries out his name as she holds his limp body.


I know I said this last week, but I continue to be impressed by how much story we’re getting and how they don’t seem to be wasting any time. I almost feel like I should be titling these entries as continuations of last season (aka. Zero no Tsukaima – 15). The flip side of this is that some of this felt rushed, and I think more could have been done to tie it in with the rest of the Reconquista story. They show that Cromwell and the cloaked lady resurrected him, but there wasn’t any follow-up to that (yet), so this feels like a failed plot that just ended up causing Henrietta a ton of grief.
Speaking of Henrietta, such an incident might make her even more fragile emotionally, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she held at least a little resentment towards Louise and Saito and friends for robbing her of her love, even if it was all fake. This could also leave her vulnerable and maybe looking for a strong male figure (like Saito) to cozy up to. My point is that with the way they ended the episode, it’s not entirely clear what Henrietta’s going to do from now on. I would say there was a lack of closure, but this is only episode two, so there’s a lot of story that can still be covered. For the time being, it looks the focus will be returning to Louise and Saito, and the new character who I originally thought was a spiffy version of Wales will show up next week.




    Henrietta you whore… better step your game up from now on to make up for the trashy performance in this ep

  2. @uguluck
    well.. its some kind of fashion crap… looks kinda cool isn’t it. At least japanese thinks so…
    even though its actually a sickness called Heterochromia, which is usually cause by injury, inflammation, the use of certain eyedrops, or tumors.

  3. @Quina
    Well, commonly yes, but the heterochromia that anime characters commonly have is genetic, unlike your examples. More commonly seen in cats than humans though, at least to me. I’ve only met two one-green-one-blue-eyed people.
    Side note, it’s a sign of deafness in white cats.

  4. they shuffled stuff a bit but this is one of the novel stories (minus the Zero).. can’t wait for the novels to be released in the US now that they’ve been licensed >.>;

  5. Wouldn’t it be more scary if Henritta started cozying up to Saito now? (Incoming Harem!) Speaking of which, i don’t think it’ll be a evil-twin bro idea. More so i think it might be someone with a intention to use Louise’s Void Magic to his own use.

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