Ok class, today, we’re writing about our dreams for the future!

Dreams, indeed – a fabrication of our minds that has little constraint with such inconveniences like reality, where imaginations can run wild, where our greatest fantasies are possible. Such is the nature of this show.

Rin’s dream?
    “I wanna be sensei’s wife!”
    “You can’t do that, you’re just a kid!”
    “How can you say that even after you saw me naked!”

This fruitful conversation manifests itself continuously through this episode, with Rin messing with Aoki to get his attention, Aoki making his pseudo-“I’m too mature for this child’s play” response. Along the way, Kuro makes her confession to Rin (…I love you, but I would never pick on you!), with Rin making the lethal “ahaha, that’s not the same kind of love!” response.

Aoki’s ineptness as a teacher with things like… I dunno, teaching skill, ability to command respect and attention from his classmates, and his ability to motivate his students are in full display in this episode. And, if it wasn’t for Rin bailing him out at every turn, he’d be a pretty pathetic dude.

Gee, sounds like she’s doing all the things a good wife does.

And like every good wife, she needs some lovin from her man. After getting a 100 on her test, Rin demands a reward from Aoki – a hug. Awww… the two share an intimate moment under the glow of the streetlight as Rin has him completely ensnared in her web.

At home, Reiji (Rin’s onii-san-ish guardian) catches hint of Aoki’s relationship with Rin. Foreshadowing!



Ah, that’s much better – this second episode brought back more of the quality of the OVA with much more focus than the first episode. More than that, the balance between loli fanservice and hard-hitting dark drama was done pretty well. I know I’m treading some murky waters here, but to see Rin in her 3rd grader glory have the awareness and maturity beyond her years is almost fascinating to watch, especially in how it confuses the hell out of Aoki. Had Rin been 10 years older, the two would have probably made a pretty nice couple.

Of course, the 10 years makes all the difference.

Which is ultimately one of the underlying themes of this show. Should it make a difference? There doesn’t need to be an answer, and the success of the Kodomo no Jikan franchise is founded in the fact that we even ask this question in the first place. In her sub-10 years of life, Rin has arguably faced more hardship and grown more as a person than most people twice her age have. Is she good to go when she hits the age of consent?

I’m confused, to say the least – shows are usually one or the other, not both. Granted that the fanservice is way on the side of the perverse, it can easily be argued that the drama is there to legitimize the inappropriateness.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. In the end, it’s a cartoon, with animated characters voiced by little Japanese girls with unrealistically moe voices. It’s here to tell a story, and to that extent I believe it’s very convincing and effective at doing so. To read too much into it is to misunderstand the purpose of it all – and that is to entertain us. Is it entertaining to you? For whatever reason? Then watch on.

Not? Then don’t sweat it.

Captions up


  1. //Except I very much doubt she’s “half his age”.//
    Hmm.. The guy is 23 years old, the girl is in the third grade which I am pretty sure is around 8-9 years old. So you could say that it’s close enough

  2. Best Anime Ever Forever !

    this ep is better than 1st, but to be equal to OVA censorship must go away so I’ll wait to DVD realase 😀

    Quote: Kaioshin Sama
    ‘If it’s 26 episodes I’ll be in seventh heaven, but last I hear it was 12.’
    same here.

    12ep long? Good, 26ep long? Heaven!

    Quote: mikemil828
    ‘even 12 episodes is a long time to tell the same story that Sting could in 4 minutes’
    READ the MANGA first or don’t post such comments!

    Quote: kadian1364
    ‘This show is so broken…’
    broken? in what way?

    Quote: mutio
    ‘The manga has a really dark and serious topic inside, hope they don’t turn it completely into kind of loli-love show..’

    turn it completely? nakedness in manga/anime is something normal. many, many, many titles is that way. Love Hina, Full metal panic, Ah my goddess, Chobits, DearS, Elfen Lied, Girls Bravo, Golden Boy, Green-Green, Hanaukyo maids, Ikkitousen, Koi Kaze, He is my master, Maburaho, Mahoromatic, Slayers, Maze, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Onegai teacher/twins, Rizelmine, SaiKano, School Rumble, Love Love, Sunabouzu, Tenchi Muyo, Those Who Hunt Elves, and even in Sailor Moon you can see chibi-usa naked trasformation (with body paint as I remember). These are only a few examples of non-hentai anime with nudity.

