Although she senses Ligardes’ death, Priscilla sees Teresa cutting him to pieces instead of Clare. Isley is quite impressed by Ligardes’ defeat, but when he checks on Priscilla to see if she’s okay, she pushes him away and rides off on her horse towards Pieta. Helen meanwhile spreads the word to the other Claymores about what Clare did, but before they can celebrate too much, Clare surges dangerously in power. When she tries to approach Clare, Helen gets slashed in the arm because Clare has lost control of her body, though Clare is still able to ask Helen to cut off her head. By now, Priscilla has arrived in Pieta and is walking past the dead bodies strewn all around when she sees those of a father and daughter. The sight of the two reminds Priscilla of her own past where her dead brother had been lying on top of her, and her Yoma father had been feasting on her sister in the adjoining room. Stepping on a sword on the ground, Priscilla then remembers her mission to kill Teresa and how she had Awakened. Her mind soon returns to the memory of her what happened to her family, but now her father’s face has been replaced by Teresa’s. The melding of these memories causes Priscilla to conclude that everything was Teresa’s fault, and she transforms into her Awakened body.

Still trying to get Helen to kill her, Clare thinks about how she wasn’t able to keep her promise with Raki and how she wants to see him again. Helen prepares to cut off Clare’s head, but a wave of Priscilla’s power interrupts everything. In her Awakened form, Priscilla questions why Teresa is still alive because she thought she had already killed her, and she feels that she has to kill Teresa again, just like she did back then. Clare has also detected Priscilla, and she now calls forth even more power before flying off to fight. Around this time, in a rocky area a ways away, Galatea senses what’s going on, but she’s stopped by Rubel who reminds her that anything past her reconnaissance mission is considered an act of betrayal. Galatea thinks that someone knows who’s Awakening, though Rubel avoid answering her and replies instead that it would be someone like her. Back in Pieta, as the Claymores are recovering, Deneve takes Undine’s sword and decides to go after Clare with Helen and Miria. Before they leave, Helen brings a crying Raki his own sword, but he’s unable to pick it back up because of the frightened state that he’s in.

Going up a nearby mountain, the three Claymores soon encounter Galatea who comments on how she hadn’t thought that they could accomplish such a feat. Realizing that Galatea had been spying on them, the three draw their swords, but to their surprise, Galatea points her own sword at a nearby volcano to show them where Clare’s gone. She then reveals that Clare’s opponent is Priscilla, the woman who killed Teresa, and urges the three to hurry if they want to save Clare. Raki meanwhile is still staring at his sword when Jean approaches him and tells him not to cry if his feelings aren’t significant. She thinks that if they don’t hurry, then Clare will die, but Raki feels that he’s all talk and no action. Thinking of himself as the worst, Raki admits that he was afraid and hadn’t thought of anything but his own survival. Jean, however, questions if that matters and says that she’s going because she wants to save Clare. Watching Jean struggling to walk because of her huge wound, Raki regains his spirit, grabs his sword, and decides to go with her. Back at the volcano, Priscilla and Clare are facing off as Isley watches from a distance.


Well, this starts the completely anime-original material, but it was relatively lacking in action except maybe the Priscilla regaining her memories and transforming part. I thought that Galatea’s appearance was rather frivolous in the context of just this episode, but it’s possible that she could still do something before this is all over. As for Raki, I’m glad that he finally got out of his rut, and the pairing with Jean is interesting since both have the potential to change Clare back to normal, though I suspect it’ll be Raki who’ll do it because he’d otherwise have no role. That’s assuming that Clare does change back after the battle with Priscilla.

Speaking of which, I know that the Priscilla storyline is certainly one of the main things they have to conclude, but I can’t help but think that there’s just not enough time to tie up all the loose ends (particularly with Riful, Isley, and Luciela), especially if you know what happens in the manga. I’ll probably be saying this again in two week when I write my final thoughts for the anime, but this is definitely one of those (all too common) instances where not reading the manga allows you to enjoy the anime a lot more than people who have read the manga. In any case, I hope next week features the Awakened form of Clare that we see in the manga and has some good action sequences.


