Although Priscilla has finally stopped eating, the blood around her mouth makes it hard for Raki to look at her for more than a few seconds. When he stands up, she holds him as if she doesn’t want him to go, leaving him no choice but to stay. Priscilla soon falls asleep, and Raki thinks about killing her again, but he’s reminded of how she had cried for her family while eating earlier. Isley soon returns with more firewood and reiterates how Priscilla is an Awakened Being and has to eat. Hearing this causes Raki to question if this was something Priscilla wanted, but Isley claims to only know that she exceeded her limit in a battle, something he thinks is a Claymore’s fate. This surprises Raki, so Isley goes on to explain that Awakened Beings are what become of Claymores, and he reasons that Priscilla calling out to her family is from her human memories. When Raki then asks about her returning back to being human, Isley claims that it’s impossible and says that there’s no need. Wiping a tear from her sleeping face, Isley admits that he doesn’t know what dream she’s having, but having become like this is her fate, so he and Raki can’t do anything about it. As Isley starts to walk away, Raki questions who Isley is, but Isley only replies that Raki will know in a little while.

Back in Pieta, Ligardes passes by Deneve, Helen, and Clare so that he can go straight for Miria, but she jumps out of the way at the same moment that Helen attacks him. Deneve and Clare then try to take him on together, however they’re not very successful because Ligardes slashes them both in the shoulders to force them onto the ground and proceeds to attack them both with his claws. Both are able to avoid getting hit, and Clare even cuts off two of the claws, but when Clare recklessly charges him, it’s Miria who enters the battle and gets Ligardes’ attention. As Miria tries to use her mirages and speed to kill him, Clare also attacks, though Ligardes again bypasses her to continue fighting with Mira. Despite this, Clare doesn’t give up, so Ligardes shoots his claws at her, and although Clare dodges, Deneve – who was standing behind her – isn’t so lucky. Helen quickly rushes to her fallen friend’s side, but Deneve feels that Helen should be more concerned about Miria and Clare – both of whom she feels are vital to the battle – instead of worrying about her. After Helen heads back into the fight, Deneve remembers what she had told Undine the previous day and starts crying about how she wasn’t able to land even a single hit on Ligardes for revenge.

Raki meanwhile decides to set off with Isley and Priscilla again towards Pieta, however when they encounter two fleeing men who mention the battle that involves the lowest-ranked Claymore, he realizes that Clare is there. Priscilla tries to stop Raki from going on ahead, but with all of his memories of Clare, Raki doesn’t want to lose anyone anymore and apologizes to Priscilla before galloping off on his horse. At the place where he’s headed, Clare is watching Miria barely able to match Ligardes with her mirages, and Ligardes soon lands a hit. He notices that her movement speed has dropped and wonders if she’s gotten close to her limit, and the next time he attacks, she isn’t able to fully dodge it. Before Ligardes can finish Miria off though, Clare and Helen attack in unison. He easily shoves them away and hits them a few times to keep them down, and when Miria tries to use the opening to attack him, Ligardes instantly extends his claws so that they puncture through her body while it’s still in mid-air. Wishing that she could move faster, Clare rushes towards them as Ligardes prepares to cut off Miria’s head, and, in a flash, Ligardes suddenly notices that he’s lost his right arm. It has been cut off by Clare, whose legs and face suddenly don’t look human anymore.


Execution-wise, I thought they handled the final scene quite well, from the slow motion running to save Miria all the way to Clare’s creepy eyes in that last shot. Story-wise, the battle parts of this episode followed the manga, while pretty much everything with Raki, Isley, and Priscilla did not. The episode flashbacked a bit too much for my liking though, almost to the point where it felt like they were just trying to buy time so that they could end at the best spot for a cliffhanger. In any case, I would imagine that the anime stops following the manga completely starting either next week or the week after, assuming Raki intrudes on the fight and changes everything. And if Jean’s appearance in the preview is any indicator, then that seems pretty likely to happen.


  1. Ohkay…They Changed the Jean part and RAki’s part is still going into an utter FAIL…If they will change the whole Claire stuff in the next ep, then i will personally go and go awakened on madhouse main office…

    Unknown Voice
  2. So the anime really goes into it’s own direction, lets hope they don’t mess up.
    Still would like when they follow the manga and end this as 1st season, personaly I’d feel unhappy about it if not..

  3. Show Spoiler ▼

  4. No…madhouse, please don’t screw up the manga’s story line, you have done a good job in animating it, all they need to do is follow the manga’s storyline. I hope they dont scrap the claymore anime by ending it while the manga still going 🙁

  5. I guess anime are a way to sucker us viewers to buy the manga, clearly I just don’t see how they can tell more about the story with only a couple of episodes left. They miss out on Alicia, Beth and so many key points in the manga, at the rate this is going Claymore might move from my list of top 3 favorite anime to maybe like top ten. This would have been so much better if they follow the manga, all they need is end it after the north invasion and pick it up later on.

