Inside the volcano, Clare goes head to head with Priscilla, but her attacks are unable to do any damage. Noticing that Clare has a different symbol on her clothing than Teresa, Priscilla says that she’s not scared, and after the two clash again, Clare powers up further. As he watches intently from his perch above, Isley notes how Priscilla has returned to how she was when he originally met her, and he takes an interest to Clare. Outside, Deneve, Helen, and Miria are still making their way towards the volcano, and Deneve wonders why Clare is so obsessed with Priscilla. Since the other two suspect that she knows something, Miria reveals that Clare isn’t half-human and half-yoma. Instead of having Yoma flesh and blood, Clare has that of a warrior – Teresa’s. Miria thinks that Clare had wanted this, though she also knows the Organization didn’t act out of sympathy. Rather, they saw her as a new experiment. Miria also thinks that in the state Clare is in, she’ll completely Awaken before the battle is decided, and even then, Miria isn’t sure that Clare can win.

Further back behind those three are Jean and Raki who are proceeding slowly because of Jean’s injury. As he helps her walk, Raki asks Jean why she cares so much about Clare, so she tells him about how Clare saved her and how she wants to pay Clare back. She knows that Clare is currently fighting an Awakened Being who took someone precious away from her, and she remembers how Clare once said that she fights for the people she’s lost and those she doesn’t want to lose. Back inside the volcano, Priscilla comments on how weak Clare is after smacking her into the ground and wonders if something happened. Hearing Priscilla refer to her as Teresa, Clare gets angry and attempts to charge with her Quick Sword technique, but Priscilla stops her dead in her tracks by impaling her. Priscilla then blames Teresa for everything that’s happened to her family, as well as to Ilena and the other Claymores. Clare manages to break free of the hold, however on her subsequent attack downward, she gets impaled again, this time by Priscilla’s horn.

Priscilla then tries to finish Clare off by further impaling her with her fingers, but to Clare’s surprise, Helen, Miria, and Deneve suddenly save her. Facing these three Claymores, Priscilla introduces herself as Number 2 of the Organization, making Miria think that her memories stop at the point right before she Awakened. The three try to take her on all at once, but Priscilla remains calm and thinks that they’re all allies of the Yoma. After Helen tells Priscilla that she’s the Yoma, the Claymores work together and are able to cut off one of Priscilla’s wings. This just reinforces the idea in Priscilla’s mind that these enemies are the true monsters, and right as she’s denying being a Yoma because she had only ate guts for a little while, she powers up. Yelling that she’ll kill everyone, Priscilla becomes bigger and stronger than ever, and the three Claymores soon have their hands full trying to deal with her. Priscilla manages to nail Helen with some projectiles shot out from her wings and then grabs Miria despite Miria attempting to use her phantom technique.

Deneve tries to save Miria by throwing her sword, but Priscilla catches it and throws it back, right into Helen’s leg. What’s more, when Deneve tries to pull the sword out, Priscilla cuts off both her hands. Helen manages to pull the sword out before she gets sliced up too, but Priscilla’s subsequent finger attack cuts off one of her legs. Watching as Priscilla then dumps Miria’s unconscious body onto the ground, Clare questions what she’s doing since she’s unable to save her comrades. Remembering Teresa and thinking about how she became a warrior to kill Priscilla, Clare grabs her sword and wants more power. This starts a reaction that ends with Clare further Awakening, much to Raki’s dismay when he arrives with Jean.


I really can’t say much for the story since it feels like a rehash of the Ligardes fight (enemy powers up, Clare’s friends go down, Clare powers up). If you look at it from a high enough level, it sounds very much like any other action-heavy shounen-oriented show, but I thought the way they executed it – mainly the animation quality – was exceptional. Aside from that though, I didn’t find that much to get excited about, though I am quite curious to see what happens to all the characters in the final episode. It doesn’t seem like it’s possible for them to end it in a completely satisfactory manner because there’s too many loose ends in terms of Isley, Riful, and even the sinister Organization. Hopefully they’ll give at least Clare a good end (whether it be death or whatever).


  1. Okay They gone dbz again…

    Its cool to see the Claire’s arm form from manga, but everything else was a biiiig bullcrap :E

    They ruined priscila >.>

    So now its for sure – no second season…

    Unknown Voice
  2. Even though I’m hoping for more than 26 episodes, from the way things seem to be going, they’re most likely aiming for some sort of Claymore ending.

