For those of you waiting to see the final episode of School Days, some bad news: TV Kanagawa suddenly decided not to air it and replaced it with a nature/scenery program instead. This appears to have been without any prior announcement, so speculation is rampant right now about what really happened. Some people, including MOON PHASE, are suggesting that it might have something to do with how a girl killed her father with an axe yesterday. If true, that would mean that the School Days finale was indeed very bloody.

I’m really disappointed at this point, but there’s really no choice but to wait until tomorrow to see if Chiba TV or TV Aichi air it. Both still list School Days in their schedule, however there’s no telling what will happen. If they don’t air it, then there’s technically still Teletama on Thursday and TV Osaka on Friday (though the latter is very unlikely due to its past record). For now, this probably means that I move the schedule around so that I blog Claymore and Romeo X Juliet today, and Bleach and School Days tomorrow, assuming it airs. Also, I’m still working on the fall preview, but it’s coming slowly because of schoolwork and job-related stuff. Hopefully it’ll be done by sometime next week.

Edit: If you’re curious or bored and have a Nico Nico account, you can now watch the full 28 minutes of scenery.
2nd Edit: Chiba TV, TV Aichi, and Teletama have all taken the show off their schedules.
3rd Edit: Mainichi News now has an article confirming that this was indeed because of the axe murder and that the airings on at least TV Kanagawa, Chiba TV, and TV Aichi have been postponed. It also confirms that there is a scene of violence done by a high school girl in the episode and that they changed the color of blood from red to black, but still decided not to air it. One possible ray of hope lies with AT-X, which the article claims is still considering showing the finale on September 27th since they do R-15 airings.


  1. YES so someone’s indeed going to dieeee *hopefully Makoto XDDD* But I’m so said it’s not aired today ;_; I was waiting for your summary XDDD But I don’t think it was a bad decision, since it’s a little bit awkward airing some bloody anime after a bloody murder…BUT PLEASE AIR IT TOMORROW!!!!

  2. It’s sad what happened, let’s just hope they’ll air it soon.

    It always amuses me when, as a reaction to something horrible, they air something that is the complete opposite… it magically cancels the bad out.

    executive 1: Quick we need something to replace the blood filled finale of School Days
    executive 2: Let’s show half an hour of nature from the Neuschwanstein
    region…that should settle the nation down

  3. LOL! This is hilarious. Perhaps theres an axe involved in last ep of shool days(instead of knives) and they thought it would be inappropriate to those close to that incident?

    Although I doubt those who really care about what happened would be watching the last ep of school days today.

  4. OMG OMG OMG OMG Im a little afraid on how it will end I knew that there was going to be death at the end just you didin´t have to say it know i feel little bit worried that the characters who don´t deserve to die will die I mean what does school days have to do with how a girl killed her father with an axe news??? doesn´t make any point sorry but It must have something to do with the cast or someone related to the cast or something to postboned it for a day but it will eventully air but Random Musings Spoiled it by saying a bloody ending Indeed 😛 but now im atleast pre-paried for it. I wonder who will die well i got my money on Sekai which I deep down inside hope not because she is the one carrying Makato´s kid pretty sure she will die by the hands of Setsuna who is full of jelousy over the other girls and finding that he is expecting a kid with another girl then her only natural for someone like her to go berserk 😛 but i hope not or it could be Makato dies by the hand of Taisuke over another jelousy for the love of Kotonoha because there both love rivals or Sekai murders Kotonoha for stealing Makato ones again in the end of episode 11.

  5. I think Jaalin might be right here saying the end of School Days is bloody.
    It’s a bit sad for me though to see how some people react. Someone has been killed, I understand the TV station. Nevertheless there are enough “freaks” crying and shouting that their beloved series wasn’t aired. So what? You will have to wait until tomorrow probably, oh my god.. DON’T MAKE ME LOUGH
    Cause of such people society treats us Otakus like they do, pfff
    Ah and don’t bother attacking me, I don’t care nor I will read any more comments either, better think before you write, so long~

  6. Guess for an end: How about the girls chase Makoto through the school, one of them then knocks him off, ties him up. Then we see how Kotonoha works with chainsaw, while all other grls wait in line for their own very piece of Makoto…

    Unknown Voice
  7. Hmm, does this mean the writers will take this week to tune down the original ending so that it won’t appear too similar to the daughter-axed-father incident in the news?