  1. omg where is that guy go, or else Clare will transform completely and can’t turn back. He got 2 help her. I wonder who will win, Clare n Priscilla, my bet is on Pricilla…hihihi..watz ur bet!!

  2. It’s not ahead of the manga. The anime people are cutting it short and making up there own ending, so the anime ending isn’t gonna be the true ending. It’s same with Fullmetal Alchemist, they made up some random ending.

    danny the dog
  3. FMA anime is vastly different from the manga, its not just the ending that was different. They only followed the manga to a certain point (I think it diverged around the halfway mark).

    Claymore on the other hand was pretty faithful until the end. Not that its a bad thing.. kinda boring when you know exactly what’s going to happen.

  4. “FMA anime is vastly different from the manga … (I think it diverged around the halfway mark).”

    A little before and a little after, actually. At the point FMA the anime diverged from FMA the manga, there were two main plotlines going (as there often are in the series). The brothers’ plotline diverges around episode 28 of 51(on the island), corresponding to volume 6 of the manga (which is currently on what will be volume 18 or 19, with no real end in sight, although it’s probably closer than Inuyasha is…). The state alchemists’ plotline, however, diverges earlier, after the events of episode 25 (manga volume 5). Of course, there a number of small differences between the two prior to the split (as they planned ahead of time to go a different direction), and the basic rules of the world for the two adaptations eventually become almost completely different.

    Hellsing and its original adaptation are probably a better match in comparison to Claymore…on several levels…

  5. Madhouse doesn’t have a choice. The manga is a monthly issue and it took 5 years for it to get where it is now. There isn’t enough manga material left at the moment for another full 24-26 episode season. So rather than leave things hanging they are going for an anime original ending.

  6. I’m looking forward to seeing how the anime ends. it’s been a million times, but following the manga totally would lead to a very unfulfilled ending and there is no chance for a sequel for years. I just take this as another take on the Claymore universe.

  7. @Shinigami

    Technically this is ahead of the manga. The whole Priscilla never happened, as of yet. Hell they haven’t even met since the first time. So basically their winging it right now to bide time probably.

    Kurosaki Ichigo
  8. Show Spoiler ▼

    don’t know about anybody but I rather they follow the manga storyline and continue another season later on even if it take 2-3yrs, I like anime to create its own originality but Claymore is not a series that require that, stay true to the manga is what makes it so intense and entertaining in the first place.
    In my opinion, the writer has make a great show for the first 20 episodes, now into just a big mess.

  9. It would have been much better if Madhouse made a clean break from the manga earlier. Instead, now we are left with a whole bunch of unused material, and for those who read the manga, some maddening plot holes. What’s the organisation plotting, what’s the point of the whole war, whats the point of Isely and the other abysmal ones?Show Spoiler ▼

    They’re rushing into an ending for the anime. At this point, its just building to a horrible ending where Clare will get slapped around a bit, completely awakens and kills Priscilla, only to turn completely feral till Jean/Raki calms her down.

  10. Well, I understand why they are doing an own ending.
    The manga is not progressing since 3 months now (always extra chapter..) and there isn’t, as said, much material left. So a second season we could expect in maybe 3 years.
    Nevertheless I’m a huge fan of the manga and dislike the idea of changing the story, moreover they’ve been so close to the manga all those episodes and now suddenly change the final. It’s just to rushed for me and I have some doubts if this ending will be good.
    I already disliked the ending in Full Metal Alchemist, or in Chrno Crusade, even more crap..

  11. They could’ve just cut this anime off at manga’s Pieta ending, since its conclusion was climactic enough anyway.

    But they didn’t, and instead bring in a turn of event that doesn’t really show any creativity or subtlety in an attempt to blend it into the show.

