After dreaming of his ideal Nanaka, Sana wakes up one morning and heads for school, meeting up with Aoi outside his apartment. As a testament to her clumsy self, Aoi trips into his arms and then walks right into a pole along the way. The two eventually join up with Shuusuke and Shuri, and Shuusuke usage of the “-san” prefix with Aoi makes Sana realize that his own usage of “-chan” is inappropriate because Aoi is actually a year older than him. Aoi then notices Nanaka approaching them, but after she says hello to Aoi, she completely ignores Sana and keeps walking. Sana isn’t too happy about this even though he recognizes that he screwed up yesterday. Things don’t get much better at lunch when Sana ends up with a less than ideal selection of bread to eat because there wasn’t much left. Sitting outside with his friends, Sana notices that Aoi is wearing her apron, and she explains that it’s so she doesn’t get her uniform dirty while eating.

That afternoon starts with their homeroom teacher asking for candidates to be the class representative. Since no one volunteers, she chooses Nanaka because of her past experience as a class representative, and unfortunately for Sana, Shuusuke recommends him for the other spot. Since Shuri seconds the nomination and the class supports the idea, Sana gets the job and has to follow Nanaka because he doesn’t know where the audio-visual room is. She makes it clear to him that if he follows her to the class representative meeting, he’s following her on his own, and she heads into the library to do some reading before the meeting starts. Sana runs into Aoi there because she’s the librarian, and she reveals that Nanaka came here last year too. However, Sana gets so caught up in his reading that he doesn’t notice Nanaka leave, and it’s not until Aoi tells him about it that he figures out what happened. Luckily for him, another class’s representative who introduces herself as Hoshino Asami overhears him and takes him there.

Nanaka is surprised to see Sana walk into the meeting with another girl, and even though Sana is mad at her, she points out that she hadn’t promised that she’d tell him when she was leaving the library. Later that night, as Sana lies in bed thinking about how Nanaka just left after the meeting, he gets another call from his worried mother. At lunch the following day, Aoi presents Sana with a lunch she made for him and offers to do this everyday. Sana then tells his friends about how he didn’t walk home with Nanaka after the meeting, and Shuri is disappointed to hear this because she was trying to get them to open up a little to each other by making Sana the other class representative with Nanaka. Regardless, Sana is still confused as to why Nanaka has changed so much, and Shuusuke and Shuri – who seem to know more than they’re willing to say – blame it on Sana for not recognizing Nanaka two days ago.

Later that day, Asami shows up in their class and gives Nanaka a book of the meeting minutes to pass on to Sana. He just happens to come back into the room right as she’s leaving, so Asami still gets to chat with him. When Sana goes to get the book from Nanaka, he expects her to snap at him, but she actually hands it to him without saying anything. It’s not until he tries to explain that he’s been asking Asami for information about committee work that Nanaka points out how well he’s been getting along with Asami, though she also feels that it has nothing to do with her. In music class afterwards, their teacher has them listen to a violin piece, and it reminds Sana of what Nanaka played for him before he left five years ago. Sana then discovers at the end of the day that he accidentally left his pencil case in the music room, and when he goes back to get it, he notices the piano at the front of the room. Unbeknownst to him, Nanaka had been asked by their teacher to get some handouts out of the prep room that’s adjacent to the music classroom, and so she hears and immediately recognizes the tune that he starts to play: it’s the piece she had played at his farewell party.

Watching through a crack in the door, Nanaka is surprised to see Asami appear and start to clap for Sana once he’s done. Because Asami asks, Sana admits that it’s a piece of music that is precious to him and was a present from a friend for his farewell party five years ago. He finds it strange that he still knows how to play the song after all this time and after having heard it only once. Nanaka is gone from the adjoining room by the time Sana finishes his explanation, but the next morning, she actually says a quiet hello to him.


So not only is Sana probably hiding something (why he came back), it seems that there’s another secret out there about why Nanaka has changed after these five years. They probably won’t reveal either of them for at least several more episodes, but I guess that gives something to look forward to and speculate on. For now, there appears to be a new challenger in Asami, and predictably, Nanaka gets a little jealous. I think the rule of thumb here is that if someone says that something has nothing to do with them, then it’s invariably got something to do with them.

