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OP: 「瞳ノ翼」 (Hitomi no Tsubasa) by access
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It’s been a while since I heard the access song from the radio rip, and I still rather like it, though the sequence itself wasn’t horribly interesting. Then again, with this being just the final episodes, it probably didn’t make sense for them to reanimate it.

Episode 24


Looking at a screen with images of C.C. labeled as CODE-R, Jeremiah realizes that they tried to make a reproduction with this experimental body. Bartley tries to calm him down, but they then hear Zero’s message to the Britannia forces, and it gives Jeremiah great mental anguish. At that moment, Cornelia and her men are getting ready to face off against Zero’s Black Knights, but Zero first makes an announcement that triggers a GEASS effect in the operators of the control rooms under the Britannia settlement. Right at midnight, these operators cause the ground to crumble, and the Black Knights soon begin their ground assault. Toudou finds Cornelia first and tries to attack her, but one of her men takes the hit. Guilford then jumps in to face him and tells Cornelia to return towards their base because she needs to live for Euphemia’s sake. Cornelia agrees to turn back and let him fight, but only after she orders him to return alive. On the Black Knights side, Lelouch sends the Zero squad and Ougi to the seize Ashford Academy so that they can use it as a command center.

Meanwhile on the Avalon, Suzaku enters the Lancelot’s hanger so that he can join the fight, but Lloyd holds the keys and says that leaving would be disobeying orders since they haven’t gotten a sortie command from Cornelia. Suzaku responds by punching Lloyd in the face, taking the key, and then declaring that he’ll defeat Zero with his own hands. Back in Britannia, reports are coming in to a conference room full of royalty that a Chinese Federation armada has gathered in the East China Sea. At the head of the table, Odysseus is worried about the Emperor not being around, and one of the other men suggests preparing a dispatch of troops. Odysseus, however, lacks confidence, particularly in light of the Euphemia blunder, so Schneizel volunteers to go. Back in Tokyo, Diethard leads the troops to take over the television station, and Tamaki helps capture Ashford Academy. When Rivalz attempts to protect Milly, Shirley, and Nunnally, Tamaki raises the butt of his rifle to hit him, but Zero and Kallen show up to stop any violence from happening. Zero is making the school into a command center, but he first guarantees the safety of the student council members, thinking privately to himself that he wants Nunnally to stay here for the duration of the battle so that the Black Knights can protect her.

Rivalz still continues to protest, so Kallen takes off her visor and requests that he do as he’s told. Though she’s surprised to see Kallen on the other side, Milly asks her to promise not to touch any of the students, so Kallen replies that she thinks the students will be fine as long as they don’t go out. Shirley then starts asking about what they did to her, which confuses Kallen, but the conversation is interrupted when Ougi rushes in to report that the Lancelot has shown up. At this time, Suzaku is feverishly searching for Zero while slicing through all of the Black Knight Knightmares that he comes across. V.V. had earlier told him that Zero had a paranormal power called GEASS and had implied that this was why Euphemia suddenly changed. Villetta, who managed to kill the thugs who appeared at Ougi’s apartment and has returned to her normal self, has also realized that Lelouch has the power to control people and make them forget memories. In any case, Suzaku’s rampage soon leads him to Kallen, and the two start fighting after Kallen tells him to die here and after Suzaku asserts that she and the Japanese people are being deceived by Zero. At one point, the Guren Nishiki manages to catch the Lancelot’s left arm and starts frying it, but Suzaku thinks quickly and ejects the arm.

The Lancelot counters by shooting off the Guren Nishiki’s left arm, and when Kallen refuses to tell him where Zero is, Suzaku gets ready to finish her off. Fortunately for her, Zero and the Gawain show up at that moment, and Lelouch claims that he wants to settle this in a one-on-one fight with Suzaku. Back at Ashford, the Black Knight soldiers bring in a suspicious person that Ougi recognizes as Chigusa, so he decides to take supervision over her. The student council members are meanwhile worried about what’s going to happen to them, but Shirley is positive that Zero won’t harm them. However, they are then alerted to the fact that the Lancelot and the Gawain are outside their building, with the Gawain pointing its hand at their window. Suzaku calls Zero a coward for taking hostages, but this is all part of Zero’s plan that involves Sayoko hiding in the woods. When the Lancelot charges, the Gawain shoots in a direction that forces the Lancelot to touch down on the ground and fall right into the Gefjun Disturber trap, activated by Sayoko. Suzaku is furious with Zero, but with this fight over, Lelouch leaves the Lancelot in the hands of Laksharta.

The Gawain then flies back towards the Britannia forces headquarters where the heated battle continues and where Britannian reinforcements are arriving. In response, the Gawain fires its main cannons in a circular motion, destroying everything around it. Afterwards, Lelouch and C.C. land in the garden on top of the enemy building, and he recognizes the landscape. To his surprise, C.C. says that it’s like Aries imperial villa, but she won’t tell him why she knows of that place yet. The two then get interrupted by Cornelia who had been expecting Zero to come. Meanwhile, Ougi is questioning why Chigusa came here and apologizes for hiding his Black Knight identity to her. He tries to say that this is all for peace and for the sake of them being able to be together, but Villetta takes his gun and scoffs at the notion that she’d be with him. After revealing that she’s a Britannian Knight named Villetta Nu, she shoots Ougi in the stomach, and as he collapses on to the ground, Ougi finally realizes that her memories have returned. Elsewhere in the school, Nunnally asks Milly and the others to go out and help Suzaku.

By now, the fight between Cornelia and Zero in their respective Knightmares has started, and Cornelia’s Gloucester is able to run circles around the Gawain. When the Gawain attempts to take off into the air, the Gloucester grapples onto it and is about to shoot it at point blank range when another Gloucester lance suddenly pierces through Cornelia’s cockpit. This lance belongs to Darlton’s Gloucester, and he’s attacked her under the influence of GEASS. As soon as Darlton regains control of himself though, Zero thanks him and blasts him with the Gawain, killing him. Back at the student council room, V.V. arrives in Nunnally’s room and says that he came to get her.

Episode 25


Having gotten out of the wreckage of her fallen Gloucester, Cornelia finds out Zero’s real identity when he approaches her without his mask on, and she figures out that he was doing all this for Nunnally’s sake. Lelouch admits that he wants to destroy the current world and create a new age, but that gets Cornelia angry because she feels he killed Clovis and Euphemia for the sake of such nonsense. Lelouch then activates his GEASS power and asks Cornelia if she was the one who killed his mother, but Cornelia says that it wasn’t herself and that she doesn’t know who the real culprit is. Since Cornelia was in charge of the guard back then, Lelouch then questions why the guard was withdrawn, and to his surprise, the answer comes out that Marianne asked them to. Lelouch realizes that this means that his mother knew that there would be an attack that day, but he finds that impossible because he thinks that she would have let him and Nunnally escape. No matter how desperately he asks for what happened that day and who killed his mother though, Cornelia doesn’t have an answer for him, so Lelouch instead asks her who does know the truth, but the only other thing Cornelia knows is that the Emperor ordered Schneizel to take away Marianne’s body.

C.C. suddenly senses something and alerts Lelouch to the fact that Nunnally has been kidnapped and is being taken to Kaminejima – the same island Lelouch, Suzaku, Kallen, and Euphemia had been taken to previously. As Lelouch is re-boarding the Gawain though, a new mecha springs forth from the ground: Jeremiah’s. Lelouch tries to get C.C. to retrieve Cornelia’s body, but Jeremiah mecha tackles the Gawain and pushes it off the rooftop. With C.C. piloting, Lelouch places call to Ougi and finds out that he was shot, but more importantly, Lelouch wants to know what happened to the wheelchair girl. Upon learning that the students have disappeared, Lelouch calls up Rivalz and finds out that they left Nunnally back in the clubhouse. He wants to head for Nunnally, but to get rid of Jeremiah first, the Gawain fires on a building to cause it to fall on Jeremiah’s mecha. Back at Ashford, the Black Knights are trying to crack into the Lancelot’s cockpit and have recaptured Shirley, Milly, and Rivalz. Shirley in particular wants Tamaki to call Zero because she believes that Zero will protect them. To prevent Tamaki from hurting his classmates, Suzaku decides to emerge from the Lancelot’s cockpit, but since the Black Knights only want the Lancelot, Tamaki prepares to shoot its pilot.

However, before Tamaki can do so, Arthur jumps on his gun and delays him long enough for the Avalon to arrive. Cecile launches in a Sutherland made of test parts, and she and Lloyd help destroy the Gefjun Disturber to reactivate the Lancelot. After recharging it and giving it a Sutherland arm to replace the one it lost, Cecile sends Suzaku on his way to take on Zero. As Suzaku is taking off though, he gets a transmission from Cornelia, so he heads towards her. When he gets there, Cornelia tells him that Zero is headed for Kaminejima and grants him a formal knighthood. Meanwhile, Lelouch contacts Toudou and leaves all operations from here on to him. When news of this reaches Diethard, he questions why Zero would leave in such an important time, and a wave of uncertainty hits the rest of the Black Knights too. Kallen in particular is wondering what to do when she gets a call from Ougi telling her to go after Zero. She then sees the Lancelot flying off somewhere, so she decides to follow it. At Ashford, the students have started boarding the Avalon while it and Cecile trade fire with the Black Knight forces. In the middle of this, Nina suddenly appears in the Ganymede armed with a large Sakuradite bomb capable of wiping out the city, so Lloyd declares a temporary truce so that they don’t hit it. Holding the trigger in her hands, Nina demands to know where Zero is.

At that time, the Gawain is approaching Kaminejima, and Lelouch is questioning what this war for independence was for if Nunnally isn’t around. They soon arrive at the island and land at the entrance to the cave there, but C.C. says that she doesn’t know the place or if Nunnally’s kidnapper is a person with GEASS powers. When a surge of energy suddenly hits the Gawain and causes Lelouch to have visions, C.C. informs him that this is a trap against intruders, but Lelouch is then shown scenes of her past, including her getting shot on a battlefield and getting burned at the stake. In a black and white world, C.C. tells him that all that’s left is her memories of being a witch, and she doesn’t even know if she was human to start with. All the people who hated her and the people who were kind to her have disappeared in the never-ending flow of time, and she thus feels alone. Lelouch, however, tells her that she’s not alone: they are accomplices, so if she is a witch, then he feels that he will become the devil. The two of them are then returning to their normal senses, and just in time for Jeremiah to attack again. Jeremiah manages to hit them, so C.C. fires the Gawain’s cannons into the ocean to create a wall of water to hide themselves in for a moment.

Telling Lelouch to leave Jeremiah to her, C.C. wants him to go after Nunnally instead. Lelouch points out that the Gawain doesn’t have enough energy, but C.C. feels that it’ll be okay, though she then admits to feeling a bit uneasy. Telling him to win, C.C. kisses Lelouch before setting him down by the cave. When Lelouch tells her not to die, she questions who he thinks he’s talking to. C.C. then flies the Gawain to Jeremiah’s mecha and attaches to it before accelerating it into the water. Back in Tokyo, the tide of battle has turned against the Black Knights and the forces under Guilford have started a counterattack. Even Kaguya is now wondering if Zero abandoned them. At that moment, Lelouch has entered the cave and approaches the markings on the wall, but he gets shot at before he can get much further. The person with the gun is Suzaku, and as Lelouch turns to face him, he attempts to blame Euphemia for killing innocent Japanese and tries to associate Suzaku with it. Suzaku, however, won’t fall for the mind games and mentions how useful a power GEASS is in allowing Zero to hide himself while putting responsibility on others. Suzaku has also noticed that Kallen is here, and he asks if she wants to know Zero’s true identity.

Since he feels Kallen has a right to see this, Suzaku shoots Zero’s helmet, splitting it in half and revealing Lelouch’s face underneath. Although Suzaku reacts by saying that he didn’t want to believe it, Kallen is much more shocked and asks if he had been using the Japanese people. Lelouch responds by saying that Japan was liberated as a result, so there should be no complaints. As for Suzaku, he feels that he should have arrested Lelouch earlier, but he was uncertain and in denial. When he accuses Lelouch of lying to him, Euphemia, and Nunnally, Lelouch tries to turn the subject to how Nunnally was kidnapped. He asks for a temporary truce so that they can save Nunnally, but Suzaku now believes that Lelouch would betray the world until the very end. Urging Suzaku to shoot if he can, Lelouch then attaches a liquid Sakuradite bomb to himself that will go off if his heart stops beating. He also asks who told Suzaku about GEASS and suspects that this person is with Nunnally, but Suzaku declares that what happens from now on will have nothing to do with Lelouch and that his existence was a mistake. With Suzaku saying that he’ll be the one to save Nunnally, Lelouch gets so pissed off that he draws his own gun, and one of them seems to fire.

As she sinks into the sea with the Gawain and Jeremiah’s mecha, C.C. thinks about how people desire happiness and how Lelouch had wished for nothing more than a small joy. She believes that at least the root of his actions was a natural wish for anyone and questions who can deny such a dream or vow, but blocking Lelouch’s way was a past of his own creation. Still, she feels that one should be grateful for humans desiring happiness because it is from despair that a ray of hope is born.


