As he gets dressed to go off into battle on the Lancelot, Suzaku wonders why he fights and realizes that he has no choice but to. He thinks back to a time when he had learned that Lelouch and Nunnally were officially dead in order to deceive Britannia. The year was 2010, and the two had been going to live with the Ashfords. Lelouch thought that Suzaku was going with his teacher Toudou, but it turns out that Suzaku couldn’t contact him, and he was instead going to Britannia headquarters. Before they had parted ways, Nunnally had asked him not to forget that there are always people who would extend a helping hand – that’s something she learned from her mother. The two had hoped to see each other again, but Suzaku had felt that a nuisance like him wouldn’t get to meet them again. He had known that their peaceful time as children was over, and he suspected that Lelouch knew that too.

On that summer day, they had left something important in themselves and tried to mark the end, but Suzaku felt guilty because he had created that end by killing his father. He had wanted to talk with Lelouch about what he did, but the words didn’t come out, and he was relieved when Lelouch spoke first and vowed to destroy Britannia. Suzaku hadn’t been able to reply to that and had felt that Lelouch that was trying to kill his father, but he thought that this was probably the wrong answer. He believed that he and only he understood, however ever since that time, the time inside of him has stopped. He now thinks that if he had been able to talk with Lelouch back then, their futures might have been a bit different, and they could have looked for a little happiness. Things didn’t turn out that way, and, as he now finishes suiting up, Suzaku sees Lelouch as both his first enemy and man who became the worst friend.


Unlike some of the previous picture dramas, this was a very serious one where we delved into Suzaku’s thinking and learned what happened in that scene from the first episode where Lelouch declared that he was going to destroy Britannia. I liked how those scenes of happiness really emphasize how tragically things turned out, though overall this felt like something they could have devoted a quarter of the next-to-last episode to, but unfortunately didn’t have enough time to fit it in. On a related note, this is probably going to be the last CODE GEASS-related post I put up for a long while since this is this was the final DVD – at least until more news of the second series comes out. There’s still no official word on when that will be, though speculation is on next winter or spring season.


  1. What makes lot of you hate Suzaku? I find nothing wrong with him except his own version of justice and upholding justice (to compare between Lelouch and Suzaku, Lelouch have done worse than Suzaku, at least for now)

    yeah, suzaku have done mistake in his past… so? Can’t he change? (he is changed, before the death of Euphemia)

  2. [QUOTE]
    li-chan at 3:32 am on September 23rd, 2007

    Suzaku must die!!!! —-> I second that! Suzaku’s the character I dislike most in Geass, second was Euphie, but she’s dead…I hope the producers can do me a favour(again)^_^

    +2007+1 😀

  3. The reason I don’t really like (but I don’t go wishing for his death or anything) is because he’s a hypocrite, all saint-like but then he went killing his father.

    I’m going to go off on why I don’t really like him further =P he’s too naive in a way… he had this ideal image of what the world should be like (all his “if you don’t obtain it through right methods, it’s meaningless, etc.”) and uses it to say what Zero is doing is wrong. Who is he to say what is wrong or right? – Sure, killing people in a war britania vs zero is probably not considered ‘right’ by most people, but we all know sometimes sacrifaces must be made – that’s just the reality of things, the real world. There is no ‘ideal’ way of going about it, it was a childish thought.

    Either than that, Suzaku is an okay character, ultimately someone with good intentions, really gentle and caring. Until that revengeful side took over anyway.

  4. … if lelouch die, there will be no story….. as well as suzaku….. but it is hard to continue the story….though someone wants then to die…i think nunnaly is the key of their life and dead.

  5. yu: The reason I don’t really like (but I don’t go wishing for his death or anything) is because he’s a hypocrite, all saint-like but then he went killing his father.


    yeah, he killed his father and I won’t deny that but that’s when? few years back when he is just a kid? Kid is just a kid? Don’t consider his past, consider what he is trying to do. Indiscriminately using everyone like Lelouch is worse than just-another-idealistic-dreamer Suzaku.

    and, he is not saint. He is just another… dreamer (like Euphemia).

  6. well lelouch thinks of himself as savior while suzaku thinks of himself as a saint. both of them are actually a big dreamers. the difference is just that suzaku succeeds in killing his father, while lelouch hasn’t succeed:P. people like suzaku is pretty rare in the real world. usually after u kill ur father and see that the world actually does not go as the way you expect, you will usually stop being a naive saint, but suzaku keeps dreaming a big dream, one of the rare talent that you won’t see in reality. ya, he is annoying, but we cant deny the fact that he is rare:D

  7. And yet, it is all so similar to how parents can lecture their children on not smoking or drinking or doing drugs, when they themselves have clearly done it. You’d be like, “What a bunch of hypocrites,” when in actuality, they’ve been through it and that entitles them to warn their offspring of the potential damage it could do to them.

    Hypocrisy does not concern what has happened in the past; it can only be associated with what has happened currently. If you told someone not to do something because it is “wrong” or “bad” and THEN are currently doing it yourself, you have just defined hypocrisy.