Nanaka has already begun softening towards Sana, though of course his memory and piano playing of the music piece might have more to do with that than Asami getting close to him. Speaking of which, I’m not sure what this very pretty scene was supposed to represent, but if I had to guess, I’d say that’s the point Asami starts developing feelings for Sana. The only thing I’m left wondering after that is what would have happened if Asami hadn’t been there – would Nanaka have shown herself and made up with Sana?

Next week looks like it’ll be about the group taking a trip, complete with swimsuits and all. Here’s to hoping that they won’t take the obvious path (having one or several of the girls get close to Sana so that Nanaka gets jealous).


  1. the only beef i have with this series so far is, no matter how cute aoi is… i believe if her voice was even a tad higher it would make me bleed from the ears.

    some sort of christian magic
  2. “nd Nanaka starts slowly warming up to Sana. It might also help that he remembers the song she played for him five years ago which he demonstrated it on the piano.”

    …I need to watch this ep

  3. This one is definitely one of my top 3 shows this season not to mention is the same character design of Memories Off, but truth is so many good shows this season, probably only 1 or 2 show that i don’t like and probably won’t watch but the rest are great.

  4. i wish they would tune down her voice a bit later…like maybe something bad happens, and she gets upset deeply, and then it gets solved, but then ever since then, her voice was a bit quieter oo And cool! Looking foward to this and the next episode!

  5. i dunno, i hated the voice even when it was chiyo-chan’s. it just feels worse and unatural coming from a “fully grown” highschool girl. however, i think in time i will get use to it. the second time watching the first episode and it already seems less painful.

    some sort of christian magic
  6. “the second time watching the first episode and it already seems less painful.”

    Funny, I had the exact opposite reaction rewatching the first episode. I had to skip a couple of her scenes.

  7. For some reason, the main character in this story reminds me of Makoto from School Days. Hopefully, my premonition is wrong and he won’t turn out to be a bad guy. Actually, this episode got dull compared to the first one. I hope it gets better.

  8. nah! any guy that puts thought into recomposing a song that some shorty made for him long ago cant be a bad dude. but seriously that violin girl needs to stop playing herself like she don’t wanna talk to him just because he didnt recognize her.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  9. Actually I think there was something else that pissed her off. It could have been whatever Shuu was trying to tell him as he was leaving on the train. If you notice the scene (15:22) where he’s wondering why Nanaka’s so mad, the twins look at each other and nod. (this signals they know something he doesnt), so they try to impose it on the reason being that he couldnt recognize Nanaka.

    I do give him props to be able to replay the song on the piano. My japanese comprehension is crappy but I think he mentions how that before he tried playing it but couldnt, Until this moment saying that his fingers for some reason remember the melody.

  10. rofl,man,lol,:-D, (and many other useless phrases): Is this harem or what? Because in my opinion all main characters of that kind of anime looks like each other: useless and plain guy, they have “natural women attraction” (anime phenomenon which causes are still unknown even with the efforts of science), sometimes even the hair is similar, etc. That’s why many people think that guy from myself;yourself resembles Makoto form SchDays, and he also looks like the guy from love hina, and the guy nagasarete, etc.etc.etc.etc. excluding some exception (there are exceptions, aren’t they?).

  11. As I’ve said in episode 01, Myself, Yourself is the future version of Love Hina though the promise this time is different. More likely Sana is the future Keitaro type of character though there are some features been changed. The promise seems intact though Sana and Nanaka can’t find the rhythm to talk due to the incident.

    It’s not right to keep comparing Sana to Ma**** just because of the ff
    a) the damn train in the episode 01.
    b) the walkman
    c) frequent seeing his bed
    d) His looks

  12. The whole time i’m watching this show, i would kept thinking why the heck Sana just go and ask Nanaka why is she ignoring/mad at him, would’nt most of the stuff will get solve if he just ask.

  13. @Next week looks like it’ll be about the group taking a trip, complete with swimsuits and all. Here’s to hoping that they won’t take the obvious path (having one or several of the girls get close to Sana so that Nanaka gets jealous).

    Nah there is only one more girl left that hasn’t shown up yet, and there is no way Sana will become attach to her unless he wanna be consider a pedophile. hehehe

  14. “Everyone looks like Makoto nowadays. I blame lack of character’s designs.”

    My thoughts exactly. Basically all harem male leads look the same. It’s the generic “wimpy nice guy design”. Maybe that’s why they are all so forgettable.