    This is a part of Japanese culture! Don’t go against it!
    If you don’t like it then go and watch what suits you most in cartoon network.
    Or some of people here post comments without seeing anime?, or maybe just after looking at some screencap’s here?

    Anime seems to be almost exact adaptation of manga and if anime follows the way it is in the half of the series all the ignorants will understand that it is NOT ‘loli-love show’

  3. Another jap-fukd anime for pedophiles desu~
    If you watch this CRAP cus you like litle girls in a sexual way = You are Fukd up in the head!

    mhea…enjoy while you can, you will get locked op sooner or later anyway!

    your mom
  4. pedobear stamp of approval? jeebus, i think the pedobear must have conjured this show purely out of his quite warped imagination. this show leaves me with a permanent o_O’ expression.

  5. The bunch that complains about this supposedly loli show are hypocrites. By defination clannad is a loli show and is fucked up since it involves underaged characters. And practically every other show out there past, present and future involves said “lolis”. So shut up if you don’t like it. Obviously you hypocrites haven’t read the manga or have any clue about the contents of the show. Aoki frequently comments about how precocious children are nowadays AND he realises wtf is happening. Rin is just showing off characteristic childlike puppylove ableit over the top.

    If you watch it for the lolicontent, time to get a real life.

  6. i can’t wait till i c the ending can some1 plz tell me where can i get the manga from chapter 31 and up cus for some reason i can’t find it in the web. love the ova but the series got censored abit so it’s okay to watch now. i’ll be checking up on the answer about my question

  7. @f(_)ck
    You can’t find ch31 ’cause it not exist.

    on the last page of ch30 there is a date stamp 10/(gatsu)22 and it stand for 22 october. It will be available next week.

    I know how you feel. I’m waiting for it too…

  8. @Youhypocrites: Clannad has immunity from that kind of criticism for specific reasons though, the most important of which is that it’s a Kyoto Animation show, which automatically gives it a free pass in almost every category from scripting to visuals, music, plotting, presentation etc. Kodomo No Jikan’s sole fault is that it wasn’t produced by them, not that there are major issues with it’s themes. I guarantee everyone here that people would have shut up about the manga and anime completely had it suddenly been announced that Kyoto Animation had a part to play in it.

    Your example is good, but ultimately beside the point anyway.

  9. //@Youhypocrites: Clannad has immunity from that kind of criticism for specific reasons though, the most important of which is that it’s a Kyoto Animation show, which automatically gives it a free pass in almost every category from scripting to visuals, music, plotting, presentation etc. Kodomo No Jikan’s sole fault is that it wasn’t produced by them, not that there are major issues with it’s themes. I guarantee everyone here that people would have shut up about the manga and anime completely had it suddenly been announced that Kyoto Animation had a part to play in it.//

    Jeez you had to get him started. Anyway, about Clannad supposedly being a lolicon show, the definition of lolicon is sexual attraction to to a girl who is under the age of consent. Well first off the age of consent in Japan is 13, which makes all the characters in Clannad and in most shows legal, so to speak, while still makes many of the characters in Kodomo jailbait (being 8-9 years old). Also it’s iffy if there is any sexual attraction going on in Clannad, either in the viewers or in the characters. Kyoani is going out of it’s way to avoid most types of fanservice, while in Kodomo, its hard to not find Rin in various states of undress.

  10. @Fake

    Not talking about the scans, I’m talking about the latest episode, which should have been aired for a while now. I’ve been up all night pushing f5 at tosho (yes, I am that sad of a lolicon who Chris Hansen should have already asked to take his seat. Deal)

  11. If you have a problem with “FICTIONAL” loli, then please go away. I’m already sick of pages of comments saying “whoever watches this show should get locked up”. It’s so poor and shows that you guys have actually no real point to make. If you follow your ridiculous arguments one step further, everyone watching action movies should get shot for possibly running rampant through the streets and people watching thrillers would be psychos. I don’t know where you come from, where the law prohibits you to have an own mind and opinion… but is seriously pisses me off. The show has allegedly been canceled for the USA anyway, so don’t bother flaming here and let others have their fun with it. Watchers of this show are neither pedophile nor sick, they just look for entertainment.