    Killing his father, does not make Suzaku a hypocrite; continuing to fight and causing violence does…. that is of course if you translate his methodology of “achieving results through wrong means is wrong” as “violence is wrong.” Now that can be interpreted in many ways.

  8. Well, I think the problem with Suzaku is not related to the fact he is/isn’t a hypocrite… but he totally SUCKS, because he:
    1 – Allied himself with the opressor, Britannia. If he really had half a brain, was Britannia who invaded his home country and provoked the war, not his father, even through, he was the one who prolonged it
    2 – Believe his ideals of peace and order ignoring all the injustices around him. Come on, he is totally blind to the eleven’s suffering
    3 – He is a coward, unable to face his mistakes (justified or not) he just pretended to be a good guy. Unable to change the world around him, he was just living his days pacifically in ignorance … the one who gave the step forward to change the world was Zero
    4 – Well, Suzaku is total and complete loser…
    Now I’m not saying Zero is right, but just great men can firmly stay loyal to his beliefs and fight to make them true. And at least, if he is far away from a model to be followed, he has ATTITUDE (something Suzaku lacks in more than one way)

  9. 2 – Believe his ideals of peace and order ignoring all the injustices around him. Come on, he is totally blind to the eleven’s suffering

    @Dokkoider, well, I can’t deny he is stupid… and he doesn’t go to school after the war (if I’m not mistaken)


  10. it sucks to have suzaku to be lelouch’s rival. Unlike Light vs L, both Light and L is kool and brilliant, thus put up a good show. ONLY lelouch is a genius, but not cold hearted like Light (he let suzaku get away several times). Well, if light is the main character in CG, suzaku would be death in no time. What I have to say is Suzaku SUCKS as the main rival for lelouch.

  11. And if Suzaku hadn’t killed his father, there wouldn’t be a show, and there wouldn’t be a rebellion. Why? Old politicians who are conservative never change their minds. If they were going to fight to the death, they were going to fight to the death. Hell, some might surrender, but for the most part, the Japanese people (as depicted in the Geass universe) are clearly nationalistic. Killing his father has nothing to do with why Suzaku is hated (if you’re rational of course).

    And Dokkoider only further supports a major point: Being on the wrong side clearly affects one’s standing with an audience. Don’t tell me that there isn’t a wrong or a right side, because everyone seems to be able to indicate which one is wrong and which one is right. Despite the fact that Lelouch has his own agenda apart from the rebels, he has the support of being on the “right” side. No one cares that Lelouch manipulates his forces to an extent. Why? Only the central picture is important – Japan vs. Britannia.

    This does NOT correlate for minor/supporting characters. Minor characters are simply liked/disliked on the basis of their personality and/or who they are associated with.

  12. I actually like Suzaku; he’s my favourite character in the series. I’m okay with Lelouch, though I don’t appreciate how he’s going about with achieving his goals. Can’t wait for the next season… Though it seems that we’re going to be waiting QUITE a while for it to come out…

  13. Oh it’s Omni last post about Code Geass here, probably. Hmm…at first I wanna say something but still seeing ppl argue for Suzaku & Lulu one another. *sigh* I don’t know what to say anymore but it’s the last stuff for Code Geass season 1 then I just have to finish it here too since I read Code Geass here from the begining.

    Well, I like both of them but Lulu come first. But imho, maybe you can dislike someone but no need to ‘hate’ him so much. Lulu or Suzaku, they do nothing wrong in particular. No matter which one you like & which one you don’t like, pls remember human no perfect. If you dislike his characteristic & personality then it’s ok but that’s enough ady. Seeing thing from one side is always not the good thing.

  14. Unfortunately, people are more comfortable using the word “hate” to relate their feelings of adversity to a certain object/idea because they tend to lean to the extreme. Fortunately, when they mature (if they ever), they’ll use more temperamental words like “dislike.”

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  17. WHEN IS CODE GEASS SEASON 2 COMING OUT?!?!?!?! >.>Story’s been left hanging with so many loose ends!

    >>>Could Karren have shot Suzaku? / Suzaku shot LeLouch but missed? / LeLouch shot Suzaku 1st? / Suzaku & LeLouch shot each other? / The rebellion back at Area11? / Nunally? / The other Geass contractor?

    >>>>Arghhhh….so many scenarios…

    OK, are there any new updates on the release date for Season 2? =)
    Last time heard it was in Oct. =/

  18. Maybe in the end of the whole story, Suzaku might come to a realization and would sacrifice himself so that both parties would see the truth…sounds sad but kinda good in a way…nah…stupid idea LOL

  19. Juvyniled, I have to disagree with your outlook here. First off, maturity has nothing to do with words like “hate” or dislike but in the maturity of how they’re used. You act as if the word “hate” is immature or at least this is the impression that you give me. It would tend to feel more comfortable because they state exactly what they’re feeling rather than watering it down.

