The morning after the incident, an exhausted Mari gets up and blames Hagino over breakfast for talking in her sleep. Hagino, however, describes seeing Mari sleeping on the floor and drooling, so Mari explains that she couldn’t sleep because Hagino had been having nightmares and making noises. Hagino responds to this by reaching for Mari’s cheek, but it’s only to point out that there’s a grain of rice there. During a break at school, Mari is with Michiko who is helping with the groundskeeping, and the two of them see Hagino reading by herself on a bench. Beside her appears Tsubael, here to update her on the Novaal’s movements, and Hagino decides to send out the Blue now to meet with the other ship. Mari is still able to see Tsubael and starts walking towards them, so Hagino sends Tsubael away and gets into an argument with Mari. This is out of Michiko’s hearing range, but as she watches them from a distance, she thinks that those two will become good friends.

Hagino departs school that afternoon and heads to the Blue, eventually arriving on the bridge in her uniform. She momentarily experiences a vision of a crewmember at one the stations, but that girl soon disappears. Hagino then takes her seat and starts up the ship. Onboard the Novaal, a woman named Azanael is thinking about her lover Onomil who she had last seen before their fleet had made the jump to Earth. Onomil had been an operator onboard the Blue, and all Azanael has to remember her by is a holographic video of the two of them together. Back at the school, Mari returns to the dorm after spending most of the day staring out the classroom window and finds out that tonight is cooking practice. This means that the girls will be making dinner together, but it quickly becomes evident that Mari is no good at it. She ends up ruining a pasta dish, and as she prepares to go to bed, she remembers what had happened the previous night.

Back then, Hagino had looked like she was in pain, so Mari tried to check if she was okay but got rebuffed because Hagino didn’t want Mari to touch her. This led to Mari again questioning what Hagino was after, and the two spent a big part of the night staring at eat other from across the room, both refusing to fall asleep. Onboard the Blue, Hagino remembers that Mari had actually fallen asleep first, and with memories of the great fire and a crying Mari on her mind, Hagino had given her blanket to cover Mari. The Blue now arrives at the meeting point and surfaces to face the Novaal.

Like I had hoped, the addition of the new set of characters aboard the Novaal makes things a bit more interesting since it introduces the alien side of things, including a love. I suspect Azanael won’t be too happy with Hagino once she finds out what happened that led to Onomil’s death – most likely it has to do with the incident five years ago that Hagino seems determined not to repeat. As for her and Mari, the feelings the two have for each other continue to be built up in spite of how rocky their relationship looks from the outside, and I suspect that it will only take one major event for them to really realize their feelings. That might come as soon as next week if the preview is correct in hinting that Hagino leaves the ship to save Mari.


  1. Yeah. Two or three scenes of blushing. TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW, it seems to be getting more interesting by the episode. I love how the show plays up the school life drama along with the alien submarine-craft thinggy.

  2. I love Hagino’s real blue eyes; with her black hair she reminds me of YUI, from the original Blue Drop manga. Also we finally get to see some yuri action from our lesbian aliens ^^

  3. After the influx of tons of comedies and other lightweight stuff, I find it incredibly refreshing to have a show like this which has a dark and serious tone and which is thick on atmosphere and impending drama.

    It’s nothing to visually please the StoPani-crowd longing for open yuri, but it has so much more to offer instead.

    Now if only the subs would hurry up some that more viewers can appreciate it ^_^;

  4. DAMN! the subs ain’t coming out fast enough, it’s SLIM PICKINGS this season “just an opinion”.. and this is one of the few shows that got a nigga waiting with interest.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. I am with Brooklyn otaku, subs this season are freakin’ slim pickin’s!!!! Not only Blue Drop either…only been able to see ep1 and this sounds like its getting better…

    MN Anime Fan
  6. This show is going to be awesome if it’s anything like the manga. Hopefully it will pick up its pace in the next eps. Either way, I’m still going to support this anime until the last eps.

    P.S. Hagino kick *****(cough)!!!!


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