    But I want a bloody ending, d*mn it!

  8. ^^
    I doubt they will tune it down or change the episode entirely. That would mean re-doing the whole episode, as in rerdrawing, re-animating, voicing, and what not, which does take sometime. I hope they dont change what they have already finished.

  9. So, anyone think it’s possible the production team got behind in their schedule, and found a convenient excuse to buy a week of time to finish the last episode? Or worse yet, figured they’d sell more DVDs if they decided not to air the final episode and make it a DVD exclusive?

  10. Just wanted to say that I have been checking out ur website for like over a year and you’ve helped me out so much pick and choose which anime series to watch. Keep up the awesome work!! Much appreciated!!

  11. “That house, isn’t it beautiful? lol”

    Its one of the castles ordered build by Ludwig II of Baviera.

    Ludwig II was declared insane, he died by drowning on a lake (officially it ruled a suicide), the same doctor that declared him insane was found dead and its presumed Ludwig killed him.

  12. “Its one of the castles ordered build by Ludwig II of Baviera.

    Ludwig II was declared insane, he died by drowning on a lake (officially it ruled a suicide), the same doctor that declared him insane was found dead and its presumed Ludwig killed him.”

    It’s a beautiful story, isn’t it? lol.

    Something tells me it’s going to be this ending: Show Spoiler ▼


    Shut up ~Desu.
  13. lol, I was worried for a few seconds there till I clicked on the link, (my worry was about no more showing of last two eps of Claymore as I thought the axing incident was that of Priscilla, lol, haha

  14. > Oh crap this is may be worst than the Evagelion uproar, you may never know

    Except Eva was actually //good//.

    I smell viral marketing. They know the ending is gonna suck.
    Really, all they have to do is tell everyone the DVDs will have alternate ends. They’ll make you pay for the good stuff.

  15. calm down calm down school days aint worh killing onesself over besides it will air eventually. And for those who cant wait watch any british soap opera its just as meaningless and filled with random behavior patterns

    WingZero zxt
  16. The reason for not airing since due to the bloody scene wherein either Sekai, Setsuna or Katsura will kill Makoto is somehow similar to the one happened in reality. In Japan, it’s like a show of respect not to air SD during that time and let it cool off before they air episode 12 is the best solution to the problem.

  17. p.s. how many wll die in school days i estimate minimum of 2 best guess 4 (Sekai will die in child birth. Makoto will then turn to Kotonoha who will get mad and finally kill him and one of the ones who had a threesome with him will randomly die in a car accident) I would be so cool if im right in atleast one of these. Then i could turn what could be my power on figuring out the next series of Code Geass (drivel of into distance……..)

    WingZero zxt
  18. HAHAHAHAHAHAH thats priceless!!! those people at kanagawa got style!!! i mean what a slap in the face!! HA HA HILARIOUS!!! GLAD TO SAY I NEVER SAW ONE episode of the show but i was dieing for some pay off.. ohh well…beautiful castle though.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  19. You’re all wrong. They just cancelled the show for today because of the main sponsor: AXE. I wonder what if another girl axes someone tomorrow too? Imagine this happens daily from now on. Then we’ll never see the final episode!1

  20. Yea its going to be a mix of endings but as it is now it is headed towards a fairly bad direction. He is deep in the poop hole at this point being unfaithful to Sekai who is indeed pregnant, kotonoha which can break pretty easily still, and everyone else he cheated on them with. I still feel no remorse for him because he is just… I dont know what to say… this anime paints a very bad picture for the male species and I hate him for it O-o.

