Time for another “Train Girl” moment, this time with Najimi and Justice providing the laughs. Najimi interrogates the loli thief about how to produce a popular doujin, and after a bunch of roundabout ideas getting tossed around, Justice proclaims that the most important thing in a doujin is “love.”

Kinda weird, considering the term is brutally interpreted in about 50 million ways in doujin, with about 49 million of those involving some kind of household item, a vegetable, or something you might find in Hollow Man.

Still, it seems to inspire Najimi, and she disappears for three days while working on her virginal production. It’s called “Love Typhoon” – and after chiding Najimi a bit about her new work, Justice gets sent home in a daze. Tsuyuri? Well, it’s hard to tell when she’s joking, with that stoic face on all the time.

At home, Tsuyuri gives the first review of Love Typhoon, while I look on thinking that I drew something of a similar quality when I was in elementary school. Minus all the h-stuff. Y-yea… the technique isn’t quite down but I can really feel your emotion and hard work… the ultimate deathblow when it comes to friends giving reviews. At least Najimi thinks it’s a compliment. Her pen name? “Beauty Love.”

So how is Beauty Love’s Love Typhoon going to sell at ComiKet? Justice unwraps the box containing the 30 printed copies – his response? One of those white-out moments when the character is caught completely off guard and yet wasn’t all too unexpected. Either way, it’s showtime – and nobody wants to buy Najimi’s work. Several people stop by, including the girl at the previous market, and that openly perverted yet good looking guy that Najimi keeps bumping into. She sells her first book to the latter guy, and in her excitement, gives him one of those huge clueless-yet-ecstatic-girl hugs, which causes quite a commotion with the other guys, expecting to get some rare IRL girl action by plopping down the 500 yen.

No such luck – so no such sale.


A turn for the worse? This episode was a lot more difficult for me to follow, not only because it had much thicker dialogue but also due to the lack of… points of interest. The character of Justice makes no sense to me – upon reading the manga it seems like his role has been lessened to that of an observer in the anime. Getting a quick flip-through of Najimi’s doujin might have been good to – but in the interest of keeping things PG that was averted.

So it’s pretty clear at this point that this show is completely focused on the backstage aspects of the doujin world, without ever providing any examples and such. It’s a difficult task to pull off, and while this episode was much lower than the previous two in terms of… meat… it was necessary to keep this show on track by providing the plot needed to further Najimi’s quest for a dessert budget.

Overall, an underwhelming episode, but the next one will probably make up for it.



  1. Okay, that blonde girl may be cute and all but she’s got to stop hanging all over Justice. Ppl are going to start thinking he’s a pedo…. wait….is he? What is their connection are just friends, siblings or what?

  2. The joke with Justice and Najimi happens to be the choice of wording that Tsuyuri is using and Najimi’s replies. For instance, she uses the root word “umu” regarding publishing the manga, but “umu” can also mean “to give birth to”, and she happens to use a lot of sentences that have double-meanings. e.g. “So you’re going to publish it?” could have also been interpreted as “So you’re going to have the baby?” Najimi goes on to say “I already went through it all, that’s why I’m so tired, and I haven’t been to school lately.”

    When Justice asks about “What does your partner think about the name ‘Osana Love Typhoon’
    ?”, Najimi responds by asking “Oh, you mean the customers?” At that point Justice goes into total shock, thinking that she had a baby with some random client while she was working at a brothel. That’s what Tsuyuri slaps her about telling her to stop that sort of business, while Justice walks off in a daze. Of course, Tsuyuri was joking, but Justice was confused the whole time. At the end of the episode, he thinks the one customer for Love Typhoon manga is the father.


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