    Nevertheless, two characters should not be assumed the same simply based on their looks. Even though harem male leads all share certain qualities (e.g. being a spineless wimp) that does not mean they are all the same. Makoto is more like the exception rather than a representative of this archetype.

    So yeah, I guess what I’m trying to say is: Stop with the School Days comparisons!

  15. About that moe girl not yet shown i think it’s not a anime character rather something to be the main protagonist of Aoi’s manga created (probably) along with the cute pet as the opening give hints about it.

    Please end the School Days and let’s go on with Love Hina mayhem i meant this anime.

  16. You know I’m starting to debate how good a friend Shuusuke really is, if he knows what’s really bugging Nanaka and is keeping it from Sana thats pretty harsh, especially if this has something to do with that instance with him shouting when Sana was on the train. What ever happened to male bonding and comradeship?

    If they just talked between themselves whats obviously a misunderstanding could be over in a heart beat. I’m sure Sana at this point would make the move to clear things up but as it stands he has no idea whats going on and truthfully speaking he hasn’t done anything wrong.

    Nanaka is being stubborn as well theres no rule written that says the man should be the one to confront the problem, and in this case it’s only in Nanaka’s point of view that a wrong has been committed.

  17. The guy was playing his tune with one finger … (“-OMG I didn’t know you played the piano so F* well” – “Yeah I learned when i was little” T_T)

    I have a feeling it’s the theme song though.

  18. Really hope we aren’t going to see a School Days remix here. Not to mention Sana looks similar to Makoto, but it appears Sana has better morals than Makoto… I hope.
    It’s going to be annoying if half the girls in Sana’s class try to hook up with Sana for no reason. I mean, that just doesn’t happen.

    Nice Boat!
  19. Ugh what the heck why is everyone suddenly going LOL Makoto?!? And at every harem or shoujo show coming out there’s this “LOL SCHOOL DAYS ENDING?!” reaction. How many such harem shows have ended with the bloody murder? So far besides School Days I don’t remeber ANY. Regardless so many people seem to think there’s a high chance of a fag male lead screwing up and getting killed now that they’ve seen School Days. I’ve even seen people wondering if CLANNAD was going to get bloody ugh. Not every harem male lead is as stupid/annoying/must be killed as Makoto is, Sana atleast seems like a decent guy but everyone’s going HAHA He’s just like Makoto!!!!
    There are even some harem male leads with spines too, few but they exsist.
    As for the episode I liked it, Sana remebered the promise and everything. I guess the only problem has to do with something he dosen’t know about and thus, can’t solve it.

  20. The ending credits show Nanaka and Asami, also Shuri. Does this mean she will eventually show her feelings for Sana too? Also, Shuri is show first in the ending credits instead of Nanaka, Does that mean something?

  21. Wonder if it’s going to be something like that show… can’t quite remember what it is.. about a girl and a boy, both pretending to be cool so that the opposite would like him/her. Another series that I can think of is Kare Kano.

    Would be really cool if they go down that road and digging up their pasts. :D:D

    And it would be even cooler if Aoi can have a “Dame deshou, Hamada-san” role somewhere in the series. That would make up for her super high pitch voice.

  22. This series really spark my interest. I’m actually craving for the next ep after watching the second one. Its been some time since I last crave for the next anime episode. There’s a lot of hidden truth in this series, and I’ll definitely love to see how Nanaka eventually opens up her heart as the other girls get more attracted to Sena. Just look at her face when she heard Sena playing the piano.

  23. Another painfully boring episode of M;Y. The male leads personality is sterile and mysterious past with Nanaka uninterested thus far, I hope they don’t plan to drag it out another 2 episodes. In fact, I would go as far as saying that Nanaka is turning out to be one of the most hateable tsundere leads of all time.

    I guess I will keep one eye on this anime since despite the obvious harem plot; the anime appears to have a dark undertone. Since the ‘beach’ episode comes early this anime maybe buckling down for some serious drama later. Wishfully thinking maybe?

    This is definitely not going the way of School Days, but if your like me and would love to see another potential School Days shocker check out KimiKiss, it seems to have a lot more in common with SD than Clannad or M;Y. 😉

  24. Something tells me Sana’s problem has to do with a health related issue. Feels like he just came back here to spend his last days or something. It’s either that or he left his own place due to some relationship problem, maybe another girl? But at the moment it feels more like a health related issue to me.


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