The angry mobs running through the city blame Simon for the moon falling, and they even tear down the Kamina statue. As he takes a shackled Simon away, Rossiu explains that, to these citizens, Simon right now is the same as Lord Genome was in the old days. Thus, they can’t do anything except judge him in the same way. Rossiu and his officers then lead Simon to a bare room to wait until the trial which he claims they are holding because they are a country ruled by law. What’s more, Rossiu says that they have always advanced forward with someone’s sacrifice. He feels that Kamina’s death led them to becoming stronger, causing Simon to question if this means that Rossiu was glad that Kamina died. When Rossiu responds by saying that this is how he feels from looking at the results, Simon gets angry and has to be restrained by the accompanying officers. Rossiu then takes Simon’s core drill and notes how ironic it is that the source of Simon’s power is the cause of mankind’s disaster. Still under restraint, Simon says that Rossiu doesn’t understand Kamina’s feelings and compares him to the priest of his old village, but Rossiu feels that it is Simon who doesn’t understand.

The next day, Kiyal is surprised to learn from Dayakka that Simon really was arrested and uses the chance to complain about Rossiu and how her sister Kinon has changed. Dayakka feels that it’s okay for her to say that here in their private hospital room, but she shouldn’t do so outside where the angry mobs are still marching. Across town, Leeron is trying to figure out how to contain the Mugan’s exploding body, and it is Attenborough’s spinning his seat that gives him an idea. Rossiu meanwhile gets a report about the 36 underground cities in the world that could withstand a collision with the moon. These can accommodate 640,000 people, but that still leaves 360,000 people and the question of what to do about the residents of Kamina City. One of Rossiu’s men then finds an interesting piece of information in the biocomputer’s database that he brings to Rossiu’s attention, and it is from this that Rossiu heads under the government building to a previously unknown location that houses something of Lord Genome’s.

Later, at Simon’s trial, Rossiu hands down a death sentence, but Kittan immediately protests because it was absurd to have Barinbou as Simon’s lawyer while Rossiu’s subordinate Kimbley was the prosecutor and Rossiu himself was the judge. Kittan thus thinks it wasn’t a fair trial, but Rossiu points out that someone has to take responsibility and only Simon can do it. Dayakka then speaks out about the bigger picture and what they’ll do about the moon, so Rossiu starts talking about advancing the evacuation plan. As everyone starts arguing about Rossiu being the new commander-in-chief, Simon wonders to himself what Kamina would do in a time like this, but his thought is cut short when he suddenly notices that Nia has appeared in front of him. She reveals that the Anti-Spiral’s want absolute despair, so the spiral life forms have no hope to live. Simon immediately questions what she’s talking about and why she’s doing this, but without directly responding and instead saying that they have two more weeks, Nia approaches Simon and places her hands around his face, allowing Simon to notice that she’s still wearing the engagement ring he gave her.

Soon after Nia disappears through a portal, an alarm starts going off because a huge Mugan has been detected at Rittner. It quickly destroys the settlement and then starts moving towards Kamina City, so Simon tries to get Rossiu to let him pilot the Gurren Lagann because he feels that only it can combat their enemy. When Kimbley accuses him of wanting to clean up his tarnished image with this, Simon claims that he just wants to protect the city. Rossiu then points out that Simon has been condemned to death, so he wouldn’t hand over the Gurren Lagann because of the chance Simon might escape. Simon responds to this by stating that he’d allow them to put a bomb with him on the Gurren Lagann to kill him with if he tried to run. Seeing Simon’s determination, Rossiu decides to let him go through with it, but Simon later finds that Kinon is sitting in the Gurren’s cockpit accompanied by several large bombs wired to the detonator on her belt. Though Simon objects to endangering Kinon, Rossiu explains that this is to ensure that Simon returns alive, and Kinon reveals that she volunteered. As the Gurren Lagann then flies toward the enemy and engages them, Rossiu makes a public announcement broadcast throughout the city about Simon’s death sentence.