Well, this was quite an exciting pair of episodes. I find it ironic that Lelouch is doing much of all this for Nunnally’s sake, yet it’s because of Nunnally that he leaves his Black Knights to fall to disarray. It also brought me to question the true reason Lelouch is fighting, especially now that we know Marianne knew she was going to be attacked back then. In essence, it means to me that he didn’t need to kill any of his siblings if he had just somehow gotten this information from Cornelia to begin with. As for where we go from here in terms of solving that mystery, the next step appears to be either Marianne’s coffin or going after Schneizel to find out what happened. Maybe Lelouch will learn from this experience and try to get the information without resorting to violence first.

There were some other good plot twists, like Darlton attacking Cornelia and Villetta shooting Ougi, but at the end, I was left feeling a bit unsatisfied. In the short term, I think knowing that there is a sequel and having them prepare the story progression with such a sequel in mind was a bad thing for these final two episodes. They definitely kept my interest the entire way through, but I find it hard to call these a conclusion to the first series because virtually nothing got concluded and there are questions left about pretty much everything. We’re left with a huge cliffhanger of a gunshot between Lelouch and Suzaku, thought I suspect that it isn’t that big of big deal because it seems unlikely that it’ll lead to either of their deaths, especially with the “live” GEASS command on Suzaku. But past that, we still have C.C. sinking into the ocean, Nunnally still with V.V., the Black Knights in disarray, and Nina with a bomb. Plus, aside from Darlton and some relatively minor characters, pretty much everyone made it through alive, including several characters I thought wouldn’t (Nina, Guilford, Cecile). I’m not even sure if Cornelia is dead or alive since her body wasn’t shown again after Suzaku left her side. This all sets us up great for a sequel, but, as I mentioned, it leaves me feeling a little unsatisfied for the moment.

Final Thoughts: With the way the show cliffhangered, it almost doesn’t feel right for me to be writing final thoughts since I know that it will continue again sometime in the future. Still, I do have to mention how much I loved CODE GEASS for both its storytelling and its character development. When it was airing regularly, it seemed that every episode had exciting new developments, and it was without a doubt the show I looked forward to the most from week to week. There’s obviously a ton of story still yet to be told (I’m still waiting to hear C.C.’s real name), and hopefully the sequel will be as much fun as this was.


  1. is it really considered cheating when that’s his big trick? Lelouch isn’t the greatest pilot, he never was. he now has a really powerful mech to make up for it, but there are better pilots, he’s said as much. his geass is his thing.
    frankly it would more peculiar if he DIDN’T use it.

  2. @abc – If it was an agreed upon one on one duel which preset rules then yes Lulu cheated. But this is war, it’s been made very clear and even Lulu said so himself that hes not an ace pilot like Kallen, Suzaku and Cornelia. He’s a comander which is why he gave the Gurren to Kallen, fighting a battle where the opponent has the advantage “Fairly” because of some preconceived notion of fairness and honour is not brave but stupid. Clearly he Geass Darlton as a contingency plan, he turned a surprise meeting with an enemy into his advantage. Thats not cheating, thats strategising

  3. ….lots of brick will be shart after ep 25 is watched.

    darn…. Susaku doesn’t listen now.
    C.C. is now deredere for Lulu too… his “proposal” kills..
    Kallen is too shock to do anything, crying (why is she so shock anyway, come on you didn’t learn anything about Zero yet, don’t lose faith just now!).
    Luluche’s admit lines were pretty cool :\; sounds like Light a bit -_-;

  4. @Deadlyrain Is that based on screencaps from the Biglobe stream? Not enough to make a concrete assumption. Between this picture and that picture, there could be something more. And dont forget about what they are saying.

  5. Bah seriously they are really working the fans, another cliff hanger damnit hahaha

    I just gotta know, did tablefap managed to do anything useful in her pizza tossing mech?

  6. Ok, ill just say, when is season 2…and if it isnt in August, I am seriously gonna kill someone…………………………………………. why another cliffhanger…

  7. lol for a second I thought Sunrise was going to pull a 24 and kill CC in the end on the finale. That would be EPIC. This was all based on the Biglobe leak two days ago, with her crying. OCTOBER HERE I COME!

  8. Cliffhanger was expected, i really don’t understand all the baka’s complaining about it. And NOONE except the makers know WHEN the next season will be or in what format it will be.

  9. @DG04: I never said Lelouch cheated. I said “There is. It’s just that there is no shame (sort of) in cheating. You do what [you] have to in order to survive and win.”

    @Leon: Like I said before, There is. It is called the “Law of Armed Conflict” It consists of two parts, the “jus in bello” and the “jus ad bellum” The “Geneva Conventions” also applies. I am not sure why you are laughing, because some of the most atrocious crimes committed today are violations of the LOAC. I am not talking about Bush, I am talking about the genocide that is occurring in certain parts of the word.

    What I said previously had nothing to Code Geass. It was simply a reply to Leon who wrote that there is no cheating in war.

  10. I’m anticipating it but it seems like I’ve lost a lot of enthusiasm for Code Geass after Gurren Lagann came around and delivered constant awesome.

    I’m hoping these last two episodes of this season satisfy me.

  11. @Deadlyrain

    O we dont know that ;] for all we know, Lulu could loose his current geass and endup recontracting c.c in another eye ^^” – remember on how every opmade a perfect sense after some time?

  12. @Deadlyrain,
    You’re right, he is blocking the wrong eye but I don’t think it’s because they accidently flipped the image. Probably at the end, Suzaku hits Lelouch in the non-Geass eye, handicapping Lelouch forever into Geassing everyone he meets or be blind if he wants to avoid that. A mask won’t help him because the Geass still works through glass. As for Suzaku’s fate, it’s 50/50 whether he lives or dies. I don’t know the conversation the two have at the end so I can’t say if it shakes Kallen’s faith enough to make her quit the Black Knights. As for C.C., she’s immortal, but how is that going to help when you get crushed into nothing?

    And you gotta love Cecil, smart and a great pilot too.

  13. @jounin & aloneinthevoid: keep in note this OP is only for these two episodes… 😐
    I doubt they will use this OP in the second season so that is what I have to say

  14. @jaalin

    Does final episodes of Code Geass affect July’s Power Ranking? for some reason I think it deserves to be in the power ranking even if it’s just 2 episodes this month.

  15. All I have to say is…DAMN! I had a feeling throughout the entire 2 episodes that it would end on a cliffhanger, but Jesus Christ did it end on a Cliffhanger! I definitely can’t wait for Season 2.

  16. I tell you this, the only negative was the OP. I liked the one made by MAD on youtube. At least put in the guitar solo. If they had something like the MAD OP, then you could feel the tempo pick up right at the OP. :\

  17. Man finally it came out, still a big disappointment to me that once again Lulu has failed to kill Suzaku, i mean dude i know he’s a softie in the inside despite his exterior being zero, but seriously pull off a “KIRA” mode and go kill Suzaku in the most horrible and pathetic way as possible. I mean the best plot development would be to get rid of Suzaku, he’s just in the way now, i mean wtf the story’s about lelouch and his screwed up royal family, not some emo father killer who thinks he is justice, i mean go DIE ALREADY!

  18. Man Im kinda dissapointed for Kallen, i mean she’s been cool throughout the series, and if she breaks down and goes emo now, that woud suck. I just hope she regains her faith in zero/lulu and goes back to her normal self, afterall she is zero’s top fighter and she is more likely to kill suzaku compared to lelouch. Just die Suzaku, man he’s like Shinn in Gundam Seed Destiny which everyone or practically everyone wants him dead but sticks around, like a dam cockroach.

  19. @Kishagi

    People at the Suki forums said the text reads as, “Sequel production running smoothly. Do look forward to it!”

    Of course they aren’t going to end it then and there xD

    Show Spoiler ▼

  20. I agree. The built-up between Lelouch x CC is wonderfully executed. The death toll in this episode is quite low. Only insignificant characters (except Darlton I guess) are shown dead.

  21. -jeremiah/orange’s “spiky sun” mech was quite…random (and what’s with his right eye? its like some deformed artificial attempt at the geass eye..that sends out electric zaps around the iris X.X

    -cecile piloting a “prototype” (mass production?)-ish lancelot (or whatever it is) ftw.

    -kallen loses to suzaku…nooo~~~ i was hoping he will at least be injured. dammit

    -cornelia, suzaku, and karen knows zero = lelouch

    -lelouch x C.C. is pretty much official. lol

    -nunnally is *still* lelouch’s weakness (which pretty much puts him in the same spot as cornelia). speaking of kidnapped nunnally, V.V. sure likes to walk around amidst danger, kidnap her, and place her in an isolated island.

    -’till next season. x.x
    -as far as i can tell, lelouch will go into hiding, because i seriously doubt the black knights can survive the reinforcements (which includes schneizel + avalon)…hmm…perhaps he will go the chinese federation will help? only sunrise will know…

  22. Given the popularity of geass it’s only a matter of time before some underground sub group picks CG up. Already at least two groups have said they are going to sub these two episodes. The license is only for s1 so it won’t interfere at all with groups doing s2 at least.

  23. You have got to be kidding. I love this show with a passion, and they stopped it for like months, and for what, exactly? I thought they stopped due to production reason’S and they where going to have like 24 or so more epi’s not 2. So I waited months for just 2 epi’s. Why didn’t they just finish it all together? So stupid. X( But they are going to have S2, right?

  24. ….okay…so we wait half the summer for no closure at all I see. Y’kno, I think I’ll just wait for the entire 2nd season to close before I watch it. I love Code Geass, but I don’t think I can stand another cliffhanger without abducting it’s creator and tormenting them into giving me the whole story.

  25. What was up with Kallen? I mean I understood the shock but… I guess she’s having trouble connecting the jerk Lelouch to her idol Zero. It looks like at the end there are tons of misunderstandings.

    Also I don’t think Lelouch/Zero will be taken back by the Black Knights or Japan, at least what’s left of them. Where to now? China? I have a feeling we’ll see alot more of that guy in episode 23, who was wearing chinese clothes with his back to Lelouch’s speech to the Japanese.

    Lelouch x C.C. was there ever any doubt in my mind? No, no way.

    I gotta say I didn’t think Nina would make a nuke/bomb. I’m assuming that’s what she’s carrying since there are no subs.

    Honestly if this was real life, who would you bet on in a gun fight? Lelouch the commander of the Black Knights with a brilliant mind but no athletic ability, or Suzaku the trained soldier with inhuman reflexes and the Geass command to live (courtesy of Lelouch)?

    It would really suck if Lelouch died permanently, I don’t have onjections if he dies and ressurrects through the awesome power of Geass or some other anime loophole.

    Overall I’m left a little dissappointed with these two eps. I was expecting something alot better. I mean the Lancelot vs. Guren was a little weak. Then Orange-kun bursts out of nowhere with this badass upgrade and new Knightmare. Well, now he’s riding an orange.

    I’m also dissappointed that the Black Knights are losing. The only thing this would make better in the long-run is seeing Lelouch/Zero rise back to the top in some way.

    Does Cornelia remember Lelouch is Zero? Is Zero’s identity gonna be leaked to the world? And doesn’t Suzaku think there’s something wrong with V.V. not to mention he’s taking order from someone who looks like he belongs in elementary school?

    On an emo-note: Die Suzaku! Just fucking die already!

    White Star
  26. Lelouch of the Rebellion has end in a cliffhanger fashioned. Most of the major mystery still not be solved.

    The question I want to get answer now is, Are we gonna have GEASS 2 in the next anime season (hopefully october) or not!? and what title they are gonna use for 2nd season, CODE GEASS:XXX !?

  27. I was filled with so much suspense when waiting for this. Now I’m filled with even more suspense for the second season. But I’m wondering what happened to the Gurren. Did it get destroyed or something. I saw its large hand on Lancelot’s arm, but not exactly sure if that radiation attack worked…

    the burnt shadow
  28. Gurren/Lance fight = Lance wins somewhat. Gurren’s arm was repaired but no fights after showing that repair.

    Cliffhanger ending. Curse the universe for making up cliffhangers!

  29. wait the black knights are losing as well?! Can’t Todou or Diethard command them or something? I recall Deithard good at information gathering and Todou a good strategist…

    the burnt shadow
  30. OMG~ I watched the raws earlier and LOVED it! (Even though I was yelling at the computer screen for the way it ended.) The scene where Kallen and Suzaku know that Zero = Lelouch was just what I wanted to see. (except I wasn’t expecting Kallen to fall to her knees and cry o_o)

    I also loved the C.C. x Lelouch scene. But I don’t know what the two were saying. >_

  31. Lol, bloody hell. All that waiting and it’s a freaken massive cliff hanger lol.

    They better not go out of their way to make recaps pushing the final episodes of the sequel off air like this. Biggest load of cheese ever.

  32. Suzaku will live as well, if only to serve as a pain and an annoyance. However, Zero has already beaten Suzaku, so it doesn’t really matter to me at this point if Suzaku kills Zero or not. Zero’s completely tore down Suzaku’s pretty little, Rainbow filled world, and forced him to realize the cold hard truth: It’s kill or be killed! Even if Suzaku doesn’t kill Zero here and now, the fact still remains, Suzaku has already forsaken his belief just for the satisfaction of vengeance.