    Oh well, otherwise it’s been a decent ride. Can’t wait till manga starts up again.

  12. Actually, the full metal alchemist ending was pretty good. They made changes in advance and actually planned the original ending from as early as episode 6, or 8, whichever episode in which Lira appears. Anyway, the plotholes in the Anime version of FMA is dismisal and virtually non-existant, and most of the minor details are covered up. In fact, if you never read the manga, you wouldn’t have noticed that the anime made it’s own original ending.

    Claymore, on the other hand, didn’t plan that far, so we get things like this with loads of plotholes and uncompleted plotlines, not to mention the drastic change in the way the story plays out.

  13. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to see 24 and after easily. Looks like another series preemptively licensed “just in case there is a market for it”. Usually that ends up in a DVD compilation release 15-24 months later after they determine that “no there really isn’t going to be huge market with network TV and toys”.

    Really they ought know that the truly violent stuff is lucky to make Adult Swim. And even Adult Swim is a bit slow on shows that regularly have human limbs lopped off in serious and realistic manner. Naruto and Bleach are about the limits for human wounds — which on a regular basis look more like grade school recess time fist fight blood, despite all the cartoon monster wounds and villians slumping defeated in a corner .

  14. common people. if u read teh manga like me too then wy not just treat this as a preview to teh long await/hype fight between priscilla n clare that will take place in the manga at teh end of the serie.

  15. base on what ppl tell me the anime not following the manga.Priscilia shouldnt encounter Clare but i dont see that it isnt a bad idea.after reading the summary,there is a possibly feature events: Raki will stop Priscilia from killing Clare in exchange he will stay with her/and Jean will prevent Clare from awakening but will loose her life

  16. I definitely agree that not reading the manga would make these last few episodes much better. But as someone who has, it’s actually kind of annoying. I can’t think of how it can possibly end well unless they decide to give up any hope of a second season. In which case, there are simply way too much stuff unexplained.

  17. might as well truely forget the story line – time to focuss on the blood letting instead :). Why bother noticing the storyline now anyway? i can’t see any decent ending in sight!

    Lost Seeker
  18. Fucking bullshit…They are completely changing everything….

    I guess I should just drop it, as its nothing interesting left…

    Madhouse is trying to be ORIGINAL, but this just ends up having more and more and more plotholes…

    Since fight scenes were not so good up until now, i was watching it only to see my fav characters animated…but now its bullshit…

    Unknown Voice
  19. Seeing as how they are going completely off-track and wrapping up the main storyline from the manga, this episode kills any chances for a second season that is following the original story. Oh, and like I mentioned last time, where the hell are the twenty or so awakened beings that came to Pieta but have not been killed yet?

  20. Yeah like it’s been said hundreds of times I’m sure, this is one show where reading ahead in the manga pretty much ruined the show for me. But honestly, I never want my favorite animes to end (GITS, Bebop, Champloo, etc), but I think they really *need* to, otherwise they turn into the utter shite that Bleach has become.

    Also, I like how the manga is less ‘Raki heavy’. Seeing him interspersed into the big fight scene in Episode 23 was really starting to tick me off, to the point where I actually used Quicktime to cut the Raki scenes out so I could watch it again and again.

    I mean I know there’s a lot of Raki haters out there, personally I don’t mind the ‘cry cry I’m useless I can’t do anything’ characters in most shows because they usually turn around and become badass later on (Clare, or the brothers in Blood). Raki’s been nothing but a pimple on Clare’s back since he first arrived, it would have been cool if there was something special about him that’s revealed later on in the manga (which would explain his ability to save Clare from awakening and Priscilla’s attraction to him), but there’s no room for that in the anime.