  21. Ironically, now I want to see a story based on Ludwig II, his insanity declaration (made by a doctor who never met him in person, and was likely politically motivated – though, he may well have been mad anyway) and the story between his dethronement and his death is rather…


    But it would be funny if there was some sort of parallel in the SD finale – or, indeed, if the people who decided to show this programme realised the history behind that particular castle!

  22. Okay; so we know that somebody dies, #1.
    #2: The Japanese are not as much spineless otaku blobs as the otaku blobs their media industry caters to.
    #3: They’ll probably put the final episode on DVD in order to get more money.
    #4: That crap could’ve just stuck to being adult anime in order to difuse the drama that’s caused. Silly Japanese animation industry and their spineless male leads. They’re not entertaining anymore.

  23. Wow, 2nd Edit kind of scares me.

    But yeah, that Nico2 gag made me crack up when I first clicked on it. I have to say that Nice boat and Nice horse were all around more interesting than a final episode of School Days. They actually have a newer version with some revised BGM but I don’t think it has Nice boat anymore. Only Nice Castle.

  24. They could have replaced the gory scenes and stabbing with the “nice boat” scenes instead of this blatant censorship / pull off the air…:) …”sarcasm comment”…At least I can play the game over and over so I dont get bored with the boat.

  25. there is a file listed in some torrent sites about the final episode, I am downloading it right now and will let people know if it is real! I could be from a satellite feed to the TV stations!

  26. lol nice boat.

    on a serious note, 28 minutes of that is pretty much the stupidest waste of time crap they could possibly show. They could at least run a re-run of something, or a different show; it’s what stations in the US do when there’s a sudden schedule change

  27. This actually pretty funny I find it. Everyone waiting for a show then puff here comes a nice castle with a nice boat, don’t you all find it very lovely. XDDDDDDDDDDDd. No worry people I am sure we will get our wish in this end, the long we wait the more sweeter the taste of seeing Makoto get his manhood chop off and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  28. What’s wrong with them? Real life and fiction has nothing to do with each other…
    I know fiction can inspire some people to take actions in real life, but then this murder happens before School Days final episode air time, it has no sense at all…

    I’ll cross my fingers.

    Syaoran Li
  29. Reading off mainichi, that girl used an axe against her father’s neck out of spite and hate for him… and they parallel this to School Days. Pretty much sounds like we know which ending they are gearing the anime to…

  30. Nothing is wrong with then.

    The same happened with the game since there was no warning about the bad endings being such extreme … but as the CERO rating was 18 and so adults only the same cannot be said about the anime that never shown any adult material.

    Showing the blood and death would be pushing things as they were, this case simply puts broadcasting this episode as something in very bad taste … I remind you that the same happened with 9/11 but I do not seen much outcries about Metal Gear Arsenal running aground in NY scenes being removed.

    Also do not expect any sympathy from me, I certainly did not wanted for the anime follow the bad endings but the studio seen to rather follow the popular trend about it so what we got was awful storyline since the School Festival started … as long the slot is freed for something superior then this (and its not too hard) I am happy.

  31. well that was a surprise…i think i can already picture it in my mind.Gives me shivers just thinking about it.But i must say i dont really mind not watching it cause it just pisses me off everytime i watch 5 minutes of it..then the fanservice comes in and forces me to watch a little more..then the shocking shit/revalations happen which cause me to forget i was going to watch something else.ITS LIKE DRUGS I TELL U!!!

  32. well since it was violence caused by a school girl that rules out the suicide ending. since they made a point of changing the blood color from red to black that means there was a lot of blood, so that rules out the shanking makoto ending. the only ending that satisfies both is the ending where sekai gets her throat cut by koto…. and all i can say is WOOT MY FAVORITE ENDING IS PROBLY THE ONE THEY ARE USING THOUGH I LIKE SEKAI….

  33. feel jealous!!
    I´ve watched the episode and all I can say is:

    ” CRIME DOENS´T PAY !!! ”
    ….But MAKOTO HAS PAID….. That´s what you can get by fucking up too many women at the same time ….. as they say in EXCELL SAGA….!!!!!!HEAD CUT!!!!! 😀

    Tensai Otaku
  34. IIRC, School Days’ last episode is titled “School Days,” but written in Japanese? It would probably be a nice bloody scene with a girl going “Higurashi” and a happy, yet tear-flicking last scene where Makoto attends school with one of the girls his chosen (if not all).