Rossiu also tells the citizens that the government will be executing a large-scale evacuation plan where everyone takes refuge in one of the 36 huge shelters. For the residents of Kamina City who don’t have a shelter, they now have the huge Space Daigan, the Arc-Gurren. Rossiu then asks the people to believe in the government and vows that they will definitely survive, causing everyone in the streets to cheer for him. Simon meanwhile continues taking on all the Mugans at once, but he can’t shake their formation or keep them from heading towards the city until Kinon points out that the large green one might controlling the others. This prompts him to dive the Gurren Lagann underground and emerges again with the green Mugan as his target. However, before he can reach it, an image of Nia appears and says goodbye to him, and one of the other Mugans appears and knocks the Gurren Lagann back. Now being circled by the fleet of Mugans, Simon has no choice but to turn the Giga-Drill to maximum, resulting in a huge explosion that destroys their enemies. This explosion also leaves the Gurren Lagann in really bad shape, and when Simon regains consciousness, he sees that the green Mugan survived.

With the Gurren Lagann unable to move, it is Gimmy and Darry’s Grapal squad that shows up with some new toys. Through a combination of the Spiral Bomber to destroy the Mugan and the Tornado Shield that prevents each tiny piece from falling to the ground and blowing up, the Grapal squad finishes the battle. As he watches the explosion, Simon apologizes to Kinon and finally admits that the Nia that he’s seen isn’t the Nia that he knows. In the aftermath, Simon hands over his core drill to Rossiu who announces that the Gurren Lagann will be scrapped. Arriving on the scene in time to see Simon get taken aboard a prison transport and flown away, Kittan also sees how his sister’s life was in danger and how much she likes Rossiu. He tries to hit Rossiu in anger, but Rossiu dodges all of his punches, and Kinon herself steps in to slap him. Before walking off and leaving him in shock, she explains that she volunteered for it and says that he doesn’t understand anything about Rossiu. Meanwhile, Simon arrives in prison to await his execution and finds a familiar face in a nearby cell: Viral.


As much as I dislike Rossiu more and more after seeing this episode for what he said about Kamina, seizing power, sentencing Simon to death, it does appear that his way of doing things might just work. I’m not entirely convinced that living underground again can save them from the moon crashing onto the planet, but if they can, then Rossiu’s plan could save everyone. Even if that doesn’t work, there’s still the Arc-Gurren which might just represent the next step forward towards space. Still, I’m a little more inclined to believe that the Anti-Spirals will do something to mess this plan up so that Simon has to come save the day again, but we’ll have to wait and see.
On the topic of Nia, despite Simon admitting that this isn’t the Nia he knows, the ring on her finger may be the best evidence yet that she can still be redeemed or that her old self can still be brought back. At this point, I’m more curious about when that’ll happen – in other words, will Simon get her back before he ventures out to space or is saving Nia part of what motivates him for the rest of the show. Next week’s episode, however, seems to be about Simon and Viral in prison, and it also looks like Kittan will get more screen-time after what I thought was a pretty good subplot between him, Rossiu, and Kinon this episode.


  1. Fucking Kinon, She shouldn’t die, it’d be better if Rossiu dies infront of her and then she gets left out in the cold totally alone, FOREVER. It’s way more fitting to have her suffer for the rest of her life.

  2. I never liked Nia, since her first appear in this show… I don’t care if she will die or not. ;]
    I just hope that Yoko return soon!! And Rossiu, the Forehead Master, gets killed.
    Oh, and… Darry got a nice body. =P

  3. Dammint I´ll not be happy if Rossiu doesn´t die. He really deserves it, and that Kinon, she was my favorite of the sisters at the beginning but now I agree with GP, she needs a sad end. Somebody can tell me if Darry, Gimmy and the minor of the sisters have shown any sign of supporting Simon in this episode? I specially hope Darry to join him beacause her realtionship with Simon reminds me of the same Simon and Kamina, one of them always reckless and the other acting as the voice of reason.

  4. There are two schools of thinking:

    1: To fight for freedom, believing that it is something worth dying for. (Kamina/Simon)

    2: To ensure survival, to the extend of sacrificing one’s freedom. (Rossiu)

    Personally I am with the first school of thinking, but if I were to view it from an objective point of view concerning this particular case, the second school of thinking is more reasonable. They are fighting a far superior enemy and they face annihilation if they were to lose. So, the real question you need to ask yourself is “Is freedom worth dying for?” and if so, does the person next to you feel the same?

    PS. To anyone wishing for Rossiu’s death, sorry to burst you bubble, but it will definitely not happen (at least not before he makes up with Simon). The first episode proved it.

  5. Sorry for the double post, but I just recheck episode one, and now I’m not so sure that the guy speaking to Simon is Rossiu. So I take back what I said previously about Rossiu.

