After what Michelle told her, Agnès submits a report to Henrietta about Richemont, but Henrietta thinks that they need more than that testimony to try the head of the high court of justice. Instead, she wants to proceed with their plan despite Agnès’ objection of it being dangerous because Henrietta believes that she has a dependable guard. Meanwhile, Louise and Saito head to the Charm Fairy Inn again because they had been asked by Agnès to wait for orders there. Inside, they find Scarron and Jessica preparing for a stage performance that night, and Scarron wants their help too. He then puts Saito to work in the kitchen and makes Louise into a waitress again. That evening, Louise is punishing Saito for pervertedly staring at the other girls’ chests when Scarron informs her of a customer. This person turns out to be none other than Julio, and whispering into her ear, he tells her that Agnès had told him to wait there too. Unable to hear what they’re talking about from across the room, Saito gets mad seeing them together.

Saito is later taking out the trash when he accidentally bumps into a cloaked someone who turns out to be Henrietta. Since she appears to be being chased by guards, Saito hides her upstairs and wants to go get Louise, but Henrietta explains that she actually wants his help in guarding her. When she says that she has to do something in secret, Saito realizes that this is why Agnès wanted them to wait here. Henrietta wants to leave immediately because she can’t stay put here, so she asks Saito for some commoner clothes, but he only finds Louise’s shirt inside the nearby chest. Turning around to hand the shirt to her, he’s shocked that she’s already stripped down, and he tries to cover his eyes as she gets dressed. Louise’s shirt turns out to be a bit too small for Henrietta’s chest, but she ends up wearing it anyway as the two leave. Outside, the two find that guards have already cordoned off the street, and Henrietta knows that it’s under the pretense of searching for a kidnapped noble’s daughter. Since she thinks that hiding her face would attract extra suspicion, Henrietta instead clings to Saito and has him put his hand between her breasts as they walk past the guards like they’re a pair of commoner lovers.

During this time, Agnès has gone to Richemont’s mansion to convey a supposedly urgent message about Henrietta having disappeared. Richemont isn’t happy because he remembers that there was a kidnapping commotion similar to this before, but he goes ahead and signs Agnès request to block off the highways and the ports. Ordering them to find Henrietta, Richemont threatens to hang Agnès if she fails. On her way out, Agnès brings up how Richemont built a case for slaughtering the people of D’Angleterre twenty years ago. Richemont, however, believes that those people were planning to overthrow the country, so it was a justifiable mission to quell them. Not wanting to tell her much more, Richemont points out that she should be searching for the queen, and Agnès leaves. Meanwhile, Saito and Henrietta have rented a room, and he finds that she’s shivering from the cold of her wet clothes. When she surprises him by asking him to hold her, he obliges, but the two are soon interrupted by a pounding on the door by royal guards. Thinking quickly, Henrietta takes off her shirt and kisses Saito so that when the guards open the door, they see the two lovers and leave.

Back at Richemont’s estate, Agnès secretly watches as he talks to a man who quickly departs on horseback. She follows this man all the way back to town and is about to enter the inn he went into when she runs into Louise. Since Saito has been gone, Louise has been looking for him, but Agnès doesn’t have time to talk and drags Louise into the inn with her. When she overhears the man privately tell someone that Henrietta has been kidnapped, Louise’s gasp of shock alerts the two men to the fact that they maybe be being eavesdropped on. To allay any suspicion, Agnès kisses Louise as the man walks by to investigate and then leaves the building. Around this time, Saito is asking Henrietta why she’s doing all this, so she explains that it’s to expose a traitor. After she admits that she had wanted Saito as a guard so that he could protect her like he protects Louise, she decides that it’s time for them to head to the theater. Also heading to the theater is Agnès who leaves Louise after telling her about Saito and Henrietta. Louise, however, then runs into Scarron and is forced to join him for his play. She gets reunited with Saito at the theater, though she finds out that Henrietta has now gone somewhere with Agnès.

During the performance, Richemont is in the audience meeting with a man about Henrietta’s disappearance and how this is the time to attack. To Richemont’s surprise though, Henrietta interrupts him from the seat behind him and confronts him with her force of knights. Unfortunately, Richemont has come prepared with his own men and a large fight breaks out in the audience. During the chaos, Henrietta finds herself about to be cut down, but Saito rushes to her aid. Richemont then runs onto the stage and activates a special trap door that drops him deep underground, however waiting for him down there to prevent his escape is Agnès. With no intention of arresting him, Agnès instead pulls out her gun to kill him for destroying her home town. Catching her off guard by telling her that the records she’s looking for concerning the D’Angleterre incident are under the magic school, Richemont suddenly casts a spell that envelops her in flame. However, this doesn’t stop Agnès who comes charging out of the fire with her sword drawn and pierces through Richemont’s gut, killing him. In the aftermath, Louise questions what Saito did with Henrietta and notices the smell of Henrietta’s perfume on him. She accuses him of doing something weird to Henrietta, which reminds Saito of his kiss with her, but he counters by asking what Louise did, reminding her of her kiss with Agnès. Both of them are flustered, but Louise doesn’t like that Saito doubts his master and goes after him with her magic.