    Got a problem with this show, japanese culture or suggestive fictional themes? Don’t bother spending your time here then, it gets you and all the watchers nowhere. But if you can think outside of your box of moral standards and limited imagination, you could have a lot of fun with this piece of fiction – may it be the manga or the anime.

  12. If Kyoto Animation had to make it, then it wouldn’t be even half interesting as it is right now. KnJ drawing style is very different from kanon/air/clannad etc. Have it in mind that not everyone likes titles that KyoAni makes. It wouldn’t be any sense to make KnJ without nudity and what makes all the issues here, because main plot is based on Kokonoe’s behavior which is inappropriate and her behavior changes latter in the manga. Aoki sensei will overthink the situation witch will make him more confused. It’s not only about Kokonoe, but also about her family problems, her parents, her guardian. In the end of 2nd (this one) episode one thing appears. Kokonoe said to her guardian that her teacher said that he (like/love) her. His reaction is obvious, and he thinks that her teacher is PEDO.

    I don’t want to spoil things more but next episode or maybe fourth will reveal more about very complicated situation where Kokonoe is just a connection. This is still only an introduction to the real plot of the anime.

    So all the ignorants STFU and read manga because censorship covers a major part of the plot!

    Do you know why in 2nd episode Aoki Sensei hit her after this scene? No? Do you know what she said? No? Then rethink it and do something about it to know the reason.
    There are many options: read, watch, search, browse through, or wait for further episodes and DVD release.

  13. @Spiral
    Quote:’Who are you trying convince?’
    Who want to convince who?
    Singular or plural form of ‘you’?
    or, do you have a specific person on mind?

    Quote:’I’m talking about the latest episode’
    You should have said it earlier.
    Tokyo Library is not a fast source. Use SaiyaMan. One of the fastest sources or isohunt.

  14. If anyone has read the manga you’ll know that you’ll be going WTF! all throughout the series.

    Anyone going to get the subbs!?

    They’re also taking things a little out of order with the manga but it’s still not straying from it. Also Rin is pushing 10 not 8 BTW.

  15. @pedobears in denial
    A long time ago, my girlfriend found my copy of hustler under the mattress. When she confronted me about it I panicked and told her the copy belonged to a friend and I only read it a few times for the articles, what a lame and overused excuse, of course she did not believe it. No one truly reads hustler for the articles, if you do you using the publication wrong and should be punished. 😀

    Odd analogy, but it rings true here. KnJ isn’t a deep in-depth story about the complex choices that children have to make etc. It’s about loli-fan service, everyone here knows that and only a few on either side of the censorship debate say otherwise. Doesn’t matter what’s in the manga, why? Because this is a blog about the anime, and there is no guarantee that the anime will follow, so its not relevant HERE. Even so a quick search through the pedobear Manga forums shows that same sentiment; pedo-fanservice.

    Seriously, no one believes that load to trash, and if you do you deserve the award for the ‘densest anime blogger’. Please, your argument serves to do nothing but insult the intelligence of every reader. Argue about the rights and wrong of censoring this anime but for god sakes stop twisting words to put deeper meaning to what is otherwise the ‘Eiken’ of pedoanime.

  16. Hey… I like the show, I am a girl, and I’m NOT a pedo. Whether you believe that last part or not is up to you. Yah, I’m not gonna sugar coat it or anything, there ARE some VERY naughty parts, but what the hell people… If you are getting off on little animated girls to begin with you have some issues. Besides the orginal manga is drawn by a woman. Bet none of you knew that now. Lol. >.

  17. I don’t think the manga has enough material for 26 episodes.

    This show/ manga are wrong in so many ways its not even funny. Definite jailbait for pedos and the funny thing is the author is a woman, normally you’d expect some sick older man behind this.