  6. no comparison to manga here but I’am biting my nail’s off waiting for the sub…
    how in the heck will Clare cut arm off this Lion king (Hi Simba ^^ – sorry couldn’t resist)guy?

  7. ah darn the whole Jeane part was my favourite in the entire manga, very very dramatic but looks like the anime is not going to do that anymore, perhaps replacing her role in that particular scene with Raki :/

  8. I really hate how they are changing so much from the manga.I hate having raki run around screaming clare!!! I just hope they keep the whole clare part close to the manga showing her half awaken self destroy the lion dude. But if i keep seeing scenes with raki crying and moaning,i will stick a screw driver through my eyes!!! I hate raki!!!

  9. Feast on this my fellow Claymore anime fans… Claymore is atleast 26 ep’s long

    23 Critical Point (Part 1) ( 臨界点 I / Rinkai ten (I) )
    24 Critical Point (Part 2) ( 臨界点 II / Rinkai ten (II) )
    25 For Whose Sake ( 誰が為に / Dare ga tame ni )
    26 Towards the Successors ( 「受け継ぐものへ」 / Uketsugu mono he )

    And no i don’t read manga,so i dont care what happens in the manga, anime is my drug ^_^.

  10. I’m alright with an anime-original ending, although there are SOOO many scenes coming up from the manga which I would LOVE to see animated.

    You can’t really blame the producers for picking an anime-original ending… they can’t please everyone.

    So I’ll still be looking forward to the ending, anime-original or not, even if they skip the part with Jean which made me cry cuz it was so touching!

  11. For an instant I thought I was watching a Bee Train production with all those flashbacks. Agree with Omni on the final scene. Was getting a tad tired of Clare’s self-reproach until she finally did something useful in the final scene.

  12. I think if they followed the manga totally it would be an incomplete and bad ending for the anime. They can’t end it like the manga did and they aren’t going to do time time skip. People should realize it’s the anime and not the manga. If you want to read the manga, go read the manga. Though I hope they don’t switch and paste Raki into a scene he’s not supposed to be in.

  13. True, but even if they don’t follow the manga, how are they gonna 1. kill of the lion king, 2. kill isley 3. kill priscilla in these remaining episodes? its gonna be an incomplete ending anyway.. not to mention there are still 2 more abyssal ones.

  14. @Seffyn
    This series are ONLY 26 episodes long.

    If they won’t follow the manga, tehre is no way for season2 to happen …

    And you think it will end better with them rushing everything through these last eps?…
    Manga certainly has a certain scene which would have been perfect to end the anime. And it would have revealed more than anime-exclusive will…

    Unknown Voice
  15. I’m not surprised at how the story part with Raki, Ishley, and Priscilla strayed from the manga since the anime is supposed to end soon (I think at episode 26). I’m glad though that the fight scenes do follow the manga, which I love. Go clare go!

  16. The third Abyssal One is the Organization’s first in the row warrior – Alicia. She is the first Awaken Being controlled by the Organization. This is the only chance for defeating the other Abyssal ones including the probable aweking of Clare. It’s written in Wikipedia 😉 It’s written also that Priscilla is the most powerful creature in the Claymore’s universe an that she will screw up with Isley.

  17. Raki is such an annoying boy. In the first episodes he bugs us with his in-depth analysis of claymores being half-yuman half human and now this!!! boy stop flashbacking and thinking too much u might fry the tiny brain of urs…
    hmmm well i dont want to be too pessimistic regarding the ending, jean might still live up to her manga role, could be that those girls are just carrying her to do what she has to do…and GO CLAIRE!!!!!

  18. @chamandura
    Actually, NO. The third one is Luciela ;]. Alicia just has the power-level similar to them and could be considered the fourth one ;]

    And no, Priscilla is jsut “powerful enough to Rival Abyssals”. The whole screw up Isley happened even before the present events ;]

    Unknown Voice
  19. Maybe they’ll be a second season! Haha probably not, I’m just sad claymore is nearing it’s end… still wondering what the ending would be like. I don’t really care if the anime isn’t following the manga (since I haven’t read it anyway), I just hope the anime turns out good overall.

    Anyway… TOO much raki, wanted to see more battling.

  20. @chamandura
    Thanks alot for the spoilers, idiot. I’ll rather go read the manga to find out for myself than to know the outcome through u. Your comments that has got nothing to do with the episode. And fuck u very much. 🙂

  21. @chamandura
    Thanks for your pure spoilers comments that has got nothing to do with the episode. I’ll rather read the manga or lookup elsewhere for those info. And FUXK u very much. 🙂

  22. The anime version is starting to piss me off… First this fight is taking too long and since Pieta, the anime is starting to take a “selling” vision to keep the viewers anxious and looking forward for another zero development episode.

