One summer day, Hayate asks Maria if she has a deadly technique since he had found out that first-class butlers need to have one or two of them. Though Maria denies having an assassination technique, it doesn’t dampen Hayate’s enthusiasm any, and he mentions how a book to learn from would be okay too. Because of this, Maria takes him and Nagi to the Sanzenin archives, and just as she’s thinking that it can’t be that easy to find such a book, Maria comes across one that claims to teach the Sanzenin family secret deadly techniques. She realizes that Himegami – Hayate’s predecessor – probably created this and hands the book to Hayate, causing Nagi to get excited and suggest special training for him. Unfortunately, the book starts with a secret technique that involves setting the user’s entire body on fire, which both Hayate and Tama realize isn’t reasonable. Nagi then finds a technique that would get the person she likes to love her more, and that gets her embarrassed to the point where she refuses to let Hayate read the book. She rushes off by herself to continue reading the book on her own and finds that the next part tells her to get naked. Not looking where she’s going, Nagi suddenly notices that she’s walked off the side of a cliff, but fortunately, Hayate breaks her fall with his own body.

Nagi thinks well of Hayate after he saved her, but her mood changes quickly when he reveals that he’s working hard for Hinagiku’s sake and had promised to show the technique to her once he learned it. An angry Nagi then sets the book on fire and hits Hayate on the head for being stupid. Later that night, Hayate finds out from Maria that Nagi left home, and he decides to follow her to find out why. Nagi of course left because she was mad at Hayate and worries about him being in a relationship with Hinagiku. Outside the mansion, she runs into Nishizawa Ayumu who she still recognizes as a hamster, and she explains to Ayumu everything about Hayate being her butler and living with her. Unwilling to be the loser, Ayumu challenges Nagi and takes her to a karaoke box. Though Nagi is interested in such a place because it’s her first time, she finds the actual room to be smaller than her bathroom. In any case, Ayumu goes first and gets only 35 points for her singing, but she’s still confident that she’ll still beat first-timer Nagi. To her surprise though, Nagi is quite good at singing and scores a perfect 100, and it turns out to be because Nagi has had voice and singing training since she was little.

Still not giving up, Ayumu continues to try, but she’s completely defeated by the end of the night. When Nagi’s guards come to pick her up, Ayumu declares that they’ll have a different match next time. Nagi is up for the challenge at any time, and this night of singing has made her feel a lot better. As for Hayate and Maria, they followed Nagi here, but Maria really wanted to sing, so the two are still going.


Watching this episode makes me wonder again if we’ll ever actually see Himegami and learn why he left instead of just hearing his name mentioned occasionally. I believe the director had mentioned in an interview that Himegami was in the OP, and there’s only one featured character in there that I don’t recognize, so maybe that’s him. Anyway, anime references I picked up this week included Kill Bill, Saint Seiya, Rurouni Kenshin (it took me a moment to realize that this was Shishio Makoto), Idolmaster, and also several other titles when Hayate was pointing out Nagi’s manga. As for next week, it looks like Eight will be back to cause Hayate more trouble.


  1. o wow nagi can sing………..but she cant cook clean or get a job lol

    btw……………..should we b worred half the time hayate looks like a girl im startin 2 get doubts about him cause of the previews an his prob about standing up 4 himself in any situtation

  2. It IS Bruce Lee, not Kill Bill. It’s the pose and the clothes. Bruce Lee does that pose all the time, Uma Thurman never does it in the movies, she just wears Bruce Lee’s clothes.

  3. Anyway as to regards for himegami.. for those who dunno… if u have the manga, hayate supposedly has an elder brother.. However he hasn’t been mentioned at all in the manga.. so ppl are speculating that it could probably be himegami. ( who probably changed his original name or something )

    boku boku wa
  4. @shirohamada: Are you talking about H.264/AVC? In that case, it should say “higher quality, smaller filesize, and high-end Video Card or CPU required” or something… or even “requires 1.66 GHz+ CPU”

  5. @cbhl
    Are you talking about H.264/AVC? In that case, it should say “higher quality, smaller filesize, and high-end Video Card or CPU required” or something… or even “requires 1.66 GHz+ CPU”

    I have AMD Sempron 3000+, which is exactly 1.66Ghz, and still sucked on playing videos encoded with H264/AVC. Maybe it’s in my VGA that made it sucked, since it’s an onboard one (Nvidia GeForce 6100 nForce 405).

  6. To hao-addict:
    Actually, there is another character that hasn’t appear yet. The character that has two pony tail with red hair that has appeared before Nagi’s Grandfather and Maria.


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