    I doubt that any ending used here, will be used in the manga though, so I’ll still be following the manga after the anime I guess.

    Here’s hoping for a second season. ^_^

  3. Manga readers, please don’t be so selfish whinning about this anime.please be considerate about anime viewers who dun read the manga.I’m manga readers too, I’m still dissapointed with the plot yet I try to enjoy watching it finnish.

  4. I almost forgot that clare borrowed Irene’s arm so that right arm is awakening differently than her left.

    So whats gonna happen at the end i wonder, will raki step in? will Jeane? or will Easly show us his almighty centaur form

  5. A little disappointed they’ve taken the ending route, but oh well. At least I can focus on this a purely anime now. But I’m gonna reserve my judgement on it, till the end.

    Picking the wrong way to end it ruins the whole affair, after all.

  6. Oh by the by, since quite a few manga readers post here, can anyone confirm the rumor I heard that Claymore is gonna switch to a weekly release secedule instead of monthly when it starts back. Heard that the side stories were to give them time to get enough material down to keep up with a weekly secedule. Can’t remember where I read though. Was one of the big manga sites though.

  7. My 1st part was right. Clare get own by Priscilla. Now, Jeanne will die trying to bring Clare back! and Raki will follow Priscilla inorder to protect Clare! and Tada 2nd season! Think about this ending people… It’s quite obvious!

  8. Manga storyline is still the best, but anime ain’t too bad when comparing all these other anime series we been watching Claymore is above them but less than the manga. So I guess everything is OK for now, and I will continue to follow the manga thats for sure, I just gonna treat this Claymore anime as some parallel universe with same ppl but different story.

  9. Claymore was published on “Monthly Shonen Jump”, that magazine was canceled and it going to be published on “Jump Square”, Currently its being published on “Weekly Shonen Jump” on a monthly base.

    The rumor likely started when Claymore moved to “Weekly Shonen Jump” but chapters are released once per month on that magazine (and are the Claymore ES chapters).

  10. Priscilla’s power is over 9000!
    And she fucking has GUNDAM POWERS.

    Man it really is hard to watch this after reading the manga. I advise anyone who’s planning on reading the manga to wait it out until after the anime is over…

  11. Clare’s awakening form looks so freaking awesome….by the way anyone notice how in the episode clare’s powers are blue but in the preview its shown as red…does that mean she’s faster than the speed of light cos at the speed of light blue will look like red and vice versa…

  12. I think it will be the difference between fighting for revenge, and fighting for those you protect that will keep Clare from going Awakened… thats why Raki’s presence is so important (In a way reminds me of my char’s love affair with Aribeth in Neverwinter Nights)

  13. Heh I knew this was going to happen. Oh well it works. I was wondering if they where going to make Priscilla seem too weak but she is strong enough x.X. I just hope Clare’s DBZ mode power awakening isn’t suddenly going to make her be able to fight on equal terms with Priscilla. Heh and Prisiclla’s mental instability is amusing, the way she want “O.O Youma!” when she saw Clare awaken more heh.

  14. It’s not that the whole powerup one more time and stand there in some sort of pose panting and taunting each other is necessarily bad – it’s just that DBZ was so bad at it that it ruined every other action-shounen show for the next 12 years :p

    That and…you know if they’d gone on to make a 2nd season and diverged from the manga completely, one of the fillers would involve an Awakened Being that looks like a gorilla with a tail and…yea…

  15. @~REM
    The real fans who became “fans of claymore” ~6 years ago, have already abandoned this show ;] IF the episodes 23 and 24 were not enough, 25 made for sure its job on raping a great story…

    If you want it to end in great shonenish fight – here you go, but inserting millions of shonen cliches into the last episodes of story which defied most of them for more than 15 episodes is indeed raping the storyline.

    and the whole “if you don’t like, don’t comment” is sooo old and childish…frankly, if everyone would do so, the coments would be soo subjective ;]

    Unknown Voice
  16. Hmm, Claymore has been VERY good so far, but I think its a died down a bit after episode 20. Too much random fighting, without much of a plot. It’s starting to feel like Bleach – albeit in a much darker way. I am wondering how the hell they are going to wrap up this anime in ONE episode. Either the fight is going to be really short or everything is going to be unexplained. eg. Riful, Organisation and also Isley. Meh, Hope the lsat episdoe doesn’t ruin the series as a whole >_


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