  6. I don’t think that Rossiu is that bad. My expectation is Rossiu will let Simon found new brigand to fight while he himself govern the rest of the people. Simon as governor seems out of place while Rossiu is better.

  7. >abc

    Wow, now that you mentioned ep1.
    The the 2 guys talking in the first 3 min does; one obviously is Simon, the second one in command his profile, clothing, and that hair sticking out does look like similar to Rossiu but I’m not gonna make anymore speculation. One thing is for sure though he’s not Viral.

  8. the second in command guy could have been from another spiral planet.. leading another spiral army and eventually join forces with dai gurren-dan.

    seems like simon and viral are cellmates in the preview.

    so.. yeah
  9. So Simon became a political sacrifice? How ironic…..what ’bout all the time he and Rossiu spent together before they defeated Genome? Rossiu should really pay for sacrificing his old friend just like that but I personally feel that Simon is a little at fault for not being able to spread his ideology to the people around him.

  10. What unnamed aide? Rossiu’s aides that have speaking roles have names, they’re named “Ginburee Kaito” (blue haired guy) and “Shibera Kutoo” (operator girl). Ginburee’s the one that’s always with Rossiu and Kinon.

  11. Only 7 Episodes left… I wonder how they want to put everything in those last 7 Episodes.. Dunno, I just can’t imagine GAINAX producing a 2nd season :/ Guess we’ll get a GAINAX-Ending no one understands. But isn’t it aimed at kids?

    Well, I started to hate Rossiu even more now. He wants to do the right thing, but his means are wrong. Very much like the villains in Gundam SEED and Destiny. Bleh.

  12. They’re plan is stupid, so they find a few underground places, but have to leave over 300,000 people out? Nice going there. Then they find a big ship that was left behind, so does THAT fit 1million people? Somehow I don’t think it does. And what the fuck do they think they’ll do when they go to space without someone to fight? The Anti-spirals would rape them in space without Simon. Rossiu is talking about thinking and looking ahead and all that shit, but he’s a fucking idiot really. He got wrapped up in the praise from his 2 little lapdogs who keep telling him to do this stupid shit.

  13. Mwaaah, Dictator Wannabe Rossiu rising, Tragic Hero Simon falling, Devil Princess Nia pawning, Forsaken Prisonner Viral smiling, all for the better I guess. “Bakudan Gurren Lagann” LOLZ !!! And, finally Ark Gurren !!! Next episode, prisonner Viral beating his cellmate beastman in order to be the first one to have a taste of Simon not-yet-full-GAR ass !!! – Simon getting a taste of his own medicine ^^ ? – VIRAL DRILL BREAKER !!! And what the fuck Yoko can be up to, since she left, GAINAX is trying to pull all the tricks to give free fanservice material (Darry’s sweeeeeeeeet ass, Kinon’s sooooooooft boobs, am I missing sumthing in the process ? Oh yeah Evil Nia’s GORGEOUS BODY *can’t touch this*). RIDE DA POWA

  14. I’m wondering if the population estimates count the beastmen citizens too…

    Rossiu is a great character and one that has really evolved in that seven years period.
    We can question his actions but i think his motives are true and he cares about the people and how to protect them.
    On the other hand, Simon is pathetic right now and he doesnt have yet the “Leader” material. He coudnt even defend himself!

    And where in Kamina’s name is Yoko?

  15. I really liked Rossiu before the time skip, so I’m hoping there’s some point where it’s revealed that all the assholery was faux and was intended to help Simon and get Plan X into effect and he and Simon become BFFs again and Kinon was in on it the whole time but with each episode that seems less and less likely. ;-;

  16. I’m with Darklord, They just replaced the old dictator for a new one, hahha, so much for fucking freedom. And this one can’t even save them. Yoko will showup to help Simon get out probably, along with whoever else is on his side. Should be interesing come 20-22. If 23 is the start of a new arc, that’s great.

  17. I never really thought much of Rossiu before defeating Lord Genome and all, personally I thought Yoko would have been better suited to ride the Lagann, and now with this arc I just hate Rossiu now, hes totally taking over, and he enjoys the idea Kamina died!!!, and that spaceship he found is the same one from episode one, I wonder if Simon and Viral somehow steal the ship from under Rossiu’s forehead and go out into space with the Gurren Brigade to save Nia….. sounds awesome, cant wait for the next episodes….oh and dont drop the soap Simon, please dont drop the soap…….

