In the dungeon below the ruins, Clare is shocked to find that Jean has already Awakened, but even more surprising is that Jean has managed to keep her human consciousness intact and now wants Clare to kill her. Clare, however, recognizes that there’s a chance that Jean can still return to being human, so she urges Jean to turn back and activates her own power. By trying something similar to what she saw Galatea do, Clare succeeds in changing Jean back into a human. Back upstairs, Galatea is having a lot of trouble with Dauf when the other two finally make their way back. Jean offers to hold their opponents back so that the other two can escape and gives her life to Clare to do whatever she wants with it, but Galatea prefers instead that they all work together to bring down Dauf. While Galatea and Clare hold him off, Jean prepares to use her attack which is the fastest and most powerful of all the Claymores by winding up her arm.

However, just as Jean is about to strike, Dauf slams Clare and Galatea together and protects his own face with his hand. Jean’s spiraling attack has no problem breaking through the hand, but it’s not enough to reach Dauf’s face, and he responds by punching her into the ground. Riful thinks that this means the battle is over, but when Clare stands up again, Riful makes it clear that she really doesn’t want to kill Clare – she just wants to make them Awaken. Clare meanwhile asks Jean to repeat her special attack and to entrust her life to her. After instructing Jean to go for Dauf’s throat, Clare attacks Dauf by herself until Jean can wind up her arm again. Seeing how Clare is able to keep Dauf busy, Riful notes that how much Clare is swinging her borrowed arm. Dauf doesn’t notice what Jean is doing until after she’s finished, and Clare is able to stop his subsequent projectile attacks from hitting her new ally.

Promising to create a path, Clare has Jean attack first while she herself focuses her Quick Sword technique to Dauf’s Yoma energy so that her sword only hits his arms and not Jean too. When this succeeds, Dauf tries to shoot more rods out of his mouth, but that mouth gets closed by a weakened Galatea using her powers, allowing Jean to drill through his throat. Unfortunately, Jean doesn’t get the opportunity to turn around and finish Dauf off because Riful then enters the battle and throws Jean into the ground. With Riful seemingly open, Clare suddenly attacks and manages to slice her sword down Riful’s head, but the young girl’s body then explodes into dark-colored strips that expand in every direction. It completely reduces the ruins to rubble, and Riful reforms her body in the open area that she’s created.

Riful’s not thrilled that things didn’t end before becoming like this, and she apologizes to Dauf for neglecting him. Turning her attention back to Galatea and Clare, Riful remembers her promise to Clare to tell her about the man of the north if Clare could cut her, so she reveals that the man’s name is Isley and that he rules the northern lands as the Silver King. She feels that if they want to defeat him, they should become her comrades – that’s the one and only way. Saying that she’ll be waiting until then, Riful takes Dauf and disappears in a swirl. With the fight now over, Clare falls to her knees because of how far away everything seems to her, but Galatea gets back to her original mission immediately and is ready to force Clare to return to the Organization. Clare, however, refuses to go because she still has something that she prioritizes over everything else.

Galatea takes that to mean Clare has chosen to return to the Organization as a corpse, but Jean then steps in to defend Clare. Jean has decided to use her life for the sake of the person who saved her, and she doesn’t care if she’s targeted by the Organization because she considers her life to have already been lost. Hearing this, Galatea turns her back towards them and suggests that lowly ranked Claymores like them wouldn’t have survived an encounter with an Abyssal One. She’s letting them go for now, and while she warns that she doesn’t know if they’ll be allies or enemies the next time they meet, she also tells them to stay alive until then. Meanwhile, marching in a snowstorm to the north, four Claymores come face to face with a small army of Awakened Beings, and two of them are immediately killed.


I was a little surprised that none of the major players in this arc died at the end of it. At the very least, I thought that Jean or Dauf wouldn’t make it, but they all pulled through and the story appears to be shifting towards something of a grander scale with the three Abyssal Ones, Priscilla, and a whole lot of Awakened Beings. Raki has been all but excluded from this, particularly since Clare’s new focus seems to be going after Priscilla rather than finding him, but I don’t mind too much since it’s much more exciting thinking about the possibility of a three or four-way conflict than about Clare searching for Raki.
The end of this episode and the preview for next episode show a snowy landscape, so the Claymores – a lot of them – are headed north against Isley, Priscilla, and his forces, and it looks like Miria will be showing up again.


  1. heheheheh cool X) Finally! Bring on the northern campaign!

    As for this ep – it looks cool X) Riful design seems way better than in manga. Cant wait for next stuff X)

  2. OMG OMG OMG OMG This arc is so awesome. It can only get more uber from here. I don’t know how they’re going to finish it though. I hope a cliff hanger will do. I prefer cliff hangers than a closing that is made up.

  3. this episode looks great!!!
    If it’s only going to be 24-26 episode, I hope they follow CODE GEASS lead, and just stop the anime for a year or two(if they have to, being a monthly manga), for the manga to get ahead. PLEASE NO FILLERS!!! respect the source material, and so far they have (a bit more gore [but i like it better])

  4. I’m kinda worried about the end of this anime as well.
    It is approaching to where the manga is rapidly, and I don’t really want to see a “filler” ending.