    Then, there are some things really important being left behind, like the organization’s matter. It’s still a mystery yet to be revealed in the manga, but the organization plays a very important role to the story development. Since Galatea’s returning and sentence, we come to know how they actually DO participate deciding Claymores’ destines. It’s at this time too that we came to know about Alicia’s (currently number one) condition and how they will further enhance her, asking her permission to do so, in order to fight Awakened Beings. This is to report that the organization is not that stupid and it’s taking measures in this matter while they send pawns to fight Awakened Beings.

    Moreover, Raki never gets to see Clare… he will take more than 7 years to do so… Easley is indeed training Raki until this Pieta fight, but I’m unaware of his whereabouts (since I’m still reading volume 13)training Raki. Also, Raki doesn’t find out about Priscilla although she is exactly like this in the manga version, speechless XD~~~~.

    There was also something very ridiculous about that Flora and Clare’s encounter in the middle of the night (remember Flora asked Clare to follow her because she had business with Clare?). Well… it didn’t end like that (anime version). I personally think they had to do the manga version for ONE REASON. After Clare got another dominant arm from Irene (former organization’s number two) she inherited the Flash Sword. Although she was learning how to use it, we never got to know how good she and how much she evolved since Ophelia’s fight. When Flora called Clare, at that night, it was because Flora saw something weird in Clare. Not only that that right arm didnt belong to her (as mentioned in the anime version), but also too check if Clare’s Flash Sword matched her Windcutter Sword. They did fight that night! It wasn’t interrupted by Jeanne. If Clare’s Flash Sword were to win, Flora would suggest Clare as a Captain for some team there…(and I don’t remember anything more than that. I remember that Flora won, but I also remember her saying that Clare’s Flash Sword was better at something).

    WHERE’S THE ONE POINT I SAID IT WAS IMPORTANT THEN??? Well, we tend to think that the main character is always the best, the strongest and so on, but Clare is really learning a lot, going (and will go) through a lot. I think she might actually became the strongest, but not as for fighting skill, but for mental skills. Anyway, this was just to say that Clare wasn’t better then Flora at that time, although she learns ÜPPERFAST.

  23. Chamandura, you fail. Not only did you post spoilers for no reason, they had information that wasn’t even correct.

    If you want to know what Mumu couldn’t remember what was stronger about Clare’s quicksword over the windcutter, it was the speed. In actuality, Flora said that the two skills were about equal, but since Flora’s was more accurate and precise, she would be better fit as the leader. Clare’s quicksword was faster than the windcutter. Although [spoilers for manga, at least] Clare learns the windcutter anyways, because she’s that leet.

  24. I was shocked that they completely didn’t follow the manga on Raki’s side of the story. And seeing the preview to next week’s episode I’m feeling that they’ll have a few changes to the battle in pieta. I’m wondering if they changed it so that they could end it at 26 episodes. If that’s the case then I guess we won’t be seeing a second season then? Since currently there isn’t a lot of chapters in the manga left for a second season. I hope they make good of the changes.

  25. hey’all really do stop spilling spoilers in this comment section. pls use spoiler tags! pple know that the manga is nice and they can pick it up IF they want to. if i can resist from posting spoilers (nt to mention how excited im from just having picked up the manga last week), i dont see why u cant unless u r some mental retards. why are so many posting spoilers just cos’ of the inaccurate comment chandamura made?

    anw i seriously doubt madhouse gg to release season2. in fact i guess it’ll nv materialise judging from the going-ons of events. so yes we’re gg to miss out on the organisation part, the last of the abyssals, the current #1&2 etc. & worse still we’re gg to see more of raki. =(

    Lord Justinian
  26. and with all the other awakened beings withdrawn from the fight and the claymores casualties being significantly lower, i hope madhouse dun gif me a big showdown with jeane and RAKI joining the fight n scoring a win against Isley & friends. wahaha.

    Lord Justinian
  27. How can you enjoy the anime if you already know the whole story thx to the manga ?
    Does it make it bad if the anime doesn’t follow very precisely the story ?

    For me – i don’t read any manga, don’t like – the anime really great, this episode too. I can’t wait for what will happen next 🙂

  28. I don’t mind if the anime introduces new stuff, as long as they do it well … and in this case they simply don’t. That’s what is annoying, because it COULD be so much better >.

  29. They really could have thought of something better to tell Raki about Clare being in Pieta … not simply some people from there who tell him, because they have so much knowledge about Claymores and ranks and they ranks of those fighting right now x_x

    The timing of the fight was bad. It’s a fight all about SPEED, and they keep cutting to Raki, completely destroyed the flow of the fight.

    And of course, manga readers are sad if some great scenes from the manga don’t get animated, because they were looking forward to them. And of course, they also feel sad for all the anime-only viewers missing these great scenes ;D


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