  21. The rest of the AB are still there, standing behind Isley as he eats his popcorn and watches the show :p
    Yea, Raki in this anime is pretty worthless – he isn’t quite so bad in the manga (although that may be simply because he hasn’t been exposed to a real test yet – i.e. he’s still living in blissful ignorance of just about…everything).
    It’s looking like Isley might be actually stronger than Priscilla in the anime version too – at least he seems to be the one in control and since Rifel’s little chat won’t be occurring.

  22. Despite reading the manga, I’m very interested in what Madhouse is going to do. Again, it will take the manga a long time to get enough material for the anime to follow with another season; that is why they cannot follow the manga and leave lots of fans who haven’t read the manga (don’t read ahead noobs) angry at a cliffhanger ending. Of course, I’m not sure why you manga fans really like Claymore if you want it to be completely like the manga – you would know exactly what’s going to happen and that’s boring. I always find if I read ahead of an anime (ie Naruto), the only episodes worth watching are the fighting ones.

    If you haven’t read the manga, you really don’t notice the plotholes. Also, please list out the plotholes because they left out a lot of stuff from the manga, but it’s a completely workable story. In the anime, it was presumed that Priscilla caught Teresa off-guard, rather than overpowering her. There has been no mention of Priscilla being more powerful than even the Abyssal Ones. We haven’t even heard about Luciela. And in episode #24, the twenty Awakened are standing behind Isley. I do find it interesting though that they didn’t emphasize Clare’s (Teresa’s) ability to sense Yoki in fighting Awakened since Helen, Deneve, Miria, and Clare killed that weak male Awakened.

    I believe Riful will come into play against Isley. As for what happens to Clare and Priscilla, the only hint in the preview is that Priscilla gets injured, meaning A) Clare hurts Priscilla and she realizes her weakness or B) Clare kills Priscilla.

    I do agree with others that Raki was EXTREMELY annoying in #23. Claymore #24 was exciting though, and I look forward to the next episode.

  23. I found 24 rather boring, it was just pushing the story forward, there wasn’t anything which really got my excited.
    I agree with Omni that people who didn’t read the manga can enjoy this show much more.
    The reason why I am worried is, as said before, that I’m afraid Madhosue will mess up the ending. Sure the manga is the true story and all, but I have really enjoyed the anime more or less until now and hope they end it properly.

  24. It’s always entertaining to read everyones thoughts about Claymore’s ending, or what will become of it (no I’m not mocking anyone). I’ll still stick with my main idea and just say that it was planned to be this way, somehow, besides if they intended to follow the manga that loyally we will have another case of anime that will have at least 50 episodes tops, and somehow this anime didn’t strike me as those kind, and lets not forget about not enough manga material to cover. I still say that if they planned to have an exact carbon copy of the manga they would have wait till the manga is over. But then there’s really no exact carbon copy of an manga to an anime out there, or is there?

    As for comparing it to other anime original endings like chrono crusade or fma, I still think they have their peaks, I never dislike Original Anime Endings, I just think of it as another possibility. But then again I never really read the manga unless the animation is at least done, that way I can just whine to myself about this scene should be included and this scene should be totally cut away, ne.

    As for the loophole you don’t really need to have read the manga to notice it. It’s very subtle to ppl that haven’t read the manga but I’m sure they have think about it as well.

    But anyways think of anime as business and you’ll sorta understand/tolerate it a bit why they have to cut its ties with its origin just for the sake of business. It’s like advertise in a way.

    I guess I have to painfully await the end of Claymore, it’s sad that it’s about to reach its end soon.

  25. My bro has seen the mangga and not me but like as Esmo said ealier ppl who have seen the manga shouldnt critize Madhouse they are doing their best.My first feeling after watching this episode was pure dissapointement.It was lacking of punch ,what i want to say is that it was borring without nothing that make want to see it.Ive seen episodes 1 to 23 ,they had the suspense that make u wanna see the next episode but in this 24th episode ,all the characters were lacking in emotions Raki was like a boufoon , the scene when Priscilia regains her memories was simply FADE(its french u know xD( without taste,0 consistence)).I was hoping more action when i read Omni’s comment but really if was ask to note this episode : ill give 1/10.This point will be given to Jean coz i like a looking for the next episode to be more reactif

  26. I think the anime better after i complete reading the manga. Anime focus more on teresa and clare story. THere is link in this anime. i remember that it is lren, sopia, nosia going after priscalla and now this time is helen, deveen and miria going after clare.