    Zero’s own demise will obviously be of his own doings. Because, despite his goals, he lacks a true, cold heart to see them through. There is one person he cares about more than himself: Nunally. He’ll fail in his endeavors at least once, because he isn’t doing something for himself, rather, for someone else. If Zero is to survive and succeed at the very end, Nunally will most likely not be alive, because she will have been both an obstacle and a weakness to Zero. Unless Zero realizes that he must see his plans to fruition because he desires to see them for himself and not just to create a better world for Nunally. At the moment, the two person I pray for death the most is: Nunally; I’m tired of watching this blind and wheelchaired girl, that and the fact that I hate the cliche ‘weak imouto’ characters. And Suzaku’s, just because he really should’ve died three or four times over all ready. Each time, only managing to stay alive, due to Zero’s direct interference, and he still wants to kill him! That ungrateful bastard.

  33. come on i cant wait for this anime 2 be subbed by either [your-mom] or [gg] anyway i really hope lelouch dies in the end cuz my heart literally broke when euphemia died

  34. @remy

    that’s good insights!:D. Yeap, true, whether suzaku kills zero or not, the fact is still there, he lost. Actually if he kills lelouch, that will be even worse for him haha. Well about lelouch himself, he is actually quite complex. Tho he is smart he is not like Light Yagami who is focused and think only for himself. But well, if he is 100% same like light yagami, then he is not lelouch:D

  35. This show will make Death Note and Evangelion look like happy children’s stories in the end.

    Are we sure that Marianne is dead? What if she is actually evil and planned this whole thing for Lelouch.

  36. So everyone knows, Kallen was the one that shot the gun. She shot it at Suzaku, not to save Lelouch but to save herself from the exploding Sakuradite. After she shoots she breaks down & runs away. Lelouch continues onward but is left unconscious when he confronts V.V. V.V. Signs a contract with Suzaku so he could live, & hence his previous geass he will accept that offer. That is all I can tell thus far, but let me say this much, V.V works for the Britannian emperor.

  37. I actually like Suzaku more than I used to after his realization that everything is shades of grey rather than black and white. He actually became much more interesting, and I believe that he didn’t really give up on his beliefs, but rather modified them or adapt them to the situation he was placed in. In the end, he says “your existence is a mistake!” which could be considered true considering the chaos and damage that lulu had done to the world. I believe he realizes that justice doesn’t mean saving everyone, but sacrificing certain moral luxuries to make a better world. Dunno, just my 2 cents =D

  38. Am I the only one that gets PISSED OFF IMMENSELY at V.V. and his character? He’s like one giant frickin’ deus ex machina, and he also reminds me of Feldrance from Mahoromatic season 2 (whom I also hated).

  39. I’m rather glad that Suzaku is still alive so far. Sure, he has his issues, but I’d say he’s my favourite character, besides Kallen.
    Lelouch… I dunno, but he treats people as pawns in some sort of a game, and that’s just wrong. People might call him a hero right now, but if they sit back in a few years and look at all the damage he’s caused and all the people that have been killed, he doesn’t turn out that great. Plus, for a leader to leave his troops in the middle of a battle, that means that person isn’t that much of a leader at all. Sure, he might be a tactical genius, but with his bad habit of using people, then he might turn out just like the Emperor. Hopefully he will change somewhat for the better… Judging by his character though, I’m not so sure about that.

  40. To Deadlyrain,
    no, its not actually that obvious.
    for one thing, karen shooting suzaku for the sole purpose of saving herself seems way out of character. she has demonstrated many times in the series that she stands by her ideals and would give up her life doing what she believes in without a second thought. anyone who fights for a resistance movement against a huge empire like britania would need such a mindset at the very least.

    it would be a pretty good twist if karen shot lelouch instead, due to his comment about how it was ok to manipulate the japanese people to achieve his own ends. its actually quite possible for something like that to happen given the circumstances and the unstable mental condition he had forced her into at the time, but i wouldnt count on sunrise doing it…

    the sound of the gunshot seemed to me more of a muffled/silenced gunshot. notice the guns lelouch and suzaku were holding, no noise cancellation watsoever. now look at the gun karen was holding up, its similar to the silenced handgun used by villetta to shoot ougi. which leads me to believe that gunshot wasnt fired from suzaku or lelouch’s gun but fired by either karen (probably) or nanali (very unlikely, i know) or v.v. or some other person who’s existance at the island we’re not yet aware of (the emperor or schneizel perhaps? because v.v. had to have some other ulterior motive to lure lelouch there).

    however, if sunrise chooses to ignore that minor detail of the sound of the gunshot, or if my ears are simply playing tricks on me, then that would lend itself to a whole world of possibilities. one of them would be simply having either suzaku or lelouch shoot the other. if executed correctly, it would turn out to be quite powerful even without any huge 360 twists that code geass is so famous for.

    one of the most interesting and ambiguous scenes in my opinion is the one at the very end where nanali seems to recoil slightly at the exact moment when the gunshot was fired. this could be interpreted as her flinching at the sound of the gunshot, OR she could actually have been the one who was shot, by lelouch, or suzaku (or even v.v. at that exact moment possibly). either taking the shot for her brother or one of her best friends would be something she’d do without hesitation if she encounters such a situation, judging from her character.

    this would be the best way i can think of to end the first season. lelouch would be devastated after killing the very person he tried to achieve happiness for, and could possibly continue living on to atone for his sins and kill off the zero inside him. in the second season, he would do something to disable the geass in his left eye (either with an eye patch or somthing more extreme like stabbing it with a dagger to get rid of it for good O.o) and continue his investigation on his mother’s death for his sister’s sake, without using the alternate identity “zero” or the power of “geass”, but achieve it through what he can do himself, as lelouch lamperouge.

    i know that was a pretty long post… it took me quite a while to write it too… these two episodes were VERY well done, but i dont particularly like how sunrise decided to end the first season, mainly because its barely possible to call that an ending. but if they’re goal is to make us speculate and anguish over it, then i guess they did their job well…
    and feel free to post your own speculations too.

  41. Wow, it was painful to wait for 24+25.. but with this huge cliffhanger, the wait for season 2 is going to suck a lot more.

    And honestly, I was disappointed with 24+25, but I guess insanely high expectations are to blame. And what the hell was the point of Orange? They should’ve let him die instead of bringing him back in a lame way like this. Well, at least he was a little bit amusing. Bleh.

  42. @Lulu: Well that may be true & Kallen may shoot Lulu, but I doubt it will happen as most people would expect that as well. What I can comprehend is that door behind lulu can take him not only to face his father but also to find Nunnally. So More or less I’m guessing V2 works for the emperor or is in the contract with him.

  43. Anyway, ^^ I’ll be counting on you omni to fill us all in on the latest CG news, & from what you said before I do hope CGSS will be in October, which would be great considering Gundam 00, & many other good series will be airing then as well.

  44. And I waited.. 3 months?? for this? I know there’ll be a second season soon but it’s still to open for me. I’m disappointed in short. Not totaly but for now.
    *waits for second season* grumble grumble..

  45. Jeez, I have been waiting for four months for this, and now I have to wait for three more. I could not believe it was over at the end, since I was at the height of my excitement. They left the most intense moment for the very end. It’s like a story where it ends with the culmination and there is no resolution. There were so many cliffhangers, so many unanswered questions, that this is hardly a complete series.

    Who won the battle for Tokyo? Both Todou and Guilford were still alive, so they could organize their troops against each other…although in the long run the black knights were fighting a losing battle.

    What happened at Ashford Academy? I expected Nina to play a big role and die before the end, but I never expected her to be a sort of doomsday device. I know it is impossible to detonate the bomb, since that would involve the deaths of many key characters, but she was clearly deranged and looked like she did not care.

    Did Cornelia die? I must say I was pretty impressed with her combat skills when fighting a clearly superior machine, and I was disappointed with Lelouche that he had to resort to his “backup plan” for this. I felt very sorry for Dalton, since he died, realizing he may have just killed the person he admired the most. But I digress, I was almost sure that Cornelia would die by the end of this special, but it looks like she survived. If she did, does she remember Zero’s identity? This might have some important implications for the second season, though now she would not be the only one who knows who he is.

    What happened to CC and Orange-kun in the end? I must say I was pretty disappointed in Jeremiah. I was kind of expecting him to become the equivalent of Viral in Gurren Lagann. However, it seemed like even with the power upgrade, the only thing he did was defeat a bunch of random grunts. So, it seems like Cornelia > Lelouch/CC > Orange-kun in terms of piloting/combat skills. So, did CC rush to her death in the end? Her KF had no energy to emerge back on the surface, so did she go for a double KO? The way she told Lelouche that she had a bad feeling before the end sounded like she knew she was going to die, but who knows.

    And finally…the most important cliffhanger of all. The moment Zero’s mask fell to the ground was perhaps the most powerful moment in the whole show so far. His final speech reminded me of Raito’s final speech in DEATH NOTE. The speech of a desperate man whose plan has failed, and yet he only wanted to build a better world. Except…that Lelouche at least had a backup plan. I give him a lot of credit for that. It’s too bad we won’t know the conclusion of that showdown for another three months. Personally, I like the idea of the shot coming from Karen to stop Suzaku in the end, but that is just a theory.

    Overall, I was pretty impressed by the level of intensity of this finale. I was only hoping for some sort of resolution instead of that cliffhanger finale, but that was still good. Also, I was expecting more people to die, except Dalton: Cornelia, Nina, or at least that guy Tamaki (GOD, he is annoying).

    Oh, and also, Viletta is an ungrateful bitch! Shooting the man who saved her life and cared for her all this time. At least I thought she would have some feelings left for him after she regained her memory, but I guess I was mistaken.

    Anyways, sorry for the long post(those of you who are still reading), but I had a lot of feelings pent up after watching it and I needed to express them. Anyway, CODE GEASS is a great show and I will be looking forward to season 2, and until then, there is Gurren Lagann to keep me interested.

  46. DUDE!! This really piss me off on how bad that episode, jsut went for me… for crying out loud just finish the danm PARTS lol…. but still looking forward to second season for CG…
    LIVE! Lelouch….. DIE Suzaku lol…

  47. Ok, those were very interesting episodes, but then again we did’t get information we wanted to know…….. I hope there will be answers, lots of them,in sesson 2 (if they plan to make it). Lots of things didn’t reviewed (or revieild)… Well, i believe that Karen shot Suzaku (althoug I don’t want to see that, I was big fan of Suzaku…) . Oh, Cecil was so hot in last episode!!!!
    Well, my opinion for Code Geass is…………………………………………………. (hope to see some connection with my answer and last episode of Code Geass 1 :0 ) …… just joking… very good anime, can’t wait to see what will be next (if there be sesson 2) See ya!

  48. Why Why Why did it have to end like that 🙁 atleast i was hoping that Lelouch would try to confornt Kallen and stuff i mean kallen was Lelouch most trusted Supporter and she even loved Lelouch and i mean Lelouch not Zero 🙂

  49. I don’t agree with people saying suzaku is weak. Just re-watch the scene when he shoots lelouch his mask of. The weak suzaku would have remained suprised and wouldn’t have accept it. But his face directly changes from being suprised to being determined to revenge the mistake lelouch did (JUST WATCH THE EYES)

  50. I wonder when we’ll start hearing of rumors of season 2 or an official announcement on season 2. I hope it comes as soon as possible, i feel like a addict who finally got what he wanted and now that its all gone i feel even worse than before!

  51. I don’t think anything they could have done in these two episodes would have lived up to the hype and anticipation that were built up over the past few months. Still, I enjoyed them all the same. The ending leaves us with a cliffhanger, but that’s what second seasons are for.

    Viletta did seem somewhat remorseful when she shot Ougi (he partly deserved it for taking advantage of her when she had amnesia, I think, even if his original intentions were good). A part of me also thinks she shot him in a non-vital area so he’d be out of the fighting and thus out of danger.

    And yes, more Cecile, please! That suiting up scene was so much a tease, lol. Next to Karen, she’s my fave gal in the series (sorry, C.C.!). Something about girls with stylized shoulder-length hair.

    Orange-kun was kind of a let down as he was still sort of the same unhinged whack job from before he went all robotic, the only real difference was that he was riding around in a giant orange mech with spikes. Whoopie. I was expecting him to be more cold and calculating like a machine (or a Terminator), and keep his cool while being this dangerous unrelenting threat, instead he was charging around like a brazen idiot shouting, “Hail Brittannia!” every few seconds.

    I wonder if Lulu could stand C.C.’s pizza (hut) breath, haha. C.C.’ll definitely live through the water. She’s survived being shot and burned, what’s the harm in the crushing ocean depths?

    I rather liked Suzaku’s determination to finish off Zero when he hesitated before, and knowing that Zero’s Lulu has made him even more determined.

    Karen’s breakdown was understandable. All this time she worshipped the ground Zero walked on only to find out that her hero’s been playing the Japanese people off as pawns this whole time for his own personal gain using the Geass. My money’s on her gun being the one that fires the bullet that’s heard. At which one, we’ll have to wait and see.