  35. I personally don’t think Sekai’s the one getting killed, since Makoto did ‘choose’ for Kotonoha. So I hope Makoto is getting killed by Sekai (and maybe they made is bloodier than in the game XD). ARGH, BUT STILL!!! WHY NEXT WEEK :/

  36. If he REALLY did watched it,
    he probably works in the channel station.
    cant think of any idea how one can see it though it aint been aired yet.
    Aired or not, someone is bound to upload the RAW in the torrents soon…i hope ;p

  37. I think “a girl who killed her father with an axe” is Sekai’s daughter when she grown up. Maybe she was with Kotonoha and left Sekai then Sekai tells her about her father and she killed him to revenge for her mother. Hahaha. It was disappointing…….

  38. We the events I can think of the following endings:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    What do you think?

  39. MAN this sounds like a bad joke to me. When and where the hell can I watch the final episode goddamit. Is she nuts or what? Coudnt she killed him a few days later? OMG damn U stupid killer girl.

  40. Anyone rember shortly after 9/11 when Toonami decided to revome the “Great Sayia Man” episode where Gohan saved a burning plane from crashing into a building. I defenatly undserstood this reason. And i can understand why they had to remove this episode from being aired. Hopefully they will show it in the near future after everything get settled.

    But man killing your own father with an axe? I mean DAMN!

  41. kinda funny how the girl’s father had “relationships with women” when she killed him. kinda reminds me of a certain individual in School Days haha. damn so i guess i’ll have to wait til next week. I’ll just play Halo 3 while waiting for it haha!

  42. [url][/url]

    [quote][B]TV Kanagawa cuts final episode of anime after teenage girl kills father with ax[/b]

    Television Kanagawa has decided to cancel the final episode of the anime “School Days,” which shows a high school girl acting violently, in response to the recent murder of a Kyoto Prefectural Police officer by his 16-year-old daughter.

    The broadcaster made the decision to cut the final episode on Tuesday. The drama is also being aired by Chiba Television Broadcasting Corp. and Aichi Television Broadcasting Co. Those two stations also reportedly plan to halt broadcasts.

    “School Days” depicts a love triangle between three high school students: Makoto Ito, Kotonoha Katsura and Sekai Saionji. Episodes have been screened on Television Kanagawa and other UHF stations since July this year. The computer love simulation game on which the anime was based has about 20 different endings and one shows a high school girl slashing a victim with a knife.

    Television Kanagawa officials said that the last episode of the anime shows a schoolgirl acting violently. To tone down the scene, the victim’s blood was made black instead of red, but after the killing in Kyoto on Tuesday, officials decided to cancel the episode.

    “We ask viewers for their understanding,” a station official said.

    Officials at communications satellite broadcaster “AT-X,” which airs anime restricted to viewers aged 15 or over, said they were still considering whether to screen the final episode.

    The killing in Kyoto occurred in the predawn hours of Tuesday, when a police officer’s 16-year-old daughter attacked her father with an ax. (Mainichi)[/quote]

  43. *BEEP*

    We’re sorry but Zzz… is not in right now. He is currently headed to Japan to commit wanton acts of violence in response to certain BULLSHIT that has occurred on the people responsible. Please leave your name, phone number, and a brief summary of your message after the beep.



  44. >>”We’re sorry but Zzz… is not in right now. He is currently headed to Japan to commit wanton acts of violence in response to certain BULLSHIT that has occurred on the people responsible. Please leave your name, phone number, and a brief summary of your message after the beep.”

    Don’t do that, that might just make them delay the finale even further…

    Madness? This is KOTONOHAAAAAA
  45. Is actually very stupid what does a highschool girl axe her dad has anything to do with SchoolDays, I could understand if the girl kill a guy thats be fooling around with another girl, then the situation is similar and I am ok with not showing SchoolDays but what does her Dad and High school love triangle Drama have anything to do with each other.