    There are building the climax since ep 22. ppl complain that they didnt made clare awaken her arm because they are building the climax cos i think they would let clare fully awaken when she was fighting priscalla.

    imagine it follwed the manga, 7 years later. wouldnt it be a bit long winded story and boring. -.-

    Now really made me want to watch ep 25 and see how priscalla die, that bitch who killed my favourite character off guard. at first i think it the organisation fault cos they are using claymore to help them earn, but now i have all the reason to hate pricalla and watch her die. 🙂

  27. Now that we’re into the pure anime ending, yay!!! I wonder if we’ll get a peek at 1/8th of Teresa’s awakening power… (assuming that a human head IS 1/8 the size of his/her entire figure). Go Clare!! Awaken!! Combine your own Yoki with Teresa’s and kick the @#$% outta Priscilla and Isley!!

  28. Sorry for the scrub question but where is the best place to find the manga for claymore, as a anime only watcher I am clueless as to where to find it, (maybe torrents?) but with this ending I have to read it to see what happens in it. Thanks in advance.

  29. Maybe later priscilla got her second shocking fear. i thought i killed ilren, why now her right arm and her flash sword still haunt me!!! NONONO!!! then clare awaken her arm and killed priscilla!


    then priscilla den cried papa mama brother sister and beg for life just like she did when fought with tesera then clare just pushed her down the vocanlo. LOL HAHA

  30. As many of you, i was first disappointed in the divergence between the manga and anime, but as anime goes on, i’m interested in seeing what will happen next. As many people have said, we ain’t seeing the end of the manga for quite a few years (4-5yrs) and who knows, i might not be reading manga or watching anime anymore at that time 😛 The only thing that still disappoints me in the anime is Raki, his sword training was pointless, don’t think he can even take an extremely low ranked yoki. All he has left right now is to meet priscillia and clare,and scream their names to try to revert them back to normal.

  31. Esmo:

    some plot stuff I wanted cleared up if they were going for a wholesome ending:

    – Alicia and Beth appearance, since there was a scene that mentioning them. I was so excited about seeing these characters when I heard about them back then.
    – True intentions of the claymore society (name escapes me at the moment). Not that it’s been cleared up in the manga either, but for a good, clean ending, there should be some explanation of their eerie auras.
    – True intentions of the abyssal ones, mainly Isley since they give him a lot of screen time but really hasn’t explored his purpose one bit.

    I don’t know. I didn’t read the mangas until recently, but even before then I was pretty puzzled at how they were planning on ending this in a handful of episodes due to the above things among other miscellaneous smaller things.

  32. I think clare will die after killing priscilla and the 7 years after in the manga will be no more, but what about the dwellers of the deep, how can they end that up in just two more episodes, they should make a second season for it and priscilla should just die. I hate here for killing teresa.

  33. I predicting that Clare will get own by Priscilla but raki intervane that allow Clare to escape and Jean die as to pull Clare out of awakened form =D and raki follow priscilla just like the manga and dada CLAYMORE 2!!!

    Sounds very logical

  34. 저 진짜 이거 안 믿었는데 그냥 호기심으로 한번 해 봣는데 진짜 고백 못받앗어요!!!이글을보고나서 20분이내로 1번만 다른곳에 올리면 아무일도 일어나지 않는데요 진짜 믿어주세요~ 이 글을 읽는 즉시1시간 이내에 딴곳에 옮기면 정말 마술처럼 사랑하는 사람에게 전화가 옵니다

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