  52. Have someone killed Suzaku for me, I really hate that hyprocrite. Indeed, his existence is a mistake. He should have been killed for some many times if Zero did not interfere to save him. He deserves nothing more than death.

  53. I can’t understand why there are a lot of suzaku-haters? Is it because of his pacificism? Okay I don’t hate lelouch, and I can understand his grudge. BUT how can you whoreship someone who talks violence, etc… Okay, unwillingly, he use euphie to kill a lot of japanese. That was an act of him? How can you guys justify this? How? Tell me?

    Okay to suzaku. In the beginning I didn’t like him but suzaku progressed and changed in positive way. And in the final scene that guy got more respect of me. The old suzaku would react like when geass activated his muder on his father -> Beserk. But those eyes, that determination, the message of euphie he’ll carry on (I like that guy more than that yamamoto guy in GDS)

  54. Err (to Ingonito)

    I HEARD that..
    Sunrise had announced sth…
    Gundum00 will be animated first before CG… so we need to wait for… problably~ 1 year at the very least.
    Anyone have an reliable source of info?

  55. @ legno: Violence is good, Euphemia’s death was the funniest part and she deserved it, Suzaku is an annoying pussy and his only role in the series is to be a nuisance and hinder the progression of the main character with his hax piloting skills that make him indestructible via Plot no Jutsu – e.g. that fucking cat

  56. I love and hate the ending of CG. Months of waiting and another Huuuge (x1000!) Cliffhanger? Argh… At least Gurren Lagann is here *Cough* Anyway, if speculations are being made then here’s mine: I assume Karren is the one who fired the shot, at Lelouch, because I only heard one gunfire (I also believe both Lelouch and Suzaku aren’t capable of shooting each other, knowing one would value the other more), and both men would be shocked, Lelouch injured probably, then Kallen would cry some more… while Lelouch tells Suzaku to save his sister and he’ll accept his fate afterwards (then he either convinces Kallen to still trust him, or just leave without her) and… I cannot think some more, since this is already long enough. Overall I liked the ending personally and I just hate the wait that comes with this cliffending.

  57. oh..so this was cliffending.
    If Lelouch dies, they all die..
    I think she shot somewhere else
    or if Lelouch dies, the story would be …er..less exciting.
    This episode showed humbled yet pathetic side of Lelouch definitely and how Suzaku can be so spoiled and dumb..and more.(yes I hate this hypocrite who say he hopes for peace yet kills, I don’t know how you like this hypocrite)

  58. People hate Suzaku because he’s no Lelouch. You have Lelouch who is apparently this omnipotent being who says everything correctly (or so it would seem) and you have Suzaku who says what people were predetermine as gibberish.

    Not to mention this bloodlust and “angst” that Lelouch possesses makes him a supposedly better character. People simply love violence (not the violence that Suzaku delivers anyhow).

    Apparently people see Lelouch as an angel and a devil… he has both an evil and righteous demeanor, and people don’t differentiate between the two (he’s good because he cares about his sister, he’s bad because he has to do something that he feels is necessary to protect his sister). I simply see him falling more and more into damnation; he doesn’t constantly remind himself of his “goal” (a reference to Suzaku and how he has to keep reminding himself of his ‘facade’ if you will) and he’s heading more towards a different goal along the same path (it’s not so much “I want to protect my sister” but rather “I want to kill those people that screwed us”).

    Overall, Lelouch is simply more likeable for the majority of the viewers, but I don’t hold any unwarranted grudges against Suzaku (like most of the other people who hate him). He’s got a major conversational problem (doesn’t know how to dictate his thoughts properly to make him appear as less of an ass).

    I can’t say too many negative things about Lelouch, because he is what he is and he is in the business to get things done. But Suzaku is not such a horrible character. Suzaku is just too idealistic and he maintains no real plan to change things. Albeit, I do believe his actions could change society, but he would have no idea that what he was doing would change society. And he’s no real fool for what happened with Euphemia; Suzaku knew her quite personally and he had sworn to protect her (as given by his title, and because he cares about her). He knows for a fact that she didn’t slaughter all those people by her own free will.

    Wouldn’t you be angry if someone you cared about was manipulated into doing something beyond their own morals and conscience? Even more to that, it was in his power to prevent it but he was barred from doing so. (And he had to lie to her face on her deathbed)

  59. @legno: I think most people here hate Suzaku for three simple reasons (btw, I do not hate him, I think he is an important character for the story).

    1)His pacifism: I am talking about his sugar-like dreamworld where everybody gets along that a lot of people before me have mentioned. Such naiveté can be quite annoying to many viewers, who know that war is necessary in order to bring about change. It would probably take him 1000 years to change the empire from the inside, and even that would not be enough.

    2)His hypocrisy: For someone who supposedly hates war and violence, he does kill without remorse. I guess he always finds some pathetic excuse and lies to himself in order to make him feel righteous, but in the end he is no different than Lelouche in that aspect. In episode 23, he said something like:”in war, if you do not follow the rules, you are just a murderer”. Well, I was not aware that war had any rules. You know how they say – all is fair in love and war. This shows once again how naïve he is. Also, for someone who claims he tries to change the empire from the inside, he has not done anything to that end. The only one who tried to do something was Euphie, but her plan failed.

    3)The fact that he is an ungrateful bastard. Zero saved his life three times as far as I can remember (probably someone can correct me here, but I can remember 3 – the execution, the island and Kyushuu). I really love the motive in movies when one character forgives another ever the greatest sins simply because that other character saved his life. Obviously Suzaku has not heard of that. In the end, he is so selfish that he not only is unwilling to forgive Lelouche but he also rejects his final wish to save his sister. I think he owes the man who saved his life at least this final courtesy.

    Well, I guess I do hate him a little bit. After everything I said, I guess the real question is not why so many people hate him, but why are there people who defend him?

  60. so …we have waited for months 2 c this 2 episodes… admit it, b4 this 2 episode is publish, lelouch knw wat he is doing and after tat lelouch seems to be totally out of control, the story seems 2 b a little awkkward everywhere n everything seems to be messy as all fragmants or parts of the story is put in this 40++ minutes anime. i am a real fa of code geass but this really sucks, hope season 2 will be on real soon or it will just blew everything up ..so please!!! we have great expectations dude!.. rate 6.5 this 2 episode

  61. so …we have waited for months 2 c this 2 episodes… admit it, b4 this 2 episode is publish, lelouch knw wat he is doing and after tat lelouch seems to be totally out of control, the story seems 2 b a little awkkward everywhere n everything seems to be messy as all fragmants or parts of the story is put in this 40++ minutes anime. i am a real fan of code geass but this really didnt meet our long anticipation, hope season 2 will be on real soon or it will just blew everything up ..so please!!! we have great expectations dude!.. keep on rolling

  62. I think they were planning how to end this…and how to begin again in future.
    Look, the ending displayed NOTHING.
    WHo the heck was that boy (LOL more like a girl) who appeared to Suzaku after death of the love.
    Where is Nunally
    What is Emperor of Britannia doing and how does he talk with his dead son Clovis?
    What is going to happen to Order of Black Order?
    What happens to Ogi?
    Is Cornelia DEAD?
    ..and the most desirable question, is Lelouch dead or not. Is Suzaku dead, FINALLY?
    What happens after that gun shot

    WHAT THE (@$Y(@$&@$ IS GOING ON. !@)$*@$*@$)@*$)(@&U$)@!*_!@$!@(*$&!@$_)!$

    Yes, the reason 2 is definitely..
    question is…when.

  63. Okay, people laughing with suzaku because he killed his father. At least he isn’t the coward and killed his father for some reason (long time – don’t remember why). Lelouch’s mother was killed but he didn’t have the guts or wasn’t able to kill his father (let’s assume the second because of his high position).

    In my opinion Suzaku is honest. He’s japanese and is fighting for the Brittish empire. Thus he believes in the brittanians that claim co-existence with the japanese (like euphie wanted and somehow convinced important rulers). On the other hand we have lelouch, and indeed zero. Maybe we should keep these two apart, but now you can’t anymore. That’s the thing I liked the most in the final scene (the scene where suzaku shoots on the mask – it’s a saying in our language, don’t know if you guys know it, but on that moment the masks fell off). On the moment there’s no more lelouche or zero, but it’s lelouch and zero (better lelouch is zero). And he’s a brittanian figthing “for japanese” for one reason: his sister nunally.

    Maybe this is the only thing I still respect in zero/lelouche. The fact that he left the battlefield for his sister. But I can never accept someone talking violence. His acts are doing more wrong than good. Ever thought what his mother would have say? Ever thought that nunally is in problems because of his acts? Lelouche doesn’t see that his acts are egoistic. Though he claims the good for japanese and his sister, it’s those that are huge problems while mister himself tried to do but can’t do anything. Why? Because of his actions.

    I think that suzaku saying lelouch wasn’t nothing, that he didn’t deserve to exist probably hurted lelouche because it’ll probably reminded his of his dad? Or was it because he couldn’t manipulate his own friend (I think he can’t use geass on him or can he)? I still wonder what suzaku wanted to say about nunally when he was interrupted.

    My predictions: I don’t think both of them will die. I even wonder if they were the ones shooting. Remember there’s still karen there

  64. @Darklord

    Those are very common points that almost everyone opposed to Suzaku’s existence bring up. I have no problem accepting that he is naive; he is definitely naive for believing that if Elevens accept their current state, changes will occur. Obviously that is not true, but if people push for their rights they can definitely achieve change (I suppose you’d wish to downplay the Martin Luther King Jr. movement?).

    I’m not exactly sure where this whole Suzaku abhors war/violence sentiment is coming from. He’s never explicitly stated such (maybe a mistranslation) but he has in fact stated that what the Order is doing is wrong. Does he know that what they’re doing is wrong? Absolutely not. But he is definitely no pacifist, nor opposed to war/violence. Think about it, not even the most senile, juvenile, or possibly mental person would take up arms and say that they’re opposed to the war. It’s illogical (even for Suzaku who isn’t the brightest of the lot).

    And I’m definitely having major qualms about this whole Suzaku is ungrateful because he doesn’t show Zero gratitude for saving his life. While it’s fact that Suzaku was sent to the guillotine by his own country and that the “enemy” had saved him, Suzaku could just have easily decided to attack him right then and there. They’re enemies whether you wish to deny the facts or not. And while Zero has saved him the other times as well, the only event that has really positively impacted their relationship was the Kyushu incident. After that, you have the whole Euphemia-Zero situation and you know damn well how that turned out. Maybe he could’ve been a little more gracious when Zero jumped in with the battery, but there’s definitely no room from gratitude after Euphemia’s death.

    Oh, and if I’m not mistaken, Suzaku was “saved” by Zero on the island without any recollection of it (while we know Zero saved him, does he?).

  65. Hmmmm. Very Interesting. Well I strongly dislike Suzaku for reasons previously mentioned. I really only have one problem with lelouche, and that is the fact that he abondoned his whole army of Japanese. Without him, everything seems to be falling apart. On the other hand, I understand going after his sister. I mean…when a loved one dies, it hurts more than when a complete stranger dies. So its natural that he is more worried about his sister. Still, I don’t like that he just abandoned the Japanese. Anyway…I really like this anime, and I hope the second season comes around quick!!!!!

  66. yeah, after being told of the geass, suzaku knows that lelouche saved him.
    and if this follows normal anime pattern, then Karen would be the one to shoot lelouche, especially after knowing that he used the japanese. and most likely if he does die, he’ll prolly be brought back to life, maybe by C.C.?
    here’s hoping it doesn’t though.

  67. Tired…don’t misunderstood, i mean i feel like im in the show also who is in this situation. Ha, after waiting for 4 months finally i watched it. Well, its interesting ehough & make me all hotblooded but i feel unsatified with it. I was like ‘huh, end already?’ when i thought its just the half of epi 25. Another cliffhanger(as expected), i think i better wait for season 2 to finish first before i watch it.

    Two main scenes that i cant forget now is
    1. the showdown btw Lulu & Suzaku
    2. C.C. kissing part
    So now its official ady, C.C. & Lulu? well, i dont think that scene is sweet but its rather tragic. At last C.C. shows some of her very geinune feeling & she even cried at the end of the show…Its just when someone feel he/she will finishes then he/she will express his/her very thruthful feeling. (her tears make her more likable for me since im a bit dislike her from the beginning).

    About Kallen, I can understand her feeling at that moment but may i know why she so disbelief to Lulu or what? She knew Zero is not japanese from the beginnig & she accept that also. So now this guy can be any Brittanian but cannot be Lulu? Izzit because Zero’s image really that contrast from Lulu’s image? Im wondering now that how much she really understand about Lulu/Zero since she heard about Lulu & Suzaku conversation at the end.