    No Disrespect to the family but this just don’t make sense.

  46. Is actually very stupid what does a highschool girl axe her dad has anything to do with SchoolDays, I could understand if the girl kill a guy thats be fooling around with another girl, then the situation is similar and I am ok with not showing SchoolDays but what does her Dad and High school love triangle Drama have anything to do with each other.

    No Disrespect to the family but this just don’t make sense.

    You’re not familiar with the violent endings (of the game the anime is based on) are you?

    Show Spoiler ▼

  47. @TShadow

    But one is a girl kill her father but School Days is about a girl killing a guy thats been fooling around with all these womens can’t really say their situation is similar.

    We see violence all the time if everytime we cancel a show when we hear something violent on the news, then I think we all gonna be watching nothing but nice nature scene 24/7 everyday.

  48. Girl kills father for sleeping around or something like that.
    Kotonoha kills Makoto for sleeping around.
    Girl wore black dress while killing her father.
    Kotonoha was wearing a black dress when last seen.

    Thus the ending for School days is most likley
    Kotonoha snapping (even more than she already has) and killing Makoto, well thats the obvious ending, we might see another girl kill another one of the girls, but unlikley.

  49. Kiron >>> Kotonoha never killed Makoto XD If you mean the knife-thing on the beach, that’s Sekai. And I think her dress wasn’t black either XD The girl said she changed to a black dress because she didn’t want to have bloodstains all over her PJ’s. Or wore you talking about what you think would happen? XP
    I don’t think it’s very likely that Koto would kill Makoto, since he told her he loves her last episode. Plus Koto is not the type for killing off the person she loves, instead she kills his lover XD …or commit suicide D;

  50. It is really a pity that the last episode ended up like this. WTF.

    Beacuase I have only watch episode 1 and 2 at the moment (with the others left in my hard disk un-watched due to my new job. >

  51. Yeah it’s going to be aired the week after it should be airing.

    And about the connection:
    Well, there could be a connection if you look at the girl, who killed his father with an AXE. Kotonoha also kills Makoto with an axe…if you know the game. So there is a slight connection between the events.

  52. @ DarkShadow

    The game had no such ending with Kotonoha killing Makoto in the game, neither was an axe involved in any of the endings.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    The only connection I see with the murder and the anime/game is that the father of the girl had relationships with other women, just like Makoto. So I wont be surprised that Makoto dies in the end. Bastard deserves it.

  53. @Flopstall

    I totally agree. It seems bad end 2 is the closest we may get, but probably shown differently based on the anime. So I guess we are in for a possible game/anime-mixed original ending haha.

  54. -> Here’s an interesting video if you really want to see it for those Nico2 members. They actually discuss Higurashi in relation as well as talking about the incident in general.

    Anyhow, unrest is unrest. You just have to understand the position that networks are in. I’d easily have done the same thing in their position. You just have to sit back, accept it, and wait and see what develops. As simple as that.

  55. Sadly like how games get crap for murders being committed seems a similar tale is true out in Japan for anime. But out there they cancel and delay things while here we just get annoyed at all the complaining about the games. No possible way anyone knew or could come up with a murder plot all on their own.

    Nothing that can be done but wait. School Days and Higurashi are taking the hits for some deranged child.

  56. All dumbass moralist eat shit and die.

    Concrete killing incident where a Japanese girl is brutally tortured and murdered: the perpetrator get privacy protection and their names are not realeased to the public because they are minors

    Axe incident: innocent animes like higurashi and school days get banned from airing

    I cannot understand the dumb moral sense of dumbass moralist. All the perpetrators enjoy privileges of forgiveness while innocent parties suffer from harsh punishment.
  57. Well, there is several things in the axe murder case:

    1, The girl is a 16-year-old student of the manga college in Japan.

    2, Her mother tried to cover up by telling police that the father was suicided; nevertheless,the girl showed up with all blood that covering her body. The girl was laughing lunatically while the polices were stunt.