  18. First thin is that I don’t want to call names but…

    read the terminology yourself, will ya?
    If YOU watch KnJ for young A$$es then suit yourself.

    ‘KnJ isn’t a deep in-depth story about the complex choices that children have to make etc.’
    Do you have a BRAIN? Or did you mean The Other Kodomo no Jikan series? You Pedophile!

    KnJ by Watashiya Kaworu has a deep story and not children have to make complex choices but adult ones. Rin’s Guardian thinks that her teacher is a pedo and Aoki Sensei thinks that her guardian does something to her because of her behavior. Other teachers have their issues either. Later in the story is not Kokonoe Rin that is pussy towards Aoki (male) Sensei, but also Kagami Kuro is pushy towards female teacher and pairs herself with her ‘kuro-chan’ and ‘shiro-chan’ by their names. Kuro=black, Shiro=white.

    Eiken is a pedo anime? Do you have shit in place of your brain? All the characters there are in legal age. And DO NOT compare that breast-centered with no plot fanservice anime, Eiken with KnJ!

    ‘and there is no guarantee that the anime will follow, so its not relevant HERE’
    Anime is almost exact adaptation, drawing style seems to be Animated version of manga!
    Plot is not chronological but all in it is exactly how it was in manga.

    ‘Even so a quick search through the pedobear Manga forums shows that same sentiment; pedo-fanservice.’
    pedobear manga forums? If you go to a pedophiles for consultation about it then is no wonder…
    Now you have done it!
    I will say loudly and proudly, go and F#CK YOURSELF!

  19. @fake
    Your last post made absolutely no sense, I can’t respond to incoherent psychobabble.

    I take it English is not your primary language, so all I can really say now is good luck with the English lessons. I’m sure the limited edition leather-bound Moetan Wordbook will come in handy for ya.

  20. Hahahah, dudes, are you all retarded or what? Its just an anime show. If you don’t like it, then don’t even bother on writing comments about how wrong the show is. Just sit tight and enjoy the show.

    No Rice For You Mister
  21. @Spiral
    Yeah! Few typos, missed characters etc. My bad, I’ll reread everything before posting. Maybe I screwed something up but… I’m at least trying…

    Moeru Eitango Moetan? I’ll think about it…

    I’ll defend Japanese art until I die!

  22. Most offenders here still can’t distinguish reality from an anime show. What a pity…
    How does watching this anime make you a pedophile? That’s what I really would like to know, since noone is a murder for watching thrillers or horror movies, which I believe are far more “dangerous” than Kodomo no Jikan. Again, most ppl just post here ’cause they don’t like the anime or have a problem with it, but have no point to make. Go and try to do something against REAL child porn instead of getting whiny about an anime show. You don’t have to watch it, just don’t spoil the fun for the people who do.

    Btw, I couldn’t agree more to “No Rice For You Mister” (nice nick :p) and Meemee, gladly there are some folks with intact brains out there. And a cookie for fake, for having the same issues with those narrowminded “jailbait”-cryers.

  23. >By the way the show has censored scenes

    Which is why I’m not watching. I looked forward to this show with all the pedo-lust I could muster, only to be slapped in the face by huge boxes covering the screen. I’m going to just keep reading the manga and maybe drool over the OVA a bit. Maybe cry to myself for a few hours.

  24. I think the thing that bothered me the most about this episode is that Aoki-sensei was teaching 3rd graders about circuits. Freaking going over circuits in parallel and in series + capacitors + batteries + resistance. Some damn smart 3rd graders if you ask me. Probably why he’s so pedo for them.