    The PROBLEM with Suzaki is that he’s so mentally engaged into such thinking without even taking a look at REALITY. This is extremely annoying when he persists to deny the obvious. At least Lulu admitted that he was no “savior” when all the Japanese people were dying. In this case, ALL sides are wrong but the question is which is the BEST means of accomplishing justice. Humanity by it’s very nature is prone to hate…rebel etc. This wouldn’t exist if we could all love each other. As those christians say, love is the fundamental unity of all things that are good.

    Yes, I greatly dislike Suzaki based on his personality but also based on his imaginary ideas. It’s like he is living in self-denial… After killing his father, and further threatening to kill Lulu, is he not using the same methods as Lulu but with a different goal? This is what I call living in LA-LA land. He is a complete hypocrite…where as I find Lulu’s position to be more reasonable because at least he realizes that things need to change.

  20. Suzaki is not an annoying guy just because he opposed the protagonist, Lelouch. He may be the guy who dream of changing Britanian from inside out without violent and wanting to create a world in peace but he have his own doubt. From the beginning, when he got shot in the first episode, his chance would have ended there if he was not save by Lloyd. Fated to meet with Lelouch and escape from death foreshadow a great destiny awaits for him. So with the power given to him, his dream continues to grow stronger; along side with Euphie, he probably found the reason to fight.
    Being the fact that the irony when the Geass can no longer be control by Lelouch, doom is Suzaki. It’s like saying they have no choice.
    Lelouch on the other hand is fighting for his sister and his haunted past. Lelouch’s point of view is much more realistic than of Suzaki. Knowing that going to war will have sacrifices. Other characters look up to Lelouch (Zero) as a cold-hearted mastermind to create a motivation for themselves to rebel. If it were to look at the plot as a whole, Suzaki and Lelouch is both fighting for a selfish reason, for a person, for Euphie, for Nanally, for they have abandon the most crucial moment that will change the history of Britania and Japan forever.
    I cannot blame Suzaki for having such a dislike personality, for he is only an ordinary person who dreams. Lelouch is a person with POWER and the MIND to lead a nation. Therefore, these two characters are a great combination of rival. If you were in Lelouch or Suzaki’s shose, can you handle the overwhelming emotions as they can during a war?
    It may sound stupid of me but when Lelouch overestimate his own ability to control the geas and create that great massacre, there is no turning back, his soul cannot be repent, his tears tore my heart with the pain he endure. It tore HIS heart to kill and defile her name. It takes great strength of mind to pressure it all inside. It is more painful to kill the person you love than watch them die.
    Suzaki have his own justice, in a way peace-lovers would understand and accepts. That is why Nanally and Euphie is so appeal to him.
    I believe that Lelouch bore more pain than Suzaki ever did, but Suzaki knows more happiness than Lelouch did. Killing Lelouch would be a repetition of killing his own father, and the nation will collapse like it once did.

    Suzaki play an important role model to the citizen with modesty and kindness, while Lelouch is the ideal leader both with intellectual insight and leadership. These two would have topple the world if it wouldn’t have been because of those incidents. However, if it weren’t because of those incidents, there wouldn’t the Lelouch and Suzaki in the current plot.

    Sorry for the long post. Lulu is love!

  21. Will you guys stop hating this guy & start to understand that there is more to this series then meets the eye.

    This series is basically abit like a real-life heroic war soilders in both sides. In both sides there is a hero , & if both sides have a hero, then there is also a villian, like the Emperor of Britannia & the old guy from the Kyoto House group.

    Well what you need to know is that its about understanding the characters situation, personality & goal how to create a better world in their own way through their understanding. Both Lelouch & Suzaku are in a world that they still need to learn more & try to understand & how to do it right, their situation is similar to Gundam SEED if you think about it. Anyway when season 2 is released(which I don’t know when, but please let me know the released dateof it) then we can see how it goes on.

    To be honest the series itself has some plots similar to Gundam SEED, you think they copy some of the plots?

  22. @V
    WHEN IS CODE GEASS SEASON 2 COMING OUT?!?!?!?! >.>Story’s been left hanging with so many loose ends!

    >>>Could Karren have shot Suzaku? / Suzaku shot LeLouch but missed? / LeLouch shot Suzaku 1st? / Suzaku & LeLouch shot each other? / The rebellion back at Area11? / Nunally? / The other Geass contractor?

    >>>>Arghhhh….so many scenarios…

    … I think we can pretty much rule out that suzuku misses lulu… Come on, the guy can run on walls and dodge bullets and snipe things from far away, he probably won’t miss.

    I’m somehow hoping its kallen that shoots suzaku…

    And nunally can’t see so yeah.. I don’t think she shot him.

  23. Just looking around Code Geass blogs and I was reviewing the Picture dramas to see that they wrap up very nicely with Lelouch saying at the end that Suzaku was his first friend and worst enemy, while Suzaku ends with Lelouch as his first enemy and worst friend. I’m not the only one who likes the irony here, am I?

    Just Passing By
  24. code geass wouldn’t be very interesting without suzaku.
    remember the cliffhanger at the end of the 1st season?
    yeah, that wouldn’t have been possible if suzaku wasn’t there.


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