  18. Is it just me, or is Viral protecting Simon in the preview? Man that would be so fucking awesome if they teamed up. I always hoped Viral would turn to “the good side”. He may have been a bastard in the beginning, but I think his previous actions were just due to his misunderstanding of the situation. He’s definitely shown respectable traits and it’s obvious he abides by some morals based on his previous actions. In addition, he’s proven he’s not just some blindly docile henchman, and actually has good inclinations of his own (ie, the fact that he was trying to allow humans to live underground).

    I think he may end up protecting Simon at first just for the fact that “he wants to be the one kill him” or something, but then gradually come to team up with him.

  19. Damn, that’s how heroes become zeroes and the winner is the weak turned traitor.

    Don’t give a damn about above Kamina Freak Yoko and Evolved Nia, there’s Darry to replace them and she’s young. She now resemble’s Simon attitude and his way when Simon is still young. She seems fond of Simon anyway, hope Simon recognize her feelings (maybe wondering how the heck she showed her feelings in past 3 episodes namely 17, 18, and recently 19?.
    Nia appeared once again to Simon, what she trying to tell him. Is that part of the Anti-Spirals plan? well expect the great escape next episode, Yoko finally appears?

    Show Spoiler ▼

  20. … I just realized something that might break the theory of “Rossiu is actually helping Simon and will be his L33T 2nd hand in the big ass new ship”… Well, people have been debating whether the person next to SImon in ep 1 is Rossiu (well it sure as hell isn’t Viral XD) and… Well… He DOES look somewhat like Debosuke, hair and all, BUT, LOOK AT THE EYEBROWS!!! THEY’RE OMFG THIN O__o;; *shoots self* That sure as hell ain’t Rossiu now.. Well, as someone who liked him a lot in the 1st half and was hoping that he was just doing an act with sentencing Simon, I’m praying that it’s just a muddle in the art department or OH GOD I HOPE HE SHAVES HIS EYEBROWS TT__TT …LOL

    *draws EMO circles on ground*

  21. “so simon is going to get new members for his army with viral as is commander as we saw in the intro of the first episode.”

    Actually, I’m beginning to think you’re right. I just watched the first episode’s beginning again, and the commander guy sounds a lot like Viral. In addition, if you look at his face, he has the same exact markings that Viral has all over his body.

    Man, this show just gets better and better. Usually animes start losing their vigor as they progress this far, but this only gets better and better. The progression the anime takes is ever changing, while in other animes it’s usually just the same formula over and over. This is completely different.

  22. Rossiu is a fuckin cocksucker. I want his legs and jaw to be crushed and then I dunno (horrible death). But I know one thing for sure. In the first eps we see a space battle. I think it was a space battle and we saw simon out in space. So that means he will become the leader again. And which idiot gave Rossiu so much power anyway. Why are all the retards listening to him anyway. Wasn’t it simon who saved them.

  23. Forget about Rossiu for now, I can’t wait for Kinon to get her bitch ass beat down, by her brother I hope, since Simon doesn’t hit chicks. Or hell, maybe the little sister will do it! I’d just love for her and Rossiu to get left behind on the planet alone! to die!

    Let the moon fall I say, fuck teh traitors.

  24. bah, rossiu and lord genome choose to runaway in reality. SO WHAT if genome lose to anti-spiral, it is a reason to run hiding your tail OR even rossiu chose to leave planet or whatever evacuation for sake of ‘survival’. The ONLY true survival is to destroy every anti-spiral race and bring them to an end, and that’s what Simon will do!

  25. i reckon simone could have avoided al of this only if he had made sure that 7 years ago even though they won, if he had driled it into the peopls minds that the war wasnt yet over and they must prepare for the next challange for their freedom, then the people wouldnt be as suprosed….simone couldnt have been like i told you so and would have been better prepared….

    humans are idiots i reckon…when you give them 7 years of peace thats all they can think about, they forget the fight for their freedom …hell i would say most of the people came from underground so its more like a story tale for them.

    in short, given the warning by lord genome, there shouldnt have been 7 years of absolute peace, every efort should have been made about the next battoe if an when it hapens…

    bong bong
  26. I’m sure Rossiu’s doing the best he can but I can’t help but feel some hate for him and feel he’s betrayed Simon. I feel Rossiu’s taking an extreme utilitarian stance, that is sacrifice the few for the good of the many. It seems like there’s an inhuman ease with which Rossiu’s carrying out his plans. In short I don’t know if I’d vote for him.

