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Claymore – 26 (END)

Inside the volcano, Clare has further Awakened her body for the sole purpose of killing Priscilla whereas Priscilla continues to see Clare as Teresa and as the Yoma who killed her family.

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Claymore – 25

Inside the volcano, Clare goes head to head with Priscilla, but her attacks are unable to do any damage.

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Claymore – 24

Although she senses Ligardes’ death, Priscilla sees Teresa cutting him to pieces instead of Clare.

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Claymore – 23

Surprised at how fast Clare has become, Ligardes and the others soon realize that she has Awakened her legs.

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Claymore – 22

Although Priscilla has finally stopped eating, the blood around her mouth makes it hard for Raki to look at her for more than a few seconds.

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Claymore – 21

Unaware of what’s really going on, Raki heads with Isley and Priscilla towards Pieta, and he doesn’t understand what Isley means when he says that everything will be over by the time they get there.

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Random Musings – Wednesdays Blues

  • As had been previously mentioned, there’s no episode of Bleach today. In addition, there’s also no episode of Romeo X Juliet this week, and there’s no new episode of it next week either. In it’s place, CBC will be airing a half-hour series overview episode next week on August 22nd before airing episode 20 on August 29th. Now, CBC usually airs the first episodes of Romeo X Juliet every week on Wednesday, but in the wake of this brief hiatus, it’s possible that SUN-TV will take over and get to air the first episodes every week on Tuesday instead. In short, there’s a chance SUN-TV will air episode 20 on Tuesday, August 28th before CBC does on Wednesday, August 29th. We won’t know for sure until SUN-TV updates it’s online schedule, and that won’t be for another week or so.
  • For those of you watching Claymore, web Newtype has some interesting spoilers up for future episodes that seem to confirm it’s going to end differently from the manga. Show Spoiler ▼
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    Claymore – 20

    In a snowy forest, Priscilla’s clinging to Raki prompts Isley to suggest that it’s Raki’s smell of the south that’s reminding her of her family, though this family had been eaten by a Yoma.

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    Claymore – 19

    After the lizard-like Awakened Being unleashes his tentacles and hits several of the Claymores, the others launch their attacks, so he tries to jump away.

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    Claymore – 18

    Since she feels that her life is owed to Clare, Jean continues following her around until she can repay the debt.

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    Claymore – 17

    In the dungeon below the ruins, Clare is shocked to find that Jean has already Awakened, but even more surprising is that Jean has managed to keep her human consciousness intact and now wants Clare to kill her.

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    Claymore – 16

    As she enters the ruins, Clare finds a passageway littered with rods punched into the walls.

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    Claymore – 15

    At the Organization headquarters, Rubel is explaining to the others how Clare has gone missing since her mission with Ophelia.

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    Claymore – 14

    Having learned the basics of the Quick Sword technique, Clare continues her training with Ilena, wanting to push herself more than Ilena will allow her.

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    Claymore – 13

    Believing Clare to be Awakened, Ophelia chases her down in the forest and almost immediately activates her Yoma powers.

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