    3, The father’s head had been chop off and slice into pieces and the girl was planning all things up by the manga she read (for her school, of course).

    4, The girl is a domesticed violence victim and she hates her father because he got a mistress and her mother and sister did not care about it. Most of all, he was a police but he is corrupted one.

    5, Some animations such as Higurashi has already been criticized by Japanese public opinions and the TV stations are trying to avoid more political pressures. By the way, I think they are doing the good job for any possible damaging control.

    Anyway, I am not very, very happy about the concellation either.

  58. LQY

    Yes that´s true I was going to post it at first but i thouth it to be an irrelevant news!!
    But this case has chocked all the people in japan…my country is more violent of course….but hey they are japanese…and their nature was suposed to be calm and peacefull……so I really think they can be as much SICK and SICKO as everybody in the whole fucking world so…no school days for you people….GO TO YOUR ROOM DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND JUST CRY BABY!!! 😀
    This instructive thought was sponsored:

    Tensai Otaku
  59. Mayuna>>> It’s what I think will happen, Kotonoha has obviously gone insane.

    Tensai Otaku >>>> Japan Murders while “Rare” are always to the extreme for some reason, like really really really screwed up, like you hit someone with your car thats a normal murder, but in Japan they hit someone with the car, then have sex with the body, then do some weird “Psycho” mother fetish thing with it while ending it all by trying to feed it too school children.
    Japan making 90% of the worlds weird shit since 1953.

  60. “It is officially confirmed channel AT-X will show the final chapter so School Days on September the 27th at 10:30 and 21:30. So we have to wait to see the finale, yeeeeeeeeeeh I’m happy again, I hope no more murders. This the website of the channel if you don’t believe me”

    I know it’s still on their schedule, but can you post a source to the “official confirmation?”

  61. pixy > easy there, tiger. The anime isn’t against the law, what that girl did is. Sure, it’s very very sad that the father died, but it has nothing to do with SD. That’s why everyone’s so mad. There are tons of murders everyday in Japan, but they’re still airing anime with violence (there are sooo much anime in which someone gets killed), so why not this time?
    And let’s not call each other names ._.

  62. Well said, AmamiyaYuuka…

    … And chill, guys. In 3 days it will be 27th…

    Am i a little late for a ‘Nice Boat’?

    Just wondering if this ending might be the second, the third bad ending, or an original one?

  63. I’m pretty sure pixy was speaking sarcastically, referring to the people that cancelled the anime.
    I of course agree that the show should not be to blame. Blaming everything else while not taking responsibility for ourselves is one of the biggest problems in modern society.
    However, if they took it off merely to be sensitive to the families involved in the real tragedy then I have no problem with that.

  64. If you want to blame an anime episode, isn’t Claymore #24 a good candidate? Priscilla kills her father with an axe, and that airing seemed to precede the real life incident by a few days.

  65. ee >>> テメーが死ねよ、糞が。ちんこぶちのめして、斧でぶっ殺してやる。マジ死ねや、このチンカス。

    sorry people, but there are some stupid Japanese ppl here who wishes us all dead :3

  66. Hopefully the anime ending will be different to the game ending……


    Links below are the possible endings in the game:
    Sekai Bad Ending –
    Sekai Bad Ending 2(Best Ending) –
    Kotonoha Bad Ending –

  67. >Mayuna

  68. >Mayuna

  69. 俺は完全に頭に来たぜ!特別にてめーら専用の生き地獄を用意してやったぜ感謝しろ、てめーら

  70. Well, nice to hear that ‘Schoold days’ is back.

    However, once again, please, give us a happy ending. For conscience, one girl had already
    ruined in reality, don’t make another one in the anime.

    On the top of that, killing for the little punk Makoto? NO WAY!
    (I support Kotonoha. ^_^)

  71. 俺は完全に頭に来たぜ!特別にてめーら専用の生き地獄を用意してやったぜ感謝しろ、てめーら

  72. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo porque muriooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tenia un futuro por delantee el pata noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!pucha me quede traumadoooooo nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


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