  68. Hmm…here got a lot of Suzaku haters that i don’t get it (my fav is Lulu but i dont hate nor dislike Suzaku). Actually after watching this 2 episodes, i like Suzaku much better than before now. I thought he’ll become some brat who seek revenge(like Shinn Asuka) before but it seems like he is not like this. He is more determined now & aware that his ideal is not fully correct. But he is not already abandoned his initial thought also since he still stand up for his friends. (went out of the cockpit) He told Lulu at the end that his existence is a mistake which i think its not only for revenge but rather he think what Lulu did is wrong just like what he always think before. (dont forget too ppl got emotion & always say wrong thing in a bad mood)Aha, he is not stupid too. He actually suspect Lulu is Zero but keep on denying. (It explain why the official site spoilers saying Suzaku vs. Lulu but magazines’ spoilers stating Suzaku vs. Zero)

    Ok, last one. its about Zero/Lulu action. My stand started shaken after this 2 episodes that i almost agree with Suzaku now. Its mainly because the confrontation btw Lulu & Cornelia that make me doubt again about Marrianne character. I always afraid that after all Lulu is doing all things wrong & after he realizes it he sure wil go berserk. I dunno, but this last 2 shows really very messy about Lulu & everyone wanna stop Zero including Cornelia & Ougi. Also, seeing Darlton just killed by him like that after he assist him for taking down Cornelia.I know he’ll be a hinder if he dont dies, but…*sigh* im really doubting now that izzit Lulu taking a wrong path.

  69. DAMN, just watched it. Sure Your Mum’s subs weren’t the best (though better than the LQ version I see), but that episode was just non-stop action. It had everything, big guns & laser beams, blood, maniacal laughs, betrayal, shocking truths, psycho girl with nuke, I was wondering why I loved Code Geass so much, this just reaffirmed it.

    Role on Season 2, the battle has only just begun.

  70. @Darklord: really good reasons about hating Suzaku. As for my case I can name tons of reasons for hating him. Though you mentioned the main points. Your right about the real question about why people would defend him. He really reminds a lot like Shinn in Gundam Seed Destiny, i dont know why you cant possibly hate the dam guy. Suzaku is no different, he is naive, a hypocrite, and very selfish to the core.

    Of course I understand that Lelouch is no saint, but at least it shows his regrets and emotions throughout the series that shows that he isnt just some murderer, since despite the fact that he did accidentally commanded to kill the japanese, it was at the very least unintentional. Also he did not deceive his black knights, since it is his true hatred for britannia that he will change the world by destroying that nation. I mean he isnt like Light Yagami (Death Note) who I think is the best villain ever in the history of anime, I mean he will kill anyone that gets in his way. However Lelouch isn’t like that, I mean at least he isnt doing it to satisfy his own goals alone but to create a world for his sister and indirectly to others who strive for salvation from the crutches of Britannia.

    Now what of Suzaku? First of all he killed his father when he was a kid cause he wont listen to him, I mean wtf his father is the prime minister of japan will he just surrender his nation without a fight? Secondly he accepted Britannia thinking its for the best of Japan. Third he became a dam soldier for them! I mean he was part of Shinjuku raid (dont know the exact spelling) and most likely he just watched the others murdered innocent people and he justifies this as for the good of the nation?! Fourth (with emo voice) “I will change Britannia from the inside!” (emo voice goes on and on) Fifth is that he justifies his act from trying to save people by sacrificing his own life (altruism) but not exactly since he only does so that he can feel good about it and cover up his true feelings (man i loved how Mao tortured him by reading his mind, which also leads to the fact that it was what suzaku himself truly feels about his actions). Sixth he thinks that zero is wrong because he imposed that his belief is that the end justifies the means, I mean who the hell is he to say so he’s even worst. The list goes on and on, summing up before i completely run out of comment pages, that suzaku must die.

    DieKillExterminateEliminateLiquifyMurderSlayExecuteEradicateDestroySlaughterAssassinateAnnihilateDecimateButcher Suzaku

    PS. I know i have issues with characters that i cant really like at all, in all the shows i watched there are only 2 characters i really truly hate, one is Shinn and the other is Suzaku. I was dissapointed Shinn didnt die, so at least I hope suzaku will.

    DieKillExterminateEliminateLiquifyMurderSlayExecuteEradicateDestroySlaughterAssassinateAnnihilateDecimateButcher Suzaku
  71. I think what Lelouch is doing is indeed right. I have recently finished Death Note and it is a very good debate to the issue of what Light did is right or not. However that was because the setting of Death Note is today’s modern society. The setting of Code Geass however, is a world where a nation Britannia is the strongest and most powerful nation already having 1/3 of the world and is still expanding. I can only say that to the people who thinks that what Lelouch is doing isnt right is if they themselves have experienced their country being forcefully invaded and colonized. I myself can say this because my country had been colonized, and most of my family roots have experienced the ravages of another superior country in power that colonized your country, ruined the norm, and cast out the people in society. It is indeed very harsh and THE ONLY ANSWER is to fight back for your country’s freedom. Your rights and home have been taken away, could you really say that fighting for not just your freedom but your country at all costs is wrong? Lets hear what Suzaku’s beliefs, do you think that such a powerful nation such as Britannia under an egotistic and power hungry tyrant would mend to your beliefs? Of course not, the only answer is to take down such nation. I mean if indeed Lelouch is wrong and they will try to co-exist, the situation is still no different, in fact even worst since Britannia plans to take over the whole world “The land of Ragnarok” as to the vision of what Lelouch saw which formed his resolved when he was in the midst of obtaining his Geass. So if he did not revolt then peace and freedom will never be gained. It will only be a world of tyranny and oppression.

  72. @Kaede

    No i believe Lelouch was taking the right path in the first place, whether his methods were justified or not. Think about it, if Lelouch did have a wrong path, then what was the right one? The path were they all live happily ever after under Britannia’s crutches and all people in the world except Britannians are all labeled their designated numbers of chronological colonization. Would that really be the right path? Can Cornellia and Suzaku form a better path? Or will it still be under Britannia? That was just the start of revolt and hate to say i was dissapointed on how it fell apart but nonetheless Lelouch’s path is the ONE AND ONLY path for salvation. I’m not saying that he is a hero, but it is very admirable of him to bear all the sins by himself, I mean he maybe being selfish as well to seek vengeance for his mother’s death but that’s only a tiny pebble in the bigger pond. This war is not about Lelouch/Zero being in the path or not, but it is the only way they can achieve serenity any other way would just result on being succumbed under Britannia’s influenced which is why I think that Suzaku is a coward. Is his path the correct one? To just admit defeat then try to change your opponents view and mindset? I think that’s close to impossible, if the enemy is strong and maintained its power, then it will even suppress and cause more suffering and pain to truly further show their power. Suzaku despite finally realizing his beliefs were false is still a fool to think that his way of doing things is the right thing.

  73. @Juvyniled: You make some valid points but there are a lot of things I cannot agree with.

    First of all I am by no means trying to diminish what the MLK movement achieved. Indeed, if people fight for their rights, they can achieve change, though in this case the situation is quite different. As AnimeCritic put it very well, it is hard to change a tyrannical superpower, intent on dominating the world from the inside. The situation is actually similar to the case with the American revolution in the 18th century and the British empire(although America was not invaded). At that time, the British empire controlled a large portion of the known world – there was the proverb “the sun never sets in the British empire”. The American colonists were treated very badly and they tried all means possible to fight for their rights, but in the end, they had to go to war with Britain in order to bring about change. They understood that as Lelouche understands that the only way change Brittania is to go to war with it.

    Also, Suzaku is not really doing the equivalent of MLK. He is not gathering people with inspiring speeches and trying to make people fight for their rights. He is simply fighting a war, blindly following the orders of his superiors even if that means he has to sacrifice himself for the enemy. I find that last part really contradictory to his goal. Basically, the guy is all talk and no action, so many people find that annoying.

    As for the last part, I still stand quite strongly that Suzaku is indebted to Lelouche for saving his life. First of all, if I understand you correctly, you are saying Lelouche should be grateful to Suzaku for not turning him in after Lelouche saved him at his execution. This is a circular argument, since had Lelouche not saved him, Suzaku would not even have the option to turn Lelouche in. Lelouche owes him nothing, and the facts remain – Suzaku would be executed for Clovis’ murder had Lelouche not saved him. Second, at first he did not know that Zero saved him at the island, but as many have pointed out, after learning about Geass, he should have figured it out. If he did not, then he is even dumber than I thought, which gives yet another reason for people to hate him. He was ready to die for the enemy but in the end he was alive, so something must have been wrong.

    Finally, concerning Euphemia’s situation, I can see why he is really upset, but technically it was not Lelouche’s fault that she died. He had no way of knowing his GEASS was out of control. Also, Suzaku probably does not know the whole story — we do not know exactly how much V.V. told him about GEASS. Suzaku probably thought Lelouche GEASS-ed Euphie on purpose, which is why he was so angry. This means he would rather believe some random brat with weird clothes and weird voice than his best friend who saved him several times. The least he could do is hear Lelouche out and let him explain, but he was so sure he was correct that I guess this final courtesy was out of the question.

    Yes, Lelouche is not a saint, but as a character he is much more human and believable. Suzaku on the other hand is pretty inconsistent and illogical of a character, which is why I find him hard to understand at times. Either his mind is really messed up or the producers failed to represent his character convincingly.

  74. UWAA~! I just finished watching both episodes last night…and to be truthful, I was disappointed because of the questions still left unanswered…but nevertheless, the episodes kept me excited to see what happened next~! So, I’m still looking forward to CODE GEASS SEASON 2~! xDDDD And it’s still a favorite anime series of all time~! x]

  75. Haha, there are alot of Suzaku haters, though I won’t deny that I do dislike Suzaku a bit. But Suzaku is well, a person, he has his own beliefs and of course, no one is perfect, so even when he is a hypocrite and says something and does something that he himself ridicule others for, he is human. Lulu on the other hand is not GOD, and he’s not trying to become GOD, unlike Light from DN. So, he really doesn’t care for the Japanese, if his plan suceeds, good for them, if it doesn’t, then he will try again until he can get to the place and society that he wants for his sister. Also, to find out his mother’s killer or what happened at that time.

    I also find that the Euphie accident was never his fault, because the permanent Geass just had a bad timing in the part of the convo. So, in the end, I find that one small accident like that CAUSED all of this, because if Euphie hadn’t die that time or if she didn’t recieve that command from the Geass, then Suzaku wouldn’t have tried to kill Zero that hard with vengence and Cornelia and Nina wouldn’t have gone mad trying to kill him and maybe it would have all ended differently.

    Well, of course, it’s Anime and Animes have unexpecteedly events take place~! xD

  76. @Darklord

    I only bring up the MLK history to demonstrate that humanistic relief is possible without the need of violence. Indeed, the society is by far from a state in which such movements can occur. But… if the conquered people become so well immersed into the empire, then they would be pivotal to the empire’s well-being (the numbers aren’t even slaves, they’re treated as citizens with restricted rights). The problem with this vision is that the people of today would not wish to endure decades or even centuries of restraint, and that is a key (if not the main) difference in Lelouch’s and Suzaku’s goals. With Lelouch, people can possibly achieve their freedom and independence now, but with much greater loss and adversity. Under Suzaku’s proposal, change would be similar to the progression of slaves and African americans, but the change would be over a long period of time.

    So it is really up to the people to decide: Do you want to risk it all to change the way society is now, or do you want to live through possibly years upon years to see the changes?

    The whole life-saving affair is really trivial. My counter argument to it is simply this, “Why should he be grateful to the person who put him in that position in the first place?” Lelouch murdered Clovis and he made it necessary for Suzaku to meet him out on that island. The only time that Lelouch really did save Suzaku from something that wasn’t an immediate result of his own actions was the Kyushu incident. Suzaku really lightened up to him then compared to his cold attitude the other times.

  77. My liking of Lelouch increased a hundredfold when he capped Pinky (Euphemia). That was sheer awesomeness. But I’m personally hoping that either Lelouch or Suzaku become twisted and maniacal, but it’ll probably end up being Lelouch, who gets done in by C.C (like Mao) in the finale.

    C.C was probably just some immortal witch thingy who travels for eternity, doling out contracts on certain people, then Britannia captured her and used her for experiments for a couple of decades, that’s why she was in that tank in the first place.

    I’m also guessing that the Emperor knows who Zero REALLY is. Which is why he was laughing when Pinky was capped oh-so-hilariously. He probably has some GEASS thing of his own.

    The next season will kick SO much ass, I’ll need a new colon. Too bad they don’t sell medically induced coma-kits for home use. (Just pop in the I.V. and the time will FLY by!!)

  78. @Juvyniled: “So it is really up to the people to decide: Do you want to risk it all to change the way society is now, or do you want to live through possibly years upon years to see the changes?”

    I could not have put it any better. You are absolutely correct, but you are forgetting one thing. The Japanese people want their independence. Changing the empire from the inside is never going to give it back. I am from a country which was under foreign rule for 500 years, and the only way to gain our independence was through war. If the Japanese decided to follow the way of peace, they would gradually gain more rights and maybe in time their descendants would be equal to the Brittanians, but that would mean they would be integrated within the Brittanian community and would not be Japanese anymore. That is not what they want and that is why they go to war.

    Also, even though I agree Lelouch indirectly caused Suzaku’s arrest for the murder of Clovis, that was never his intention. It was Brittania that accused Suzaku and decided to use him as a scapegoat. So again, I do not think Lelouche was to blame for his capture. I guess he did feel a little guilty but the fact is he saved his life. And then Suzaku decided to side with the people who would use him as a scapegoat, instead of with the person who saved him. I find that pretty illogical.