This episode had some great animation quality (the brief Agnès fight scene alone makes up for any complaints I had about last week), but I thought there was a bit of a disconnect between the two Saito and Henrietta scenes. I find it a little hard to believe that nothing happened between them after Henrietta took off her shirt, kissed Saito, and pushed him onto the bed. Granted, it was for the sake of them not getting caught, but even so, with the way things were going, Saito would had to have some incredible restraint to just stop things right there. Maybe his feelings for Louise are really that strong or maybe it was Henrietta who stopped, but they didn’t show either of those cases.
Anyway, I still really enjoyed the episode, particularly all the development we got for Agnès. The kiss with Louise was a little gratuitous, but Agnès eventually got her revenge on Richemont, and the story looks like it’ll keep following her as next week seems to be about what’s underneath the magic academy. It also looks like Siesta will be making another play for Saito, this time by wearing a sailor outfit, and it probably won’t end well for him if Louise is nearby.


  1. Wow, for the sake of not being found she goes all out of acting with Saito. Banzai Yoshida I meant Henrietta…

    Another Yuri episode this time with Anies(Agnes) and Louise X_X

  2. … Character development much? *sigh* Seriously, though, this season seems to be watering down the meaning of the kiss. *cough*

    (@KKensei: When you put stuff on TV, you usually have to tone it down. Parents will complain, remember?)

  3. the princess really look like a normal school girl while she wore louise’s cloth!! ahh sexy!!! =:~~~~ D (lucky bastard saito!! he got his hand in tat big GAP)
    i almost laught my head off when i agnes kissed louise juz to escape tat spy!! ahahahahaha


    While most guys would love to be in this situation, Saito’s facial expression was just wayyy over the top (and considering he isn’t nosebleeding yet) 😀

    Henrietta talked him into cosplaying, or did she dress him up?

    Sailor Enlil
  5. Oh its gets better then that Sailor Enlil, you see that kiss image? she is ON TOP of him WITHOUT her blouse ON A BED.

    And that “Saito dressed as a dog” is because he is on a theater play.

  6. Saito is nothing more than a spineless cowards, hes pathetic to being call a man, he got all these lovely ladies around him a maid, princess, sexy classmate, and later on an elf girl. All of them is like 10 times better than that bad mouth, bad temper, flat chest, zero talent wiz that treat him like dirt. Out of them all he has to pick the worst one call Louise, who does nothing than whip him, abuse him, and treat him like dirt. Hes pathetic when all these women throw themselves at him and he has to pick the worst one of them all, if he truly is a man then he should bang all of them then maybe pick Louise in the end, but reject them all when they throw themselves at you and keep making stupid excuse about not wanting them because you like that flat chest lousie is plan stupid and coward. I really hope they pull a 100% Ichigo or Shuffle Ending for this series, making us all think he like Louise but end up with someone else in the end. That would be the best since anyone is probably 10 times better than that Louise.

  7. @Tom
    I’d say it’s more “manly” (I assume you mean mature?) to resist those temptations (as he has been doing) and stay true to his feelings. Your definition of “manly” seems to directly translate to “complete asshole”. You do realize that if he acted in even the slightest manner that you hope for, absolutely none of those women would be attracted to him, right?

    The whole “Louise treating him like dirt” thing is the reason most people watch the show; the comedy that ensues as a result of her “tsundere’ness” (mixed with the unfortunate circumstances Saito falls into that trigger it) is what 99% of the comedy in the anime derives from. If you’re one of those people that are bothered by Louise’s actions, then I think it’s safe to say you’re taking this anime too seriously, and/or you haven’t yet realized the proceeding fact.

    As powerful as Saito is, he could easily avoid the whippings/beatings Louise inflicts with the slightest of effort. So now the question is: “does he want to?”. Next time you watch a ZNT episode, take note of how Saito will continue provoke Louise right up until the point she has her whip in hand high above him. Such is the fate of an “M”.

    In other words, they are a perfect match for each other.

  8. You hafta be kidding me… The rejection of Henrietta coming onto Saito when she took off her shirt wasn’t included (as she tries to do much more than a kiss)? T_T That was the whole reason why I was looking forward to this episode. I’ll still look forward to it, somewhat, but I’m deeply disappointed that this got cut out.

  9. In the novel series, Saito did have the balls to show restraint even under the most trying of circmstances. Do you really want to know how many girls thus far in the series had thrown themselves at him? ^^

  10. Someone want to explain to me what the point of all the drama between Henrietta and Wales was (especially in episode 02) when she’s just going throw herself onto Saito afterwards?

    Prince Wales
  11. I find it a little hard to believe that nothing happened between them after Henrietta took off her shirt, kissed Saito, and pushed him onto the bed.

    I would think that they would have stopped since they did fall off the bed after the guards left, no? @ Omni

  12. well, scarron and his girls are back! more kisu action! more yuri!
    anyway agnes is fast becoming my fave char of 2nd season, shes tough, no-nonsense, and just completed a vendetta against one of most prominent nobles of the kingdom, and she got guts to kiss louise!

  13. @asdffdsa

    I don’t have a problem with saito resist the temptations and stay true to his feelings, but when he acting all Ecchi and perverted with every women around him and when the girls start throwing themselves at him, he doesn’t have the balls to do anything. To me that just being a spineless coward, if he gonna act ecchi and perverted then he should finish the job and bang those women once they start throwing themselves at you. If he want to stay true to his feeling and like no one else but Louise, I have nothing against that but then he should start acting like he really like louise and not being perverted every chance he get.

  14. henrietta and saito forever! they look so good together and I hate louise. well maybe hate is a bit too strong of a word but srsly! louise is a brat and I hate that saito still sticks to her. what makes him do that! I dont get it! louise should be the last choice on his list.

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