Mari finds herself underwater with Hagino coming towards her with an outstretched arm, but Hagino then sprouts tentacles that try to strangle her. Feeling like she’s drowning, Mari suddenly wakes up back in her own room after having fallen out of bed. Unsure if this was a dream, Mari is looking for Hagino during breakfast, but she learns that Hagino left a while ago. Hagino is actually in the forest communicating with her ship about not resuming activity yet. In class, Mari gets introduced to the class, though her teacher Yuuko ends up doing most of the talking since Mari doesn’t want to. Yuuko assigns Mari the seat right next to Hagino, but Mari ignores all of Hagino’s friendly gestures. Even after Hagino helps her out when she’s not paying attention in class and after Hagino gets a group of girls to stop asking about her past, Mari still acts coldly. However, Mari is very friendly towards Michiko and has started to call her Micchi. As they’re walking home, she asks Michiko to call her by her given name because that’s the only one she remembers being called by.

Mari then admits that she was the only survivor of the incident where her island got wiped out, and she doesn’t have any memories of that time. Michiko thinks that it’s be good if Mari could someday remember, but Mari feels that it’d be fine if she doesn’t get those memories back. After hearing that Mari just wanted to live with her grandmother, Michiko wonders if Mari hates school, but Mari claims to actually like it because of interesting people like Michiko. Upon returning to the dorms, Mari is shocked to learn that Hagino is going to be moving in with her, and once Hagino’s stuff is unpacked, Mari questions what she’s after and if Hagino wants to kill her. With a pained look in her eyes, Hagino tries to say that she doesn’t want to kill anyone anymore. Later that night, as Hagino is working on homework and Mari is lying in bed, Tsubael, the operator of Hagino’s ship, teleports in to speak with Hagino about another battleship called Novaal that’s started moving. To everyone’s surprise, Hagino is able to see Tsubael, and the operator quickly disappears again. Mari now starts to question what that was and who Hagino is, and she starts panicking as Hagino walks towards her.

When Hagino puts her hands on Mari’s shoulders and tries to calm her down, Mari begins to glow, and it puts Hagino in a great pain of pain. Unbeknownst to them, their teacher is giving a presentation about the tragedy at the Kamiokijima islands five years ago that claimed over 800 lives, and her conclusion is that it was murder.

ED Sequence

ED: 「蕾 -blue dreams-」 (Tsubomi -blue dreams-) by Suara
Watch the ED! Mirror 1, Mirror 2

This episode seemed to move a lot quicker than last week’s, and I attribute a lot of that to the added focus on Hagino, Tsubael, and the Blue. I still don’t really understand what’s going on in terms of why Mari is special and why Hagino has such an adverse reaction to her, but I assume that’ll be explained when we finally find out exactly what happened five years ago (Yuuko certainly seems to know a lot about it). For the time being, Mari is slowly warming up to Hagino, and I bet this latest incident where she learns Hagino’s secret (kind of) will only draw them closer. Living together probably doesn’t hurt either.
Next week looks like we might see the Blue in action, especially with what’s going on with this other ship. Hopefully they’ll concentrate more on the sci-fi and drama side of things because the school-life stuff feels rather boring to me.


  1. Definitely the best show of the new season, for me. When I started to get that full emotional feeling in my chest, I knew we were getting there.

    For Brooklyn otaku, I can summarize by saying that the blue-eyed people (Hagino and the woman from the ship) are aliens, part of an invasion force. Their ship was damaged five years earlier when they arrived, and they have been hiding out ever since, while the operator on the ship (played by Gotou Yuuko) took charge of repairing it. Now that it’s ready, she wants to carry on with the invasion, I think, but Hagino, the commander of the ship, does not, for some reason — maybe a desire not to kill. I believe they were involved in the massacre/war on the island that killed everyone except Mari. Or maybe Mari is a creature made by them, and that’s why she remembers nothing before she was found after the massacre? Much to be revealed. By the way, all the aliens are female. This figures large in the rather ecchi mangas in the Blue Drop series.

  2. Man i love this Anime… It reminds me of somehow of my past.. the drawing of the Chars.. Well, dunno.. I can’t remember where i saw this art of Drawing…

    and i am sad, too. Not that much Raws out there.. no i don’t like Realmedia ones…

  3. and i bet. Maru has some connection with the Aliens… Nearly same Haircut as the Ship chick. And her self defense Powers…

    And the slaughter starts all with a Knife in the back…

  4. Agree that the manga is ecchi, have read some raws of it (unfortunately it’s not available completely). The second book out there, a collection of stories and with again different characters is much less ecchi though.
    This manga seems to be new btw?

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