    In the case with the island, Lelouch did not force Suzaku to go there either. It was Suzaku’s own choice to follow Brittania’s orders and go there and it was his own choice to die for the sake of the empire. Again a pretty illogical choice if you ask me. How is he going to change the empire if he dies? Yeah, he would kill Zero with him, but this would not make Brittanians treat Japanese better.

    So yes, I still believe that he should be grateful to Lelouche for saving his life. Even if it was just for the Kyushuu incident, usually saving one’s life once is enough.

  79. Why did Sakayo activate the trap? Is she working for the black knights? Because she has already been geassed back with the shower room scene so she couldn’t have done so under its influence then =\

  80. @animecritic:
    There’s a difference in why (purpose) and how (actions). If you ask me the why? Then I can say that I am someone giving everybody right. Imo people should follow their ideas and intuition. If lelouche feels good fighting against his dad and his purpose is creating a good world for nunnally then I agree with his why. The same for euphie and suzaku who want the elevens integrated in a peacefull brittanie. That’s a purpose I can live with too.

    But the actions for achieving your goal, purpose is a different case. I admire lelouche: lelouche is the personizing of machiavellis idea – the purpose justifies the actions. I admire the idea, I love it somehow. The strange thing is that I don’t agree (I somehow have a strange habit to admire my opponents though not agreeing withm them). Are all actions justified for your purpose? Lelouche has at the moment a standard of morality and he goes against the morality of britannia (difference with machiavelli where there was no space of moraility). But lelouche is losing it, he’s losing all moral ideas, he isn’t individualistic but is chaning in someone egoistical. He lies, etc…

    So Give me suzaku

  81. Hmm…i think the discussion here is going too far already. ( about war & history…etc) Im still focusing on the characters but not the war so let me clarify something which i say before.

    I say my stand is shaken & doubt about Lulu taking the wrong path. But i dont mean he achieves his goal by war is wrong. This point I agree with Juvyniled. There is always no absolute wrong & right in this world, its just what you choose to believe. Suzaku & Lulu just have two very different belief system & its not related to morality. So let me make it clear here, im scare that his action now will make him regret in the future if he finds out the thruth behind is not what he thinking all this time. The whole confrontation with Cornelia just make me have a bad feeling & even im doubt that did Marrianne really dead. I mean Marrianne is the key here. Maybe Lulu no need to take vengeance afterll. If all the things Lulu doing up until now finally is for nothing then there is no point already, which i mean is wrong path.

    Also, Lulu left the battlefield for Nunally really disturbed me. I feel a bit dissapointed that he left his man at the stake of the war. Why he think Toudou can give command while he is in the battle as well that he cant see the whole war situation. But still, if he dont care about Nunally i wont happy for this too. Btw, Cornelia & Ougi after knowing who is Zero is still wanna stop him this even disturbed me. Maybe they dont fully undertand about him. Cornelia know he doing this is for revenge & Nunally sake but dont know its accident about Euphie while Ougi know its Lelouch Lamperouge but dunno its Lelouch Vi Britannia. Yea, Lulu is very brilliant in epi 24 & the start at epi 25 but it turns really awkward & ugly at the end. So i really dunno i still stand at the same side with Lulu/Zero.

    As for Suzaku, i never think he is a hypocrite but instead he is very honest to himself. yea, he always wanna sacrifice for others is because the redemption for his father. But its in the past. His character always have some development in the whole show. After he admitted to Kallen that he killed his father i can say that he already get out from this. Maybe its all thanks to Euphie. For this last 2 episodes, he become more determined & take it into action & what i like the most is he dont discards his initial belief. The last few lines he says to Lulu just make me think that its not only for revenge but he really feel that Lulu is doing wrong. From the start he never agree with Zero ideal. So i dont think its contradiction about him but killing 1 person for all people sake is the right thing he should do that he think at the moment. In fact, Lulu really killed so many already plus Suzaku is thought that the Tokyo massacre is his purposely did. If in real life, what will you think if you realize your childhood friend do this terrible thing including murdered his own brother & sister by his own hand? Its normal for Suzaku act afterall.

  82. Good point about Suzaku Kaede, I dont hate him but i somewhat find his ideals ludicrous. I understand what you mean that Suzaku has to act after all, but your ideal isn’t perfect, to sacrifice one person for the sake others, would that make Suzaku a better man?

    What about Lelouch? He would never sacrifice Nunnally in order to win the war, heck instead he threw it all away just for his sister. That’s what i like about the guy, some people hated it when this happens, but can you really blame him? What was this war about in the first place? Why was he fighting so hard for this? Its for the main thing that so his sister could open her eyes in a world where she can live in harmony.

    That’s why I think Lelouch is quite a complex guy, especially because despite the fact he killed many people by his own hands, he showed regret and accepted by bearing all the sins by himself. What about Suzaku? He justifies himself that killing his father was for the benefit of the whole nation and thinks what he did was right. First of all killing and betraying his father is wrong. Second of all, who is he to take action at the time? He was but a mere foolish child.

    Also I can’t agree with your ideals, being sacrificing one person for the benefit of others. Which some beliefs in the past of villagers sacrificing one person for the benefit of the village to the gods as to lift up famine, drought, disease, etc. I think such beliefs are atrocious, besides it is nothing more but a self justification about Suzaku’s part once again. Like if and only if he killed Lelouch and Nunnally lives, he’s probably still going to be the same character like he used to because of his pysche, and convinces himself that what he did was right.

  83. I agree with you Kenichi and Kaede too. I find Suzaku a really stubborn fool. Yes your right about him and his character improving throughout the show, but it still comes in the end that he himself thinks he is “justice”. (DUDE ONLY L AND LIGHT ARE JUSTICE YOUR NOTHINNG BUT A WANNABE LOL) So I think its very stupid of Suzaku who himself starts to doubt his beliefs and at the same time thinks he is right! I mean wth is that, and worst is he still thinks even in the end that he himself had the absolute path to live with Britania? People think that it could be peace that way, but under a tyrant’s rule is never true peace and freedom its nothing more but a facade.

  84. Holy shit! what an end!(although not really an end) now I can’t wait for the sequel. I hear it might be aired this October. But who knows. Anyway I’m waiting for more! I just can’t wait!

  85. I don’t know if anyone has noticed it, but i have confirmed it, C.C. planet is Jupiter, i had a suspicion since the first episode when she contracted, in the last episode i am certain. Only that massive storm pattern can be found at Jupiter, so its either her planet or something in relation to her.

  86. O.o i noticed that just now, nice observation Chrno.

    I just watched the last episode of Code Geass, and i hate Suzaku even more. How can people defend him? Let alone like/love him? His character got even worst, who the hell is he to tell other people that their existence is a mistake? Why is he perfect? Is he a GOD to tell people that your existence is an error? I dont know why people are starting to like because of that episodes, he got even worst, i dont know if you people noticed but Suzaku plans to just kill of Lelouch to end Zero and then make Nunnally his sister. I can at least understand that much from what that gay bastard Suzaku is saying. Imagine if your own best friend who you save countless times and now just wants to kill you and even friking make your sister his own! Man that much is a asswipe Suzaku is! He has the nerve to say Lelouch’s existance is wrong, when he himself murdered his own father?! I mean that is not even at the same level as hypocrisy, since he always justifies himself as justice or righteousness who the hell is he to say that, godammit he pises me off each and every episode.

    Overall quite a unique end, the only dissapointment is Suzaku didnt die, the next season he better be dead or cast out.

  87. OMG How could they do that to us. Thisi is like Smallville, they leave off on the biggest cliffhanger ever and make us wait until next season. Code Geass is so tight there isnt a dull moment in the series. It is without a doubt all that its hyped up to be.

    Kira Is A Killer
  88. @Kenichi

    I never say that sacrificing someone is my ideal but im saying this on behalf of Suzaku. Its what he think at that moment. Btw, i dont agree its sacrifice since all of this is started by Lulu. He just ends the one who started it. Yea, its right. If he really kills Lulu he’ll end up regret it straight away like his father case.

    He have his self-righteous because he believes it. As Lulu also has the things he believes. Lulu also has his self-righteous too. Thats why he cant bears the stronger bully the weaker. Thats why he become Zero & formed Black Knight. He even killed Clovis because of the massacre he ordered. Its the same thing goes here. Suzaku wanna kills Lulu & Lulu killed his own brother because of the same reason, they kill the people who killed many. So why if you can accept Lulu killing then why cant accept Suzaku killing? They have very different personality but in some sense they share some similarities too.

    Dont forget they still teenagers & emotion conquers all. If you really pissed off by the showdown scene then put you into the show & think about it. Everyone tends to say & do wrong thing in a worse situation. Im not defending someone here but i try to figure out their inner thought & understand it. If u ask my self-preference about those two I’ll answer you its Lulu because of his complex personality.

  89. I don’t honestly see how Suzaku is sacrificing anyone for any purpose. He’s constantly martyring HIMSELF for whatever moronic reason, but he’s by no means throwing the lives of others into the wake of destruction.

    And of course Lelouch would not sacrifice Nunally. That is so undeniably obvious, yet I don’t know how this was motivated into the discussion.

    Suzaku doesn’t justify his father’s death; he’s constantly reminded of his own deed. What he IS justifying is his own recourse (which is what causes a problem for many and myself).

    It’s pretty obvious that Lelouch has a well-defined goal and he’s pursuing it zealously, but in the end, the deception that he uses to achieve the goals will blow up in his face (the Order of Black Knights is having doubts about him now that he’s left them in the midst of a huge offensive). While he may not sacrifice his sister for anything, I don’t think he makes such a big deal about losing members of his order; they are just pawns to him and that’s how he uses them.

  90. @Kaede
    Good points made Kaede but the thing is Lulu is waaaaaay hooooter than Suzaku.
    Suzaku just is plain gay and a physco maniac who deserves to die.
    Well in a nutshell Lulu is hot and Suzaku is not. So Lulu pawns ALL!!!! (except for all the other hot bishis out there)

    Lulu #1FanGirl
  91. I have been thinkin about two things:
    1. When the shooting started that lelouche and suzaku (maybe karen too) have been transported into the room/space where nunnally is.
    2. I have been thinking but suzaku knows a lot about geass, and he knew karen was behind him. Maybe that girl who kindapped nunnally, did the same thing as CC. Maybe suzaku has geass too (for his reasons, like lelouche got)

  92. By the way, have you noticed that this is the post with the most comments in this blog’s history. I did some checking and the runner-ups are:

    Gundam SEED DESTINY Final Plus – 207 comments
    Blood+/FSN final ep. – 168 comments each(wow, a tie)
    DEATH NOTE final ep. – 158 comments

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, since I did not check every show thoroughly, but that seems to be the case. Pretty amazing, don’t you think? This is yet one more proof that GEASS is a great show.

  93. Had Random Curiosity blogged Gundam Seed when it initially came out and had there been an equally numerous group of anime viewers, I’d assume that Gundam Seed would overtake the comments from this one.

    The controversy and pizazz of the show is what drives up the number of comments.

  94. @Juvyniled: That might be true, but who knows. I personally love both shows and it is hard for me to decide which one is better, though at least one thing I am sure of is SEED does not have a character as cool and interesting as Lelouche.

    @Ryuuken: I was talking about SEED DESTINY, check the Categories section on the right and you’ll find it there.

  95. Just some thoughts.

    This is mainly to appeal to the “violence” haters and possibly those that dislike Lelouche that you are viewing the circumstances through a “glass eye”. Or more appropriately, you are an OUTSIDER who is not thinking of what you would do, if you were in similar circumstances as the actors in this story.

    It also potentially provides some understanding of why Suzaku’s choice may not be necessarily that bad – if you deem that the country had sufficient allowances to take Suzaku’s path.

    (note that I have not read through all 13 pages worth of comments so some of my thoughts may have already been addressed and discussed)


    A. In times of desperation, anything goes and the ends justifies the means
    B. In times of plenty (or able to provide allowances), moral norms/beliefs/principles have a greater impact on decisions.
    C. Principles/moral norms are a luxury for the those who can afford it. And often, 3rd parties who pass judgment on others forget what it is like to be in times of desperation.


    As most people will have noticed, there are 2 opposing views here:
    1. The end justifies the means (Zero’s “philosophy” – for lack of a better term)
    2. The means are more important, since “wrong” acts are detrimental to the parties “wronged” (Suzaku’s philosophy)

    I believe that there is no universal “philosophy” but that each view takes precedence or is best used in different circumstances.

    1. Ends > means (In times of emergency, desperation)
    2. Means > ends (In times of plenty, and when able to provide allowances)

    The fundamental point is that the state in which Lelouche is in, requires extreme measures to rectify. He cannot solve his problems through mere talk, diplomacy and discussion.

    He cannot follow path 2 because that will not bring change quick enough to ensure the safety of his sister. Therefore, given his desperate circumstances, one should hopefully be able to empathise and understand why he resorted to “violence” over long-term integration (Suzaku’s view) which may not bring change at all (or in time for it to benefit his sister)

    Many of us may think path 1 is best because we are living in a peaceful society, with no war, with no sense of desperation, no sense of impending doom and lack of hope. Thus, it is very easy to pass “judgment” using moral norms, which I argue, become meaningless in times of desperation and extreme emergency.