  25. Teaching electronics in 3rd grade – Japanese schools rock! or really suck, depending on ones viewpoint.

    Yeah, there is a lot for pedos to like in Kidomo. If kiddy eye-candy is your thing, this show will attract you. What bugs some folks is that they are attracted to the story for other reasons, yet get painted with the pedo brush for liking the story. To those folks, stop worrying. There will always be the reactionary folks who will go hysterically judgemental at the drop of the hat – and let’s be real, Kodomo drops a habidashery worth of hats.
    Look at people who want to ban Harry Potter for witchcraft – a crackpot minority with a loud shrill voice. Everbody hears them, but nobody takes them seriously. The only reason that the cries of “Pedo!’ are worrisome in the case of Kodomo is because the folks yelling it actually have a valid point. Nobody really believes that Harry Potter will turn children to the Dark Arts, but you have to be in denial to believe that Kodomo won’t appeal to pedophiles. It does. So what? As long as you can show value in the story other than pedo appeal, than the story has value other than pedo appeal. This story definatly has this, and those who will refuse to see that are in as much denial over the stories value as some are over its obvious pedo potential.
    I say WILL refuse as I understand why those just judging based on the first anime episodes may have a bad impression. A lot of attitudes will change if the series progresses like tha manga. Many of us will be disappointed/angered if it doesn’t.

  26. ack – submitted by accident before done/edited

    Give the story a few episodes to develop before passing judgement. Kodomo is supposed to be shocking. Looking at Rin’s behaviour, there is a lot to be worried about. How to address that concern, what to do with the problem child Rin, how to help her – heck, even how to figure out what her problem is! That’s the focus of the story. A very good story, in my opinion. I hope the anime sticks to it.

  27. Well put Jacob, 100% agree on your storyline explanations, only one thing: Why would this show attract pedophiles? There’s enough h-anime and sadly real material for them out there, I suppose. Assuming there is, this show has close to nothing to offer for “pedos”, especially in the censored broadcasting version. I don’t think anyone here watches this show to get off on half-naked drawn 9 year old kids – KnJ has suggestive themes, yes, still it doesn’t appeal to me in a “sexual” way. It’s funny, more like a teen comedy movie (not that they’re funny too).

    That aside, some fanatics also put Pokemon on the same stage as satan and some others here in germany try to prohibit computer games containing violence. It’s always the cry of someone with actually no clue who wants attention or is offended by a certain content that doesn’t go with his morals – that’s really sad in my eyes. For I can live with almost everything, as long as I know it’s fictional. This includes loli-manga, -anime, heck, even -hentai, there’s no problem with it imo if you’re able to seperate it from reality.

  28. I couldn’t agree with Neara more. btw, thants for the cookie.

    Especially with this one:
    ‘I don’t think anyone here watches this show to get off on half-naked drawn 9 year old kids’
    This is exactly what I wrote before.

    On top of that in KnJ is probably less than 30sec of fanservice in 24 minutes of running time and it’s even censored.

  29. I agree with fake and Neara, there is no need for others to ruin this show with pointless comments. If they don’t like this show then simply don’t watch it, I myself have read the manga up to chapter 30 only and I find it quite interesting. Like Neara said its entertainment, its anime must you take everything damn seriously?

    Sorry for my bad english.

  30. Ah, nothing like the babblings of fools who either
    1) have their own box of inner demons that they project on others.
    2) they’re too clueless to follow a storyline and just repeat what they’ve heard.
    3) are the gleeful morons first with the torch at witch burnings.

    Cookies for Neara, Jacob, and a few others who are able to connect the dots.

  31. @Kokonoe
    probably created by 4chan, Pedobear has its own meaning.
    basically it’s pedo=young and bear so outcome should be ‘young bear’ but the term is to describe a pedophile bear (typically a person) who is after young children.

  32. Hey! Theres nothing wrong watching this anime! It’s REALITY! lolz. It happens around the world. I’m a girl lolz and I like Kodomo no Jikan! Some of you guys just don’t get the essence of the story. Think what you like but don’t tell us that we are f**ked up just because of watching this anime.

  33. keep in mind, this anime-manga was produced for japan, if you are outside of japan you have to make an effort to watch it. if you don’t like it, don’t right click. it’s that’s simple.

  34. That’s weird that the scene that wasn’t censored in the preview got censored in the actual episode.

    Anyway, for those who are saying this is just a loli/pedo thing… you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s ironic that those who dislike lolis are the ones who are more focused on the lolis in the show.


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