    White Star
  27. The underground shelters and a space arc won’t change the fact that the anti-spirals have decided to annihilate the humans. Shooting down the arc or maybe destroying the whole planet along with the people underground, there’s no way they wouldn’t be able to pull off something like that.

    Well, I’m looking forward to Simon’s comeback, as he will probably team up with Viral and maybe even get to talk to Lord Genome (he’s in the Opening pic whith those two for a reason I guess). Hope next week will start the turnaround…

  28. i know this is kinda a random comment but i juz wanna say it…

    I believe kittan is one person who will never betray simon. Viral will be Simon’s new allie or friend (or both). Rossiu can continue to kiss my ass. Same goes for kinon. Nia, please continue to pop up at more random places.

  29. Well after watching the first episode and the current ones i can say that isnt Rossiu standing next to Simon. Unless, and i say again unless he changes his hair style and starts wearing glasses like the ones Kamina wore(pointy shades) and his voice gets alot deeper but all in due time we can say for sure.! On a better note Simon makes a comeback and is the cheif again!

  30. Man…after last episode I had some hopes that Rossiu was just staging the arrest to appease the public and would release Simon by the end. However, this episode proved that he has crossed the border already into completely evil. It’s almost unrealistic, what’s going through his head – executing Simon, scrapping Gurren Lagann – how is this going to solve anything? The whole scene when he was explaining the evacuation plan and the whole crowd cheering him on really made me sick. I really can’t wait for him to get his sorry behind kicked. I would have greatly preffered it if he were more like a grayish character – advocating a different, more conservative political style, but still a good guy.

    Next week’s preview gives me great hope. Viral and Simon working together to escape…the old Gunmen squad getting their own Gunmen back…gives you a whole feeling of revolution. Heck, I like the old Gunmen 1000 times more than those cheap new Gurren-Lagann ripoffs(to quote Viral). They were customizable with the pilot’s personality and had unique characteristics, as opposed to those generic mass-produced Gundam-wannabe toys.

  31. I think that Viral is indeed the guy next to simon at the first episode and Yoko will save them from jail as usual. I want to think they’ll steal that big robot/ship, it would be better used to battle than saving all those whining humans. I really wish for Rossiu to die in the most horrible way, he was a wuss before and he still is.

  32. I really hope this all is a huge farce pulled off by Rossiu. If not, he should rot in hell forever. I never liked his character and hate his idealistic way of thinking, he’s just like that priest from the city he was born, only that he now has control over a million people’s lives.

    If it continues like this, Rossiu will just repeat the same thing Lord Genome did, hiding the humans under the surface, too scared to face the opponent he should try to fight. Hiding won’t get the humans anywhere because now it’s too late anyways… Time for the Gurren Brigade to reunite! Simon, Yoko, Viral, Kittan and Kiyal for rebellion!

    PS: Darry should join them too, even it’s only for that damn sexy ass :>.

  33. I am so angry by the fact that no one stand up for simon except for kittan that voice out his disapproval. the other dai gurren dai member are basicly just kissing rossiu ass right now. I don’t really care about NIa coz i never really liked her anyway , but i am more interested in Yoko , Darry and Viral now for their future alliance with simon

  34. For what it’s worth, it seems that Ganmen- Based on willpower- Seem to be more effective than Grapals, which work based on technology, and the OP shows several Ganmen, so it’s a safe bet that they’ll return. I’m quite sure there’ll be an Anti-Spiral Kamina clone as Simon’s nemesis…And the endgame is already there! I think that the Gurren won’t be turning up any longer- It’s just a giant Ganmen, right?- But Simon’s replacement body seems to be the Arc-Gurren, as seen in Episode 1. Can’t wait…

  35. Yep, but it’s the huge spaceship that responds- I can’t see the Gurren anywhere in the episode. Besides, it’s the Lagann that’s special, not the Gurren- I’m quite sure that he used the Lagann, eventually, to assimilate the ‘Arc-Gurren’ (See? It’s a Gurren! ^_^) and turn it into his world-ending machine. Oh, and from the trailer, in the next episode, Kittan steals his Ganmen back, apparently.


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