    Oh, in regards of your comment about no one dies?
    Show Spoiler ▼

    And lastly, yay, flora is going to be in the next episode! 😀

  5. If the anime is to stop at 24-26 eps, I’d wager they’d just stop after the Northern Campaign concludes and wait a while for the manga to continue…

    The damn manga needs to release faster! T.T

  6. @G – I believe you’re right, since the next manga chapter won’t be out until November. This series will definitely end at the Northern campaign arc. Give it another year or two for them to release the second series, same thing that happened with Emma.

    Shinn Agami
  7. Yay, next week the big fight in the north hehe.
    The scene in the end remembers me from that in the manga, those 2 Claymore being slaughtered. They don’t even stand a chance against those monsters.

    I’m curious on how many episodes they are going to set this northern city arc.
    @Gil, that will be later, after the fight in the north if you mean what I think of.

    @G, agreed. Still waiting for chapter 74 >.

  8. @Gil: They did skip it for now, maybe they’ll put it in later, but I don’t think so.

    The fight scenes are really lacking, I guess I’m too spoiled, but I don’t like how basically only the slashes of the swords are animated and the characters don’t really move.

    For a second season we’ll have to wait a few years at least, depeding if they’ll make 13 eps or another 26. Or maybe they won’t continue the anime at all, other really popular series never got a second season >.

  9. Sadly, it would appear that this next arc will probably be the last one to appear in the anime, unless they decide to create another season. What a shame. There’s a certain scene that I would really like to see animated….

    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. @Tetsuei – There’s a high chance of that being animated since the northern campaign and the invasion of pieta arc are relatively short. Remember we’re only at episode 17, so my guess will be two more arcs before they conclude the 1st series.

    Shinn Agami
  11. It’s getting interesting. If there is a 2nd season, i hope they stop the first one right at the end of the northern part arc. Fillers would be good if they don’t do side-stories like Bleach but maybe characters’past (1/ep). The 26 episodes will probably cover up to volume 12 and then they better not make up a new story. If it goes like that, we might get a second season in like 3-4yrs (that’s long 🙂 )

  12. “damn!! i should NEVER have read the manga..this would be 30X more exciting!!”

    Same here, but I had no choice since people kept spouting spoilers like they were nothing. Plus reading the wikipedia page didn’t help LOL

    But the manga = awesome.

  13. Yay! i’m probably the first to comment on Jean’s AWESOME attack. Her twisting drill-like sword attack reminds me of Gurren Lagann’s GIGA DRILL BREAKER!!! AWESOME!!!

  14. Yay! i’m probably the first to comment on Jean’s AWESOME attack. Her twisting drill-like sword attack reminds me of Gurren Lagann’s GIGA DRILL BREAKER! AWESOME!!!

    (oh and sry if i double post)

  15. So, we’ve got Quick Sword Irene, Teresa of the Faint Smile, Rippling Sword Ophelia, etc., etc. What’s Clare’s name gonna be? Everyone Else’s Powers Clare?

    “Hey, Teresa, you aren’t using that head. Hey guy in black, gimme.”

    “Hey, Irene, tou don’t need that arm. It’s not like someone’s gonna find you.”

    “Hey, Galatea, that’s a pretty cool skill there. Hey, Jean, you’re now my bitch!”

    Considering the track record of Clare’s previous “donors,” if I were Galatea, I wouldn’t make any long term plans…

  16. Am I the only one that finds the fact that people spoiler the manga more then talking about the actual episode confusing? I mean what the hell, why do people come on a anime blog and refuse to talk about the episode, and instead talk about what will happen.

    Either people read the manga and randomly saying what will happen is pointless, or they are watching the anime and they can’t even look at the comments anymore due to retards “forgetting” spoiler tags.

  17. Because the story just gets better and better, and manga fans can’t help gushing about it.
    And I don’t see anyone posting spoilers who hasn’t been bashed to hell.

  18. Show Spoiler ▼

  19. CLAYMORES!!! Tonight we dine in Hell!!

    I guess that by now everyone knows that next Tuesday is the start of The North War arc.But has anyone notice it’s also the release date of 300.

    Maybe more than just coincidence that the two stories of the Claymores series North War arc and 300 which have certain similarities are released the same day, Hmmm!!!

    What do you think about this?

  20. I think i’d rather prefer to dinner in hell with 47 hot, sexy blondies using skin tigh clothes than with 300 sweated and seminude bearded men. 😛

    Anyway, this episode was awesome. THIS SERIES IS AWESOME!! I can’t wait to the next episodes. 🙂

    “and it looks like Miria will be showing up again”

    Not just Miria. Look better to the screenshot, the upper-middle part. I’m pretty sure that two in the middle are Helen and Deneve. As far i know, just Helen uses that kind of acessories in the arms and legs. And Deneve is allways beside her.

    Gilberto I. S.

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