    Moral norms are something only the well-off (comparatively) can afford. To the needy/desperate, they are just a luxury.

    To illustrate: (take it as it is – no other factors may change outcome)

    Example A:

    You are stuck in the desert without water. You are close to dying of thirst. You have a day’s journey ahead of you. You must arrive at Town A by the end of that day in order to spare your family/loved ones/friends/(insert something important) excruciating pain, agony, torture, humiliation.

    (Bottomline: you cannot just die for you will cause EXTREME pain to people you care about)

    You come across a stranger with water enough for the day’s journey. He however must journey to Town B (which is in the opposite direction of Town A) for reasons of his own. He cannot spare any water nor can he journey together with you to Town A. The water is not enough for both of you to survive

    So. What do you do?

    1.Violence is ok. Steal the water, kill the stranger, get the water by any means and save your loved ones. Problem solved. Ends justifies horrific means. You had to kill someone but you saved a whole lot of other people that you deeply care about

    2. Violence is not ok. The Principle is more important. But really, honestly, truthfully, how many of you will care about “principle” when there is more at stake than your personal integrity? Someone you deeply treasure/care about will DIE not a simple death, but a slow, agonising, painful death if you just die in the desert.

    There are no alternatives. The situation is one of desperation. You cannot afford any allowances because you have none.

    So… are you really going to let the stranger walk away with that water? Unharmed? With no way for you to reach Town A in time? And let everyone suffer?

    The answer should most likely be…. A RESOUNDING NO!!!
    Extreme circumstances > Personal principles

    Part B

    Of course, you can say no to violence, if your circumstances would allow you to do so. Change the problem from survival (for the sake of others) to mere speed (for personal reasons).

    Example B:

    Stuck in desert, but with ample food + water. Jeep broke down. Need to reach Town A in order to secure corporate deal/ secure business transaction/ attend important function/etc. Meet stranger with a vehicle capable of letting you arrive in time at town A but heading to town B

    So, what do you do? Same situation as Example A but no desperation involve (marginally less arguably).

    Chances are, principles > outcome. If you are ok with violence, you’ll take path 1. If you cannot accept violence in any way, you’ll take path 2.

    You have allowances, so you take them. Or you may choose not to.

    Part C.

    Go back to example A. Now add the fact that the stranger needs to go to Town B for the same reasons as you (to prevent his family/loved ones from horrific pain and suffering)

    Do you still use violence? Or do you merely accept that this your fate in life. That you have no right to deny another his/her chance of helping his family when you would do the same for yours?

    This additional info complicates things. Maybe, its all a matter of personal preference. But if you lack information, as in Example A. The choice might be pretty easy to make.

    Just some food for thought.

    Just some comments
  96. lol @ people who keep saying “I don’t see how people can like him”
    Try to accept that other people’s got their own opinions, that would make you less of an ass.

  97. OMFG this anime rulz!!!
    gave me goosebumps throughout both eps
    he’s an idealistic idiot even tho he tries to act as the ‘good guy’

    this whole thing wouldnt happen if dat evil emperor didnt exist!!!!
    wat a messed up world this anime is bassed on

    but dats wats so awesome bout it!!!

    wat is kallen gonna do after knowing the truth?? dats my main concern since she’s my fav character…
    n y doesnt shirley just scream it out dat lulu is zero?!!
    wats da connection btw c.c. n marianne??

    basically ALL questions are left unanswered like omni said!!

    like i said…this anime is freakin awesome!

  98. @Philosopher

    Granted those examples are highly valid… but valid in the extreme. While I admire his desire to bring down this machine of an empire, Lelouch has ironically put his sister in more danger than had he not proceeded on the current course. Now… if he used his powers properly and efficiently, he could’ve done everything that he needed to do (take the down emperor, question all the suspected players, etc.) without involving all the people that he did, if… he went straight to the source. If he Geassed who he needed to, if he even went directly to the people to Geass them, he could’ve resolved things much faster.

    But would that honestly be interesting?

    It’s not the violence that bothers me personally, but it’s all the deception that he uses to achieve his goals. He definitely needs to deceive people for his plan to work… but it’s excessive. Sure, he can lie to Suzaku for all I care but he’s also lying to his subordinates.

  99. @Juvyniled

    Deception is necessary given the circumstances.

    How do you motivate people to help you achieve your goals when they are not aligned?

    “I am a former Britainian prince, who is trying to rule to world for the benefit of my sister. The weak will benefit as well”

    Commoner: Um… I only want freedom… not world domination
    Subordinate A: I only care about freeing Japan, I don’t want to rule the world
    Subordinate B: Is Zero not just being a tyrant? Do we want to help / support a tyrant?
    Subordinate C: Heck he is Britainian. I hate Britanians. I want out of the order

    You can certainly come up with enough other examples of reactions if the “truth” were known to his own subordinates

    Zero is a manipulative anti-hero. You might admire him, or be bothered by his actions or even reject him totally.

    But given the circumstances that he is in, deception is necessary for his purpose. As to doing things efficiently as you illustrated…. can that really be done? Did he have the information in order to do so? How would he contact the source? How do you gauge things as “efficient”?

    Powerless unknown individual (if known, would be oppressed by Royal family) seeks audience with Royals (ie Cornelia)? Very unlikely to occur given lack of ability and lack of info.

    Nevertheless, I am happy my point got through to one person at the very least.

    P.S. Lol at being thought as a philosopher. Made my day 😀

    Just some comments (Philosopher)
  100. @Anonymous:

    Saying “I don’t see how people can like him” is also just an opinion. If you are saying people cannot have such an opinion then you are contradicting with your own argument.

  101. @Philosopher

    What I am trying to hit on is his deception of intent, not identity (Lelouch concealing his background is warranted). But because there exists a conflict of interests, issues will arise. It just so happens that in this episode, the issue that arises is the failing of the siege. Lelouch loves his sister very much, and he’s in the right position to want to go and rescue her… but for that very division of purposes, many if not all of the lives of the Knights and rebels will be compromised (but no one cares about them do they?).

    I know that Lelouch can’t just waltz right up to Euphemia, Clovis, Cornelia, Schneizel, etc. But he IS Britannian. That gives him much more freedom and leverage than an Eleven with a similar intent. He also has the power of Geass. He can persuade people to do his bidding. But that would just downright make Lelouch ‘evil’ which is not what the producers were likely trying to create. But this is what I mean by efficient. He can ‘subdue’ guards easier than an Eleven, because they won’t have the urge to shoot him on the spot once they see him.

  102. Oh and Darklord, Anonymous did not say that he didn’t accept the other guy’s comments; he simply said that they should be more willing to acknowledge (they don’t have to like it) that it’s been said. So there is no contradiction (although, the “you will sound like an ass” addition is opinionated).

  103. I dont really hate suzaku, but his ideals i find quite stupid. Most people who likes him and his ideals are probably because of his “development” these last two episodes. I think as well that Lelouch’s way of doing things is horrible, but arent all commanders/leaders like that? The term using people, isnt that the same role for commanders? They merely use people in war. Also if it was a normal or modern world they were in like death note then definitely i would think that lelouch is wrong (just like light in DN) but the thing is the world they live in is FULL of violence, i mean the dam emperor is conquering the whole world! If Lelouch just let things happen then they will never live peacefully. Many people who thinks Suzaku’s beliefs are justified always misses this fact. His actions aren’t justified in that base world, there’s no way it can be, because he foolishly follow orders (which i think someone commented on this) that he participated in masacres and kills a lot of people. Then to Kaede who thinks that Suzaku has the right to kill Lelouch to save people, then isn’t Suzaku deserves to die as well? His hands are more stained than Lelouch because he was in the army for a long time and have most likely murdered people (innocent or not) Thats why I could never agree with Suzaku’s ideals in that world. He is a simpleton who thinks that they can achieve peace by trying to change the empire. He doesnt think outside the battle that the emperor simply laughs at them killing each other, finding zero to be amusing as an entertainment to him. If the next season does conform in Suzaku’s beliefs then the show will die simply put, the Emperor would win and no one would oppose him anymore. A coward like Suzaku who easily defected to be with the side of the strong could never oppose brytannia, hell he killed his father in the first place so that britania can take over (ah forgive my horrible spelling). So over all, I dont hate Suzaku, but i do hate his beliefs that he is upholding in their WORLD.

    CG Fan
  104. Ya, simply put i myself cannot agree with Suzaku, good point CG Fan because in that world clearly if they just let things as it be, it isnt peace, cuz that emperor of britania dude will just keep conquering nation after nation till he builds the land of ragnarok. So I do hope the next season, and i really wish Lelouch would continue and have Nunally a bigger role like her own dam Knightmare, and also hoping that Kallen would understand Lelouch/Zero now as she has been wanting too, also hoping that Shirley will remember it all, and CC comes back. You know where this situation is going right? It’s a harem problem lol, which i think will add a lot humor to the show and development.

    Ah i forgot about Suzaku and Nina, well they both piss me off i hope they die like the ass they are. Oh add Villeta and VV to that case as well.

  105. DX I survived one cliffhanger and was hit with an even bigger one. Anyways, I find that Sunrise really likes to pit best friends against each other. The last scene between Lulu and Suzaku where they’re shouting each others’ names really reminded me of the battle between Kira and Athrun in episode 30 (I think?) of Gundam SEED.

    @Omni: Why do you think C.C. is sinking into the ocean? I rewatched that part a couple times and I don’t see anything indicating that since this is Orange-kun. Also, she did say that Lulu wasn’t the type of man she’d want to commit a lover’s suicide with, so I don’t think she’d be willing to go to such lengths to stop Orange-kun that she’d end up dying. Anyway, I’m just wondering what you thought about that.

  106. Oh wait >.> -slaps forehead-

    Excuse my inobservance, I just realized that the Gawain was holding on to Orange-kuns mecha xD My bad, I’ll just blame it on the fact that it’s 3 AM here.

  107. I dont really care who is right or wrong though I think it’s difficult to figure out as they are both complicated chars (Suzaku is complicated because he is mentally unstable ^^). Anyway, Lulu is much more interesting than Suzaku and is one of the most interesting anime protagonist I’ve ever seen. Lulu makes up Code Geass, so hope he won’t die so that CG will still be CG to me in ss2

  108. Im in full agreement with CG Fan. You definetly stated what I wanted to convey. ( So im probably just going to repeat what you say xD) I belive that Suzuku is being naive. His ideals are irrational in the sense that they will most likley not happen the peacefull way he would like to. Lelouch on the other hand takes matters in his own hands. I did not like the way he went about the situation though. He massacred millions of people to bring happiness to one, which shows no equality.(and at the rate the series is now i cant even bring myself to imagine the word happiness)
    but…think about it…what would you do if you had geass?
    Seriously, take a minute and acually think. Id probably try do something with similiar selfish intentions for myself. Changing the world as I see it be fit (Whether that be good or bad.) Thats the way humans are. To say that Leloouch is wrong, i can and cant agree with ( the way he went about it was wrong, but his goal is to avenge his mother and bring his sister happiness) because…to each their own.

    But besides all this i really wonder how there going to continue this i mean.
    Lelouch and Suzaku just shot at each other with Lelocuh having that thing on his chest

  109. Rest assured,theres no way that Suzaku could shoot Lulu. Lulu gave Suzaku the command to live, so by killing Lulu he would activate the sakarite bomb killing everyone. Thats why Lulu genuisly put the bomb on his chest,Suzaku cant disobey the geass to survive.
    The person who shot the gun had to be Kallen, i just hope it was to protect Lulu and not shoot him.
    The only other thing i wanted to say was while things look grim for the black Knights i think Lulu still has some plans in motion. Has everyone forgot that China was also coming to invade the land. I wouldnt be surprised if this was also a part of zeros plans. Just a thought for CG2.

  110. Rest assured,theres no way that Suzaku could shoot Lulu. Lulu gave Suzaku the command to live, so by killing Lulu he would activate the sakarite bomb killing everyone. Thats why Lulu genuisly put the bomb on his chest,Suzaku cant disobey the geass to survive.
    The person who shot the gun had to be Kallen, i just hope it was to protect Lulu and not shoot him.
    Suzaku should just die already, i think CG would go so smoothly if he died. Hes just too stupid and naive to exist.
    The only other thing i wanted to say was while things look grim for the black Knights i think Lulu still has some plans in motion. Has everyone forgot that China was also coming to invade the land. I wouldnt be surprised if this was also a part of zeros plans. Just a thought for CG2.

  111. @Juvyniled

    Part 1

    Could you clarify on how the deception of intent is any significant?

    A. He kept it a secret (ie he wants to save sister) – you have current problem
    B. He tells them he is going to save sister / did all this to save sister – how does that change the situation?

    Are you hinting that if his “intent” to save the sister was known, they would not have initiated the events that led up to the seige and subsequently its current chaotic state for the Order of the Black Knights? Then all the better to keep “intent” secret to allow Zero to be able to get things done. If people will not follow his instructions, what good then is founding the Order.

    Perhaps, you are hinting that they might have been done better if his “intent” was known so the Order could react accordingly, provide guard duty etc. which could have prevented this current fiasco. But it all goes back to the problem of goals that are not aligned. How do you explain intent while keeping your identity secret? Will everyone support a Britannian?

