When I think of HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, I think of their two most popular singles, PRIDE and Ichirin no Hana, which were relatively fast paced rock songs and featured some degree of shouting. That’s why I was surprised to hear that their latest song Dreams – the second ED to Darker than BLACK – was a ballad. If I didn’t know it was them, I wouldn’t have been able to tell because this song has such a peaceful pop quality to it. Even the PV has a white color scheme and mostly features the band members sitting or standing, unlike previous music videos which had much more movement and quick camera work. Actually, Tadoritsuku Basho and Oxalis (the latter is one of my favorites of all their works) from their single earlier this year were more like this song in pacing than some of their previous music. I don’t consider the change a bad thing, and Dreams has been growing on me as I listen to it more and more. Now that I think about it, the chorus of the song reminds me a little of Shimokawa Mikuni‘s Karenai Hana.

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR’s single Dreams is due out August 1st, 2007.


  1. It’s a fitting song. And sort of makes sense to be a ballad since it’s an ending song. But I guess if you’re skilled its possible to have upbeat endings. Gurren Lagann and RomeoxJuliet come to mind. Though I’m not fond of Cyclone very much as an ending. >_>

  2. I think it’s quite bad.

    First ED tsukiakari is captivating, after I heard it for the first time, I keep repeating it because I like it.

    But this second ED, heard once and get bored.


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