    The alternative is even less likely since knowledge of the circumstances do not help the Order. They are suffering from the lack of central command (ie no Zero giving orders, telling them Commander is gone for reason A does not help) – so this most likely can’t be what you are saying.

    Once you have clarified your point, I’ll leave the matter at that.


    In addition to that, this focus on the sister has me consider the “blame game”

    I so badly want to blame Nunnaly as the cause for what seems to be the Order’s downfall. If not for her, there would be no problems (and ironically, no Order to begin with). But if you look back at the series of events, its not completely her fault. Its the cascade of events that ironically caused all this. Take out 1, just ONE single element and the seige would not have been affected by this kidnapping.

    1.Nunnally got taken away because no Student council members present (blame council then)
    2.Council got away because Nunnally told them to (ok back to the sister)
    3.They got the idea to escape only because Zero led Suzaku to that place (so blame Zero)
    4.Bringing Suzaku to the school was necessary to trap him, its the guards’ fault for not guarding the council room (blame the guards then)
    5. Guards were in chaos because Ohgi got shot (ok = so we hate Ohgi then)
    6. Ohgi got shot because Villetta went to the school instead of the Britannian military base (ok, so its back to the Britannians)
    7. Villetta regained her memory only because those rowdy neighbours attacked her (er..so)
    8. But she would not have known of Ohgi, if Ohgi had not picked her up (ok then we…)
    9. Ohgi could only pick her up because …

    I could go on and on and on…. the developers did a good job at messing with my mind on this matter. I don’t know who to blame anymore so I’ll just leave it at that..

    Part B

    I believe that if Lelouche had the means to do as you had suggested, ie: find a way to meet up with the Royals (being Britannian and all) he would have chosen it. He is very intelligent after all. The order was created to provide him the means to do just that. Surely he would have chosen the simpler alternative if it was feasible.

    So again, given the circumstances, he was not able to use alternative means to meet up with the Royals. Hence, he had to choose the “path of carnage” by creating the order and doing all that we have seen so far.

    Part C

    As a passing note, it is good to see some comments reflecting my views as well. Put yourself in the shoes of the actors and you’ll see their actions in a completely different light.

    It is often too easy for us to judge others using our own standards but forget that others might live in a world that does not necessarily play by our rules.

    Anyway, good stuff.

    Just some comments (Philosopher)
  112. Hmmmm….I’ve been misunderstood again. *sigh* I dont mean Suzaku has the right to kill Lulu. I just adapted to his mind. Let me separate it into 2 parts, its more clearly.

    Suzaku’s thought:
    Lelouch, you dont deserves to live. You ordered a massacre towards Japanese using your geass, blame it all to Euphie & you become a hero! I really don’t understand you, why you can do all this things & you are saying its for Nunally sake? Euphie is nice & her plan can works. If only that time you worked with Euphie then there will nothing happenned. You are cruel, using people like a pawn to achieve your goal. You are deceiting everyone, including Nunally! You think she’ll happy for this & she want all of this? I’ll protect Nunally, she dont need you! (Suzaku is conquers by his emotion & yet he think his friend is completely wrong. He is furious about Zero & its even worse when he confirmed Zero is Lelouch. He can’t accept all his doing that its against moral. To him, thats no way it can be continued like this & it should ends here, right now. So, Lelouch must die even its his best friend.)

    My thought:
    Suzaku will regret it right after if he kills Lulu. He don’t think much of the consequences & my point here is Nunally. He don’t consider when she knows all her beloved one kills each other how she feel. But I can undestand it. Its a normal act when you in this situation. Human always like this. CG Fan, but i think if you say Suzaku no right to kill Lulu then Lulu also no right to kill others as well but instead he killed many already. Try to think rational here. No way to bash one side btw they almost doing similar thing now. I think the main problem here is the misunderstanding btw them. But for me, if i really facing this whole situation i dont think I still can keep my cool. I don’t think Im willing to listen & understand the murderer who killed my beloved even he is my best friend. There is not related to self- righteous anymore but people tend to be subjective than objective especially in a desperate situation.

    His belief is nothing wrong. Its just you agree or disagree with him. Actually its almost proves that his belief is true by the Euphie’s plan. Lulu & Suzaku 2 belief system got their weakness & goodness. I choose to believe in Lulu. But how he left his man behind really disturbed me. He weakness still Nunally & I also understand it. But, yea, im subjective here. He left his man like that really make me feel other people death really not big deal to him except the people he care. (I still remember Darlton death scene)

    Lol, I think you dont get where my stand now after saying so much. I really dunno, there are very messy now. But 1 thing I know for sure is life is important & no one can take it from you.

  113. When Lulu left the OoBK, you said he betrayed them. But if Lulu hadn’t done that, you would have said he strayed his own cause.

    Japanese ppl can blame him, but as a viewer, I see it as his consistent cause, unlike you-know-who who always justifies accordingly

  114. I just made up a somewhat interesting analogy for Code Geass hear me out.

    If we can relate the events of Code Geass, then let my an analogy be about World War II, when mainly Germany has started conquering other nations, so lets say that Britania is Germany and the emperor of Britania is Hitler! So as it starts off we have a german nobility named Lelouch who had his mother murdered and his sister impaled (a lack of better word). Now Hitler (ie. his step father, emperor of Britania) send him and his sister off to lets say France, where he befriended a french boy named Suzaku. As the events happened, of course Germany under Hitler’s orders invaded France. The german boy named Lelouch swore he will take down germany and Hitler (ie. his father).

    After 7 Years, Lelouch and his sister lived in hiding, while the french boy Suzaku became part of Germany’s army instead (i know its not possible lol but bear with me) and of course follows Hitler instead of “Yes, Your Highness” in this analogy it is “Hail Hitler” (sorry dont know the exact german phrase for that. Then Lelouch formed a rebellion against the Germans and Hitler, and soon he found out that Suzaku has now in military in Germany, so that he could bring peace to France. Which makes Lelouch thought “WTF?! Your following Germany and Hitler who has invaded your country?!” Also realized he murdered his own father (lets say of course position wise that his father was president of france), and now he’s becoming an unstable maniac who thinks he is righteousness and justice when he and his bestfriend the german guy Lelouch meets up in the battlefield. While Lelouch thinks he is a fool for siding with Hitler, and his ideals to change the empire thus trying to convince Hitler. Now in this situation who do you think is truly justified?

    This situation is a lot similar, my analogy just took out the supernatural or science fiction stuff (ie. Geass, Knightmare frames, Geass contractors, advanced technology, etc.).

    So who do you think is taking the right or wrong path? Lelouch who has used many people and leads them to their death for his goals (as in the show) and also will liberate France or is it Suzaku who sided with Hitler and thinks that his own means are indeed the right path? As for my opinion it is quite obvious, so what about yours?

    CG Fan
  115. That analogy is pretty weak considering that Hitler called for the mass genocide of Jewish peoples (we have yet to see the emperor call for such an atrocity). The only similarity is their declaration of supremacy (in Hitler’s case, over non-blonde haired, blue eyed people and dissidents). Comparing the degree to which genocide and world domination are negative is really pointless. While world domination is highly intolerable, consider instead that they’re just killing everything that displeases them. Of course a person can’t defend that philosophy (not even the numbskull Suzaku).

    Suzaku as well would have no power to rise in the ranks of the German army, therefore, instilling his idealistic philosophy would not work. There are little to no sympathizers amongst the German ranks, especially one that is such a high authority (Euphemia may not be as respected as her elder siblings and may not command much or any authority, but she still maintains her status as princess, one of the royal family).

    Recalling what I said, intent is probably not the correct word to use in the context, but there exists a conflict of interests. You have Lelouch who wants to protect his sister AND assault the empire at the same time. Now if Nunally were clear from harms way, there would be no problem whatsoever. But as intelligent as he is, he decided to move his HQ (technically) to the school, where his sister and friends are. Think about it… he’s brought in rebels who are just itching to kick some Britannian ass (not the citizens really, but a little spark can set a big fire off). Lelouch already decreed that the students be kept from harm. But even then there are still a ton of risks:

    (1) What if the Britannian forces retaliate more strongly and discover their base of operations (and they did happen to pick up some momentum)? Students will be caught in the crossfire because the army will not likely discriminate between a Britannian student and a rebel with a gun who’s firing at them.

    (2) What about the Eleven rebels? Can he really control ALL of them? Some of them will likely not be able to control their tempers… and when tempers flare, disputes arise.

    (3) And for the odd circumstance in which the students just so happen to decide to wander into the battlefield (people do pretty illogical things), what will Lelouch do? Will he go out of his way and try to rescue them or leave them be and hope that nothing happens? If a student dies, there will be a riot; students running amok won’t be all that pleasant for rebels trying to control the situation.

    What I’m trying to say is, there are so so many things that could go wrong. I’m not saying he shouldn’t deceive people, but there will likely be setbacks and problems. And when those problems arise, they won’t bode well for the characters involved (hence, the Black Knights… and Nunally). The story itself does not focus on the plight of the Knights; that’s not the purpose of the story. But if you take it into consideration, those who serve Lelouch’s will are likely to face some dire consequences given the circumstances.

  116. Code Geass is like any of Shackspears tradegdys. Hamlet, Othello, you name em. You have a hero who possesses many redeming heroic features, yet one tragic flaw which ultimately corrupts them and leads to their down fall.

  117. Actually… Lelouch typifies less of the traditional hero but more of an anti-hero. And yes, Lelouch does possess a hubris (the tragic flaw that brings the hero’s demise, but the ‘demise’ in this case may not so much involve his own death…). He’s simply becoming too comfortable with his power that he takes the situation too lightly.

  118. Hagges01: yeah me 2, I really hated the ending, they keep us waiting for so long to see it and then again they end it with such a cliffhanger.

    I’m dying to know who shot who, how the war will end (if it will) and what’s going to happen with C.C

  119. (Not read rest to much)
    Has anyone made the prediction yet that Kallen prob shoot 1 of them for episode 1 Season 2
    if not then i lay claim to the prediction!

    (Cornelia and Kallen stole the show i just flick between those two bits for my re runs)

    Wing Zero ZXT
  120. @Wing Zero ZXT, did he not just say machine specs, it means in technicaly his machine Gawaain should be overwhelming her, because Cornelia’s machine is just a modified glasglow, its not retarted >.

    CG Fan
  121. to Wing zero zxt: Lelouch knows that he isn’t a good pilot, but he also knows that the gawaain is a much superior frame than cornelia’s frame. If you think what he said was retarted then i can’t even comment on how many retarded things suzaku said. What lelouch said is right, in terms of power then his frame can clearly beat cornelia, but because of cornelia’s expertise and experience then he knows he couldn’t win that is why he used Darlton. Dude i dont even know what your definition of retarded is, CG Fan is right about that term of technicality, YOU should’ve heard of it before commenting on it.

  122. I think Kallen will still follow Zero even knowing that he is Lelouch. She already had assumtions that he was Zero to beging with just never really waited to know the truth. As for Suzaku I think his goody two shoes act is going to far now. Always playing the mightly hero and the good guy out for revenge on Zero for killing Euphemia. I mean look and Lelouch he knows what he doing is wrong but he not denying it. I think Lelouch is taking on all the blame and guilty for what happening knowing that even if he does create the world for his sister he can never live in it with her. If you ask me Suzaku far more of a villan the Zero for helping the very people that killed far more people then Zero has.

  123. i think someone else came and shot shuzaku 😉
    and i agree with soul reaper that kallen will still follow zero
    and the sisters going to be saved obviously since
    without her lelouch would snap

  124. Finally saw the last episodes… had to watch from the beginning to the end cause I forgot so much of the story and plot….


    Cant wait for the sequel to come out!
    Waku Waku suru!!!

  125. great 1st season..many ep’s ending in suspense, esp. this one. I thought V.V was a girl too, but I guess not. I thought the ending was going to be like Death Note (good guys vs Light) sort of thing, but I guess we’ll have to see.

  126. These are just my thoughts on what the next season might bring after reading the spoilers:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I over analyze things too much but just a few thoughts =P

    Miki Nekon
  127. god damit, season 2 plz? neone know of a site to get that info? thats all im reading ” wen is season 2 coming out” its already november and there should be info on it already no?

    btw great anime, i pretty much thought it along the lines of death note XD

    bob saget
  128. i just hope we find info about the sequel though, I’m really unsatisfied to what happen at 24-25, huhuhu, it really make me feel sulking all day long after i watch the final episodes, what i want is the 2nd season???? wahhhh i hunger for the rest of the story T_T

  129. Quote:
    “Leon at 4:41 pm on July 28th, 2007

    @Crusader: There’s no cheating in war. 😛

    And yes, Ougi pwned!”


  130. C.C. can’t die, well at least not permanently, she’ll just get crushed over and over from water pressure until she drifts onto shore or floats to the surface. 🙁

    Sad for Inoue, I think I spelled that wrong, the blue haired knight. She just blew up, I wanted to see her in the story more.

    As for the gun shot, I have to go back and watch that part again but it’s very possible Killan was the one shooting, maybe just in the air to stop them and get there attention.


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